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					                    Email Security      for Exchange

                                                                                                            Product Comparison Chart

                                                    Ninja Email Security Version 2.1                            Barracuda Spam Firewall Model:300
Antispam Features
Policy-based user settings                          Yes                                                         No
Multiple scanning engines                           Yes                                                         Yes
Dedicated image spam engine                         Yes                                                         No
RBL                                                 Yes                                                         Yes
SPF                                                 Yes                                                         Yes
SURBL                                               Yes                                                         No
Antispoo ng                                         Yes                                                         Yes
Antiphishing                                        Yes                                                         Yes
Regular expressions in rules                        Yes                                                         Yes
Personal allow and block lists                      Yes                                                         Yes
Personal contacts allowed                           Yes                                                         No
Auto-allow list for outgoing email                  Yes                                                         No
Spam redirection                                    Yes                                                         No
Personal quarantine                                 Yes                                                         Yes
Auto empty of quarantine                            Yes                                                         Yes
Global rules                                        Yes                                                         Yes
Subject modi cation                                 Yes                                                         Yes
POP connector support                               Yes                                                         No
Blackberry support/alliance partner                 Yes                                                         No
Client-side software needed                         No                                                          Yes

Antivirus Features
Multiple AV engine providers                        Yes                                                         No
Malware ltering                                     Yes                                                         Yes
On-demand scanning                                  Yes                                                         No
Background scanning                                 Yes                                                         No
Scans Exchange information store                    Yes                                                         No
Internal AV scanning                                Yes                                                         No

Attachment Filtering
Policy-based user settings                          Yes                                                         No
Smart ltering                                       Yes                                                         No
Internal ltering                                    Yes                                                         No
Outbound ltering                                    Yes                                                         No
Inbound ltering                                     Yes                                                         Yes
Regular expressions                                 Yes                                                         No

                               Ninja Email Security Version 2.1 / Barracuda Spam Firewall Model:300 Comparison - July 2007
                                                       Ninja Email Security Version 2.1                            Barracuda Spam Firewall Model:300
Global disclaimers                                     Yes                                                         Yes
Policy-based disclaimers                               Yes                                                         No
Removal of duplicates                                  Yes                                                         No
Html wysiwyg                                           Yes                                                         No
Embedded attachments                                   Yes                                                         No
Active directory variables                             Yes                                                         No
Optional user controls                                 Yes                                                         No

Reporting                                              Yes                                                         Yes
Quarantine options                                     Yes                                                         Yes
Multi-server replication                               Yes                                                         No
Cluster support                                        Yes                                                         No
MMC console                                            Yes                                                         No
Web console                                            No                                                          Yes
Full Active Directory integration                      Yes                                                         No

Making sense of it all
In a simple, high-level product comparison between Sunbelt Ninja Email Security Version 2.1 and Barracuda Spam Firewall Model 300, a few key
feature di erences are highlighted below:

Ninja’s plug-in architecture was designed with exibility and extendibility in mind. That way you get a robust product that enables you to manage
your entire email security. You can create customizable policies utilizing Ninja’s integrated plug-in management. Ninja includes plug-ins for antispam,
antivirus, attachment ltering, and disclaimers.

u   What this means to you: Ninja gives you extensive policy creation capabilities to help ensure enforcement of how messages are handled
based on your company’s business processes and corporate messaging and security policies. You can create custom policy-based rules with support
for custom regular expressions. As an appliance, Barracuda Spam Firewall is not policy-based and has limited exibility and integration with
your email resulting in less security across the board.

For image spam – Ninja has the industry’s ONLY dedicated image-spam engine. Ninja uses advanced heuristics to identify if a message’s image
should be scanned. If it does, then Ninja analyzes the message to determine if email is image spam – identi ed by text within the image using
proprietary technology.

u   What this means to you: With the dedicated image-spam engine, Ninja provides a second layer of protection for image spam detection. It
is designed to protect against newer and emerging image spam threats – and bolsters the ability to catch newer variants of existing image spam,
reducing the amount of image spam that makes it into your users’ mailboxes. Barracuda Spam Firewall does not have a dedicated image-spam
engine and only use standard antispam practices in an attempt to catch image spam.

With Ninja’s antispam module, your users’ Personal contacts in Outlook are automatically allowed and all outgoing email is auto-allowed on a
per-policy basis.

u  What this means to you: Your users don’t have to whitelist their address book. This greatly reduces the chance of false positives from their
contacts and ensures that legitimate email is received. Barracuda Spam Firewall does not have this feature which can increase the chances of
legitimate email being quarantined.

                                  Ninja Email Security Version 2.1 / Barracuda Spam Firewall Model:300 Comparison - July 2007
   Making sense of it all
   Ninja can be con gured per policy to centrally quarantine spam that enables you to redirect detected spam to a di erent mailbox.

   u  What this means to you: This allows you to minimize the amount of time employees spend reviewing quarantined messages and allows for
   centralized review and management of quarantined items. While Barracuda Spam Firewall does have a centralized message log, it does not allow
   the exibility on a per-policy basis for spam redirection.

   With Ninja, all treatment of messages occurs at the server and not at your end-users’ workstations – so no client software is needed.

   u What this means to you: With no client-side software needed, Ninja’s full feature set is delivered to all end users – requiring less
   administrative e ort to install across your network. Barracuda Spam Firewall requires a client-side plug-in for Outlook that must be installed on
   every workstation in order for all features to be used.

   Ninja o ers multiple antivirus engines with a range of ltering and scanning settings to protect your users from viruses and other malware.

   u  What this means to you: With Ninja’s antivirus module, you have greater control on how you want to protect your organization against viruses
   by having internal, background, and on-demand scanning capabilities available to you. Barracuda Spam Firewall simply o ers a checkbox to turn
   AV on or o and can only o er external protection against inbound email threats. No settings controls are available.

   Unlike antispam products that lter at the gateway, Ninja has the rst policy-based attachment lter that lters all attachments based on email
   direction – inbound, outbound or within the organization. Additionally, it actually looks inside many types of les to determine their true identity, as
   opposed to simply relying on le extensions.

   u  What this means to you: You can set rules based on users and le types that enable you to quarantine potentially harmful content or
   attachments by le extension including .doc, .exe, .dll, .pdf, visual basic scripts and more. With Barracuda Spam Firewall, only incoming mail
   can be ltered and is done merely by the name of the le extension, not the actual le type. Additionally, attachment ltering settings are
   not policy-based and any setting changes can only be applied to all users, and not per user.

   Ninja's disclaimer plug-in delivers functionality to include global and user-based disclaimers for all outbound email for Exchange.

   u   What this means to you: As an administrator, you have the ability to con gure policy-based disclaimers based on speci c users, groups,
   domains, or public folders. Ninja also prevents multiple disclaimers when replying or forwarding and enables you to allow users within di erent
   departments to add or bypass a disclaimer on a per email basis based on prede ned keywords that are included in the body or subject of the
   email. Barracuda Spam Firewall does not o er the ability to control disclaimer settings and only allows for the option to put text at the bottom
   of email messages if enabled on the Spam Firewall.

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