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Not sure where to start - Party Food Melbourne


									                                                                                           business hours
                                                                                         monday                       10am – 5pm
                                                                                         tuesday – thursday            9am – 5pm
                                                                                         friday                        9am – 6pm
                                                                                         saturday                      9am – 4pm
                                                                                         sunday                       closed
                                                                                         or by arrangement

  We are an Australian family business, bringing you a great
  range of tasty, Australian favourites. Our ever-expanding                     Not sure where to start?
range of delicious finger foods gives you the choices to serve a    Our Party planner’s checklist & suggested menus will get
                fantastic menu to your guests.                      you organised. We are also here to help, with old-fashioned
Looking for gourmet finger foods, gluten free or bulk catering      advice from many years’ experience in events management.
            supplies? We can help with these too.

                                                         Finger foods

                     Seafood                                                              Pastries & pizza
                                                                                          (also see other sections)
barramundi twists with lemon        1kg         44       $33       cocktail quiche (mixed)              .45/2.8kg 15/96    $13/$75
chilli or garlic prawn twists       1kg         44       $33       cocktail pies – several flavours                15         $13
*special* oven ready squid rings    1kg         32       $18       mini party pies                      30/60/120      $17/$30/$51
petite prawn gow gee               500g         20       $23       mini sausage rolls                    24/48/96      $16/$26/$44
prawn purses with chilli            1kg         40       $26       mixed savouries (6 flavours)            960g    30         $19
prawn tapas skewers w/- garlic herb 1kg         60       $35       piri piri chicken scrolls               1.5kg   50         $54
salt & pepper squid                 1kg        40/50     $22       puffy dogs (pigs in blankets)           600g    20         $10
scallop moneybag                   225g          9       $13       party pies & sausage rolls              720g    12         $9
tempura fish cocktails              1kg         50       $16       party quiches – various flavours        450g    12         $13
tempura garlic prawns               1kg         99       $26       spinach & ricotta gourmet rolls         850g    40         $9
Thai fish cakes                     1kg         30       $26       vol-au-vents (assorted flavours)        1.8kg   108        $76
                                                                   mini pizzas (assorted)               1.3/2.7kg 36/72 $41/$74
                                                                   pizza bites                             550g    32         $9

                       (also see other sections)                                        Asian
arancini minis (dun-dried tom.)    1kg     33      $30             (also see other sections)
baby potato cakes         1/2/5kg 50/100/250 $13/$21/$44           Asian entertainers mix (vegetarian) 1.5kg    83          $22.50
blinis (baby Russian pancakes – undressed) 50      $9              black bean spring roll with nori wrap750g    50            $17
cheese filo scrolls               400g     10      $7              chicken & mushroom shu mai            1kg    40            $25
crumbed camembert segments 1kg             40      $54             cocktail spring rolls                 1kg    67            $13
falafels (GF)                      1kg     40      $25             cocktail potato samosas              425g    50           $9.50
middle eastern herbed feta bites 500g      15      $16             cocktail samosas or spring rolls     720g    48            $10
hot chips                        3.75kg          $12.50            dim sims (club size)                  3kg    60          $18.50
potato wedges                      1kg             $7              mini dim sims                         1kg    60            $18
pumpkin & sage risotto balls       1kg     33      $28             * NEW * mini BBQ pork buns           420g    12            $17
seasoned potato wedges             2kg             $10             pork & prawn shao mai with apple 500g        30            $12
shoestring chips                   3kg           $10.80            spicy Indian cocktail samosas        650g    24            $12
spicy battered wedges              2kg             $10             sweet potato & Thai basil moneybags        9/108        $10/$82
spinach & cheese filo cigars      650g     10      $7              Thai Green curry puffs              1.25kg   50            $27
* NEW * sweet potato chips        2.5kg            $25             vegetable dim sims                   .96kg   24            $14
                                                                   water chestnut & shiitake puffs       1kg    50            $25
                                                                   * intro. special * fried rice               500g          $7.50

                                 Order ahead & collect on the day of your party.
                               Use our freezer not yours – with our compliments!

 Order by phone or online 03 9532 0400                          
                        Meatballs & co.                                                      Chicken
BBQ pork fingers                      1kg      77           $24
Bolognese arancini minis             500g      15           $15   breast goujons or crackles          1kg      50               $22
chorizo risotto balls                 1kg      33           $27   chicken satay meatballs             1kg      66               $22
chubby cocktail frankfurts            1kg 28(approx.)       $19   chicken & mushroom shu mai          1kg      40               $25
lamb kibbeh                          500g      15           $17   country style strips                1kg      25               $24
meatballs                             1kg      65           $21   dinosaur shapes (breast)            1kg      50               $20
 flame-grilled, Italian, Swedish, Malaysian or Mexican            lemongrass balls                    1kg      40               $25
mini hamburgers (pattie+bun)                   24           $36   mini Kievs                          1kg      25               $26
mini hamburger buns                            24            $9   mini tropical Hawaiians             1kg      25               $26
premium beef skewers                           20           $23   munchies (popcorn bites)            1kg      100              $22
 red wine or smoky BBQ                                            piri piri chicken scrolls          1.5kg     50               $57
puffy dogs (pigs in blankets)        600g      20           $12   perfect bites or dippins            1kg      40               $22
                                                                  premium chicken skewers                      20               $25
                                                                   (s/d tomato & basil, lemon pepper, satay, honey soy)
                                                                  premium honey & sesame medallions 1kg        33               $26
                                                                  premium local breast nuggets        1kg      50               $20
                                                                  Thai chicken mini burgers (pattie+bun)       24               $39
                   Gluten free
falafels (disc shape) GF            1kg          40         $25       Prices are accurate as at 1 Oct 12, subject to confirmation at
Malaysian meatballs                 1kg          65         $21        the time of your firm order.
mixed GF party pies and sausage rolls500g        11         $17       Quantities are as accurate as possible; however some
                                                                       quantities may vary slightly due to natural changes in fresh
Mixed party classic or veg. pack                 10         $17
                                                                       ingredients or food sizes.
party vegetable pasties            180g           6         $14       Always check the packet. Nearly all of our finger foods are
(fructose, dairy & egg free)                                           prepared, oven ready to simply heat & serve.
quality frankfurts (gluten free)    1kg                     $14

GF – rice crackers, corn chips, dips, aiolis, nuts. There is no
gluten in most of our sauces, dips, fresh salads.

We carry or order fresh, many other gluten free items,
both sweet and savoury (including cakes & cupcakes).
Check our website for more details, or ask in-store.
                                                                               Party loot bags
                                                                                Let us do the work!
                                                                                         from $2.80 per bag
                                                                                add-ons and personalisation available
                             Kids’ favourites
Here is the shortlist! (Details are in the sections above)
   mini hamburgers & mini hot dogs
   skinless or skin-on cocktail frankfurts                                                Spark up your child’s
   puffy dogs (pigs in a blanket)
                                                                                               imagination with
   chicken – dinosaur shapes, nuggets, munchies, crackles
   party pies, sausage rolls & pasties                                                 unforgettable chocolate
   pizzas                                                                             fountains, fresh fruit slushies,
   baby potato cakes                                                                  entertainers, music & more!
   meatballs
   mini fish & chips
   Chips, sweet potato chips & wedges
   individual serve ice creams, Dixie cups, ice cream cakes
   fairy bread shapes, edible fairy wands, chocolate logs,
   seasonal fresh fruit platters
   individual & bulk pack juices & water bottles
   bulk lollies – huge range of confectionery, some individually-wrapped. great for piñatas, lolly bags, lolly buffets!
   cakes, slices, cup cakes (can be themed to your party)

 Order by phone or online 03 9532 0400                        
 piñatas with a wide selection of perfect little toys, wrapped lollies and chocolates!
                                        Bulk catering foods & supplies

                Bulk food essentials                                                 Large meals & freezer fillers
avocado pulp                         500g              $9.50
Bega cheese cubes                     2kg               $32       chicken tenderbites                           1kg        $27
blinis (baby Russian pancakes – undressed) 50           $9        premium lasagne (meat or veg.)            1.5kg/2.6kg $18/$30
crushed garlic                        1kg               $7        premium cannelloni (meat or veg.)        1.5kg/2.6kg $18/$30
dessert toppings                       3L              $10.50     diced roast chicken meat                      1kg        $20
real fruit coulis – mango or raspb.(dessert sauce)     $9.80      * intro. special * fried rice                500g       $7.50
 in a squeeze bottle                                              frittata (whole, square for easy portioning) 2.5kg     fr. $38
Mainland grated cheese                2kg             $22.60      – select from several vegetarian or meat options (unsuitable
mini hamburger buns                            24       $9        for fingerfood portioning)
onion rings                           1kg               $22       Bags of ice (drinking quality)             per bag     $ 3.90
pizza slices                         550g               $9        South Melbourne Market dimmies                12         $17
premium mashed potato                         2.5kg     $18
quality frankfurts (gluten free)      1kg               $12           Ask about our seasonally-prepared range of
(don’t buy supermarket franks with up to 60% fat!)                           soups, noodles & casseroles
Large scallops (roe on)               1kg               $30
sliced/diced onions                1.5/2/5kg       $11/12/26.50
topping                                3L             $11.50            We proudly carry Australian
unfilled 35mm vol au vent cases                324 $139.50              made wherever possible. We
unfilled 60mm vol au vent cases                144     $120
unfilled 50mm fish shape vol au vent cases 216         $120            encourage you to help us in support of
Wild hibiscus flowers in syrup available in 11/50/100 pcs                 Australian manufacturers, quality
                                                                        Australian food producers, businesses,
                                                                       expertise & jobs. And, of course, we are
                                                                              an all-Australian business.
                  Deli & catering specialties
 dips, aiolis, (including GF/dairy free), nuts, grissini,
  crackers, corn chips and more
 soups & casseroles
 seasoning, soup mixes, stock
 sauces, condiments & dressings
 cheese – grated, cubes, slices, gourmet cheeses
 salmon bits, uncooked prawn cutlets & scallops
                                                                                              Catering supplies
 cooking oils – rice bran, cottonseed                                forks and skewers
 pancake mix & maple syrup                                           bulk disposable cups and glasses
 jelly crystals                                                      Chinese soup spoons (serve your tasty morsels on these)
 juices & waters (large size & individual serve)                     Chopsticks (great for yum cha and noodle box service)
                                                                      cleaning supplies – detergents, chux, tissues, toilet paper,
                                                                       paper towel rolls & interleave
                                                                      cling film, alfoil, baking paper
                                                                      coffee cups – ripple, polystyrene, single layer
                Fresh salads made to order                            disposable cutlery including cocktail forks and spoons
Caesar, coleslaw, pasta salads, potato salads, noodle salads,         Dixie cups & gelato spoons
rice salad, cous cous and more. From around $10/kg.                   food bags and packaging – paper, cello, ziplock, singlet
Minimum orders apply. Click here for more.                             shopping bags, sandwich clams
                                                                      food handling gloves
                                                                      ice cream bowls – great for frog in a pond
                                                                      milkshake and thick shake cups, lids and straws
                                                                      napkins
               Enviro-catering                                        paddle pop sticks
                                                                      plastic food containers
 paper, bamboo, pine & recyclable cardboard                          plastic plates, bowls, sauce dishes, platters & lids
 rentals – equipment, servingware, furniture, more…

 Order by phone or online 03 9532 0400                         
                     The party host’s best secret – for all your party needs

                                          Party services
        DJs and hosted karaoke                                   Party Décor installation services. Full
        Mixologists (cocktail bar tenders with                   installations of your party décor can be
         modern light-up cocktail bar)                            arranged by our creative balloon and décor
        Children’s entertainers                                  team. We are a member of BASA.
        Drive you or your guests home

            Want to enjoy your party, too?
 For around $3 - $4 per person, you can be the party host without being tied to the kitchen – friendly catering, bar and serving
  professionals can run your kitchen, food service and bar, and will leave the kitchen spotless. We also include menu planning
                          services as a part of our commitment to ensuring the success of your event.

 Caterer/s will arrive with a Heat and Serve kit, so all you need to supply is a kitchen, oven, sink and good ventilation. They will
    even bring the napkins! Extra hours can be organised. Casuals are available 7 days and holidays (surcharges may apply).

    Catering services are provided in conjunction with your finger food order. Food delivery is not included unless specified.

                    Bar tenders can be organised from just $150 for four hours. Bar casuals are RSA qualified.
Standard and full cocktail bar services are available. Special light-up mobile cocktail bars are also available for that special effect!
  Demand for services during peak times such as Melbourne Cup and the racing season, the Christmas season, New Year's Eve
   & more is incredibly high, often booked out well in advance. Rates may vary for staff & equipment hire during peak times.
                          Please book early for your event to ensure satisfaction – call us on 9532 0400.
  This is only $3 to $4 per guest. Enjoy your party while they heat, serve and clean up!

Catering supplies
             fresh food platters
             gourmet finger food selections
             training day and office catering
             celebration cakes, cup cakes, tray cakes, ice cream cakes and more (gf, too)
             desserts, petit fours & sweet treats (including personalised candy)
             chocolate fountains, lolly & dessert buffets – for children and adults!
             edible flowers for cocktails and champagne – retail and bulk caterer’s supplies
             sausage sizzle essentials

Party supplies
             essential & specialty party décor
             tableware & servingware
             furniture, catering & general party equipment rentals
             juke boxes & karaoke
             cocktail machines (slushies) – regular or real fruit slushies. School fete packages available too!

 Order by phone or online 03 9532 0400                            

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