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									Dear Honored Guests, Students, Families, and Friends:

I am so honored to have the chance to host 2009’s 7th Annual Battlefield Carolina Open Martial
Arts Charity Tournament. I would like to extend a sincere welcome to everyone who attended
and participated this year. It is a privilege to have each of my students, other participants, and
their families and friends to join me in a spectacular show of martial arts skills. I would like to
thank all of your for your continued commitment and support to the school and Tae Kwon Do
as a way of life. Everyone’s hard work in preparing for this event will benefit the Gaston
County Sheriff’s Department Youth Explorers #566. My students and I believe that Tae Kwon
Do is a very special tool that has allowed us to help those less fortunate in our community. It is
my hope that all of you will enjoy today’s event, and leave here with a renewed enthusiasm for
Tae Kwon Do, and a good feeling in your hearts for helping others in the community.

With warm regards,

Master Sang K. Park
Sheriff                                                                                  Main # 704-869-6800
Alan Cloninger                                                                             Fax# 704-869-6815
Gaston County                                                               P.O. Box 1578 / 425 N. Marietta St.
                                                                                          Gastonia, NC 28053

July 22, 2009

Park’s School of Taekwondo
914 East Franklin Boulevard
Gastonia, NC 28054

Dear Master Park,

I am writing to thank you for your support of the Gaston County Sheriff’s Office and the Gaston County
Sheriff’s Office Explorer’s Program. Your generosity has assisted our Explorer Program greatly. I know that
you could have directed those funds to many other deserving charitable organizations, but you did have the
consideration of the youth that attend the Explorers Post at the Gaston County Sheriff’s Office. Gaston County
is honored to have you as a resident of your caliber. Your commitment to the youth and the general well being
of the citizen’s of the Gaston County is very much appreciated. Again, thank you for your commitment and if I
can ever be of service to you please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your Friend,

Sheriff Alan Cloninger
                                       Office of the Mayor

                                            July 24, 2009

Master Sang K. Park
Park’s School of Tae Kwon Do
914 E. Franklin Blvd.
Gastonia, NC 28054

Dear Master Park:

I am very proud to recognize the 7th Annual Inner School Tournament of Master Park's School of Tae
Kwon Do to benefit Gaston County Law Enforcement Youth Activity Programs on August 1, 2009.
The City Council and I send a warm welcome to all participants as well as our special guests visiting
Gastonia from other cities.

The masterful art of Tae Kwon Do is one of discipline, regimen, respect and precision. Each of these
attributes is necessary for a positive lifestyle and the building of strong bodies and minds. The
example that your students portray should be a philosophy to all of us in seeking to build strong,
sustainable communities.

I applaud your guidance and your gifts of self-discipline and personal excellence.
May your competitive events this weekend be blessed with good sportsmanship, genuine respect and
a continued desire for personal excellence.

                                        With kindest regards,

                                        Jennifer T. Stultz

         P.O. Box 1748  Gastonia, NC 28053-1748  Phone: 704.866.6720  Fax: 704.854.6607
                           About Master Sang K. Park
Master Park has significantly influenced the development of the Martial Arts in the United States, especially Tae Kwon
Do of bare hands and bare feet. Since his arrival from Korea in August of 1993, he has motivated many students to
achieve academic, moral, and physical excellence.

Master Park has achieved the ranks of 7th degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has been practicing the Martial Arts for
more than 33 years including experience in Military and Law Enforcement. Master Park’s Martial Arts’ Philosophy calls
for Knowledge in the Mind, Honesty in the Heart, and Strength in the Body, to build true confidence. As a result of his
teachings, many students have discovered a new self-discipline and self-esteem.

                                 Master Park’s many accomplishments include:

       The only certified Master from Kuk Ki Won, Seoul, Korea (Tae Kwon Do Headquarters) in Gastonia.
       International Master and Instructor of State and National Champions.
       Member of: World Taekwondo Federation *World Kum Do Association
                     * Korean Kum Do Association *USAT Martial Arts Commission
       USA Taekwondo Commissioner.
       Vice-President of NC Taekwondo.
       President of world chung do kwan NC State.
       Taekwondo Tournament Director of Gaston County Sheriff’s Program Activity 566.
       National Governing body USOC
       Charity Exhibition, York County, South Carolina D.A.R.E. Program 1993-2008.
       Charity Demonstration, Marshall P. Warren (Cancer Survivor) 2004.
       Deacon for Henderson Mission Church.
       Numerous Awards, Citations, and Certificates from Local, State, National, and International Agencies for his
        unselfish charitable contributions and his leadership in furthering the development and promotion of Tae Kwon
       Honorary Citizen of Mobile, Alabama, U.S.A.
       Honorary Position of Special Deputy Marshal for State of Georgia, Muscogee County.
       Honorary Position of Sheriff of Mobile, Alabama.
       Charity Exhibition-Gastonia D.A.R.E. 2003-2005.
       Charity Exhibition-Gaston County Law Enforcement Youth Activity Program 2006.
       Charity Exhibition-Youth Explorer’s from the Gaston County Sheriff’s Department 2008.

                              Master Park has earned, to date, the following belts:

       7th Degree Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do
       4rh Degree Black Belt, Hap Ki Do
       2nd Degree Black Belt, Judo
       6th Degree Black Belt, Korea Kum Do Association
               Park’s School of Taekwondo
                               August 1, 2009

9:00am        Registration

10:00am Black Belt and Judges Meeting

10:30am Form Competition & Breaking
              a.) Black Belt
              b.) Color Belt

12:00pm Lunch Break

1:00pm   Opening Ceremony
              a.) Prayer: Mr. Ken Burnett & Pastor Hyung Ill Kim
                          Of Greenfield Presbyterian Church

              b.) National Anthem
                         American: Tony Eller Jr. & Amber Evansick
                         Korean : Joseph Kim

              c.) Presentation of Awards
              d.) Guest Speakers:
                         Sheriff Alan Cloninger
                         Mayor Team Walker Reid

              e.) Exhibitions
                         Special Team
                         Tony Eller Jr-3rd Degree Black Belt & Amber Evansick-Red Belt
                         Master Demonstration

2:15pm   Sparring Competition
             Can Tae Kwon Do Help My Child Say “NO” to Drugs?
        Protecting one’s child from the dangers of alcohol or other drugs is a high priority for parents. While
there are no guaranteed programs for the prevention of drug abuse, many things have been learned about what
helps youth stay alcohol and drug free. Tae Kwon Do has been found to be right in line with techniques that
have been successful in drug prevention programs. Tae Kwon Do students are taught a way of thinking that
goes beyond the martial arts and is carried out in all other areas of the student’s life. This encompasses the
tenets of Tae Kwon Do: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit. Tae Kwon Do
strengthens emotionally, by an increase in self-confidence; and socially, through the formation of new

        In Tae Kwon Do classes, students learn how to have a good time and enjoy working with others.
Increased strength, loss of body fat, improved coordination and perfection of a new skill can lead to a new self-
image. As the student sees his or her physical abilities improving, he or she begins to feel more confident and
certain that he or she can be successful. This leads him or her to believe in himself or herself, not only in terms
of the martial arts, but in other areas as well. Self-confidence increases even more as he or she works for and
receives rewards (belt promotions).

        This training is especially good for children and teenagers. Youth need structure and discipline to feel
safe and to develop confidence. Structure and discipline are paramount in Tae Kwon Do. There are many
rules about how a student should conduct himself or herself during training as well as away from the school.
By progressing to higher belts, youth gain respect from lower belts, and there are many opportunities for
leadership development as higher belts begin to help beginning students. This is an honor that the student does
not take lightly.

        By training in the martial arts, students learn to deal with challenges in a positive way. Every instructor
has seen many students who have improved grades, given up bad habits, found better friends or in some way
changed themselves dramatically because of the martial arts. These changes are linked to the child’s improved
self-image and the confidence and maturity that come with it. Once you have a positive self-mage, you no
longer need artificial image boosters like drugs or alcohol. When you feel good about yourself, you can have

          Yet Tae Kwon Do is not magic. It doesn’t replace the power of healthy parent/child relationships,
which are critical to alcohol and drug prevention. It can, however, strengthen a young person’s resolve to be his
                              very best, and that carries over into everything he does.

      Master Park with his volunteer group and Deputy Sheriff Brian Goodson
                                  About Tae Kwon Do
        Tae Kwon Do is practiced worldwide for many different reasons. In a simple sense, Tae Kwon Do is
practiced for no other reason than for self-defense. On the other hand, there is a much deeper objective to be
gained through this ancient art. Tae Kwon Do is and action philosophy that, when seriously committed to, will
enhance every aspect of the student’s life. Where physical fitness is concerned, the tremendous amount of
exercise that is required will develop the body so that good health, energy, and stamina can be enjoyed
throughout life.

      The development of character and strong mind that will stand up under adversity comes from putting the
Tae Kwon Do philosophy into action. The principles and values of the Student Oath and the commandments of
Tae Kwon Do must be applied and practiced in all of your affairs to reach the true objective of Tae Kwon Do.

        There are many benefits the student can enjoy in today’s world by practicing this ancient art seriously.
Grade school, high school, and college students can develop the self-awareness, confidence, and spirit to
achieve high goals, resulting in consistently high academic and personal standards. Adults, as well as children,
are erroneously affected by peer pressure. Developing inner strength and ability to stand by one’s own
convictions are also important benefits of studying Tae Kwon Do.

       The commitment of Tae Kwon Do provides an excellent opportunity to meet other interesting people
with similar goals of high achievement. The fellowship and friendships resulting from this common bond of
personal growth to be directly proportional to the amount of time and effort you give to your training. As
character and the spirit to achieve your full potential as a human being develop, society is greatly benefited by
your mental, physical, and spiritual example.
               The Meaning of the Flags
      Depicted on the front wall of every Dragon Gym Dojang are the National Flags of
America and Korea. We display the American flag out of respect and honor for our country, the
United States of America. The Korean Flag is also displayed in the Dojang. It is out of respect
for Grand Master Goh’s country from which our martial arts originated.

      Many individuals have died to protect their country and its national flag from dishonor.
Both country’s national flags design stand for their land, its people, their leaders and ideas.

                           The Flag of the United States of America

        The flag of the United States of America is one of the oldest in the world. Every color and marking on
the flag has a meaning. The United States flag has never had an official name; however the unofficial moniker
most used is “The Stars and Stripes”/ Other names given to our national flag are, “The Star Spangled Banner”
and “Old Glory”. The thirteen stripes represent the original colonies of our country. The fifty stars each stand
for a state in the Union. The colors of the flag are red for courage, white for purity, and liberty, an blue for
loyalty and justice.

                                The National Flag of South Korea

Depicted on the flag is a circle divided equally and in perfect balance. The upper (RED) section represents the
Yang and the lower (BLUE) section represents the Um, ancient symbols of the universe. These two symbols
express the dualism of the cosmos: Heaven and Earth, Fire and Water, Plus and Minus, Being and Not Being,
etc. The central thought in the Taekuk means the origin of all things in the universe and indicates that while
there is a constant movement within the sphere of infinity, there is also balance and harmony. The three bars at
each corner express the ideas of opposition and balance also know as the Gye Signs (Bar Designs). The three
unbroken lines (Kun Gye) represent Heaven, while the three broken lines (Kon Gye) on the opposite corner
represent Earth. At the lower left hand corner of the flag are two lines with a broken line between them (Ee
Gye), this symbolizes Fire. The opposite lines at the upper right hand corners, one solid and two broken lines
(Kam Gye), represents the symbol of Water.
Korea is a very appealing country with a history and culture over five thousand years old. It is a
peninsula off the northeast coast of China, with Japan to the east across the Sea of Japan.

Koreans call their homeland Kumso Kangsan, which means beautiful landscape. Koreans call
the rose of Sharon, which is the national flower of Korea, Mukung-hwa (Everlasting Flower).
The rural landscape is beautiful with its booming orchards and green, rice-planted fields.
Among the many attractions are the awe-inspiring mountains, the serene beaches, the great
palaces, temples, museums, and the beautiful parks. As a whole, the moderate and balanced
climate of Korea is unsurpassed in the Orient. For this reason, the country has been called
”Land of the Morning Calm”. And today, favored with beautiful natural scenery and relatively
mild weather, Korea is aptly called the Switzerland of Asia.

Koreans have an enormous amount of pride in their history, culture, and art. The Korean Tiger
is the traditional symbol of the nation’s character. Many aspects of Korean social character,
such as respect for one’s elders, the significant role of eldest son, and the trust between friends,
are still preserved in time-honored fashion.

Their peace loving nature is evidenced in such ordinary greetings as: Hello-“May you come in
peace”; Goodbye-“May you go in peace”; and Goodnight-“May you sleep in peace”. When
Koreans meet, the junior bows lower than the senior or superior.

The basic Korean meal is simple: a bowl of rice, meat of fish soup, Kim chi, and several
vegetable side dishes. Kim chi (picked cabbage or other vegetable with red hot pepper) is
Korea’s traditional dish and is served at every meal. Korean foods are cut into small pieces, for
only chopsticks and spoons are used. Brass of stainless steel dishes, rice bowls, soup bowls,
and other utensils are used because they hold heat and keep food warm.

Ginseng is a Korean favorite because of its healthful properties. It is believe to slow old age,
cure illness, and perk up the nervous system. It is made into tea and sweets and used in

The Korean people love all kinds of sports and outdoor activities. Ssirum and Yudo (Korean
styles of wrestling), Archery, Baseball, Soccer, Hiking, and Taekwondo are some of the many
athletic activities enjoyed. The traditional Koren Martial Art of Taekwondo is now practiced in
over 130 countries around the world and made its debut as an Official Olympic Sport in the
2000 summer games in Sidney, Australia.
                                                 Cultural Spotlight:
                                                South Korea
Life in Korea takes an in-depth look at different aspects of Korean culture, society, and customs. Here you
              can learn more about Korea and get a better understanding of the Korean people.

Current Spotlight: Oriental Astrology: 2009- Year of the Ox

             Oriental astrology assigns twelve animals according to the year of ones birth, as
             opposed to Western astrology which goes by the month of ones birth. Koreans believe
             that ones animal determines ones personality and fate. Each year holds different
             things in store for each animal. See what this year holds in store for you! Discover
             2009: Year of the Ox.

             Past Spotlights

             Korean War Korea gained independence from Japan in August 1945 at the end of WWII.
             Ideologically split by the U.S. and the Societ Union into South and North, both sides dreamed of
             eventual reunification. On June 25, 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea, starting a bloody war
             lasting more than 3 years and involving more than 20 countries. Learn about the Korean War.

             Korean Festivals & Holidays Korea's long history, agrarian culture, and mix of religions provide a
             multitude of different festivals and holidays throughout the year. Some are held according to the
             Lunar Calendar, some are more regional than others, but most are very colorful and have specific
             customs and unique characteristics. Learn about the Korean Festivals & Holidays.

             Korean Buddhism Buddhism has a long history, originating in India over 2,600 years ago.
             Travelers introduced the religion to Korea around the fourth century A.D. Since that time, Buddhism
             has greatly influenced Korean society, culture, and the arts. Although Buddhism's influence over
             society has declined in recent years, the devout still make regular pilgrimages to give offerings at
             temples. Discover Korean Buddhism.

             Traditional Alcohol Every culture has its own traditional alcohols, of which only a fraction are
             widespread. German and English beer, Scotch whiskey, French wine, Japanese sake, and Mexican
             tequila are known the world over. What about Korea, a country famous not for its alcohol but its
             reclusiveness and secrecy? Worldwide, alcohols have developed with idiocyncratic original
             charateristics. Europe has the perfect conditions for a viniculture that produces fine wines and dry
             Mexico makes Tequila out of cactus plants. Korea has created unique alcohols using rice malt.
             Discover Korea's Traditional Alcohol.

             Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), the symbol of the ideological dispute
             between North and South Korea and poignant reminder of the Korean War (1950-53), winds 155
             miles across the Korean Peninsula. The last remaining vestige of the Cold War, the closed border
             region between North and South Korea highlights the fact that the Korean War did not end. An
             uneasy truce continues between the antagonists, but no peace treaty has ever been signed. Review
             the Korean War and the various parts of the DMZ.
Korean Traditional Embroidery Traditional Korean handicrafts have been rapidly disappearing in
modern times. Traditional embroidery had almost completely disappeared. Fortunately, the method
and artistry found during the Joseon Dynasty has been restored. It is believed that the Korean
people used embroidery quite early in its history, but historical records only give evidence during
much later periods. Discover Korean Traditional Embroidery.

Taekwondo Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific of Korean
traditional martial arts. It is a discipline that not only emphasises physical expertise,
but also enhances ones spirit and life through training ones body and mind. Although
developed through Korea's 5,000-year history, it is also a modern sport that has
gained an international reputation and is now included among the official sports in the
Olympic Games.

Rice Cakes (Deok) Korean traditional cakes have long been shared among neighbors
and friends on many occasions of happiness and sorrow. The cake shape, content,
and color vary from one region to another. More than just another way of using rice,
rice cake culture has a long history. Rice cakes have found their ways into many
different Korean customs and traditions. Each year, the city of Kyongju holds a festival
to celebrate the traditions of rice cakes.

Samulnori basically means "four instruments" and refers to the four instruments
(kwaengwari, jing, janggu, buk) played by the musicians. With roots in Buddhist and
folk music, the style has changed through the years and evolved in different ways.
Samulnori also refers to the name of the traditional musical group (debuted in 1978)
founded by Kim Duk Soo. This group did much to revive interest in Korean traditional

Traditional Patterns and Symbols Korean people traditionally adapted to and found
meaning in the order of nature. Wanting to teach the hidden meanings of nature to
their children and believing them as law and order in their daily lives, they created
beautiful and diverse patterns. These patterns can be found almost everywhere you
look in Korea, from the Taegeuk in the national flag to the animal designs on
chopsticks in restaurants. Many symbols are similar to the Chinese characters for luck,
fortune, longevity, and fertility.
Traditional Court Clothes The clothes of the ruling class were much more ornate and
expensive than the clothes worn by the lower classes. Certain types of clothing and
special colors were reserved only for those of the royal family. Symbols and patterns
denoted various levels within the government hierarchy. Crowns and other
headdresses could only be worn by royal family members. Korea's various dynasties
had differing styles.

Village Guardians In rural areas, most villages had some sort of guardian to protect
against evil spirits. Villages would hold offerings during certain times throughout the
year to ask for good crops, protection from disease, and even male children. Shapes
and sizes ranged from small hand-sized paintings to human-sized poles (similar to
North American totem-poles) to large mounds of rocks tightly piled over 2 meters high.
Types varied from region to region.

Traditional Tools and Utensils Many Korean traditional tools and utensils look very
similar to those found in other agricultural societies: stone mills for grinding grains into
powder, weaving looms for making clothes, and measuring tools for dispensing
agricultural products. Korea also has many tools and utensils made from bamboo and

Kimchi- Korea's Food Although most people think of kimchi as Korea's firey hot and
red food, there exist dozens of different types of kimchi. Some recipes call for little or
no red pepper powder, so not all types are spicy. (In fact, kimchi developed long
before the red pepper was introduced to Korea.) Because of the its ingredients and
fermentation process, kimchi has many nutrients. Over the years, Koreans have
created many types of foods from kimchi.
Child's First Birthday (Tol) Until recent times, the death rate for children in Korea was
extremely high. Many children died very young, not even surviving the first year of life.
Those who lived to see their first birthday generally survived past childhood. As a
result, the first birthday marked a major milestone in a child's life. The ceremony of the
Tol celebrates the child's life with praying for longevity, preparation of special food to
be shared with family members and neighbors, and a special event which is supposed
to foretell the child's future.

Traditional Marriage As in any culture, marriage in Korea represents one of the major
stages of ones life. The traditional ceremonies surrounding the event have deep
Confucian roots, symbolizing the importance of the families involved. Ceremonies
have some differences according to the region where they are performed and the
social status of the participants, but they all follow the same basic format.

Traditional Clothing Korean traditional clothing is both brilliant in its bright colorings
and subdued in its flowing lines and the way it hides the body shape. The colorful
national costume hanbok is often worn during national holidays and festive
occassions. The designs and colors of the various forms represent the rich culture and
society of traditional Korea.

Lunar New Year Although Koreans use both the solar and lunar calendars, the Lunar
New Year (Seol-nal in Korean) traditionally holds more importance than its solar
counterpart. During this 3-day holiday, most people gather together with their entire
families in their hometowns. The holiday includes many traditions for food preparation
and ancestor worship.
                 GASTONIA HISTORY

The City of Gastonia was incorporated in 1877, the year reconstruction ended. The impetus for
the early development of Gastonia, which began in 1873 as a small depot, was the combined
effect of the realignment of the Atlanta & Charlotte Airline Railroad (now Norfolk Southern)
from its original intended path several miles to the north of the City, the charter of the Chester
and Lenoir Narrow Gauge Railroad (now CSX) which crossed the Atlanta & Charlotte railroad
and the introduction of the steam powered mill. The crossing of these two railroads and the
beginning of the City’s textile industry brought opportunity for employment and social life.
The initial population of the town was approximately 200 people and the land area was nearly
.5 miles. The City’s original population was reflective of the surrounding county and was
comprised of English, German, Scotch Highlander, and Scot-Irish citizens, with a few of the
County’s long time African American residents also moving into the settlement. Today,
Gastonia, voted the county seat in 1911, with a population greater than 61,000 and land area
approximately 42.5 square miles, is the largest of Gaston County’s thirteen municipalities and
tis the central business district of the county. Gastonia is also one of the 15 largest cities in
North Carolina. The City has operated continuously under the Council-Manager form of
government since its adoption in 1919.

                           Master Park at Gastonia Exhibition
           Goals for Park’s Martial Arts Students
     Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, you should set a goal for yourself.
You must commit yourself to this task through perseverance, patience and hard work, so that
you may achieve self-improvement both physically and mentally.

      Many times in your training you may feel frustrated with yourself or with a certain
technique because you are unable to achieve that goal quickly enough. What you are probably
doing is giving yourself a set amount of time to become proficient in the Martial Arts. Try
giving yourself the time needed to actively work towards that goal without setting a time limit.

        “Time can work as your Friend or as your Enemy, the choice is yours to make.”

       Some other worth while goals for the student:

      Develop your character and self-respect.
      Show some respect to other individuals.
      Learn and live the philosophies and traditions taught by Master Park.
      Develop more inner strength through the power of “Ki” or Dan-Jun breathing.

 Master Sang K. Park with Hae Man Park (9th Dan): President of Taekwondo
                            Chung Do Kwan
 Special Thanks to the
Supporters of This Event
                      Dr. Steve Vacalis
                   Bart & Jennifer Lassiter
                        Amy Hamrick
                      Mr. Ken Barnett

 (Master Park with Chungwon Coue: President of the World Taekwondo Federation)

                     Nell & Jerry Karriker
                         Tony Eller Sr
                          Tony Eller Jr
                       Hea Won Chung

    To all Park’s School of Taekwondo Family
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               Park’s Tae Kwon Do Kids Always
      Respect their parents.
      Make good grades in school.
      Say “Yes Sir” or “No Sir” to Instructors.
      Bring proper equipment to class.
      Are willing to learn new techniques.
      Help out the school in any way possible.

Note to parents: Martial art training for your children is a gift that will last a
lifetime. With it, they will develop both physical and mental strength and a
confident, positive attitude.
A Great Lifetime Investment for Men and Women
                     Develop the “Power of Positive Thinking” which will make it easy to:

      Release the stresses of daily life.
      Learn practical self-defense.
      Lose weight.
      Improve performance at work.
      Build self-confidence.
      Increase stamina.
      Develop excellent physical fitness level.

                                 Benefits for Children
      Build self-confidence and self-esteem.
      Strength character and goal-setting abilities.
      Learn self-discipline.
      Physical and mental fitness.
      Improve balance and coordination.
      Learn special self-defense skills.
      Improve school grades.
      Learn respect for oneself and others.
      Improve flexibility.
      Clean, safe, wholesome environment.

Tae Kwon Do is a great way to strengthen and tone your total body in a drug-free, family oriented environment.
Accompany this with an increase in flexibility, and the obvious benefits of self-defense, and you have the
reason for the increase in popularity of Tae Kwon Do across the world. Tae Kwon Do is currently practiced in
over 180 countries.

                  Physical and Mental Conditioning
Your commitment to Tae Kwon Do carries with it the important responsibility of maintaining a life-style of
physical fitness and mental tenacity. When obligations make it difficult or impossible to attend class, the
importance of making time to practice cannot be overstressed.

Daily stretching exercises with mental concentration prepares you mentally and physically for the challenges
and responsibilities of the day ahead. Practicing forms vigorously keeps your level of concentration,
cardiovascular fitness and spirit in peak condition.

Proper nutrition plays a very important role in your Tae Kwon Do commitment. A well balanced diet keeps
your energy levels high for your training and wards of illness and fatigue.

Supplementing your diet with health building nutrients and avoiding junk food is essential to your success in
developing your mind and body and reaching your goals in Tae Kwon Do.
                            Tribulation is Growth
The object of life is to constantly progress and be the best that you can be. But on the way are
many obstacles, hills, streams, and rocks, etc. The easy way is not always the best way to
proceed. A ship sailing the ocean cannot always sail comfortably without encountering a storm.
"Sailing without a storm, how simple that is!" Just as steel becomes hard when it is subjected to
heat again and again, so a man grows strong through his tribulation.

In climbing a mountain as we near the summit, our legs tremble, and we begin to have difficulty
breathing, as long as our efforts are not in the wrong directions, the longer the time of our
agony, the closer the hour of our success. The majority of the people, however, give up on the
way, just for the moment of success. That is because people are not able to see the future.
They can only think of and be preoccupied with their pain in the present.

Remember, the only way you can possibly fail in your training is if you simply give up. If you
believe in yourself, any goal that you set is obtainable. Obstacles only exist in your mind.

The tree that overcomes the cold, blossoms in the spring. To live successfully, it is essential to
gain patience and perseverance. To achieve these is a step-by-step process. First you must set
a goal with a burning desire. Second, formulate and implement it. Third, reject any or opinions.
And lastly, keep company with those who agree and encourage you towards your objective. We
tend to miss the big by focusing on the small. Very nearsighted eyes see only objects that are
close to them. When our sights turn to the big, away from the small, we begin to blossom. Just
as the tree continues to grow, we ourselves should strive for higher dimensions.
STUDENT OATH                                                               TENETS OF TAE KWON DO
  1. I shall observe the tenets of Tae Kwon Do.                             1. Courtesy
  2. I shall respect instructors and seniors.                               2. Integrity
  3. I shall never misuse Tae Kwon Do.                                      3. Perseverance
  4. I will be a champion of freedom and justice.                           4. Self-Control
  5. I will build a more peaceful world                                     5. Indomitable Spirit


   1. Be loyal to your country.
   2. Be a good son or daughter to your parents.
   3. Be faithful to your spouse.
   4. Be on good terms with your brothers and sisters.
   5. Be loyal to your friends.
   6. Be respectful to your elders.
   7. Respect and trust your teachers.
   8. Use good judgment before killing any living thing.
   9. Never retreat in battle.
   10. Always finish what you start.


   1. Bow to the flag when entering the school.
   2. Bow to the Master when entering school and at the end of class.
   3. Bow to your seniors and friends when entering school and at the end of class.
   4. No shoes inside the dojang.
   5. No smoking or eating inside the dojang.
   6. No chewing gum inside the dojang.
   7. Respect all senior belts; bow when asking a question.
   8. No horseplay, whistling, or loud talking.
   9. Never lose your temper.
   10. Never lean on walls or lay spread on the floor.
   11. No profanity will be used in the dojang.
   12. Behave in a disciplined manner while training.
   13. Phone if late or not attending class.
   14. Students are not allowed to belong to any other dojang.
   15. Keep finger and toe nails clipped, short, and clean.
   16. When fixing your uniform belt, never face Sabumnim or flag.
   17. No talking while the instructor is talking or speaking to any visitors while in training.
   18. keep your uniform clean at all times.
   19. Address Sabumnim as sir at all times.
   20. Meditate before class for better concentration.
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         Tom’s Family Mart
          Kings Mountain
Taekwondo Training
                       Kim Seong Sam

            Wearing a white dobok
Concentrating spirit on the one place

                  A resonant ‘gihap’
                   Quaking the land

                         Sharp eyes
                Like a an arrowhead

              Movement of balance
Of the whole body energies collected

              This would be a basis
            Of Taekwondo training.

     914 E. Franklin Blvd.
      Gastonia, NC 28054

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