German inventors by viimrul


									German inventors have developed a new material that holds the promise of replacing all the plastic with
something as natural as wood. The material in question is called Arboform. Occurs after the
combination of lignin, a component of wood thrown regularly with natural resins, flax and fiber.

Wood is a thermoplastic liquid-based products of wood pulp to replace oil-based plastics. As oil
reserves are limited, and is expected to run out in just 30 years, the world seeks alternatives to
use any type of jet fuel. This finding renewable for the duration of plastics, the Fraunhofer
Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) in Germany, promises to provide an alternative plastic
material for many applications. Tecnaro is a spin-off its ICT to promote commercial applications
of liquid wood, which is now Arboform as a trademark.

Liquid timber is made from lignin, a waste product of wood pulp. The timber is divided into
lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose in the pulp industry. Lignin is sometimes used for making
coarse wrapping paper, but most are just as fuel in boilers. Some 50 million tons of lignin are
produced annually. ICT has discovered a method for combining lignin with fine natural fibers
like bamboo, hemp and flax, and some additives such as oil and wax to produce pellets. These
pellets can be molded into shapes and in a heated mold, very similar to the molds for
thermoplastics. Arboform material degrades into water and carbon dioxide as it is a natural
component of wood. It’s not like the plastic base oil that many are slow to degrade and
carcinogenic residues. Arboform is also recyclable.

Arboform can be molded in the shape of any object that usually makes use of non-biodegradable
petroleum. That triggers the environmental factor of these products is that once out of the use of
organic products rapidly decompose Arboform eco-security products such as water and carbon dioxide.
Now, almost everything imaginable under the sun can produce toys using simple to complex Arboform

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