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									                 East Midlands
    Energy Saving Trust advice centre

Presented by

Tom White
Assistant Consultant
           Energy Saving Trust
Who we are:
 A non-profit organisation that provides free impartial

The Mission:
        To lead 60 million citizens to act on
                  climate change

The Vision:
      To make every home a low carbon home
   Why do we need to take action?

Our climate is changing

Its happening here…..

…..and its happening now
Heat loss from houses
    Reducing the need for energy
• Loft or roof insulation
• Cavity wall insulation
• Solid wall insulation
• Floor insulation
• Draught proofing
• Double or secondary
• Pipe and water cylinder
• Energy saving light bulbs
           Changing behaviour
• Turn the thermostat
• Programme heating
• Close curtains at night
• Only turn on lights
  when needed
• Only boil water needed
• Shower instead of bath
               Renewable Energy
• Space and water heating
   – Biomass
   – Solar water heating
   – Heat pumps
• Electricity generation
   – Wind
   – Hydroelectricity
   – Solar electricity
• Fuel: wood pellets;
  wood chips; and logs
• Installed costs
   – £3000 for stove
   – £5,000-10,000 for boiler
• Running costs for fuel
• Storage space needed
• Planning permission/
  permit to burn wood
• Carbon neutral
             Solar water heating
• Established technology
   – Flat plate or evacuated
• Installed cost £3,000-
• Can supply half water
  heating requirements
• 2-5 sq.m of roof space
• South-facing, un-
  shadowed roof
• Planning permission
                 Heat pumps
• Air source
• Ground source
   – Borehole or trench
• 6-10kW domestic system
• Installed cost £7,000-
• Running costs
• Works best with
  underfloor distribution
• Electricity needed to run
           Microwind turbines
• Household size 1-6kW,
• ~2.5kW sufficient for
  average household
  yearly needs
• Costs £11,000-13,000
  for full system
• Local annual average
  windspeed of 6m/s
• Planning permission
• Back-up supply needed
• Close to a water source
  and grid connection
• Low head system costs
  ~£4,000/kW installed
• Larger, community
  systems can reduce costs
• Seasonal water flow
• Contact LA, EA and
  Countryside Commission
               Solar electricity
• Photovoltaic (PV) cells
• Typical domestic system:
  2.5kWp, 10-20 sq.m
• ~£10-18,000 installed cost
• South facing, strong, un-
  shadowed roof
• Roof pitch 30-45 degrees
• Planning permission
For free, independent and local energy saving
advice call

0800 512 012

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