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Peanut Plant for Garden


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									                                                     Peanut Plant for your Garden
Peanut Plant can make greeny your Garden

 Photo : Peanut Plant, nice green
Peanut Plant also called "rumput kacang kacangan" in Melayu language is almost
around the gardening work and generally planted at the slope area or at the wall
persizely. This type of grass should make your surface be able to be greeny with
yellowish flowering.
The nice and greeny grass is so beautifull for your fence with a vertical surface with
cement .
No problem to growth on that condition although there are no grip or trapping.
Otherwise you planted on the ground with many of fertilizer, best top soil, best
ground graden.
Where it can be find out this grass..? I think not to dificulty finding this matter. You
can come to the horticultura shop, a gardening shop, a farmery shop , or just a all
plant shop. Where ever you can find it's very good.
What's so more usefully of this grass ?
More used to make a goody of top surface ground, be caused of the root of the grass
can be create a Nitrogen at the ground around the root. So that not to worry don't
need a lot fertilizer like high nitrogen "Urea", but just put the water for a hot day will
be good.
How many penny price of this grass..?
I do not know well, but I thought this grass is not so expensive one. Often just how
many meter square and than chip price.
Or you can budgeting for a KG and make it by yourself of small grass.
Ok let's make your garden be come nice GREEN


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