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									                    Hepatitis B Vaccines made from Human Plasma

Immunity plays a crucial role in the human body fighting against various diseases and infections
attacking it. If a human immune system is prepared to withstand a disease it is said to be immune
to the following disease. Immunity is sometimes gained naturally by suffering and surviving the
infection and conquering it. This is called naturally acquired immunity. With naturally acquired
immunity, one suffers the symptoms of the disease and also faces the complications, which can
be sometimes dangerous. Apart from naturally acquired immunity, artificially acquired immunity
can also be attained by the human body through vaccines which is the easiest and the less risky
way to get immune against any disease.

Vaccine made from Biological Products prevents diseases from occurring at the first place,
rather than attempting to cure it after getting it. In fact, it is cheaper to prevent a disease than to
treat it as in the course time you can face many complications and also can spread it to people
around you. Vaccines protect the human body against infectious diseases caused by microbes
and viruses by generating antibodies in the body to fight against the infectious conditions.

Vaccines protect the human body against various diseases like chickenpox, hepatitis A, hepatitis
B, and Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) etc.

Vaccines for hepatitis B:

Hepatitis B is a serious disease that is killing about 4k to 5k of Americans every year and 1
million people around the world. Hepatitis B is caused by infection with the hepatitis B virus,
termed as HBV. Persons with HBV infection have this virus circulating in their blood, much like
hepatitis C virus (HCV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Persons who become
infected with HBV either recover from their infection in several months or they may remain
chronically infected for most of their lifetime. Also, majority of people in U.S.A go under liver
transplant each year, out of which 16% were done due to infections caused by hepatitis B.

Although most people do not show symptoms of HBV infection, however blood tests can
accurately identify the conditions of the life taking disease. Adults who are chronically infected
by HBV have a 15% chance of dying from liver disease whereas young children or infants have
a 25% chance to die due to liver cancer. So, prevention of such infection is very crucial as if
once a person is infected, there are only few treatment options available that are much expensive

Apparently, prevention is better than cure. Vaccines prove to be a life saving option for the
persons suffering from HBV. There are about 15 different types of Hepatitis B vaccines available
today around the world.

The first Hepatitis B vaccine was developed in 1981. It was derived from donated human
plasma and was known as PDV (Plasma Derived Vaccine). It is prepared from particles of
HBsAg obtained from human plasma, which is purified thus delivers 95% pure Biological
Products. These vaccines are subjected to inactivation with formalin and heat and are adjuvant
with compounds of Aluminium. Plasma derived vaccine is presently available for large-scale,
public-sector purchase with valid medical prescription. It is used widely used today as the best
preventive for HBV.

However, it comes with minor side effects associated with it. The vaccine is though suitable for
all persons, some cases suffer through mild swelling, tenderness and redness at the place of the
injection. Other minor reactions such as malaise or fever occur in less than 2% of individuals.
However, more serious reactions are rare has not been detected.

The World Health Organization has stated that plasma derived vaccines (PDV’s) are safe and
effective type of vaccines made from Biological Products for all age groups.

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