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Discipleship Director


Sample Job description

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									POSITION:                                    Discipleship Director

POSITION SUMMARY                             The Discipleship Director oversees,
implements, coordinates all facets of the discipleship ministry in relation to the college,
children and youth ministries. He/she may or may not be a member of the ELT.

DIRECT REPORT                                CEO/Senior Pastor, or corresponding ELT

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE                     Bachelor’s degree or more from a 4 year
college or University is desirable; two to three years of directly applicable experience
and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience

  1. Must be a mature Christian believer with a comprehensive understanding of the
     Christian faith and scripture.
  2. Must possess a proven ability to plan, organize, and delegate responsibilities and
  3. Must have superior interpersonal skills.
  4. Must have outstanding oral and written communication skills
  5. Must have the ability to speak comfortably and capably in front of various group
  6. Must be a self-starter, capable with working independently as well as on a team.
  7. Must have a thorough and comprehensive understanding, and must know how to
     effectively communicate and implement the Mission, Vision, Core Values, Goals,
     and Strategy of YOUR Church.
  8. Must have a thorough understanding of the definition of leadership we use at
     YOUR Church.
         a. The stewardship of those that God has entrusted to us.
  9. Must be capable of demonstrating basic computer skills.

  1. Must have a clear understanding of the Team Model Leadership, and be
     consistently building teams under his/her position.
  2. Completes all weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports required by the ELT.
  3. Coordinates, directs, builds teams for, and implements all policies and vision
     (from CEO/Senior Pastor and ELT) for the discipleship ministry, i.e. youth,
     children and college.
  4. He/she is responsible to the Team Model of leadership by facilitating all aspects
     of the discipleship ministry through the teams he/she will build and maintain.
  5. Assist in preparation of ministry budget, and oversees budget for discipleship

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