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									January 2nd, 2013                                                                         Published by: SirenaWilliams

Key Factors To Success
                                                       If you are serious about becoming successful,
  Want to know the Secretes To success ?               sacrificing a few different things every day will
  They're not what you think !                         be easy
                                                       All men are created equal some work hard in
Key Factors To Success                                 preseason.
By sirenawilliams on January 2nd, 2013

                                                       We all have the same plate and learning material,
                                                       but are you the person who is going to work
                                                       harder after preseason is over? Yes you have
                                                       learned all the material and followed the formula,
                                                       what else are you doing to ensure that you will
Don’t Talk about it Be About
                                                       become successful?
We are always talking about the things we want
                                                       There is always room for improvement!
to do, people we want to see and places we want
to go. Who is actually following through with all      Be able to sacrifice what you are to be what
of this talk? Are you?                                 you become.
One thing in becoming successful is to stop            Be willing to become your work. Don’t loose
talking about the things you would like to do and      yourself in the process, but learn how to be what
actually taking the steps to get them done. How        you want to become.  To be successful YOU have
are you going to become successful? What are           to be the business, you are the business, be the
you doing to get there?                                business and the formula. Be able to teach other
                                                       how to become successful. This will ensure that
So often we hear friends and family talking
                                                       you know what you are doing.
about things they want to do. Aren’t you tired of
hearing them talk about it and not being about it?                                         
Are you one of those individuals who continually
talks about the things you want to do and not
doing them?
Next time you say you are going to do something
DO IT THEN! Do not wait and say you will do it
now, or make up the excuse that you don’t have                           
the money for it. Find it or figure out how you are
going to make it and DO IT AT THAT MOMENT              Pain istemporary, if you quit it will last forever.
IN TIME!                                               Pain does not last forever, however the thought
                                                       of quitting does. It will get worse before it gets
                                                       better. That is the true sign of success.
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Instead of watching the new American Horror
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watch it at a later date. That date being when
the success rolls in.


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