19 signs that the U.S. is turning into a giant concentration camp by paradoks2202


									19 signs that the U.S. is turning into a giant concentration

Watching you. The reason for this - the types that are in power in the U.S., they are obsessed with control
and surveillance. They try to convince us that the "common safety" need to make sure that every step and
every action of every citizen were tracked, analyzed and recorded. Our country is gradually turning into a
comprehensive concentration camp, which he could not even conceive of George Orwell. If you still believe
that there is a real notion of "privacy", it is - just naive nonsense. Each byte of electronic communications
monitored and maintained "where necessary." In fact, they are also aware of the fact that you are now
reading this article.
But even if you completely get rid of all electronic devices - it will not help, because every day is improved
network camera detects faces, voice recorders, police drones and other automated devices that collect
information about each and deliver it to the government. In addition, the surveillance involved thousands of
private companies, which spud its small sector across the country, digging "deep." Already, the tracking
system has grown to such a size that is not what to run away from it - and even stop its progressive growth
becomes almost impossible. Total control took the form of a cancerous tumor that metastasizes to the most
unexpected places - and even cut off part of the tumor, metastases soon compensate for this "loss."
Therefore, the only salvation - in a fundamental cultural distrust of society in matters of freedom, privacy and
personal security.
Here are 19 signs that the situation is very serious and steadily worsening:
1. Software that can record, save, and to recognize millions of votes
Did you know that now there are programs that allow you to identify your voice just a few seconds? The
program was developed in Russia in the Speech Technology Center, and has just a fantastic opportunity for
the secret police. In just three seconds, it can analyze the order of 10 000 options for different voices and
compare them with the proposed model. Sophisticated algorithms allow you to check the result from different
perspectives and to 90% probability of accurate identification. In the U.S., are covered by this software,
called SpeechPro.
2. UAVs to be widely used to monitor citizens
As soon as the external war the U.S. phased out, the company producing advanced weaponry, lose income.
With its lobbyists in the government, they have made sure that was made in that legislation, legitimizes
internal use drones. Today, the U.S. produced 146 different models of drones, and many of them may be
very small and inconspicuous, and some - powerful and heavily armed. Such machines can not only gather
the information, but also to punish the unwanted. Already, drones are widely used by the Agency for the
Protection of the Environment to monitor the farmers of Iowa and Nebraska.
3. Remote scanners that can scan people from a distance of 50 meters
New scanner is able to scan the body, clothes and luggage from a distance of ten meters. Plan to use it at
airports and border control. Technology is based on laser scanning at the molecular level. About once a
person becomes aware of everything from microscopic traces of drugs or gunpowder soot on their clothes, to
the level of adrenaline in the blood and stomach contents. And the man himself about his "investigation" will
not even know about.
Developed this uncanny miracle company In-Q-Tel, established in 1999 at the request of CIA Director and
with the support of Congress. The company has a coordinating role between the government and the
scientific world.
4. Data collection of all infants born in the U.S.
Invasion of privacy begins immediately after birth. Collection and analysis of DNA samples are required in
order to obtain as much information about the growing human and use it in the future to anticipate certain
inclinations and actions. Parents who see their child like taking a blood test, often try to find out what
happens to the data.
5. Twitter - a new instrument track people
This is a matter not only of that scrupulous observers of the intelligence services can easily monitor the
actions of a person's thoughts on his tweets, but also crude, banal query data from the company on its
Twitter users. Told myself Twitter in his report, and in 2012 being followed by the government significantly
increased in comparison with 2011.
6. Mobile phone - an essential spy
The surest way to forget about the balance of privacy in private life - always carry an activated mobile phone.
Because you can keep track of all the moving party, and all his actions with the phone. And, of course, such
"trifles" as listening to him talk and read its web traffic.
In this way were quickly identified many of the protesters Occupy WaIl Street. Over the past year, the mobile
phone company received 1.3 million requests from the security services. All of them are concerned about
certain users, their negotiations and logs their movements. This is the normal routine of going on the thumb
7. For students is constantly increasing surveillance with RFID chips

RFID microchips surely become a part of modern lifestyle. More schools use them to track the movement of
truants in the classroom and analyze traffic classes. For example, in Texas, one of the school's departments,
Northside Independent School District, is scheduled to be next year, tracking students on chips mounted in
their ID card - and it's about 112 schools with more than 100 000 people. The reasons for this list the
following: control over class size, registration truants and provide these data to obtain government grants to
support outstanding at a certain increase in the number of students.
8. Cameras, snooping in hospitals
Would you mind if your toilet will put the camcorder? Do not hurry to laugh at some hospitals in New York, it
is already done. There's camera follows those of the staff and how regularly wash their hands - this is done
in order to comply with that stimulate maximum hygiene. Well, of course, and for other purposes ...
9. Programs that monitor the behavior of public servants
According to the Washington Post, is already busy using spyware that is careful, what do the employees of
state services at work.
This program, called Spector Soft, being installed on the computer immediately recognized all of the activities
of its owner. Interception of communications on social networks, track websites visited, screen shots at the
right time, and even topology keystrokes while typing - all stored in a special hidden folder on your hard disk,
and then he became known to the authorities.
10. Observation of the National Security Agency's program
In fact, all electronic messages (e-mails, faxes and phone calls) in the U.S. National Security Agency
monitored the giant network, which was created especially for the analysis of information flows.
For a long time it was all known secret, which everyone knew, but no one could do. But things have changed
recently, when the three of them escaped from the NSA employees, who released classified information. She
confirmed the alleged facts of the possibilities the next device NSA - it turned out that there is a system like
Google, which in real time can search for any information on the key demands - such as phone numbers,
country or party. But this type of surveillance in direct contravention of the Constitution, which guarantees the
right to privacy of the citizens of the USA!
11. The technology of "prediction" crimes
Yeah, like that already belongs not only to science fiction films. Take care of this company BRS Labs, which
said it has an algorithm that allows to turn the camera to the device to recognize the signs are about ready to
commit a crime. This nonsense was taken quite seriously, and a number of official persons and launched a
pilot project in San Francisco, where the camera is located in trams, buses and metro (12 cameras on each
of the 22 stations). The cameras can simultaneously monitor 150 people in real time and instantly notice the
"suspicious behavior."
12. Mobile scanning X-ray machines

If you think you can avoid the x-ray inspection scanner, just going through the "frame" in the airport, it is time
to change your mind. Mobile scanners installed Z Backscatter Vans will now ride on the roads that are
indistinguishable from conventional cars and remotely shine moving machines and people, seeing all that is
inside of them. By the way, in addition to a flagrant violation of privacy is fraught with serious problems to
public health, which will be constantly sources of radiation.
13. Automatic number plate recognizers
Washington and its suburbs have been installed 250 cameras equipped with special software, able to
recognize license plates. This is intended to track stolen cars and catch fleeing criminals. But the capabilities
of the system, of course, is much broader - it is now possible to track and analyze the movement of any
vehicle owner in the city, and in the future - and the entire country.
14. Extracting data (data mining)
In fact, perhaps the greatest danger to the personal safety and privacy are not so much the government as
private companies. Using a large staff of analysts, hackers and spies, a corporation specializing in
espionage, dig the sea of personal information and then sell it profitable. The largest of these companies is
called Acxiom, which is currently collected data on 190 million citizens of the United States and 500,000 -
around the world. It was established in 1969 as a company to create a database for marketing purposes, but
for decades its methods and technical equipment significantly improved - today in Conway, north of Little
Rock, continuously employs 23 000 servers, analyzing data of hundreds of millions of people.
15. The increasing use of technology recognition of human faces

Many do not realize that in this area in recent years there has been a real revolution! Today it is in 32 states
using similar technology for photographing a driver's license. That is why there are strict guidelines, which
have to do a photo-a person was entered into the database. But not only gosslzhby so busy. Large private
companies such as Disney, are also interested in what is considered by the heads of the people visiting
Disneyland for further marketing use of the data. The technology is out of control and threaten ordinary
citizens from various sides.
16. Instant DNA test
This is what intelligence agencies like even more than the face recognition technology. Still - mobile devices
for instant DNA identification is a quick way to error-free recognition of the criminal. To the analyzer to
recognize a DNA sample, he can use any piece of your personal belongings. This abruptly than fingerprints.
17. The new generation of identification systems FBI
As recently discovered, the FBI is going to spend about $ 1 billion to create the most comprehensive
database of all the inhabitants of the United States, which will include all the possible information about each.
There will be everything from fingerprints to biometric data and electronic surveillance of communications
18. The system of policing in New York City
Many future large program first run "run" in some regions. The pioneer of the future total control became a
New York Police Department that unfolded in Lower Manhattan an online recognition system avtonomerov,
persons and radiation monitoring of goods. In the development of camera control and data analysis took an
active part by Microsoft.
19. The system of hidden cameras TrapWire
In addition to conventional cameras that are visible around the Americans, there is a lot of hidden cameras,
the existence of which they are unaware. This network is called TrapWire and its existence was not known
until a leak in WikiLeaks in 2012. The cameras are located around the "objects of special importance" and
react to certain actions - photographing the object, frequent appearances around him, etc. So people, without
knowing it, can fall into the category of preparing terror attack perpetrators.

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