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									   First Step Towards Dream Employment- What Not to Add in CV!
When out on hunt for a job, there are fewer things that are set to be only right. Everything is right
when wrong is consciously avoided and this is true in case of job search. Job agencies in London will
tell you that how many times a strong candidate got rejected for unlikely reasons. The one of the most
important aspects before you land on a job is your CV. Without passing this hurdle with flying colours,
no one can imagine himself sitting in front of the interviewer.
The article deals with the things that should be avoided in a CV. Have the knowledge and make the
most of it.

In Curriculum Vita

The document that contains your professionally important data is an insight provider. An interviewer
gets to know about you for the first time by this only. So, don’t give wrong / bad impression through:


Meticulous details if typed in haste results in typos. With that in your CV, the recruiters will assume
that you are careless. If you are not careful in presenting yourself through CV, what good could be
there in person- this is what generally accepted view. Be attentive to the spelling / grammar. Reading
and re-reading also helps.

Numerous Jobs

You will be considered as a job hopper and you will have to give reasons for every job change. This
could be stressful for some and agonising for others. Put only the relevant and recent jobs on CV.
Even London employment agencies suggest this. Recruiters want to see your worth not the
numerous companies you have associated yourself in the past.

Funny E-mail Ids

You are planning to take a responsible position. Your seriousness must reflect in everything that
comes across the recruiters and that includes the email address. It should have a professional appeal
if you have decided to put it in CV. The one you made in college with catchy words / phrases /
numbers should be avoided.


Photos may not covey your true self and give the impression you wanted. At many times, biases
creep in even without consciously thinking about them. Do not put your photograph, so that you
cannot claim later that your CV got rejected because of it.

Employment is an important part of everyone’s life. With the above furnished information, try to make
your way to your dream job smoother and more conscious and feel gloriously employed!

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