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					                                                   BADMINTON DOUBLES                         Intramural Sports - A Campus Recreation Program
                                     SPRING 2013

                                                                                     Men's, Women's and Co-Rec Divisions
Intramural Sports provides an opportunity                                                          Deadline: January 22
for students, as well as faculty and staff to
participate in over 150 organized sport            ENTRIES:                                         AWARDS:
activities at different skill levels. Activities   Entries will be accepted until January 22        Intramural Sports Champion shirts will
are offered in Individual, Dual, and/or            (Monday - Friday) at 56 Campus Recreation        be awarded to the top finisher in each
Team Sports, and are divided into Men,             Center (8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) or 32 East       division.
Women, and/or Co-Rec leagues. For Team             Campus Activities Building (8:00 a.m. to
Sports, students can participate on                                                                 ALL-UNIVERSITY:
                                                   10:00 p.m.) No entry fee is required.
Residence Hall or Greek teams, or as                                                                Placement points will be awarded on
Independent teams (student organizations
                                                   PROCEDURE:                                       the basis of the top four finishers (two
and/or friends).
                                                   Women's and co-rec teams advance directly        teams) per organization.
                                                   to the tournament of champions. Men
REGISTRATION                                       remaining undefeated in round one advance        MISCELLANEOUS:
Register during specified entry periods at                                                          Participants should be aware that there
the Intramural Sports office in the Campus
                                                   to the tournament of champions.
                                                                                                    is a risk of injury in participation of
Rec Center or at the EC Activities Building
office, or call 472-8383.                          The Tournament of Champions schedules            intramural sports due to the inherent
                                                   follows:                                         nature of the activity. Individuals are
                                                   Co-Rec-Feb 1                                     encouraged to have a physical
                                                   Women's Doubles-Feb 5                            examination and obtain adequate
                                                   Men's Doubles-Feb 12                             health and accident insurance prior to
                                                                                                    participation. Individuals participate in
                                                   This is a World Games Event held in              intramural sports at their own risk.
                                                   conjunction with Student Affairs.
                                                                                                    Men: Jiu Hwei Kam/Kuan Ee Ng
                                                   SCHEDULES:                                       Women: Angie Loong/Recbecca Wong
                                                   Schedules will be available Wednesday,           Co-Rec: Angie Loong/Trung Nguyen
                                                   January 25, 2012, after 1:00 p.m. at 56
                                                   Campus Recreation Center and at http:

                                                   Play will begin Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at
                                                   the Campus Rec Center, Courts #1 & #5.             Intramural Sports Office
                                                                                                      56 Campus Recreation Center
                                                   Nets, racquets, and shuttlecocks will be
                                                   provided by Campus Recreation. Personal
INFORMATION                                                                                           Facebook: IM Sports-Nebraska
                                                   equipment may be used if desired. Athletic
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is an
                                                   shoes must be worn by all participants; no
equal opportunity educator and employer                                                     
with a comprehensive plan for diversity.
                                                   black or had sole shoes are allowed.
Campus Recreation welcomes persons with
all abilities. Please inquire about the            RULES:
availability of accommodations for special         Rules are available at 56 Campus Recreation
needs. for more program information, visit         Center or can be found on the web under the
a Campus Recreation facility, call 472-3467,       Calendar link.
and check out our website at http://crec. Campus Recreation attempts to             ID CARDS:
fulfill all published information, however         A current UNL I.D. will be required of each
changes may occur.                                 participant prior to participation.

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