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									Volume XV, No. 4                                                                       January/February 2006

                      The VineLine Official Publication of the GHS PTSA
                      3223 Mustang Drive, Grapevine, Texas 76051       817/251-5210

                         Principally Speaking                                                  In This Issue...
              Dr. Jerry Hollingsworth, GHS Principal                                 PTSA Info

Dear GHS PTSA Families:                                                                 Key Communicator        2
                                                                                        Nomination Form         5
                                                                                        Membership              6
In an ongoing effort to provide better service to our students and their families,      Volunteers              6
it is with great excitement that Grapevine High School introduces our new               5 Up Club               18
  Extended Day tutorial program. Beginning Monday, January 23, 2006, the
GHS library will be open from 4:00-5:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, 4
                                                                                     School News
days per week.
                                                                                        Calendar Dates          2
What s the main purpose? Extended Day will provide an additional                        Adopt-A-Book            8
opportunity for tutorials for our students. Students will be able to access help        Internship              8
from 4 core area teachers 2 math teachers, 1 English teacher, and either a              School Enrichment       8
Social Studies or Science teacher (alternating between the two). In addition,           Disney Awards           9
depending on the number of students in attendance, we may utilize our                   Commended Students      9, 16-17
                                                                                        Counselor s Council     11-15
National Honor Society students to act as tutors.
                                                                                        Rachel s Challenge      11-12
                                                                                        Principal Coffee        15
Who can attend? All students at GHS are welcome to attend Extended Day.                 A/B Honor Roll          19-21
Students may come and go as they complete their work. In most
circumstances, students will not need to stay the entire hour.                       District/Community News

                                                                                        Founder s Day           4
Will students be able to make-up tests and quizzes in Extended Day? Yes!                Board Calendar          11
One of the greatest benefits of the program for teachers and students is the
opportunity for students to make-up exams and quizzes. The exams will be             Campus Clubs/Organizations
placed in a locked filing cabinet by students teachers and proctored by the
teachers staffing Extended Day. By offering this service, we will reduce some           Theatre                 7
of the load teachers experience supervising exams during regular tutorials.             Debate                  7
                                                                                        Multi Cultural          7
                                                                                        DI                      8
Can students go in if they just want a quiet place to do homework?                      Choir                   16
Absolutely! This is one of the greatest benefits of Extended Day homework
with a safety net. Many students will love the opportunity to access the library     Classes
and do their homework with teachers close by if they need help.
                                                                                        Project Graduation      10
Will this be a permanent program? Our students will determine that in the               Seniors & Prom          14
coming months. The more the program is used, the greater the chance we will
be able to continue funding Extended Day.                                            Sports

Thank you for your ongoing support of Grapevine High School!                            Fillie Trot             21
                                                                                        Athletic Booster Club   22
                                                                                        Cheerleading            22
Sincerely,                                                                              Tennis                  23
                                                                                        Baseball                23
Jerry D. Hollingsworth, Ed. D.
               Key Communicator
             The Key Communicator is Dr.
     Hollingsworth s tool to send out special         23     PTSA General Meetg. 12:00
     announcements, emergency messages, school               Nominating Committee
     closings, meetings and grade level event                Formation
     information. Fill out the information on your
     PTSA membership application, or send your        23     Board of Trustees Mtg.
     email address and your student s name
     and grade level to Lanese Turner at                          February            This
                                                      4      GHS Fillies Trot
     information is not available for any
     other group or purpose.                          7-9    Counselors visit 8th graders

                                                      13     8th graders visit GHS

                                                      14     Coffee w/ the Principal 8:00
      THANK YOU STARBUCKS COFFEE FOR                         PTSA Exec. Bd. Meetg. 9:00
         OUR VETERAN S DAY PROGRAM!                   15     Founder s Day Luncheon

                                                      16     5-UP Club

                                                      20     NO SCHOOL President s Day

                                                      25     DI Competition (CHHS)

                                                      25     Garage Sale (GHS)

     Bad weather makeup day scheduled                 27     Board of Trustees Mtg.

    The makeup day for the Dec. 8 clos-               6      Deadline for newsletter articles
    ings of schools and administrative of-
    fices will be Monday, April 17, 2006.
    This day was originally listed as a bad           6      PTSA General Meeting. &
                                                             Election 6:00 OPEN HOUSE
    weather makeup/staff development
    day for students and staff. Informa-             13-17   Spring Break
    tion: 817-251-5503.
                                                      27     Board of Trustees Meeting

                                                             Down the Road

       Please remember to contact Kathy Cande-               Weather Make-Up Day April 17
       laria with any and all volunteer hours you
       have contributed at GHS. Kathy s email is:
                                                             Senior Prom May 6
                                                             Graduation May 29

The VineLine                             page 2                             Vol. XV, No. 4
                                                                  from the President s
  The VineLine ~ Electronic Subscription                                 Pen
                                                               Have you had the talk with your student? There
          Please consider subscribing to The VineLine
                                                            are so many things for which we need to prepare our
  electronically. Printing and mailing for each issue
  costs approximately $1000. Email the following            teens, but one that came to the forefront this break was
  info    to        :       that we need to advise our children to be informed con-
  student s first and last name, grade, street              sumers.
  address, parent s last name (if different than               There are many telemarketing groups that can take
  student s). Please put VineLine by email in the           advantage of minors and our student body was recently
  subject line. The VineLine is always available on         targeted by groups purporting to be working with the
  our website www.gcisd- ghs.or g/ptsa /                    classes by selling plaques recognizing family members.
  pt_newsl.htm                                                 Please remember that GHS PTSA has a Greenback
                                                            donation fundraiser, and does not sell anything to stu-
                                                            dents. Any GHS booster club or GHS class fundraiser
                                                            will identify themselves as such. Please make sure your
                  VineLine Electrónico                      students ask questions to make sure this is a legitimate
                                                            school project, and if they are asked to go to call back
  Usted puede inscribirse para recibir el boletín Vin-      on a private phone, they need to see this as a red flag.
  eLine electrónicamente. Usando uno de los sitios de          Mother s Day and Father s Day are two more high
  traducción disponibles en el internet, ústed              risk periods for this type of soliciting, so advise your
                                                            family how to respond to these calls to determine if
  podrá traducir los articulos más facilmente . Visite la   these are really products you wish to purchase. To keep
  sección del PTSA en la página de GHS en el inter-         your names off the public list, always check no on the
  net <> para la subscripción elec-        form in the Student Handbook for the District directory.
  tronica del boletín Vineline. Las ediciones anteriores    This is entirely different from the PTSA Directory,
  del boletín también están disponibles en este sitio.      which is a private publication and never for sale.

  ¿Necesita usted traducir este boletín en otro idioma?       In this newsletter, there is a form for you to fill out to
                                                            become part of the PTSA leadership team next year.
  Hay varios sitios disponibles en el internet como
                                                            Please consider taking a role and supporting our school
  <> y <http://               and PTSA programs. This is a great way to meet new
  www.worldling /en/pr oducts_ser vic es/             families and keep in the know about GHS activities. If
  worldlingo_translator.html> Suscribase al VineLine        you have any questions, please contact me at 817-488-
  electrónico y copie el texto que desea traducer en el     2607 or
  sitio escogido.
                                                            Thanks for helping make our students successful.
                                                                                Jan Ostman

                      Attendance Phone Updates
To report student tardies and absences, you may call in directly to your
attendance secretary. Please correct the listings in your student direc-
tory to read:

Soph & (Freshmen Q- Z)            Heidi Farinella            817-251-5240
Jr & (Freshmen A- G)              Sylvia Dunbar              817-251-5241
Sr & (Freshmen H-P)              Julie Barron                817-251-5242

Vol. XV, No. 4                             page 3                                        The VineLine
  Recognition of Our Supporters
          The GCISD Council of PTAs will have an                 · To promote the welfare of children and
  award ceremony on February 15, to recognize volun-             youth in home, school community, and place
  teers, educators and community supporters of our               of worship.
  school district. There are several levels of awards:
                                                                 · To raise the standard of home life.
  1. The Dr. Thompson Award is given to an educator
  who has served in the district for at least five years, is a   · To secure adequate laws for the care and
  PTA member and demonstrates support of the Pur-                protection of children and youth.
  poses of PTA.                                                  · To bring into closer relation the home
  2. The Honorary Texas Life Membership and Ex-                  and the school, that parents and teachers
  tended Service Awards are given to PTA members                 may cooperate intelligently in the education
  meeting specific criteria and support the PTA Pur-             of children and youth.
  poses.                                                         · To develop between educators at the
  3. The Friend of Children Award is to honor any-               general public such united efforts as will
  one, even a company, which has shown support for the           secure for all children and youth the highest
  d i s -          trict; they do not have to be members         advantages in physical, mental, social, and
                   of PTA.                                       spiritual education.

                                         PTA FOUNDER S DAY
                                          Luncheon February 15

            The GCISD Council of PTA s presents its annual PTA Founder s Day Celebration
            Wednesday the 15th of February, at 11:00 am at the Colleyville Community Center
            (5201 Riverwalk Drive in Colleyville).

            Following the theme Pardners for Education this event will include an awards
            presentation recognizing district supporters, a guest speaker and a silent auction to
            support the senior scholarship program.

            Individual reservations are $17 and a table of eight can be purchased for $136. For
            additional information, please contact Toni Detzler at 817/893-0037 or

The VineLine                                      page 4                                Vol. XV, No. 4
                                GHS PTSA Nominating Form 2006-2007

The GHS PTSA is planning for the 2006-2007 school year and invites you to become involved. If you are inter-
ested in serving as a GHS PTSA Officer or would like to suggest someone for the a position, please complete the
following form and return it to the GHS PTSA via the school office or send it to: GHS PTSA, 3223 Mustang
Dr., Grapevine, 76051. The Nominating committee will be posted on the PTSA web site. GHS PTSA Officers
serve a one year term. Deadline is February 17th for officer positions and March 6th for board/
committee chairs.
Your Name:________________________________________Phone:_________________
I am willing to serve as (please check all that apply):
        ______President                                 ____4th VP-Volunteers
        ______1 VP-Aide                                 ____Secretary
        ______2nd VP-Membership                         ____Treasurer
        ______3rd VP-Programs
I recommend the following individuals for consideration as GHS Officers (please give the nominee s name and
phone number). You may recommend more than one individual per position.
1st VP-Aide:_________________________________________________________
2nd VP-Membership:__________________________________________________
3rd VP-Programs:_____________________________________________________
4th VP-Volunteers:____________________________________________________

                             GHS PTSA Board Positions 2006-2007
_____Historian(appointed)                   _____ Library Coord
_____Parliamentarian(appointed)             _____ Newsletter (editor)
_____Arts in Education                      _____ Newsletter (distribution)
_____ Awards Writer                         _____ Office Volunteer Coordinator
_____CEC Rep (Campus Excellence Com) _____ Publicity
_____Corral Coordinator                     _____ Scholarships & Mini Grants
_____GSISD Council of PTAs Delegate         _____ School Enhancement
_____Environmental                          _____Staff Appreciation
_____5-Up Club (report card)                _____Student Directory
_____Grad Track (senior survey)             _____Student Reps. (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th )
_____Grade Level Coords(9th,10th,11th,12th) _____Tack Room Sales
_____Hall Walking Coord                     _____Tack Room Volunteers
_____Hospitality                            _____Ways & Means
_____Principal s Mustang Dispatch*          _____Webmaster
_____Library Coord                           _____Youth Protection
                       *formerly Key Communicator

I am interested in the above GHS PTSA Board positions. I realize the 2006-2007 GHS PTSA officers will as-
sign the Board positions as soon as possible after their election in March.
Your name:_____________________________________Phone:________________________
Please consider the following people for a Board position:
Board Position:________________________Name:______________________Phone:________
Board Position:________________________Name:______________________Phone:________

Vol. XV, No. 4                             page 5                                    The VineLine
                                                                      Liz Nelson, VP Membership
            Thanks again to the many GHS students, parents and faculty members who joined the
    GHS PTSA during the fall. We have over 1700 members and have won the following member-
    ship awards for the 2005 Fall Membership Drive: Early Bird Achievement, Outstanding Per-
    formance Achievement, Student Membership Achievement, 500 Club Membership, Hand in
    Hand Community Achievement and the Golden Apple Award (9th year in a row for 100% fac-
    ulty!). Thank you for your support of GHS!

    Spring Membership Drive
             Our spring membership drive is now upon us. The deadline is March 15, 2006. It s
    never too late to join the GHS PTSA and get one of those student directories. Please use the
    following form and remit it with payment to the front office or mail to: GHS PTSA Member-
    ship, 3223 Mustang Dr., Grapevine, TX 76051. (Forms are also available in the school front

               GHS Parent        Teacher      Student Association (PTSA) Membership

    Please Print Clearly                               (Circle One)
    Member Name ______________________________ Parent / Teacher / Student Grade_____
    Address: ____________________________________________________ Zip: ___________
    Phone: ______________ Email: _________________________________________________

            _____ Check here for Key Communicator (an email notification service) provided by GHS
            _____ Check here to receive The VineLine (the GHS PTSA newsletter) electronically
            _____ Check here if you have been awarded a TX Life Membership
    Additional household members only:                                                (Circle One)
    Member Name ______________________________ Parent / Teacher / Student Grade____
    Member Name ______________________________ Parent / Teacher / Student Grade____
    Member Name ______________________________ Parent / Teacher / Student Grade____
    Total Amount Enclosed ($6.00 per member): $________
    For PTSA Use: Cash or Check #_____

                                VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIY!
 GHS has a new volunteer opportunity available for interested parents or residents of our community.
 We are looking for volunteers who would like to help out on a regular basis in the front office. All we
 ask is for a commitment of a few hours a week. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to
 get more involved with the school! If you are interested, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator,
 Kathy Candelaria, at or call Kathy at 817/251-2507.

The VineLine                                     page 6                                     Vol. XV, No. 4
          Multi-Cultural Awareness Club
                   Receives Grant                  The Grapevine Debate Team is proud to announce
                                                        its officers for the 2005-2006 school year.
    Grapevine High School s Multi-Cultural
    Awareness Club (MAC) has received a grant
    from the Meadows Foundation in Dallas. The
    $500.00 grant funds will be used for a chari-           President - Rae Minyard (Senior)
    table project to benefit Hurricane Rita vic- Vice-Pres. Social activities Imran Jiwani (Senior)
    tims living in the Grapevine-Colleyville         Vice President History Alece Miller (Senior)
    area. The foundation supports and encourages    Secretary - Points Chey Mashburn (Sophomore)
    student volunteerism and is part of the Chari- Secretary - Recording Joanna Smith (Sophomore)
    table Schools Program. According to the                 LD Captain Jacob Lahti (Senior)
    MAC sponsor, Mrs. Ninfa Gonzalez, the stu-             CX Captain Dillon Zwick (Senior)
    dents must complete their service project by Student Congress Captain Rae Minyard (Senior)
                                                           Recruitment and Retention Committee
    early April, 2006.
                                                                   Will Hix, Chair (Sophomore)
                                                                    Emily Hall (Sophomore)
                                                                   Tonia Beglari (Sophomore)
                 AN        8TH
            S OF
      PARENT DER?                                       The team is coached by Jane Boyd and Jason Sykes

                  8th Grade Registration
     Counselors will be visiting the middle schools         A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF
     to begin the registration process on the follow-       OUR VOLUNTEERS WHO HAVE
     ing dates. Cross Timbers Middle School; Febru-         HELPED IN MANY WAYS OVER THE
     ary 7th, Colleyville Middle School; February           PAST FEW MONTHS; WE COULDN T
     8th, Grapevine Middle School, February 9th.            DO IT WITHOUT YOU. A SPECIAL
     On February 13th, the eighth grade parent              THANKS TO THE HALL WALKERS
     night will be held at Grapevine High School            WHO HAVE STEPPED UP AND ARE
     from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.                               HELPING WALK THE HALLS DUR-
                                                            ING THE MONTHLY STAFF MEET-
              Community Supporters of GHS                   INGS. THIS IS ENABLING ALL OF
                                                            OUR WONDERFUL GHS TEACHERS
    We are so grateful to our community merchants who       TO ATTEND THEIR MEETING.
    help make our programs a success. For the Veterans
    Day program, Starbucks in Grapevine donated all the
    coffee and extras we used during registration. The
    Plant Shed is currently helping us dress up our front
    entrance by donating mulch. Please remember to say
    thank you as you return their support by shopping at
    their businesses.

          GHS Theatre Department presents             NARNIA

                 A musical based on the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
                            January 26, 27, 28 & 29 at 7:30pm
                                January 28 & 29 at 2:30pm
                             Tickets $10 adults $7 students
                                 $4 children 7 and under

Vol. XV, No. 4                          page 7                                   The VineLine
                   G           INATION
          TION IMA

                                GHS Teams and Concession Opportunities
Destination ImagiNation (DI) is a creative problem solving program which includes a competition where
teams are judged on their presentation of creative solutions to challenges developed by DI. Concession
vendors are needed for the DI competition which will be held at Colleyville Heritage High School on
Saturday, February 25th. Over 1,000 people are expected throughout the day. If your group is interested
in this fund raising opportunity, contact Vicki Smith at or 817-685-6356.

Last year GHS was represented by a team which received the Spirit of Discovery and Imagination Award
for demonstrating outstanding and extraordinary levels of spirit. This year two teams will be
representing GHS at the February 25th DI competition. The members of the first team are Riane Kiraly,
Taylor Weakley, Kelsey Adams and Mallory Layfield (from GHS) and Michael McCarter who attends
Nolan High School. The second team consists of six GHS students; Amy Atkeisson, Gena Charette,
Anna Spivey, Kelsey Oakes, Lexi Smith and Brooke Thibodeaux, as well as Heather Atkeisson (from
GMS). Good luck to these teams who have worked hard for several months preparing for the

                                                               Adopt A Library Book
                                                                       Last year, Mrs. Brost, our librarian,
                                                               did an audit of our library collection and
                   March 6                                     determined that the average age of our
             PTSA General Meeting                              books was 1987. Most libraries do not con-
                    6:00                                       sider non-fiction older than 5 years as ac-
                  ELECTION                                     ceptable, or accurate. If you wish to help us
                                                               improve our collection, please contact the
                                                               librarian at or 817-
                                                               251-5262 and sign up to adopt a book.

                                                                    School Enrichment News            Karen Trimble

WANTED                                           The school enrichment committee was busy just before the holidays
 Students for Professional Internship Program    giving the GHS staffs mailroom a much needed warming up at the
                                                 request of a certain Assistant Principal (Todd Rogers). Now this
                                                 room, which hosts the coffee as well as new bulletin boards to update
The Professional Internship Program is a program the doings at GHS is much more inviting.
that provides students with business/industry experi-
ence as a part of their high school curriculum. Quali-    I would like to give my personal thanks to those wonderful ladies who
fied students are exposed to a unique combination of      always jump in to help me out. Additionally, a special thank you to
classroom instruction and placement in a work envi-       Tracy Klint who gave time from her own painting business, Faux Art,
ronment where they acquire new information, con-          to give me a hand in picking colors and putting a marble-like finish on
cepts, techniques and procedures related to career        one of the walls. I could not have done it without you, Tracy, thanks
interests. If you are interested in learning more about   again for your support.
the program, contact Vicki Lendl at 817/267-8638 or                                     The School Enrichment is looking for some new projects for this se-
                                                          mester. If you have some ideas in mind, please drop me an email at
                                                 so that I can review the ideas with my com-
                                                          mittee. We look forward to enhancing another part of GHS!!

The VineLine                                          page 8                                              Vol. XV, No. 4
                                                              Deanna Showalter, a Grapevine High School
                                                              Biology teacher, is being recognized for her crea-
                                                              tivity and success in the classroom as a Disney
                                                              Teacher Award Nominee.

 KayLynn Renfro, a Grapevine High School
                                                              Summer Baggett, a Grapevine High School Span-
 drill team sponsor and English teacher, is being
                                                              ish III teacher, is being recognized for her creativ-
 recognized for her creativity and success in the
 classroom as a Disney Teacher Award Nomi-                    ity and success in the classroom as a Disney
 nee.                                                         Teacher Award Nominee.

                     Baggett, Renfro and Showalter join an elite group of teachers
                       from across the country who have been recognized by their
                     communities. As the next step in the awards process, they are
                       now submitting applications to be considered for the 2006
                                   Disney Teacher of the Year Award.

                              WE ARE SO VERY PROUD OF YOU!

 GCISD students named AP Scholars for high performances

 More than 350 GCISD students representing Colleyville Heritage and Grapevine high schools have
 earned designation as AP Scholars for their exceptional achievement on the college-level Advanced
 Placement (AP) program exams. The College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based
 on a student s performance on the exams.

 Twenty-nine of those students 19 at CHHS and 10 at GHS earned National AP Scholar status by
 scoring a 4 or higher on a 5-point scale on all AP exams taken, and grades of 4 or higher on eight
 or more of these exams.

 National AP Scholars from GHS are: Todd Anderson, Adam Chamy, Erin Cowee, Christa Man-
 nen, Kaley McGill, Lauren Paynter, Kee Scholten, Bethany Summersgill, Sean Upshaw and
 Di Wang.

 Is there a special teacher or administrator who has made a difference in your life or the life of your student? Parents,
 students and colleagues can nominate a teacher, principal or school district for the Excellence in Education Awards.
 These awards are sponsored by the H-E-B Corporation and all public school districts and state certified, full-time public
 school teachers and principals currently within the H-E-B service area are eligible for nomination. These awards were
 created to celebrate and recognize the contributions of public school professionals whose leadership and dedication inspire
 a love of learning in students of all backgrounds and abilities. Additional information on the awards and nominating forms
 are available online at

Vol. XV, No. 4                                 page 9                                          The VineLine
  Grapevine High School /SAC
  8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
               COME SHOP WITH US!
    (Mustang afghans and raffle tickets will also be available)

  looking for GOOD USABLE items such as clean, pressed clothing (on hangers
  would be very helpful), household items, books, collectibles, tools, etc. No
  junk or large furniture please! Items will need to be dropped off at the GHS
  SAC between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM on Fri. February 24th.

           We also need VOLUNTEERS for this fun and worthy project!
        Contact: Diane Sheppard 817-481-7940 or Sandy Parker 817-488-1518

  TICKETS ON SALE NOW for the 2006 Project Graduation
                                         Fundraising Raffle
      Tickets may be purchased at the garage sale, on-line (see below), from a senior parent and at various
                         locations during the weekends (check website for locations)
                        PRIZE 1   2006 Chevy Cobalt Coupe
                       PRIZE 2 . 42 Plasma Flat Screen TV
                  PRIZE 3   2 Giant Boulder Style Mountain Bikes

  All money is used towards the Graduation Lock-in event on May 29, 2006. This event is opened to all gradu-
  ating seniors of GHS at no cost for attending. We provide food, drink and door prizes throughout the event.
  Senior students who come at the beginning and stay until the end will be given a cash reward for choosing
  to keep themselves straight and free from drugs and alcohol. You can buy tickets from our website:

  Purchase your 48 X 68 , 3-ply cotton afghan today!
  They make great Birthday, Valentine and Graduation Gifts!
  Please forward this order form and payment of $45.00, made payable to Project
  Graduation, to:
  Project Graduation
  PO Box 1492
  Grapevine, TX 76051           Name: ___________________________________________
                                Address: _________________________________________
      For additional infor-     City: _________________ State: ______ Zip: ___________
      mation, please contact Phone: _______________ Email: _____________________
      Liz Nelson at             Afghan Quantity: _______ Amount Enclosed:____________
      817/581-2079              Check #: __________ Date Ordered: __________________

The VineLine                                     page 10                                    Vol. XV, No. 4
                 GCISD Board of Trustees Meeting Calendar for 2006
                                       Open Session at 7 p.m.
                     Executive Session at 5:30 p.m. or 6 p.m., depending on need.
                        (Dates and times may be changed by Board approval.)

     Month               Reserve Dates (if needed)                 Scheduled Board Meetings
     February            Monday, February 13                       Monday, February 27
     March                                                         Monday, March 27
     April               Monday, April 10                          Monday, April 24
     May                                                           Monday, May 15
                                                                   Monday, May 22

 Six GCISD entries won top honors in the 2005 Grape-
 vine Parade of Lights, the annual holiday parade on
 Main Street With over 100 entries including school or-        District Press Releases
 ganizations, local businesses, civic groups and car clubs     2005-2006 School Year
 and, of course, Santa Claus. The Grapevine Parade of
 Lights was a colorful and festive beginning to the holi-
 day season. The Judges Merit Award was presented            The Board of Trustees voted
 to Grapevine High School FFA Club.                          7-0 to approve the 06-07
                                                             student    calendar        .
                                                             Please make plans to attend
                                                             and speak at the required
                                                             Public     Waiver    Hearing
                                                             (taking place during Board
                                                             Meeting) on Jan. 23, at 7
    GCISD VIDEO FESTIVAL LOGO/POSTER                         p.m., Board Room.     If you
      CONTEST WINNERS ANNOUNCED                              should have any questions,
                                                             please    contact      Robin
     Congratulations to GHS 11th grader Colleen              McClure, Public Information
     Kyhl for being a winner in the logo contest!            Consultant,      Grapevine-
                                                             Colleyville ISD at 817/251-
     Congratulations to GHS 11th grader Katie                5504 or at:
   Lindley for being a winner in the poster contest!  

  GHS would like to acknowledge Erica Williams and her mom Gail Williams for
  their generous donation to Rachel's Challenge.     This is the second year in a
  row that Erica and her mom have chosen to make Rachel's Challenge the recipient
  of funds provided by the Fritz Duda Family Foundation. Mrs. Williams works for
  the Fritz Duda Company and we thank them for the kind and thoughtful gesture.
  Rachel's Challenge will put the money to good use.    Thanks again!!!!!!

  Beth Walkup                        See page
  Grapevine/Colleyville ISD
                                      12 too!

Vol. XV, No. 4                         page 11                                The VineLine
                                                      The counseling office recom-
                                                      mends that JUNIORS take the
                                                      SAT May 6th at GHS.

       A-C    Warren Marks 817-251-5233
       D-Hi Allen Wrage 817-251-5236
       Ho-Mi Renee Love 817-251-5234
       Mo-Si Libby Turner 817-251-5235                    Scholarship Information Websites
       Sm-Z Alonda Wrage 817-251-5243
            Student Support Specialist                            There are a number of websites a student
           Beth Walkup 817-251-5284                       may use in search of private source scholarships or
                                                          college search information. The majority of schol-
                                                          arships have moved to an online application proc-
                                                          ess. Some websites you may want to visit are:
            Grade Reporting for 2005-2006                  ;
 The school year is divided into six week grading          ;
 periods. The following dates will serve as guide-            ;
 lines as to when you should expect grade reports           
 for your child.                                              
                Progress Report Dates                    
 September 7                      January 25              
 October 19                       March 8
 December 7                       April 26                   
                 Report Card Dates                
 September 29                     February 16                        studentguide/index.html
 November 10                      April 6
 January 5                        June 15 (mailed)

This year again, Rachel's Challenge has teamed up with the Colleyville Lions
Club for their Recycle for Sight Campaign.

Starting in January, Rachel's Challenge will be collecting prescription eye-
glasses and sunglasses (sunglasses can also be non-prescription) for those
that can't afford them.    Strong or weak prescriptions as well as pediatric
glasses are in special need.    Recycled glasses are typically distributed to
missions in South America. However, some are kept locally for adults in our
area that do not have medical support.

Last year was our first year to collect and we hope to collect even more this
year. There will be boxes placed in the front office, counseling office and a
few teacher's rooms, so start collecting now.

If you have questions, please contact Beth Walkup at 817-251-5284.

 The VineLine                                   page 12                                    Vol. XV, No. 4
                                                                     hip New
                                                                            s & Opp
        Arkansas Alumni Scholarship                                                ortunitie
The University of Arkansas Alumni organization an-
nually awards scholarships of $4,5000, which can be
renewed if a 3.0 GPA is maintained. Selection is                   Oklahoma University Club of
based on school and community activities, academics,                   Dallas Scholarship
work experience and demonstrated leadership and           This is a one-year $2,000 award ($1,000 per semes-
character. The typical applicant has a 3.89 GPA (4.0      ter) that is available only to accepted-by-the-
scale) and a 26 ACT or a 1170 SAT. Applications can       University entering freshmen in the Greater Dallas-
be accessed at          Ft. Worth area. Selection is based on financial need,
Deadline is February 15, 2006.                            future goals, recommendations, high school activi-
                                                          ties as well as grades and test scores. The scholar-
                                                          ship     form      can     be     downloaded       at
                                                 Deadline is February
 Texas Exes Ft Worth Chapter (UT Austin)                  15, 2006.
          Scholarship Program
The Ft Worth Texas Exes alumni association has sev-
eral merit-based scholarships available for students
who will be attending the University of Texas at Austin           University of Texas at Arlington
in the Fall. The scholarships range between $750 and      UTA offers a wide variety of scholarships both need
$1,500.      Applications     are      available     at   based and merit based. Interested students may go to Deadline is March 5,   for a listing. UTA advises
2006.                                                     that students must apply and be accepted to UTA by
                                                          March 1, 2006 to increase their chances for scholar-
                                                          ship consideration.

            Colleyville Elementary Scholarship
Colleyville Elementary PTA is offering a $500 Senior Scholar-          Volunteer Auxiliary of
ship to a graduating Senior meeting these requirements:               Baylor Medical Center in
                                                                       Grapevine Scholarship
        attends GHS or CHHS
        attended CES for 2 or more full academic years
                                                                     This organization will be offering
        graduated from CES
        is a current member of the PTSA at their school
                                                                     two $3,000 scholarships to high
                                                                     school seniors graduating from area
Scholarship applications are available in the high school coun-      high schools. Applicants must be
selor s office. The scholarship deadline is Friday, March 31,        planning to pursue a career in
at 4 p.m. For additional information, contact Jill Janicki, CES      the medical field. Application re-
PTA Senior Scholarship Chairman at 817-498-8944 or jsjan-            quires two teacher recommenda-                                                        tions, one community member rec-
                                                                     ommendation, SAT/ACT scores,
                                                                     rank in class, transcript and a one-
                                                                     page essay in which the applicant
             More Scholarships                                       discusses his or her qualifications
  Check the GHS website for the latest                               for the scholarship. Applications
                                                                     are available in the counseling of-
  list of scholarships(                            fice. Deadline is March 29, 2006.
  click on counseling.

 Vol. XV, No. 4                             page 13                                   The VineLine
               Prom Information
                      The Senior Class of
                2006 will hold their Prom on
                May 6, 2006 at HOTEL IN-
                                                   We have begun collecting pictures for
               TERCONTINENTAL in DALLAS!
                                                   the senior slide show to be shown at
     We are selling bracelets for $3., lan-
                                                   prom.   This year we are asking for
     yards for $5, and of course Senior T-         pictures to be sent in digital format
     shirts for $15. These items can be pur-       to help speed along the process.
     chased at GHS or talk to one of the fol-      Please send all pictures for the
     lowing person; Nikki Trimble, Audrey          slide show to:
     Nardecchia, Josh Richard, or Ms. Julie
     McConathy at GHS. THANK YOU FOR              
     CLASS OF 06.                                  There is a size limit per email of
                                                   about 7M so if you have a lot of pic-
                                                   tures you may need to send more than
                                                   one email.
        Preliminary Registration to
                                                   If you must submit real photos we may
            began January 19th                     not be able to get them back to you--
                                                   you can leave them in the front of-
     Registration for next year s classes          fice with Jerry Muehlstein care of
     will begin in the computer lab this           Miss Julie McConathy.
     year. Students will come to the lab from
     their English class, be given a copy of       We are looking for pictures from ele-
     the new course description book, and          mentary school through high school.
     after a brief explanation of courses
     needed for graduation, will be asked to       Miss Julie McConathy
     enter their course selections on the com-     Latin Teacher
     puter. The courses they choose will only      Grapevine HS/Cross Timbers MS
     be preliminary as the final selections will
     be determined when the student meets                Do you know who
     with their counselor for their scheduling            this graduating
     conference at a later date. The prelimi-             GHS senior is?
     nary registration dates are: January
     19th and 20th (11th grade), February
     27thth and 28th (10th grade) and April
     3rd and 4th (9th grade). Individual            TAKS Testing Dates
     scheduling conferences will begin in           For students who are candidates for graduation in
     January with the 11th grade, and               May 2005 and have not passed portions of the exit
     March/April with the 10th and 9th              level TAKS, the TAKS subject area retests will
     grade. As in past years, students will         be on the following dates: Tuesday Feb 21
     be allowed to change their course se-          (English Language Arts), Wednesday February 22
     lections in May.                               (Mathematics), Thursday February 23 (Social
                                                    Studies) Friday February 24 (Science).
                                                    ALSO: On February 21st, all 9th, 10th and 11th
                                                    graders will take the English Language Arts
                                                    section of the TAKS.
The VineLine                                   page 14                              Vol. XV, No. 4
                                                                 Remaining ACT dates                   ACT
        Summer Enrichment Camp
   The 2006 Veterinary Enrichment Camp at                     The ACT is another college exam that all col-
   Texas A&M University is a special summer
   program for high school students who have
                                                              leges and universities in Texas accept. The re-
   an interest in science, mathematics, and vet-              maining ACT dates are:
   erinary medicine.
                                                              February 11th (late registration deadline Jan 7-
   The three-day program will give participants the           20th, $18.00 late fee)
   opportunity to explore possibilities of veterinary
                                                              April 9th (registration deadline is March 4th)
   medicine as a career. Participants will live in
   air-conditioned University dormitories, attend             June 11th (registration deadline is May 6th).
   special classes, observe clinical diagnoses and
   treatments of animal patients, and discover the            Cost of the ACT is $29.00 without the writing
   broad diversity of career opportunities available          and $43.00 with the writing.
   to graduates with a Doctor of Veterinary Medi-
   cine degree. The 2006 Veterinary Enrichment
   Camp is scheduled for July 18-21, 2006, and
   July 25-28, 2006. For more information on the                       SAT Prep Seminar Sunday, February 26
   Veterinary Enrichment Camp including the ap-
   plication process and deadlines, please visit                          Colleyville-Heritage Auditorium                                                12:30 to 5:30 PM
                                                                     Colleges require either the ACT or SAT College
                                                                     Entrance Exam as one of the criteria for admis-
                                                                     sion. Test Prep Seminars will be presenting a
                                                                     five-hour seminar for your son or daughter to
           Remaining SAT dates                          SAT          become more familiar with the new SAT. This
                                                                     seminar, taught by Test Prep Seminars, will teach
                                                                     test taking tips and strategies specific to the SAT
    Cost will be $41.50       and the dates remaining are:           as well as general test taking strategies.

    Jan 28       deadline was Jan 4 (if you want this test           The fee for the five-hour seminar is $90.00, a
    date you will have to go to the test center as a                 special rate for the school. Each student re-
     standby . The standby fee is an additional $36.00).             ceives a valuable Study Guide with Answer
    April 1 deadline for registration is February 24th               Book and three workout booklets with 18
    May 6 deadline for registration is April 3 rd (GHS               twenty-minute workouts. The seminar will
    will be a test center for this date)                             be held at the Colleyville-Heritage Audito-
    June 3      deadline for registration is April 28th              rium. To take advantage of this opportunity,
                                                                     bring the $90 registration fee (checks payable
                                                                     to Test Prep Seminars) to the Colleyville-
                                                                     Heritage High School Auditorium on Sun-
                                                                     day, February 26th prior to 12:30 PM. Arrive
                                   ian G the                         early as we expect a large attendance.
                               Ital    r
                            a s od fo preci-
                          bb fo
                        a             ap
                    arr us        lly                                 For a complete schedule of all SAT and
                to C delicio e rea                                   ACT courses in your area go to
            nks             W
       y tha g the eon.                                     If your stu-
   Ma servin Lunch                                                   dent is unable to attend a particular semi-
   fo cher s
     r                                    Februa ry
                                                    14               nar, others may be available. Questions
    T it!                                     Coffee       
     ate                                with the P
                                           cipal at 8:0

Vol. XV, No. 4                              page 15                                        The VineLine
                                                                     GHS Awards
                      AAA                                       Second Gradin
                                                                              g Period
            Outstanding students who                                  2005-2006
            display excellence in aca-
        demics, attendance, and activity
                                                              Mustangs With Pride
                                                     Students who show great improvement in
                   9th Grade                          either attendance, behavior or grades.
           Jennifer Shi, John Copeland
                    10th Grade
           Andrea Bakke, William Hix
                   11th Grade
          Theresa Hupf, Jeremy Smith                  Rafaela Alvarado      Jonathan Johnson
                  12th Grade                           Amy Atkeisson         Bailey Johnson
          Elissa Butler, Chad Traxler                 Chandni Barnabas        Richard Kaire
                                                       Jessica Crilley     Fernando Longoria
                                                       Nicole Dembski       Carey McCarthy
                                                         Javier Diaz          Hillary Moore
                                                         Chase Earl          Ashley Paulson
                                                        Jacob Harris           Clara Poole
                   Royal Red                             Brad Hieb         Andrew Rumbelow
      Students who go beyond the call of duty           Megan Hunt         Elizabeth Summers
      for another student, a teacher, GHS or            Katy Hunter        Stephanie Svoboda
                 the community.

                                                             THANK YOU
         Amber Autry          William Hix
        Randi Baldwin      Bailey Johnson
         Chase Bruton       Clayton Karels              Thank you to the following businesses for
       Anna Campbell          Riane Kiraly              providing coupons or products as rewards
       Brandon Carlson       Ashley Merrell             for the 5UP Club students:
      Courtenay Cochran      Hillary Moore
      Emily Cunningham     Thien-An Nguyen                 Great American Cookie Company
        Joseph Detzler     Jordan Readicker                Chick-Fil-A and CiCi s Pizza through our
          Chase Earle      Cameron Schaefer                    GHS cafeteria
         Emily Fenner        Joanna Smith
          Joshua Hall      Emily Underwood              Thank you to the following volunteers for
                                                        calculating grades and passing out rewards:

                                                           Patti Brockman
            CONGRATULATIONS TO                             Nancy Chemelewski
               KATE BRISTOL!                               Cindy LaCourse
                                                           Peggy Maxwell
                                                           Lauren McCarley
    Following six months of hard work and 4                Leisa Norris
    auditions, Kate made 1st CHAIR, SOPRANO
    Kate is the 1st All-State Choir Student for
    GHS since 2001.

The VineLine                               page 16                                    Vol. XV, No. 4
                                         MAGNIFICENT MUSTANGS!!!
                                   Outstanding students in a specific subject area.
   Claire Adams- Psychology                  Emily Groffman-Shakespeare            Ana Robledo-World Geography
   David Adams-Precalculus                   Yong Woo Han-PAP Precalculus          Marci Rossi-AP Latin V
   Jaclyn Alford-World History               Elizabeth Hance-Band                  Sarah Sanders AP Art History
   Michael Anderson- AP English III          Brittany Harrington-AP Art History    Jennifer Shi-Latin II
   Kathleen Armitage-World History           Spencer Head-Precalculus              Brennan Smartis-AP Art History
   Ross Atkins-AP European History           William Hix-AP World History          Julie Smith-AP Art History
   Matthew Atwell-Band                       Erin Hogue-AP Psychology              Jason Smith-AP Art History
   Braeden Ayers-ASL III                     Brigit Holland-PAP Algebra II         Jason Smith-AP Statistics
   Alexander Bacon-AP European History       Brigit Holland-PAP English II         Jason Smith-AP Psychology
   Breanna Bailey-ASL I                      Rebecca Huey-AP French V              Jason Smith-Band
   Claire Balani- AP Government              Maegan Ingram-French I                Jeremy Smith-AP US History
   Tiffany Ballinger- Latin I                Raven Jackson-Stone-Multimedia        Jeremy Smith-AP Computer Science
   Alexandra Bearden US History              Alicia Johnston-Band                  Caitlin Stout-AP European History
   Leslie Bernsten-Spanish III PAP           Henry Jordan-PAP English I            Rachel Stuteville-AP World History
   Leslie Bernsten-AP World History          Clayton Kelly English II              Stephanie Svoboda-PAP Algebra II
   Michelle Binkley-Sociology                Kristen Kessler-AP European History   Stephanie Svoboda-PAP Chemistry
   Lauren Bird-French III PAP                Vera Khamphouseng-PAP World History   Sarda Tapleshay-Geometry
   Margaret Bopp-Sociology                   Johnathan Kim-AP Statistics           Sarda Tapleshay-ASL II
   Chase Bruton-AP World History             Brandon Leet-PAP Geometry             Caleb Turner-Spanish I
   Jennifer Bucaoto-Spanish II               Taylor Madison- US History            Emily Underwood-AP US History
   Elissa Buttler-AP Statistics              Kelsey Magee-French IV PAP            Andrew VanPelt-Multimedia
   Elissa Buttler-AP Chemistry               Rene Mani-AP Biology                  Lauren Vasquez-Geometry
   Jessica Campbell-Precalculus              Sarah Mannen-Computer Science III     Bryant Vichainarong-World History
   Brandon Carlson-AP European History       Sarah Mannen-AP English III           David Warnock-AP US History
   William Chemelewski-AP European History   Brock Martin-Precalculus              David Warnock-PAP Spanish IV
   John (Sam)Copeland-PAP Geometry           Carey McCarthy-AP European History    Brian Watts-US History
   Natasha Cortes-World Geography            Callum McCormick-PAP English III      Justin Wells-US History
   Kirby Cox-Psychology                      David J. Middleton-US History         Michael Wharton-PAP Geometry
   Kelsey Creed-Band                         Kyle Moller-AP English IV             Amanda Whitchurch-PAP Algebra I
   Tyler Dalton-Biology                      Wesley Moran-AP Art History           Cameron White-Geometry
   Anjali Datta-PAP Computer Science         Ruth Morris-AP European History       Jaquelyn Williamson-English III
   Sawyer Davis-PAP World Geography          Colby Mowery-PAP World Geography      Matthew Wright-AP European History
   Alexandria Davis-Latin IV PAP             McKenzie Mundy-US History
   Kaitlyn Dekalb-Spanish III                Robert Musgrave-Band
   Peter Deleeuw-AP World History            Laura Nelson-AP Spanish V
   Peter Deleeuw-Band                        Thien-An Nguyen-PAP Latin III
   Jordan Downing-PAP World Geography        Rebekah Nichols-French II
   Ryan Ebersole-AP European History         Nicholas Nixon-PAP World Geography
   Patrick Edington-AP European History      Kendra Norris-World History
   Max Edwards-Precalculus                   Katie Otano-PAP Algebra I
   Tamonvun Emsirisangtong-PAP Geometry      Young Park-AP European History
   Tanyaluck Emsirisangtong-PAP Geometry     Vaugh Parker-PAP Geometry
   Brad Fawcett AP Art History               Nicole Paynter-AP US History
   Chelsea Feachen-Algebra I                 Nicole Paynter-AP English III
   Bernardo Florido-Precalculus              Cynthia Peng-Band
   Desiree French-AP Art History             Christopher Plorin-Precalculus
   Kristen Gellen-Government                 Candice Pope-World Geography
   Eric Greuner-PAP Biology                  Kristin Popp-PAP World History
                                             Josh G. Richard-AP Government
                                             Josh G. Richard-AP Psychology
                                             Alyssa Ritchie-World History

Vol. XV, No. 4                                 page 17                                     The VineLine
    We congratulate and recognize the following students for improv-
    ing their grades by 5 points or more from the 2nd (6 weeks) to the
    3rd (6 weeks). Keep up the great work!                                                5-UP
      9th                           Christina Irvin              Tiffany Smith
      Jac Andrews                   Allie Jackson                Gordon Snodgrass
      Breanna Bailey                Todd Johnson                 Lacey Terrette
      Kaitlyn Barnard               Hina Karamali                Cameron Usternul
      Thomas Binkley                Clay Karels                  Justin Wells
      Ben Blackwell                 David Kitts                  Ji Yoon Woo
      Rochelle Castonguay           Shannon Kozak
      Madina Chapman                Matthew Lamborn              12th
      Courtney Cimonetti            Chason Langeler              Micaela Angeles
      Derek Curry                   Andrew Makardetsh            Claudia Anunaso
      Elisha Davis                  Benjamin Mann                Kari Barowski
      Thomas Deleo                  Nyandeng Mayar               Michele Batista
      Mitchell Gray                 Michael McCarty              Steven Belanger
      Rahim Hemani                  Lacie McKeown                Michael Berry
      Antonio Herrera               Mark Michaels                Kristin Breden
      Justin James                  Emily Miller                 Spring Butler
      John Kizer                    Scott Morgan                 James Buys
      Courtney Lancaster            Matthew Mullins              William Chemelewski
      Fernando Longoria             Kendra Norris                Lashante Craddock
      Alyssa Mannen                 Alexander Oswell             Sean Depriest
      Alex McCandless               Courtney Phelps              David DeTomaso
      Brian Meadows                 Derek Putlak                 Camille Garcia
      Mason Melotakis               Alexi Riggins                Emily Groffman
      Ashley Moxley                 Zachary Smith                Jonathan Grose
      Heejung Park                  Michael Spath                Leann Hamblin
      Gaurav Rao                    Lakearea Toney               Rebecca Jordan
      Nathan Schroeder              Reed Traphagan               Suzanne Karl
      Noah Schubert                 Adam Vaught                  Madeline Keifer
      Emily Smith                   Bryant Vichainarong          Jacob King
      Joseph Taylor                 Gail Wampler                 William LeGrand
      Darren Winsett                Carson Wheat                 Charles Maxwell
                                                                 William McCarley
      10th                          11th                         Matthew Minshew
      Ashley Adams                  Erfawn Akhtar-Khavari        Travis Mullenix
      Shawn Anunaso                 Kimberly Alzamora            Shayna Murchison
      Jerico Bailleu                Derek Bell                   Regina Orona
      Chandni Barnabas              Jeffrey Beneski              Molly Palmison
      Bradley Benedetto             Sarah Buchner                Joshua Pope
      Meagan Brockman               Benjamin Compton             Daniel Ray
      Hayler Butler                 Brenda Coronel               Brennan Smartis
      Carly Caldwell                Cliff Dixon                  Ashley Stanford
      Carlos Camacho                Elizabeth Driscoll           Erica Stults
      Austin Candelaria             Matthew Grieco               Ryan Tarplee
      Jennifer Carnley              Isidora Guerrero             Jeremy Vardaman
      David Chawner                 Tara Hawkins                 Melissa Ward
      Allison Clutterbuck           Jose Hernandez-Silva         Addison Wardlow
      George Crocker                Neela Lalani                 Caitlyn Weiss
      Samantha Daugherty            David Middleton
      Joe Detzler                   Michael Miller
      Lacy Floyd                    Tyler Neal
      Tyler Franklin                Mikko Ponkala
      Alexandra French              Erika Rautio
      Erich Gluck                   Rosa Robledo
      Natalie Horn                  Daryl Ryan

The VineLine                                 page 18                                Vol. XV, No. 4
 A Honor Roll          9 t h Gr a de 2 0 0 5 - 0 6   2 n d 6 we e k s

  Adams, Molly                  Datta, Anjali               Harman, Crystal,       Martinez, Daniel       Park, Heejung         Shi, Jennifer
  Alshmaisani, Shouq            Friedman, Kyle              Holt, Haley            Matallana, Daniela     Quirk, Bradley        Shin, Young
  Barnett, Taylor               Green, Austin               Hughes, Richard        Mena, Victor           Robbins, Sarah        Smith, Andrew
  Bucaoto, Jennifer             Hall, Collin                Jackson-Stone, Raven   Mendoza, Elsa          Rosse, Carly          Thibodeaux, Brooke
  Caunitz, Michelle             Han, Hye Won                Kafer, James           Murphy, Shelby         Salcido, Alex         Toney, Rachel
  Copeland, John S.             Han, Nicholas               Mannen, Alyssa         Newkirk, Christopher   Schwarz, Dylan        Wilson, Haley
  Dalton, Tyler                 Hancock, Melissa            Marshello, Kristen     Otano, Katie           Scovic, Nicole
A - B Honor Roll 9th Grade 2005-06 2nd 6 weeks
  Addleman, Virginia       Crenshaw, Lucy                   Groom, Anthony         Kim, Dale              Mowdy, Teagan         Schubert, Noah
  Angeles, Edith           Crilley, Jessica                 Guthrie, Ryan          Kizer, John            Mueller, Madeline     Sidler, Emily
  Angeles, Ivett           Davis, Chase                     Hagerty, Caitlin       Klein, Jordan          Murchison, Dawson     Sisco, Caroline
  Antwiler, Christopher    Davis, Rachel                    Hagood, Kalie          Kreutz, Karen          Nichols, Rebekah      Smith, Emily
  Atwell, Matthew          Davis, Sawyer                    Harding, Jason         Kwon, Anthony          Nixon, Nicholas       Smith, Timothy
  Avary, Tiffany           Diehm, Kody                      Harkenrider, Cera      LaCourse, Taylor       Oakes, Kelsey         Soto, Karina
  Bailey, Breanna          Dolim, Jennifer                  Havran, Holly          Lancaster, Courtney    Odom, Ryan            Staab, Taylor
  Balod, Zachary           Downing, Jordan                  Haynes, Taylor         Latzer, Georgia        Parker, Emily         Stage, Teri
  Banning, Braxton         Drake, Morgan                    Heath, Jake            Leach, Robert          Parker, Vaughn        Stanley, Shea
  Barnard, Kaitlyn         Eden, Tara                       Herring, Alyxx         Lee, Madeline          Paskell, Erica        Stegner, Jonathan
  Barnett, Jared           Edington, Lindsey                Hessling, Alison       Leet, Brandon          Paynter, Emma         Stewart, Tyler
  Bay, Sydney              Fawcett, Dustin                  Hightower, Brett       Lin, Elaine            Perales, Garrett      Strittmatter, Whitney
  Bell, Madison            Feachen, Chelsea                 Hill, Jeremy           Linz, Kendall          Perryman, Nathaniel   Sulllivan, Ryan
  Benson, Christine        Fearing, Samuel                  Hollinger, John        Longoria, Fernando     Pope, Candice         Sutton, Nicholas
  Blythe, Carlin           Filewood, Kristina               Hubert, Deana          Lothrop, William       Pryor, Shelby         Taake, Dustin
  Boyd, Margaret           Fink, Lauren                     Huggins, Courtney      Love, Joshua           Ramos, Lyann          Tapp, Ronnie
  Brooks, Jessica          Flanagan, Shannon                Hunt, Megan            Luke, Lauren           Ray, Blayne           Trachier, Lance
  Brown, Rachel            Flinchum, Steven                 Ingram, Jaki           MacPherson, Kristina   Ray, James            Varghese, Justin
  Bucklin, Hayley          Florido, Daniela                 Ingram, Maegan         Mahoney, Meghan        Ray, Megan            Wark, Robert
  Cammack, Warren          Frazier, Brian                   Jackson, Zachary       Malanowski, Agnessa    Readicker, Jordan     Warren, Ashley
  Campbell, Anna           Friedrichs, Allison              Jagneaux, David        Marshall, Elizabeth    Rivas, Naima          Watson, Elizabeth
  Cash, Marshall           Galindo, Samantha                James, John            Martin, Lauren         Roach, Amy            Weissmann, Jonathan
  Chapman, Madina          Garrett, Reece                   Jenkins, Colin         Martin, Taylor         Rodriguez, Rachel     Welborn, Shelby
  Charania, Sahrish        George, Kristina                 Jobus, Hannah          Mayfield, Logan        Roney, Jacob          Wharton, Michael
  Childs, Cathleen         Giallanza, Kali                  Jogimahanti, Anusha    Maynard, Allison       Rooney, Briana        Whitchurch, Amanda
  Chimunda, Rutendo        Godbey, Katherine                Johnson, Derek         McClure, Erin          Rushton, Laurel       White, Cameron
  Ciaburri, Allyson        Goetz, Zachary                   Johnston, Alicia       McManus, William       Ryan, Kellen          Wielinski, Alissa
  Collins, Clay            Gore, David                      Jones, Amber           Meyer, Michelle        Sauer, Charley        Woo, Sung
  Conkle, McKenzye         Gottfredson, Kevin               Jones, Griffin         Miles, Katherine       Scheel, Scott         Wood, Kristin
  Cooper, Taylor           Gray, Mitchell                   Jordan, Henry          Mince, Emily           Schmitz, Mark         Yoon, Danbi
  Cox, Jessica             Greuner, Eric                    Kijowski, Emily        Mitra, Rohini          Schroeder, Nathan     Zaback, Erica

A Honor Roll 10th Grade        2005-06     2nd 6 weeks
  Abbott, Chelsea              Deleeuw, Peter               Harbin, Matthew        Lowe, Derek            Nguyen, Thien-An      Svoboda, Stephanie
  Adams, Ashley                Emsirisangtong,              Hix, William           Manibusan, Jennah      Porter, Caitlin       Willett, Monte
  Alford, Jaclyn               Tamonvun                     Holland, Brigit        Mashburn, Jillian      Reeves, Stacy         Wright, Shelby
  Armitage, Kathleen           Emsirisangtong,              Johnson, Todd          Merrill, Kylie         Rose, Allison         Yun, Dalhaie
  Bharwani, Shehzad            Tunyaluck                    Karels, Clayton        Meyer, Andrew          Scoville, Garrett
  Boren, Emily                 Franklin, Tyler              Kiraly, Riane          Moseley, Lauren        Slusser, Jonathan
  Creed, Kelsey                Hall, Emily                  Leddy, Caitlin         Mulflur, Matthew       Stuteville, Rachel

 A - B Honor Roll 10th Grade 2005-06 2nd 6 weeks
  Abreu, Lili             Bruton, Chase         Doore, Leanne                      Hatfield, Holly        Kim, Jane             Miller, Emily
  Adams, Kelsey           Bucaoto, Brandon      Dunn, Elizabeth                    Havens-Heston,         Klingensmith,         Modlin, Erica
  Adams, Kephren          Buys, Joseph          Engels, Katherine                  Emily                  Matthew               Moist, Allison,
  Albritton, Kadee        Bynum, Holly          Escudero, Daniel                   Hedges, Taylor         Lamanna, Francesco    Moller, Russell
  Allen, Emily            Carnley, Jennifer     Feemster, Zachary                  Hejl, Cory             Lamb, Lisa            Morcom, Jordan
  Andreano, Elizabeth     Carr, Kristen         Freyou, Brett                      Hendler, Caitlin       Lamb, Melissa         Morgan, Joseph
  Baker, Audrey           Carter, Jonathan      Gajewsky, Michael                  Hill, Elizabeth        Lamborn, Matthew      Nguyen, Timothy
  Bakke, Andrea           Cha, Maria            Garrett, Sutton                    Horton, Allison        Langeler, Chason      Norris, Kendra
  Ballinger, Harrison     Chang, Eric           Garsaud-Stone, Erin                Houk, Bryan            Larson, Lindsay       Northern, Savannah
  Batista, Erik           Christy, Claire       Gelles, Kale                       Huey, Jonathan         Leddy, Meghan         O'Bryan, Matthew
  Bauer, Amanda           Clutterbuck, Allison  Gillingham, Carly                  Hughes, Scott          Lee, Brittany         Overton, Ashley
  Beglari, Tonia          Connolly, John        Gluck, Erich                       Imfeld, Jane           Loeffler, Patrick     Pabon, Alicia
  Behan, Casey            Cook, Michael         Gordon, Eric                       Iro, Efere             Long, Kristopher      Parker, Paige
  Benedetto, Bradley      Crockett, Kyle        Gordon, Lindsey                    Irvin, Christina       Lowe, Derek           Pfaff, Ashley
  Benton, Kristen         Daily, Christopher    Gregorich, Nicole                  Johns, Mark            Matheus, John         Pippin, Brittany
  Berntsen, Leslie        Davis, Ethan          Grussendorf, Madison               Johnson, Patrick       Mayar, Nyandeng       Poole, Clara
  Bird, Lauren            Davis, Katelyn        Gum, Maria                         Kelly, Clayton         McCarley, Michael     Powers, Jonathan
  Blankenship, Bailey     Davis, Kimberly       Hall, Connor                       Kennedy, Hayley        McCarty, Morgan       Putlak, Derek
  Brazzel, Whitney        Davis, Marshall       Hall, Joshua                       Khamphouseng, Vera     McCormack, Mary       Reyes, Nicole
  Brenner, Andrew         Detomaso, Gregory     Hanno, Alexander                   Kidd, Tate             McDonald, Aubrey      Riggins, Alexi
  Brockman, Meagan        Dolim, Angela         Hardeman, Hunter                   Kilkelly, Daniel       Michael, Alexandra    Ritchie, Alyssa

       Vol. XV, No. 4                                               page 19                                         The VineLine
Roberto, Anneliese         Schafer, Amanda           Sotelo, Danny            Traphagan, John         Vu, Khiem                  Wettig, Katherine
Roe, Juston                Scordas, Ashleigh         Starnes, Spencer         Turner, Caleb           Warchol, Adam              Wilkinson, Brandon
Rotthaus, Brandon          Shugart, Hillary          Stier, Joshua            Umlor, Kenneth          Watkins, Russell           Witte, Pamela
Royer, Haley               Simmons, Zachary          Sullard, Alison          Van Pelt, Andrew        Weeks, Travis              Young, Broderick
San Antonio, Phoebe        Smith, Joanna             Todd, Olajuwon           Vaught, David           Wehrenberg, Jordyn
Schaefer, Cameron          Smith, Miranda            Toney, Lakearea          Vichainarong, Bryant    Wetter, Mandi

 A Honor Roll         11 th Grade 2005-06          2 n d 6 we e ks
Allen, Austin             Flowers, Bryn            Johnson, Lisa             Ponkala, Mikko          Su, Roger
Anderson, Michael         Foley, Shawn             Kijowski, Matthew         Schofield, Emily        Underwood, Emily
Curry, Kathryn            Han, Yong Woo            Mannen, Sarah             Segroves, Clinton       Warnock, David
Fertitta, Milena          Hargrove, Adam           Paynter, Nicole           Smith, Jeremy

A - B Honor Roll 11th Grade 2005-06 2nd 6 weeks
Adams, Claire           Burke, Rebecca         Gilpin, Ashley                Lahoda, Kendall         Murray, Jennifer           Stephenseon, Eryn
Akhtar-Khavari,         Busch, Dustin          Goldmann, Kerry               Lalani, Neela           Musgrave, Robert           Stone, Heather
Brfawn                  Chapman, Brennan       Gordon, Andrew                Lehrer, Rene            Noel, Michael              Sumerauer, Christa
Ali, Raheem             Chevez, John           Groves, Jonathan              Lehrer, Robin           Pecarraro, Megan           Summers, Elizabeth
Aljoe, Michael          Coleman, Lindsey       Gunchick, Melanie             Lindley, Katherine      Pederson, Taylor           Talkington, Jessica
Andrews, Heather        Compton, Benjamin      Hagood, Ashley                Loiselle, Sarah         Peng, Cynthia              Tidmore, M.C.
Athulathudali, Chanel   Compton, Lauren        Halker, Patricia              Martin, Katherine       Peterson, Stephanie        Townsend, Marshall
Austin, Katharine       Cox, Kirby             Hamilton, Allen               Matteson, Brian         Potter, Lauren             Upton, Alexandra
Autry, Amber            Cox, Shawn             Heinle, Reece                 Maughan, Rebecca        Powell, Ted                VanNoy, Jasmine
Auers, Braeden          Creed, Catherine       Hiebe, Bradley                McCarthy, Carey         Powres, Danielle           Vick, Aaron
Barlow, Rebecca         Dafoe, David           Hoge, Katghryn                McCormick, Callum       Rodriguez,                 Watts, Brian
Baston, Scott           Davis, Alexandria      Howard, Alissa                McDonald, Tyler         Christopher                Webber, James
Bates, Heather          Dekalb, Kaitlyn        Hughes, Christian             McGrath, Kevin          Rodriguez, Pamela          Wells, Justin
Baughman, Michael       Doughney, Megan        Hughs, Ryan                   Meisetschleager,        Rogers, Melissa            Welsh, Leigh
Bearden, Alexandra      Ellingson, Kayla       Hull, Elizabeth               Kory                    Rumbelow, Andrew           Whitehead, Austin
Beneski, Jeffrey        Elliott, Erin          Hupf, Theresa                 Mewbourn, Risa          Salinas, Kobi              Williams, Lauren
Benton, Melissa         Farinella, Keith       Jensen, Haley                 Millsap, Morgan         Sattler, Christina         Woo, Ji yoon
Blevins, Jordan         Farquhar, Kasey        Johnson, Bailey               Monroy, Adriana         Sciarappa, Joseph          Yinger, Morgan
Bonner, Christopher     Flowers, Sabra         Johnson, Bryan                Moon, Austin            Shipp, Jordan              Zapata, Jasiel
Borgstede, Carrie       Ford, Cole             Johnson, Noah                 Moore, Hillary          Sisco, John
Borthwick, Joshua       Foy, Melissa           King, Brett                   Morley, Jonathan        Southall, Mika
Boyles, Amanda          Fuller, Martin         Kotadia, Sanah                Mullikin, Jeremy        Staab, Madison
Brown, Gerald           Gambrell, Robert       Krajenta, Nathaneil           Mundy, McKenzie         Starling, Whitney

  A Honor Roll 12th Grade 2005-06       2nd 6 weeks
Baca, Danielle         Carlson, Jessica           Gluck, Karl                Huey, Rebecca           Mani, Rene                 Segrest, Samantha
Backer, Sara           Conover, Stephen           Goldstein, Jaime           Irwin, Jennifer         McCann, Travis             Smith, Jason
Balani, Claire         Davis, Sarah               Grant, Nicole              Jenkins, MacKenzie      Minyard, Andria            Sundell, Lara
Banning, Bradley       Detomaso, David            Green, April               Jordan, Rebecca         Moran, Wesley              Thomas, Richard
Barber, Taylor         Eddy, Heather              Gunn, Daniel               Karl, Sarah             Nelson, Laura              Tielkemeier, Spencer
Bardo, Elisabeth       Eichel, Daniel             Hairgrove, Logan           Kline, Matthew          Norman, Holland            Traxler, Chad
Barnes, Raleigh        Eskander, Michael          Haptonstall, Brittany      Kocsardy, Nicolette     Oas, April                 Welch, Ashlee
Bates, Kristin         Fleming, Britney           Harrington, Brittany       Konkle, Kyle            Odom, Jennifer             Wernicke, Rebecca
Bopp, Margaret         Fried, William             Harvell, Emily             Ling, Zachary           Rainey, Virginia
Breden, Kristin        Fritz, Kyle                Henderson, Courtney        Lowry, Dana             Richard, Josh G.
Butler, Elissa         Fuqua, Laura               Herrod, Caleigh            Luke, Ryan              Rosse, Ryan

A - B Honor Roll 12th Grade 2005-06 2nd 6 weeks
Accardo, Emily          Burkhart, Gabrielle  Compton, Ashley                 Feachen, Brooke,        Harris, Jillian            Kandimalla, Kunal
Adkin, Thaddeus         Burks, Timothy       Cooper, John                    Ferris, John            Hayes, Robert              Karl, Suzanne
Alexander, Timothy      Butler, Spring       Craddock, Lashante              Fonseca, Fatima         Head, Spencer              Kelly, Katelin
Allen, Michael          Callahan, Liam       Cunningham, Emily               Fox, Samantha           Headley, Steven            Kelton, Kyle
Alvarez, Francisco      Cama, Lauren         Davidson, Quintessa             Frazier, Kimberly       Hessling, Joshua           Kessler, Kristin
Alvis, Austin           Campbell, Cole       Davis, Jennifer                 French, Desiree         Hindes, Nicholas.          Kim, Johnathan
Anderson, Jennifer      Campbell, Jessica    Diehm, Kallye                   Gardner, Garland        Hoag, Dustin               King, Jacob
Atkeisson, Alyssa       Carlson, Brandon     Dolim, Margaret                 Garrett, Layne          Holland, Will              Klingensmith,
Ballinger, Tiffany      Castillo, Michelle   Doore, Brian                    Gavlak, Bryce           Houk, Tyler                Rebecca
Barbee, Elizabeth       Cavender, Brittany   Doty, Diana                     Gelles, Kristen         Housley, Amanda            Knott, Whitney
Baston, Stephenie       Chemelewski,         Dulaney, Stephanie              Gem, Lauren             Hughes, Taylor             LaCourse, Michael
Batista, Michele        William              Duncan, Elizabeth               Gill, Rustam            Irvin, Steven              Lahti, Marvin
Beard, Rachel           Cherry, Brandon      Ebersole, Ryan                  Gonzales, Kayla         Irwin, Lauren              Lancaster, Kevin
Betrand, Kelli          Clement, Daniel      Eddy, Holly                     Greener, Erin           Jessup, Rachel             Lannom, Laura
Binkley, Michelle       Clement, Derek       Edington, Patrick               Groffman, Emily         Jiwani, Imran              Leary, John
Blackwell, Brittany     Cockerham,           Edwards, Max                    Grussendorf, Blake      Johnson, Andrew            Lin, Jessica
Branson, Chevonne       Jasontrent           Elsen, Benjamin                 Hall, Jason             Johnston, Kelly            Lockwood, Tylah
Brizendine, Robert      Cockerham,           Farinella, Elyse                Hance, Elzabeth         Jones, Alexandria          Loeffler, Markus
Brown, Maxwell          Johntaylor           Fawcett, Brad                   Hancock, Whitney        Kaire, Richard             Love, Kyle

    The VineLine                                                        page 20                                            Vol. XV, No. 4
Love, Kyna             Mozek, Michelle        Pierce, Catherine      Ross, Christopher      Taylor, Clark       Weiss, Mary
Lowe, Rachel           Muldrow, Sean          Perez, Aaron           Rossi, Marci           Taylor, Joshua      Whitchurch, Marysa
Lueckenhoff, Kevin     Mulflur, Walter        Plorin, Christopher    Rothschild, Meagan     Thomas, Holly       Whitehouse, Adam
Maxwell, Charles       Mullins, David         Pocklington, Kathryn   Russell, Michael       Tremayne, Kevin     Wied, Erin
McLendon, Ellen        Murchison, Shayna      Pope, Joshua           Schmitt, Samantha      Trimble, Nichole    Wilcox, Teri
McMindes, Conner       Nardecchia, Audrey     Popelka, Katherine     Selzler, Kristen       Uhelski, Casey      Williams, Leigh
Melendez, Peter        Nelson, Justin         Posey, Claire          Seward, Zachery        Umlor, Elisabeth    Wilson, Melinda
Meyer, Jake            Nuest, Kyle            Pullen, Jennifer       Silverberg, Jonathan   Ungaro, Nicholas    Wingler, Matthew
Miller, Alece          O'Brien, Lance         Ramos, Paul            Smartis, Breanne       Urenda, Robert      Wolber, Peter
Minshew, Matthew       Oakes, Rachel          Rao, Sunaina           Smith, Julie           Wadhwania, Rozina   Wright, Jessica
Miranda, Daniel        Palmison, Molly        Ray, Daniel            So, Jonathan           Wallace Jason       Yolman, Amanda
Mlambo, Sam            Park, Young            Redmond, Sean          Spielmann, Elizabeth   Wannberg, Alex      Zeleznak, William
Mock, Kelsey           Parker, Jennifer       Richardson, Jonathan   Stout, Caitlin         Ward, Melissa
Moist, Stephen         Peden, Blythe          Ridgeway, Nicole       Stults, Erica          Wardlow, Addison

                                    Sixth Annual GHS Fillie Trot 5K and Fun Run
                                        Saturday February 4, 2006 at 8:45 AM

                        Grapevine Lake Oak Grove Park
                            2500 North Dove Loop
                           Grapevine, Texas 76051
        Race Day Schedule:

        ·    7:00 AM Registration and packet pick up
        ·    8:45 AM Start 1 mile fun run/walk Refreshments!
        ·    9:00 AM Start 5K run Entertainment!
        ·    9:05 AM Start 5K walk Door-Prizes!
        ·    10:30 AM Awards Ceremony

        T-shirts:        The first 350 registrants will receive a commemorative 2006 Fillie Trot T-shirt


        ·    Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 female and male 5K finishers in all age groups

        Entry Fees:

        ·    $15 before January 28, 2006
        ·    $12 each - Team Entry of 10 or more participants before January 28, 2006.
                        All entry fees are an additional $3 for registrations after January 27, 2006.

        Register Online at

        · and enter event ID # 1268850 or Fillie Trot

        Contact Information:                (817) 481-8872 

                                                       See You On Race Day!

     Vol. XV, No. 4                                   page 21                                        The VineLine
                                          GHS Sports in Action
    GHS Athletic Booster Club

    Annually, the GHS Athletic Booster Club provides four college scholarships to graduating seniors
    who participate in a UIL varsity sport that is sponsored by the Booster Club (all GHS UIL sports
    with the exception of football and baseball). To be eligible for a scholarship, a graduating senior
    must participate in a Booster Club varsity sport during his or her senior year, and the senior s
    family must be a member of the Booster Club. A scholarship application form is available in the
    GHS Counseling Office. Also, the application form is available in the Athletics section on the GHS
    web site ( under the Athletic Booster Club. Applications must be returned to
    the GHS Counseling Office by March 10, 2006. Scholarships will be awarded during the Senior
    Awards ceremony. The GHS Athletic Booster Club membership forms are also available on the
    school web site. Please consider joining the Booster Club as it supports GHS and its student ath-
    letes it is not too late!

   Max Underwood, President,
   GHS Mustang Athletic Booster Club

                                    GHS Cheerleaders in Action!
  The Grapevine High School Cheerleaders bring home another first place title again! On December 28th and 29th
  they went to the NCA High School Nationals Championship in Dallas and brought home first place in two divi-
  sions: Large Intermediate Varsity and Medium Varsity. This was the 24th year for this competition and over 200
  teams from across the country participated. The Large Varsity team competed against 14 other teams from
  Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and Louisiana. The Medium Varsity competed against 13 other teams from Texas,
  Washington, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Indiana.

   Team Members:

   Large Varsity: Rachel Jessup, Audrey Nardeccia, Erica Stults, Lauren Compton, Lauren Compton, Lauren Pot-
  ter, Courtney Greenbauer, Carly White, Natalia Nakamura, Katie Hoge, Abbey Rexing, Holly Johnson, Emily
  Shanks, Kadee Albritton, Morgan Fenton, Maddie Grussendorf, Amanda Flynn, Katherine Parham, Brittany Alva-
  rez, Jordan King, Kayley Greenbauer

  Medium Varsity: Erin Wied, Nina Sattler, Amy Kelly, Allyson Foy, Hillary Moore, Kailea Browning, Erica Williams,
  Mandi Wetter, Lauren Trammel, Lauren Vasquez, Amanda Schafer, Pam Witte, Carlin Blyth, Andi Marsh, Megan

   Coaches: Noel Jarrett, Jordan Dickeson

   The teams will compete again on January 13th in Ft. Worth at ACA National's and in Orlando, Florida on January

  Dianne Grussendorf
  Grapevine High School Cheer Booster Club

The VineLine                                     page 22                                    Vol. XV, No. 4
                        2005 2006
                       GHS ATHLETIC
                     BOOSTER CLUB                                 GHS tennis coach, Angel Marti-
                    Board Members                                 nez, was named 5-5A Tennis
   Max Underwood , President, 817/577-1705
                                                         Coach of the Year by a vote of the Dis-
                       trict 5-5A tennis coaches. The honor was
                                                         awarded on November 11, 2005. This is
   Nancy Dulaney, Treasurer, 817/424-3650                the 3rd consecutive year that Coach Mar-
                          tinez has received this award.
   Steve Houk, Controller, 817/421-6040

   Lori Irwin, Membership, 817/577-3153               GHS Mustang Varsity Tennis players,
                           Paige Caprio, Gunnar Flowers and Made-
                                                      line Cochran, along with six other area
   Jennifer Heston, Secretary, 817/498-9687           NETT (NE Tarrant Tennis) division players,
                brought home the state championship title at
                                                      the USTA Team Tennis Fall State Sectional
              Sports Representatives                  Championships at the John Newcombe's
   Wayne & Diane Eichel, Boys Basketball,             Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels on Novem-
                                                      ber 20-21. The team defeated four other
                                                      state sections, Austin, Brownsville, Houston,
                                                      and Lubbock.
   Ellen Paynter, Girls Basketball                                Way to go Mustangs!
   Nancy Dulaney, Cross Country, 817/424-3650

   Steve Houk, Girls & Boys Golf, 817/421-6040
   Darryl Heath, Boys Soccer

   Pam O Briant, Girls Soccer

   Pete Flagella, Softball                            BASEBALL FANS REJOICE!!
   Jennifer Heston, Swim/Dive, 817/498-9687           The start of the GHS Mustang baseball
                season is upon us! Please make plans
                                                      to attend the first scrimmage of the sea-
   Lori Irwin, Tennis, 817/577-3153
                                                      son on February 7th, the second scrim-
                           mage on February 11th and the 1st
                                                      game on Monday, February 13
   Karen Actkinson, Track
                                                      (freshman) and Tuesday, February 14
   Lesley Irwin, Volleyball, 817/329-0559             (Varsity & JV). Please check the web-
                                                      site ( for
                                                      the full schedule of games      and sup-
   Julie Lindley, Wrestling                           port our wonderful GHS Mustangs!

Vol. XV, No. 4                              page 23                            The VineLine
                        GHS PTSA 2005-06 Board Roster
 President          Jan Ostman 488-2607        GHS Key               Lanese Turner 581-7046
 1st VP Aide        VJ Hopson 421-5364         Communicator
 2nd VP Membership Liz Nelson 581-2079         9th Grade Level Coor Cristy Toney 442-7711
 3rd VP Programs    Kelly Hightower 581-8767   10th Grade Level Coor Cynthia Becker 421-3005
 4th VP Volunteers Kathy Candelaria 251-2507   11th Grade Level Coor Laura Powell 577-3131
 Parliamentarian    Patti Brockman 498-7999    12th Grade Level Coor Billie Nardecchia 488-0013
 Secretary          Karen Trimble 488-2495     Hospitality           Cheryl Snow 428-6992
 Treasurer          Tanya Shipp 329-1202       Library Coordinator   Vicki Welch 656-0276
 Historian          Gaylon Butler 251-3243     Newsletter Dist       Cindy Wielinski 329-1880
 Arts in Education  Tamara Pearlman 421-5905   Newsletter Editor     Marlo Haft 230-4988
 Awards             Tisha Bailleu 939-3610     Publicity             Kim Parham 241-3838
 Corral                                        Scholrshp/Mini-Grants Nancy Edwards 424-0936
 CEC Representative Nancy Reid 577-1240        Staff Appreciation    Kim Phelps 488-5880
 DI                 Linda Creed 329-0025       School Enrichment     Karen Trimble 488-2495
 Directory          Tisha Bailleu 939-3610     Tack Room Sales       Tiffany Orillion 416-0411
 Directory Ads      Annette Glavan 442-5582    Tack Room Volunteers Tina Brooks 329-6109
 Environmental      Molly Holt 421-3129        Ways & Means          Paula Sklar 488-7703
 5-Up Club          Toni Detzler 893-0037      Webmaster             Suzie McCann 329-0253
 Grad Track         Margaret Ball 656-3627     Youth Protection      Sonja Haynes 656-9699

The VineLine                            page 24                               Vol. XV, No. 4

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