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									                                   These Interpretation To Recommend Mineralized Area
These Interpretation To Recommend Mineralized Area
Meaning North West Area.

General knowledge:
Geology of the region of the province were the regional base to interpret the smallest
scope of work of the contextual of the local mineralization. A Structure Geology were
the main part of parameter to be analyzed as the tracker of the geological history of
the subsurface of the area were studied. So that don’t loss these a part, If you want
to be success to exploration of some target as what you see what can you interpret
on any where any place with your data can taken.
Here , what I want to show my interpretation as shown at followed as on image
result, so please be sure the area is on the province region and will have a legacy
permitted by land owner.

Geology structure were lining and crossing the region were trending North to South
and crossing East West fault as a part of major Kelantan-Pahang regional structure.
The structure will not explained in this information.
The area of observation as current geomorphology were constructed by day to day
evolution of the earth as a denudation process and uplift construction process .
These both of natural evolution were not be able to detect as what you see as what
you imagine, because of these is the geological period as well known as public term.

                           Figure : A situation area interpretation
                                         and adjacent

Look at the Figure above: Area of interest to be concern of mineralized caused of
structure is on the Circle, Yellow Circle and Dot Circle small, Dot Circle Wide. These
a centre of point is the clue of the lineament and remote sense coincide to the local
geology were covered the subsurface at adjacent area observation.

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                                  These Interpretation To Recommend Mineralized Area
Well, It ‘s interpretation of the known of the geological aspect before came down to
the real field as following action. Of course after support permit and logistical were
being ready and legalized.

Those both area almost whole an area of Rubber Plantation and Oil Palm plantation
by own of public. So that need quite close to approach as possible , don’t be create
next future question during explore area permitted .

The current exploration so far, were the observation is quite covered by the
plantation as morphology a low undulating hilly and flat ground morphology.

Out side around of those area observation is :
   1. Area dot Circle One these area closed to North West ward of the region
   2. Area dot Circle Two, the area were far away North West of the area
   3. Area line Circle at the far away North West, is another interpreted of
       mineralized zone.

These all of three area interpretation will not be a certain content of minerals, without
field check and clear. The part of interpretation is to guide you before working to the
field really.

That are the interpretation as based on remote sensing, imagery of topography,
lineament of topography, people information .

Thank you

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