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French Radio Programmes
Radio France French state radio website with details of all radio programmes , with podcasts and reading material. Useful for keeping abreast of current affairs in France. RFI Radio France Internationale An international radio site, with programmes in easy French, listening exercises with answers and transcripts. Radio Up to the minute news and live broadcasts. Others:

French TV Websites
TV5MONDE TV5MONDE is the International TV channel in French. “7 jours sur la planète” is a weekly news program online for free at PLUS free online dossiers to learn and/or teach with this program and others at Canal+ The newest and possibly the most young and hip TV channel. It includes features on popular culture, sport, fashion, media and entertainment.


French Television Large site for TV channels France 2, 3, 5 and Ô. Includes programmes, previews, reviews, its own news pages with current affairs, sports pages, and also a page with cartoons and animations. All very high quality, and a good way to get an idea of what life in France is like today. TF1 Official site of one of the major popular state-run channels in France. The site contains programmes, interviews with actors and celebrities, TV guide, news section, documentaries section, etc. Relatively easy to read, many short texts presented in a lively way. Others:

French Newspapers and Magazines
Agence-France Presse

French National Press Agency here provides reports of news as it breaks anywhere in the world. News available in French, English, Arabic, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Cahiers du Cinéma An index of journal articles on French cinema. Canoë The website of the Quebecois Journal de Montreal. Includes current affairs, sports news, entertainment, articles on health, travel, life-style, etc. L’Express Weekly news and current affairs magazine in French language. Contains synopsis of the week's events in France and in the world, features on current affairs, cultural guide, etc. Le Mensuel A monthly audio magazine with topical reports, transcripts, quizzes and other materials. Le Monde Online version of the most prestigious and best known French newspaper. Includes daily news on current regional, national and international affairs, sport, culture, and developments of broader issues like the E.U., the environment, science and technology. Le Monde Diplomatique The French left-wing monthly paper online, including translations in German, Italian, English, Spanish and Mexican Spanish with back issues online.


Libération The online version of the French daily newspaper. Sud Ouest The online version of the Bordeaux-based newspaper. Paris Match The French glossy picture magazine online.

Online dictionaries
Dictionnaire de français ‘Littré’ Online dictionary based on the great 19th century French language dictionary compiled by Emile Littré. French Business Dictionary Easily accessible and user-friendly online French business dictionary, with translations into and from many other languages including English. General and technical dictionaries Links to on-line dictionaries, monolingual and bi-lingual, including general language, information technology and "le jargon". Glossary of Internet-related terms A highly specialised glossary compiled by an official E.U. translator of English terms in the field of the Internet translated into French. A collection of free online translation dictionaries, including French-English and English-French dictionaries. It returns full definitions of words, multiple definitions for words with multiple meanings, and phrases and expressions using the word.


General Information Lively young trendy magazine style web site. Easy to read for intermediate students especially to improve general reading skills. Include articles on everyday life, such as cars, television, leisure, media stars, and fashion. Links to more serious pages, e.g. insurance, finance, etc. Club Internet The homepage for the Virtual Baguette, which provides a gateway to a wide range of topics (e.g. sport, culture, etc). The Paris Pages Information on the city and its culture, in French and English. Yahoo! France Huge web-site with popular information, such as news, events, what's on, music, greeting cards, travel, horoscopes, etc. Specialist sites include news and media, politics, art, culture, science, health, geography, society, reference materials, etc.

Learning Materials
1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters Collection of tongue-twisters in 77 languages. Take speaking practice to the extreme! Bonjour de France An "interactive magazine" for all levels of learner. The site includes comprehensions, grammar, vocabulary, business French, and other learning resources. Each section has interactive exercises. Chansons Françaises et Francophones en cours de FLE / French through Songs and Singing This multimedia site features streaming MP3s, annotated lyrics, articles and links. The recordings are of songs in the public domain plus artists’ originals used with permission. The emphasis is on providing resources for students and teachers of French. The French Experience An online multimedia course for beginners in French, from BBC Education Languages. GCSE Bitesize French BBC education site particularly aimed at GCSE students. Each topic area contains revision exercises with answers and exam tips. These exercises will be relevant and useful for LC levels 0-2.


LanguageGuide A site full of resources for learners of French at all levels, comprising three sections: interactive pictorial dictionaries and readings with hyperlinks and audio clips, and grammar guide with exercises. The site is run by a non-profit organisation reliant on native speaker volunteers to donate content, which through its work "hopes to strengthen the bonds between civilizations and people. Learn French with Inspector Roger Duflair Online murder mystery for learners to solve. Working through the program users read and listen to witness statements, interrogations, and profiles of persons involved and then carry out a range of interactive exercises testing comprehension and allowing them to practice their grammar and vocabulary. The texts are pitched at four levels, from débutant to avancé. Le Point du FLE A portal to a wealth of web-based activities for learning and teaching French. Includes interactive exercises with audio clips, grammar references, classroom activities, and much more. Ma France BBC course for French improvers. It contains 24 units with interactive video, key phrases and games. Quia French A list of interactive activities for French learners, including grammar exercises, vocabulary games, comprehension tests. A collection of language resources for English-speaking learners of French at all levels, including grammar, interactive exercises, a verb conjugator, 'web quest' worksheets for students, print resources for teachers, and more. Hosted at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Tennessee Bob’s Famous French Links Vast site (10,000 links) built at Tennessee University. Contains French language learning pages, tests and exercises, helpful links for those seeking a career linked in some way to France or French, and more. Zut! Interactive activities for French teachers and learners, from beginners to advanced, organised by UK school year - the advanced and intermediate sections might be of use to university teachers and students.


European Commission The official site of the European Commission, the driving force in the Union's institutional system. Includes the latest official press releases, photos and live TV coverage of EU affairs. European Parliament Official site of the European Parliament, with a complete set of all documents relevant to the parliament and its activities: speeches, communiqués, press releases, etc. Most pages available in 22 languages. NATO Press Releases Official NATO website, which includes a history of NATO, its current structure and membership as well as texts of speeches concerning NATO military and political thoughts and actions. Everything available in French and English. Parliament in Canada This website contains the complete transcript of all discussion in the Canadian parliament, both houses included, available in French and English. Opportunity to closely study Canadian politics, as well as to study rhetoric in a political context and its related vocabulary.

Air and Space Travel Museum The website focuses particularly on airplanes and their history. CNRS Centre National de Recherche Scientifique. Scientific sites. Science Museum Site of the French national science museum. It not only tells you what is on at the museum, but also has easily accessible files on all areas of scientific interest today. Up-to-the minute science news in a well-designed website.


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