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2U Storage Server - Origin Storage


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									                                                                                                           2U Storage Server

            First Class Capacity and Form Factor
            A look under the hood shows that the N8800 means business. Equipped with eight 3.5" SATA hard disk bays, the N8800 o ers
            massive storage capacity in a 2U rack mount form factor. This combination brings a powerful yet cost-e ective network
            attached storage solution that is perfect for medium-to-large organizations.

            Stackable Storage and iSCSI Ready
            The N8800 supports iSCSI initiators, which allows servers to access it as a direct-attached-storage device over LAN or Internet
            with excellent transfer speeds. With this capability, users can centrally manage and deploy storage for their entire network. In
            addition, the N8800 is also stackable, enabling users to connect their unit with up to ve additional N8800s and manage
            them via a master system. With iSCSI and stackability, expanding the capacity of application servers is both quick and easy.

            Speed Without Compromise
            Equipped with PCI-e interface, the N8800 provides even faster response and more concurrent connections. Also, with built-in
            compatibility with external modules, the N8800 can execute and run multiple applications at the same time, allowing it to
            handle a whole lot more than mere le storage.

            RAID Expansion and RAID Level Migration
            Need to add more storage capacity or change RAID level to the N8800? The N8800 features RAID capacity expansion and
            RAID level migration, which means that users can add larger hard disks to available slots and join an existing RAID volume.

            Multiple File System Support
            To meet upcoming standards and ensure maximum compatibility and exibility, the N8800 o ers support for ext3 and ZFS
             le systems. Users can select the system that they require and create the needed capacity for di erent applications. Never
            has there been a NAS unit this powerful and exible.

            Version Control and Remote Replication
            The N8800 is also equipped with Nsync, Thecus’ remote data backup application. With Nsync, users can have the N8800
            automatically upload les to an external storage device at a designated time. The N8800 is also capable version control via a
            snapshot function with the ZFS le system, allowing users to e ciently create and restore remote backups. For users, the
            result is total data security and peace of mind.

Thecus HQ                                        Germany Office                 US Office                                   Austria Office
15F., No.79, Sec. 1, Sintai 5th Rd.,             Siemensstrasse 17              1662 Centre Pointe Drive                    Viktor-Kaplan-Strasse 9B
Sijhih City, Taipei County, Taiwan 221, R.O.C.   D-76275 Ettlingen, Germany     Milpitas, CA 95035, USA                     A-2201 Gerasdorf/Wien, Austria
E-mail: support@thecus.com                       E-mail: support@thecus.de      http://www.thecus.com/support_tech.php      E-mail: office@thecus.at
                                                                                                        2U Storage Server

                                                                         Data Backup
                                                                         Client Schedule
                                                                                                          FarStone DriveClone PRO 5
                                                                         Incremental Data Backup
                                                                         Client System Disaster
                                                                                                          FarStone DriveClone PRO 5
Hardware Platform                                                        NAS Remote Replication
                                                                         USB Device Copy to
                                                                                                          Via Thecus proprietary Nsync

 Item                       Spec                                                                          Through LCM to control
 SATA Device                8xSATA for internal, 1x eSATA for external   Snapshot                         Supported
 LAN Interface (PCI-e)      RJ-45x2 : 10/ 100/ 1000 BASE-TX Auto         Block Level Access
                            MDI/ MDI-X WOL supported                     iSCSI Target                     Supports Microsoft/ Mac/ Linux Initiator
 Expansion Slot (PCI-e*1)   2                                            iSCSI Initiator                  For stackable with N5200/ 1U4500/ N7700
 USB Interface              USB 2.0 host port x4(Front x2, Back x2)      Power Management
                            (A Type)                                     Schedule Power on/o              Supported
 LCD Module                 Displays system status and information       Volume Management
 LED Indicator              Power                                        Multiple RAID                    Supported
                            HDD1-8 Activity/ Fail                        Selectable File Systems          Ext3 / ZFS
                            System fan failed                            Multimedia Support (Options for module upload)
 Power Supply               Redundant Power Supply                       iTunes Server                    Supported File Types: AAC, MP3 w/ID3 tag, WAV
 Disk Interface             SATA I/ II x8                                Photo Web Server                 1. Supported File Types: GIF, JPG (JPEG), BMP, PNG
 Buttons                    1. Power button                                                               2. Supports EXIF display
                            2. LCM operating buttons(Front)                                               3. Supports slide show
 RS232                      For UPS                                      Media Server                     Supports uPnP AV streaming protocol
 Environment                Temperature : 5C to 40 C                     User Authentication
                            Humidity : 0 ~ 80 % R.H.                     Local User                       Supports built-in user accounts
                            (Non-condensing)                             Local Group                      Supports built-in user groups
                                                                         Windows ADS                      Supported
                                                                         File System
Software Platform                                                        Type                             Journaling File System
                                                                         Capacity                         16TB
                                                                         File Size Supported              Supports Files max : 2TB
  RAID Modes                RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, JBOD
                                                                         Language Support                 Unicode Support
  Auto Rebuild              Supported
                                                                         Authorization (ACL)              Read, Write or Deny options on individual
  Hot Swap                  Supported
                                                                                                          users or groups for share and folder level
  Hot Spare                 Supported
  Global Hot Spare          Supported
                                                                         Multilingual Web-based           Web-based server management Interface
  SMART                     Supported
                                                                         Administration                   Supports English, Traditional Chinese,
  DISK                                                                   (Default Auto)                   Simpli ed Chinese, Japanese, Korean,
  Power Management          Spin down while idle time setup
                                                                                                          French, German, Italian, Spanish, auto
  Roaming                   Supports roaming to other N8800
                                                                         Utility Program                  Setup Wizard for MS Windows/MAC OSX
                                                                                                          Backup Utility for MS Windows/MAC OSX
  Con guration              Fixed IP Address, Dynamic IP Address
                                                                         Email Noti cation                Send the system messages via Email to
  IP Sharing Mode           Can be enable/ Disabled
                                                                                                          the system administrator
  Transport Protocols       TCP/I P/ Appletalk
                                                                         Redundant Power Failure          Send the failure event via email, as well as
  File Protocols            SMB/ CIFS, HTTP/ HTTPS, FTP, NFS v3, AFP
                                                                         Noti cation                      system log recorded
  Link Aggregation          802.3ad, load balance and fail over
  Data Access
                                                                         Recycled Bin                     Supported
  Client OS Support         Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista
                                                                         Web Server + MySQL               Supported
                            UNIX/ Linux
                                                                         ISO Mount                        Supported
                            Mac OS 9 / X
                                                                         User Module                      Supported
  Webdisk                   Web-based le access
                                                                         IP CAM Surveillance Server       Supports up to 20 IP CAM device
  FTP                       Built in FTP server with bandwidth control
  Download Manager          HTTP / FTP / BT                                                    Design and speci cations are subject to change without prior notice.
  Printer Server (IPP)      1. Supports USB printers
                            2. Supports IPP various printers
                            3. Client can manage the print
                               job queue on WEB interface
                                                                                                       D33B79          N11360

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