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									Barry Mayes
Engaging Members

•NHS Foundation Trust
•FT Membership recruitment
•Community networking
•Success measurement
•Warts and all!
Luton and Dunstable
              Size does matter !

• 65,000 emergencies
• 200,000 outpatients
• 50,000 inpatients
• 15,000 operations
• 5,500 babies
• 300,000 population

3,500 staff
£190 million annually
         NHS Foundation Trusts
•Financial freedoms
•Freedom from political interference
•Accountable to local community

                         •Govt targets
                         •Stakes are high!
       Challenges and Opportunities
•First past the post!
•Positive reputation
•One hospital on one site
•Learned from other FT’s

•Delayed 2 years
•Hard to reach groups
•Too early to test other FTs
•Engagement = low priority
•Budget constraints
FT Membership

  August 2006    8,536
  August 2007    9,124
  August 2008   12,607
  August 2009   13,510
      Membership Engagement
•Survey of interests
•Medical lectures
•Road shows
•Staff engagement
Engagement   Benefits
Engagement 2 x videos
     Measures of success
•Attendance at medical lectures
•Questions raised with governors
•Attendance at Annual Meeting
•Hits to website
•Letters to editor of magazine
•Questions and enquiries
•Response to surveys
•Rate of fall off
Questions and discussion

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