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									   Politics is the art and science of government.
   Politics is about power, the ability to make
    people do what you want them to do, whether
    they want to do it or not.
   Politics is about government, the
    organization and administration of the
    actions of communities, societies and states.
   Politics is about authority, power that is
    perceived as legitimate by both power
    holders and those who are subjected to it.
   Sociologist have always wondered about
   How we get it?
   How we use it?
   Why some of us have so much/so little of it?
   Back in 19th century, Karl Marx saw power
    purely a character of social class.
   But gradually sociologist realized that it is not
    the case.
 There are three basic sources of power:
 Actual or threatened use of coercion to impose
  one’s own will on others.
 Leaders are imprison and even terrorist attacks
  are form of force to exercise power
 Exercise of power through a process of
  persuasion to impose power.
 A newspaper article can change one’s perception.
 Power that is perceived as legitimate by both
  holder and subject
    Max Weber argued that leaders execute three
     types of authority.

1.    Traditional Authority

2.    Charismatic Authority

3.    Legal Rational Authority
   Authoritarian System
        Monarchy

        Oligarchy

        Dictatorship

        Totalitarianism
   Democracy
   Corruption

   Bureaucracy

   Feudalism

   Family Politics

   Class, Race, Gender and power

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