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									How to make money with Pinterest?
The phenomenon of Pinterest is still under the question.

The mind-blowing and heading all the record relatively new social network keeps its rapid grow.
The recent statistics show that currently Pinterest is the social network #3 in the USA and many
European countries, right after Facebook and Twitter. It even took the place of another image-
based network Tumblr, so popular among people of all age. Approximately 104 million people
visited the web-site in March, 2012 while Twitter was enjoyed by 182 million and Facebook – by
obviously bigger crowd of 7 billion. They all were pinning and liking and re-pinning (re-posting)
pictures – millions of billions of them.

So what is Pinterest and how does it inspire people around the world to collect and share

Basically it’s just a huge collection of boards where people pin images of the things they adore –
starting from cute clothes and ending with food, nature, cars and different products. It turned out
that people – especially women who make up 3/4 of users – are obsessed with pictures. So the
whole idea of Pinterest being amazingly visual and easy-to-use (more than other social networks)
worked out even better than one thought.

The greatest advantage of Pinterest – its already mentioned too-much-visual – quickly attracts
visitors who, besides lurking, also are interested in money spending. What woman does not love
shopping? Well, that lady is not on Pinterest! The ladies who actually are on Pinterest surely can’t
spend a day without browsing through the boards filled with beauty. They definitely have lust for
all kinds of things.

However not every person enjoying Tumblr knows how to turn his or her hobby into the
money-making machine.

Luckily, we do. And it’s pretty easy because we do not only know how to earn by posting (sorry,
pinning) pictures, but we have software to help you with that. Particularly – with driving web-traffic
to your web-site. More traffic means more money from the ads you post on the website. And
Pinterest is the way to attract more people to your online portal using the special instrument. We
called it ImagePressor, and it’s even more than you ever thought you needed. It is the ultimate
images posting exclusive software that saves your time. Isn’t it a dream?

It works as easy as a pie.

All you need is a web-site to post to and a keyword for ImagePressor to process. Our application
completely integrates the automated posts creation with Pinterest boards on your account, soon
allowing you to start using Adsense – thankfully to the traffic from Pinterest. All you have to do to
open this “pot of gold” is to start a blog and make a board. Everything else is done automatically
when you use ImagePressor. You can set up additional settings in order to make the application
more powerful for your case. And if you can’t imagine how it works, trial version is always there to

Even after that you still do not believe that clicks from Pinterest can drive the traffic to your
web-site? Check out the promising statistics. The so-called “First-Touch” revenue for click on
Pinterest puts Facebook and Twitter to shame. The data is too impressive to be true, but this
Pinterest’s new instrument is to bring customers to retailers and one can’t be just a customer in the
world full of Pinterest possibilities. Obviously it’s better to start making money with Pinterest and
ImagePressor now, before others deny the breath-taking popularity of the easiest and fanciest social
network of this year.
It’s never too late, but one day it should get too late to try monetizing with Pinterest. And since it is
surprisingly easy, more and more people will try to conquer “the boards” in future, but you have a
chance to look into the future now and see how your Pinterest account works for you by using
ImagePressor. Do not miss the opportunity to get audience on the web-site that hit 10 million users
over 6 months ago.

As fast as Pinterest grows, your business may grow as well.

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