RTA DRIVES by ldunphy


									Purpose of DRIVES
Maintain accurate records of all licence & vehicle registrations Assign demerit points to licence holders as a consequence of infringements Ensure the privacy of customer’s personal details Provide information to other Govt. departments

Mainly o o o RTA staff, but also: myRTA website allows customers to perform a range of transactions Dealer Online (DOL) system enables car dealers to register cars online E-safety check system allows registered vehicle inspectors to electronically transmit pink slip details to the RTA o Employees of CTP Green Slip Insurers transmit payment details to RTA

Information Technology
DRIVES information system; Sun Fire E6900 servers; 5500 client computers; G4 iMacs at registry offices; Unix-based network; Oracle database, printers, EFTPOS terminal, digital cameras

Information Processes
Renew vehicle licences Edit registration details Issue new and renewed licences Retrieve and transmit registration details to police Issue licence suspension notices when 12 or more demerit points are accumulated within a 3-year period Consider the following Decision Table for renewing vehicle registrations:

Current CTP Green Slip Pink Slip Passed Payment Approved


Registration Renewed Registration NOT renewed Convert the decision tree into an equivalent Decision Tree Condition 1 Condition 2 Current CTP Pink Slip Green Slip passed

Condition 3 Payment Approved Yes

Action Registration renewed Yes No No No

Process Renew vehicle registration Yes

Yes No No No

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