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Presented By Open Website Tutorials                                                   January 2013

How To Create A Website For Your
Office Supply Business
                                                                      “Open Website Tutorials
As the owner of an office supply business you know that it's impor-   helped me get my online
tant to make sure that a business has everything that it needs to
                                                                      business up and running
run efficiently. As you may know, business owners seemingly
never sleep. There's always an ongoing list of "must-do's." You       in no time. I would have
have a unique opportunity to provide supplies to other business       been completely lost
owners even when your physical locations may be closed for the        without the tutorials and
day. You can do this by creating a website. What better way to
showcase your business and literally be able to service your cus-
                                                                      step by step guides on
tomer base wherever they are at any moment of the day or night.       their website...”

Your office supply business website can be up and running with the                        - John Shaw
completion of just a few simple steps. The process of creating a
website is simple and easy to follow.

                                                                       In This Issue
                                                                          Tips For Starting An
                                                                           Online Business.

                                                                          What Will Your
                                                                           Business Offer.

                                                                          Choosing A Domain
                                                                           Name And Web

                                                                          Designing Your Site.

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Step One: Choose a Domain Name
The first thing you need to do is to purchase domain name. Your domain name should
reflect your business name if possible. You can visit any domain registrar on the internet
and for a small fee register your domain name for the year. Remember that this informa-
tion is renewed annually, so be sure to keep track of when your renewal comes due.

Step Two: Choose a Web Host
Your files and website content are stored with the web host. Be sure that you go with a
reputable company that does not have a history of having a lot of downtime. When
choosing your hosting it is important to consider the kind of disk storage you will need as
well as how much bandwidth you are allowed to use per month. The disk space and
bandwidth may be unlimited upon payment of a certain price.

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                            Step Three: Decide on the Type of
                            The next step requires you to decide whether you need to have
                            static content or a dynamic content. Dynamic content is usually cre-
                            ated for databases which require a lot of space and the content is
                            changing frequently.

                            On the other hand the static content is for small content that do not
                            change often. Dynamic page may be the best for office supplies as
                            the products change due to the dynamic change in both the micro
                            and macro environments.

                            In case you do not have web design skills to use the above named
                            pages you may want a Content Managed System (CMS). .

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Step Four: Choose a Shopping                                                          Contact Us
Cart, Shipping and Payment                                                            For Free Step By Step
                                                                                      Tutorials on how to get
Options                                                                               your first website up and
The next step is an important one. You need to choose shopping cart software if
                                                                                      Visit us on the web at
you're planning to sell items directly from your site. Choose the one which has a
long history of success and its usage is well supported. The store design should
be made appealing. The store layout should take into consideration the best prac-
tices for the user and experience. Though the accrual design is prebuilt it gives
you ability to customize and come up with your own unique flair. Once done, you
should now choose the office products you want to specialize with. Upload these
products into your system. It is always important to include high resolution images
and specifically pictures of your items that are for sale.

Websites are accessible by many buyers from a myriad of locations. As a result of
this you will need to choose the most convenient shipping method. These may
either be UPS, FedEx, the postal service or you may ship directly from the manu-
facturer to your customers. Using these major shipping companies on your web-
site should ensure that your shopping cart is automatically able to integrate with
the carrier. Besides that, you should choose payment options that are convenient
to you and to your customers. It is important to choose diverse payment options
so that your customers have several ways to pay. This helps you to establish not
only a strong trust base but also repeated purchases.

Step Five: Bringing It All Together
Of course, the biggest task is connecting
all of these items together on the actual
site. It may sound daunting at first, but
there are a number of ready made tem-
plates available that can help to streamline
this process. You can easily have your
site up running by using one of these tem-
plates or you can choose to pay a profes-
sional web designer to create a site to your

If any of this sounds a bit intimidating or
overwhelming, don't worry help is just a
click away. We have tutorials available
that can help you no matter where you are in the process. If you want more infor-
mation or need a little extra help to get your site done, pay us a visit at

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