Paul Farrar - Little Bow Resort by pengxuebo


									Regarding irrigating the entire park area in the resort, I believe we are better served by improving
our boat dock, boat launch and boat launch parking area than by irrigating a park that will require
an ever increasing amount of financial and manpower resources to maintain. I wouldn’t
necessarily agree that keeping the grass area by the beach irrigated serves the entire community,
just those who can overlook the lush irrigated grass (at the expense of the rest of the resort

Last summer my boat suffered damage due to the violent storm that swept into the resort and I
might add at the relative carelessness of another owner trying to remove his boat during the
height of the storm. It seems to me that improving this aspect of the resort would meet the needs
of a far greater number of owners. A dock that you can barely walk on due to the pitching and
rolling to me requires serious consideration in the improvement department. Also creating a more
user friendly launch ramp should top our priority list. Our current ramp is poorly marked and
invites congestion.

As for ATV’s, golf carts, go carts, dirt bikes etc etc, if I never saw another one drive by my front
window I could care less. I understand the need for an ATV to pull your PWC, carry grass
clippings etc, but we have created an environment where children are frequently seen piloting
these vehicles around and adults “cruise the roadways” looking for god knows what and where.
As for creating a “moto cross” series of trails out back, it would not surprise me to see that turn
into the Ghost/Waiparous area where you take your life into you hands whenever you go out

Paul Farrar 57 Lakeside Drive.

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