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									                MICROSOFT PROJECT
                                Presented by Frankie Chong


This course is designed to give office workers a systematic understanding of a project management tool
and its benefits. This program will equip participants with essential skills of effectively utilizing project
management software in a day-to-day business environment. Hands-on exercises related to actual
business applications will help to reinforce concepts and features covered.


  “The training has satisfied the stated objectives of gaining a useful insight into a systematic and
  practical methodology in managing projects effectively. I can start using the tools and
  techniques in my workplace.”

  “The course session is stimulating, informative and well organized. The networking is great too.”

  “I appreciate the instructor for his excellent presentation, frankness and sharing of real life
  experiences and knowledge.”

  “This is a practical workshop with many useful exercises and applications. I learn many tips in
  Project Management skills, especially on monitoring projects and managing people.”

                                                               “FREE!!! FREE a
                                                               copy of original Microsoft
                                                               Project training manual &
                                                               CD-ROM courseware
                                                               worth more than RM100”

          Duration          : 2 days
          Time              : 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
          Venue             : Armada Hotel, PJ
                                  Organised by

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Frankie Chong, Principal Consultant of ASK Consulting, a strategic training and consultancy firm,
has more than 30 years of experience in managing many successful projects, big and small in
various sectors such as engineering, telecommunication, construction, IT, education and finance.
Among his many achievements, he has re-engineered the nation-wide business and technical
operations of the country’s largest telecommunication company by the completion of a mission-
critical Fault Management System and Customer Centre, thereby achieving a leapfrog improvement
in the quality of customer service.

His diverse working career in many industries has made Frankie versatile and knowledgeable in the
areas of engineering operations and technical development, business development, customer
service management, sales and marketing, consulting, training, and project management.

Leveraging on his diverse industrial experience, and his passion for education as a Lecturer cum
Chief Paper Examiner of a U.K. University Project Management degree course, Frankie is well
positioned to develop and conduct corporate training and consultancy for overseas and local MNCs
and SMIs. Hundreds of participants have benefited and have credited his training as stimulating,
informative and effective.

Currently, he holds a Professional Engineer status registered with the Malaysian Board of Engineers,
and is the Deputy Chairman of Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) Project Management
Technical Division. He is also actively involved with government Construction Industry Development
Board (CIDB), being a panel expert in course development program.

Personally, Frankie loves to share his knowledge and experiences with others, as much as he
strongly believes that peace and joy in this world can be achieved through lifelong learning and
quality education.


        Anyone who is new or has existing experience in planning projects but has had no
        formal training on Microsoft Project.


        This is computer-based training using PC and course ware, each participant will be
        provided one set of computer for practical training. Microsoft Project training manual
        and CD-ROM will be given FREE to each participant.

                               Organised by

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Course Outline
  Pre-requisites:                                 Lesson 5: Setting Up Resources
                                                  •   Setting Up People Resources
  1. Basic knowledge of Windows is required       •   Setting Up Equipment Resources
  with the following pre-requisites:              •   Setting Up Material Resources
                                                  •   Entering Resource Pay Rates
  •   Able to maneuver with the mouse –
                                                  •   Organizing Resources into Groups
      Point, Click, Drag and Double Click.
                                                  •   Entering Additional Resource
  • Able to configure the desktop
                                                      Information in a Text Field
  • Able to use the Control Panel
  • Able to move and re-size Application
      Windows                                     Lesson 6: Understanding Assignment
  • Able to switch between task                   •   Understanding The Scheduling Formula
      applications                                •   Assigning a Single Resource to a Task
  2. The PC shall be installed with minimum       •   Assigning Multiple Resources to a Task
  Microsoft Window 2000 and 32 MB RAM.            •   Assigning Resources with Effort-Driven
                                                      Scheduling Off
  Lesson 1: Understanding Project 2003            •   Removing a Resource Assignment
  •   Introduction to Project Management          •   Assigning Material Resources to Tasks
                                                  •   Understanding Over allocation
  •   Microsoft Project 2003 Interface
                                                  •   View Assignment Effect On Overall
  •   Working with Menus and Toolbars
                                                      Project Plan
  •   Switching Between Views and Tables
  •   Understanding Task Panes
  •   SmartTags in MS Project 2003                Lesson 7: Fine-tuning Project Plan Through
  •   Working With Project Guide                  Calendaring & Scheduling
                                                  • Understanding Base Calendars
  Lesson 2: Project Set Up                        • Adjust Existing Calendar Time
                                                  • Creating New Base Calendars
  • Creating a Project File
                                                  • Applying Task Calendar
  • Entering Project Properties
                                                  • Adjusting Resource Working Times
  • Saving a Microsoft Project File
  • Understanding Project Calendar
  • Defining Calendar Options                     Lesson 8: Tracking Project Plan Progress
                                                  • Understanding Project’s Critical Path
  Lesson 3: Listing Task Details                  • View Project Cost
                                                  • Saving a Project Baseline
  •   Entering Task                               • Tracking a Project as Scheduled
  •   Estimating Durations                        • Entering Percent Complete of Tasks
  •   Inserting New Tasks                         • Entering Actual Start, Finish and
  •   Deleting Tasks                                  Duration Values of Tasks
  •   Entering a Milestone                        • Splitting Task
  •   Outlining Tasks
                                                  Lesson 9: Printing Project Information
  Lesson 4: Creating Task Schedules
                                                  •   Formatting Gantt Chart
  • Creating Tasks Links
                                                  •   Customizing and Printing Views
  • Inserting Task Lag and Lead Time
                                                  •   Customizing and Printing Reports
  • Understanding Task Constraints
  • Utilizing Task Deadline
  • Viewing Project Summary Information
  • Entering Fixed Cost

                                   Organised by

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                                                    Time Table
REGISTRATION DETAILS                                The course starts at 9.00 am and ends at 5.00
                                                    pm daily. Lunch at 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm. In
Registration                                        between, there will be two breaks.

To register, please fill in the registration form   How to register
and return it with your cheque or bank draft in     TEL : (03) 56213630
favor of “Comfori Sdn. Bhd.”.                            (016) 6387 404 (Sheela)
Fees and Payment
                                                    FAX : (03) 5638 8248
Participant                  Fee
Individual fee               RM2,000
Group Fee (for three or      RM1,800
more participants)           each                   Mail :
                                                    Comfori Sdn. Bhd. (581115-T)
                                                    Unit CT-04-06, 4th Floor, Corporate
Fees must be sent with registration form in         Tower, Subang Square, Jalan
advance and include tuition, tea breaks,            SS15/4G, 47500 Subang Jaya,
lunches and course notes.
Once we receive your registration, a place will
be reserved for you.                                For further enquiries:
                                                    Please call for more information
Admission nametag and course notes will be          (016) 6387 404 (Sheela)
provided at the start of the course.


  Microsoft Project Management

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