Parkinson questions redacted by uPSD


									Can you John Parkinson state to the press and tv that none of this is true?

1       You have often lied to the newspapers and to the BBC

2       You persuaded junior officers to join a pyramid selling scheme for personal profit when you were a

3       You were the main man in the cover up when criminal complaints were made about Sgt Mick Downes
awarding himself the building contract for the new Fed HQ. Instead of arresting Sgt Downes you gave him a soft
job in PSD

4     You were one of the main men behind obstructing Det C/Supt McKay from doing his job on the Karl
Chapman supergrass corruption investigation

5        You are the main man behind the cover up of your police technicians stealing forensic software belonging
to at least four other companies

6      You are the main man trying to cover up for ex Supt Kerry and ex DI Whiteley and stop them from being
charged for perverting the course of justice on one of the software investigations

7        You are the man who tried to keep ex D/Con Michael Vause the paedophile from public exposure because
he is a fellow freemason. You also decided the more serious charges against him were to be dropped

8      You were the man who allowed another paedophile to leave the force on a good pension without being
exposed last July

9       You were very well aware of the paedophile activities of Jimmy Savile

10      You were the man who decided that two senior officers D/CInsp Belton and C/Supt Whitehouse were not
investigated for having sex on duty 30 miles away from their offices

11       You appointed someone from your own freemason lodge to be Fed chairman last year even though he was
just not suitable. The Fed members had to get rid of D/Insp Tempest Mitchell last month because he was rubbish at
the job and a bully

12      You and D/CSupt Lee were the two who covered up for D/Insp Stevenson when he signed off £300,000
worth of drugs as being incinerated. They ended up back on the streets being sold to drug dealers by a crime
squad detective

13      There are other policemen going to swear on oath in high court that you are a liar.

14      Your nickname inside the police amongst other senior officers is Billy Bullshit

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