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					for Bishopstone & Hinton Parva                                                                                            February 2010

A Very Happy Valentine’s... bells
.........Or Is It?                             dess of love and childbirth who also
                                                                                                            benefit Gallery
                                               (lucky ol’ her) held the power to de-
“Monday 14th February                          stroy mankind; or even, Freya, the                           Project
9st 3(sympathy chocolates), alcohol units      Norse goddess of love, magic and div- St. Mary’s bell-ringers have donated
14, cigarettes 3 (V.G.), pieces of nicorette   ination who bestowed her gifts whilst £150 they earned ringing for wed-
gum 43, calories 2500 (too depressed           travelling on a gold chariot pulled by dings in the Vale of White Horse to
to eat anything apart from chocolates).        two cats.                                start a local appeal for £1,000. The
   8:15pm Bloody Valentines Day…”              The list is endless. Any are as use- money will go towards replacing
-        Helen Fielding                        ful as the rest when it comes to get- the Gallery in the church, destroyed
                     Bridget Jones’ Diary      ting that necklace or a table at that when the tower caught fire in 1891.
Valentines Day is awful for many rea-          new restaurant you’ve been hint- With Valentine’s Day around the
sons. We all know them off by heart, yet       ing at since before Christmas. corner, residents are asked to pledge
we (mostly) fall for it every year. We         We all know its overly commer- their support for the ‘balcony’ as well
have one specific day a year to set aside      cial, money-making bunkum. But as buying flowers and chocolates
to show our significant other all the love     we all fall for it every year. I’ll bet – after all, Romeo found one use-
and romance we either ignore, don’t have       anyone reading this pretty much ful. All donations will be acknowl-
time for, or forget for the other 364, and     anything that if they went to their edged and the ‘Foundation Builders’
expect miracles in return. True romance        ‘phone now and called the Oak for will be thanked with a Quarter Peal
happens on the spur of the moment,             a table on Valentine’s night, you when the village target is reached.
when the heart is filled with a passion        wouldn’t get in for love nor money. Please call 791 286 to see the plans.
to do something just to see that certain       Still, you never know your luck in a Gifts payable to Bishopstone with
smile you love. Not, and I repeat, not         raffle. Even at points when everything Hinton Parva PCC may be dropped off
when we are told to be romantic. Just          seems impossible, and eating the en- at Curtis House next to the Royal Oak.
because a random priest was martyred           tire contents of one’s fridge seems
                                               inevitable. Your loved                   Jane McCutchan, Tower Captain
1,741 years ago on this specific day and
                                               one might have got a
for reasons not even the Vatican are sure
                                               table booked in plenty         Bishopstone Church Gallery Appeal
about! In any case, St Valentine can only
                                               of time, and finally
really help you on this day if you’re a                                              ‘Roses are red, Violets are blue
                                               taken the hint about
young engaged bee-keeper, who suffers                                                  This Foundation Donation
                                               that necklace.
from the plague and fits, and says “hello”                                                Is in honour of you.
                                               Fingers crossed.
a lot whilst on your many travels! If this
                                                        Lexy Ellis-Boon             Name ..................................................
is you, however, then well done, you’ve
just found the horribly murdered Ro-           And how many of us                        Address.............................................
man priest for you. If that’s not you,         rush to check the post
then try any of these: Achtland, the           on 14th February even                      Please tick – if you want us to
Celtic goddess of wanton love; Ishtar,         if we haven’t had a Val-                    recover the tax on your gift
the Babylonian goddess of love - this          entine card for years?                       We will let you know the
“Cow of Sin” was also the goddess of                                Ed                             date for the
procreation and war who destroyed                                                                  Quarter Peal.
her lovers; Hathor, the Egyptian god-                  Clip out and enclose with your gift
2                                                                                        Village News February 2010


 Sunday 7th February               8.30am         Holy Communion                                     Liddington
 Snowdrop Sunday                   10.30am        Family Service                                     Bishopstone
                                    6.00pm        Evensong                                           Wanborough
 Sunday 14th February                8.30am       Holy Communion                                     Wanborough
 Sunday before Lent                 10.30am       Family Service                                     Liddington
                                     6.00pm       Evensong                                           Hinton Parva
 Wednesday 17th February             7.00pm       Service for the beginning of Lent                  Hinton Parva
 Sunday 21 February
                                     8.30am       Holy Communion                                     Hinton Parva
 1st Sunday in Lent                 10.30am       Holy Communion with Baptism Service                Wanborough
                                    12 noon       Baptism Service                                    Wanborough
                                    6.00pm        Evensong                                           Bishopstone
 Thursday 25th February              2.00pm       Dobbin Day Service                                 Wanborough
 Sunday 28th February                8.30am       Holy Communion                                     Bishopstone
 2nd Sunday in Lent                  9.30am       Sunday Shout                                       Wanborough
                                    10.30am       Holy Communion                                     Hinton Parva
                                     6.00pm       Evensong                                           Liddington
 Sunday 7th March                    8.30am       Holy Communion                                     Liddington
 3rd Sunday in Lent                 10.30am       Family Service                                     Bishopstone
                                     6.00pm       Evensong                                           Wanborough

From the Vicar                            ters like the one we’re having now.      This all seems a perfect example of
Dear Friends,                             But it made no sense to me at all!       the truth that we all tend to judge real-
As I write this letter the country-       Nonetheless, I have no real problem      ity by what we observe and feel here
side is once again blanketed with         in believing in the theory of global     and now, however narrow flawed that
snow and ice, and for the second          warming even when the evidence of        makes our judgement. The weather
Wednesday in a row I have been            this week’s weather seems to deny        is cold and icy – unexpectedly so –
unable to get to Bishopstone to           it. As someone said recently, the        therefore, we say, the global warm-
take the school assembly there.           weather is what we’re getting today:     ing experts must have got it wrong.
Last week the snow was a novelty,         climate is how the weather is be-        Another example of such narrow
and many of us were excited by the        having in the long run. And also of      thinking is, to my mind, our stand-
new beauty of the countryside, and        course, despite our current British      ard of living. Most of us enjoy and
the opportunities for time off school     cold snap, there are lots of places in   comfortable and reasonably well-off
and work, and the fun of winter sports.   the world right now which are warm-      life-style. We therefore imagine that
But now the snow and ice are still        er than usual for the time of year.      this is `normal’ for human beings, and
here, and it’s becoming a bit too much    Last month at Copenhagen the world’s     perhaps even our right. If we think
of a good thing. The list of meetings     most powerful nations failed to come     like that, then we overlook the harsh
missed and events cancelled is getting    up with an agreed course of action to    fact that for the majority of people
too long for convenience, and surely      limit the effects of global warming.     all over the world, and for people in
it’s time to life to return to normal!    It seems to me that this was a huge      our own country throughout most
It seems perfectly natural to ask,        disappointment, mainly because it        of history, life has been a struggle
as many people have been, how             strengthens the arguments of those       and work has been hard and poorly
this unexpectedly cold winter fits        who say there’s nothing any of us can    paid. All too often the lucky minor-
in with climate change and glo-           do to stop the world warming up. After   ity who have prospered have done so
bal warming? We can be forgiven           all, if even governments can’t agree     at the expense of the poorer majority.
for at least wondering whether the        on what needs to be done, then what      We get a truer picture of reality if
global-warming experts haven’t            can we little people do? And it may      we can look wider than our own lit-
perhaps exaggerated things a bit.         just be my imagination, but since the    tle experiences, feelings and view-
Last week I was reading in the pa-        failure of the Copenhagen talks, there   point, but that’s not always easy to do.
per a scientific explanation of how       seem to be more people than ever         For those of us who can believe in
climate change can actually in-           who actually deny that man-made          God, that is perhaps the best antidote
crease the possibility of cold win-       climate change is happening at all.      to over-narrow judgements, for one
Village News February 2010                                                                                             3

thing that faith means is trying to look
at people and situations as we imagine
God might do. An impossible thing
to achieve, but well worth trying!
With best wishes,
                                                Swindon Male Voice Choir Concert
Robin Cardwell
                                                        St.Andrew’s Church, Wanborough
‘Snowdrop Sunday’
7th February at Bishopstone
Come and join us for a special Fam-
                                                            Saturday 6th February at 7.30pm
ily Service for all ages to celebrate
the Candlemas Snowdrop Sunday
at which the customary bunches
                                                    In aid of St.Andrew’s Organ Appeal
of snowdrops will be presented.
Ash Wednesday                                        Tickets £7 (to include a glass of wine)
Lent begins on 17 February this

year. There will be a Service for the
                                             from The Vicarage (790242) or Gillian Clegg (737034)
Beginning of Lent at Hinton Parva
                                           A Seminar of Words of Knowl-                  Cleaning Rota 2010
at 7pm on Ash Wednesday. If any-
one would like a lift to this service,     edge & Gifts of Healing                  St. Mary’s Church Bishopstone
please get in touch with the Vicar.        With Tony Rozee. Saturday 6th            Feb Joan Morris & Jill Rankin
                                           March 2010 At Wroughton Par-             Mar Jill King & Doris Brown
Goddard, Coker & Edmonds                   ish Church 9.30am to 4.00pm              Apl Ray & Mary Darling
Educational Charity                        Tony Rozee is pastor of the New For-     May Lorna Ford &
                                           est Community Church in Hampshire.       Linda Matthews
This charity exists to offer financial
                                           Tony’s passion is to equip and re-       June John & Ros Boot
help with books, equipment, etc to
                                           lease people to become more fruit-       July Fran Sishton & Frances Shone
young people living in Bishopstone,
                                           ful in ministering with the Holy         Aug Carline Brandi & Jill White
who have started a course of fur-
                                           Spirit and for them to have a better     Sept Chris Thomas & Gill May
ther education. Although we nor-
                                           understanding of how the author-         Oct Maggie Gill & Jane Golding
mally invite applications for help in
                                           ity and power of God work together       Nov Liz Warrick &
the Autumn, it is not too late to do
                                           to release the miraculous. You can                       Jane Manktelow
so. Please contact our Clerk, Caro-
                                           find out more about Tony’s work at:      Dec Joanna Jenkins & Sarah Bally
line Brandi (Telephone: 790849)
                                           www.newforestcommunitychurch.            If these dates don’t suit, please
                                  &             arrange to swap with somebody else.
Lent Lunches                                                                        We always welcome more volunteers
                                                                                    and if you would like to help, please
Lent Lunches begin on 24th February this year, and will be on every Wednesday
until 31st March. Each will be a simple soup-and-bread-and-cheese meal - a          contact Joanna Jenkins (790545).
way of doing something special in Lent, and to raise some money for charity.        Thank you.
The first three lunches this year will be at 12.30pm on:                            The Vicar: the Rev.Robin Cardwell
         Wednesday 24th February at The Gables, High Street, Wanborough             The Vicarage, Church Road,
         Wednesday 3rd March at 39 The Street, Liddington                           Wanborough, SN4 0BZ.
         Wednesday 10th March, at Shukran, Hinton Parva                             Telephone 01793 790242
If any reader would like to offer to host one of the other lunches, please get in   The Lay Minister
touch with the Vicar.                                                               Richard Gaines - 01793 790347
Come along and join us. No need to book. We each pay £4 for our lunch, and at       The Child Protection Officer
the end of Lent the money collected will be given to a charity (to be decided).     Caroline Brandi, 01793 790849.
  From the Benefice Registers                                                       Churchwardens :
                                                                                    Toby Ford, Home Farm, Hinton
 Baptisms                                                                           Parva SN40DH
   3rd January at All Saints’, Liddington       Grace Lydia Sutton                  Tel: 0179 790264
  10th January at St.Andrew’s, Wanborough       Imogen Kate Bowley                  LIZ Warrick, 4 High Street,
 Funerals                                                                           Bishopstone SN6 8PH
  11th January at Kingsdown Crematorium         Derek Francis Batters aged 80       Tel: 01793 790865
4                                                                                       Village News February 2010

           Bishopstone Village Hall Bookings – February 2010
    Date           Time of Booking                  Booked to
    Monday         1st                  13.00 - 15.15 School
    Tuesday        2nd                  15.00 - 16.00 School 16:00 - 18.45 Ballet 19.00 - 20.00 Tae Quon Do
    Wednesday      3rd    10.00 - 11.00 Library 13.00 - 16.15 School
    Friday 5th                          15.00 - 18.00 School
    Monday         8th                 13.00 - 15.15 School
    Tuesday        9th                 15.00 - 16.00 School 16:00 - 18.45 Ballet 19.00 - 20.00 Tae Quon Do
    Wednesday      10th                13.00 - 16.15 School
    Thursday       11th                                                          19.00 - 21.30 WI
    Friday 12th                        15.00 - 18.00 School
    Monday         15th                13.00 - 15.15 School
    Tuesday        16th                15.00 - 16.00 School 16:00 - 18.45 Ballet 19.00 - 20.00 Tae Quon Do
    Wednesday      17th   10.00 - 11.00 Library 13.00 - 16.15 School
    Thursday       18th                             All day Bridge
    Friday 19th                        15.00 - 18.00 School
    Monday         22nd                13.00 - 15.15 School
    Tuesday        23rd                15.00 - 16.00 School 16:00 - 18.45 Ballet 19.00 - 20.00 Tae Quon Do
    Wednesday      24th                13.00 - 16.15 School
    Thursday       25th                                                         19.00 - 20.00 Village Hall Meeting
    Friday 26th                        15.00 - 18.00 School

    For Bishopstone Village Hall bookings please contact Karolyn Tapper 01793 790658.
    Hiring the hall: £7 per hour for Bishopstone & Hinton Parva residents. £10 per hour for all other bookings.

                               Hinton Parva Village Hall
                                             Bookings for February 2010

           Bridge                         Friday                      5th, 12th, 19th & 26th            7.30pm
           Village Hall Committee Meeting Monday                     22nd                               2.00pm

                   “HOW THE FRENCH EAT” By Marie-Noëlle Witty
                                  7.30pm - Saturday 20th March

                                  A marvellous evening of French
                            Understanding of how the French eat.....
                          .....there will be plenty of samples to nibble
                     A delightful and informative talk “vive la difference”

                               The cost will be £5.00 – Put It In Your DIarY now

    For all Bookings of the Village Hall please call Dodo Rawlings on 790388. Cost per hour for
    residents of HP/Bishopstone are £6.00 and for others outside the Villages are £8.00....
Village News February 2010                      5

fitted bathrooms including all tiling,
plastering,electrics & power showers.
All types of plumbing installations & repairs

Established over 40 years

For advice and a free quotation contact:

Brian Jenkins
Telephone 01793 530188
Mobile 07989 102703

6                                                                 Village News February 2010

                                                           Hinton’s Nativity Service
                                                           The annual Donkey Service held
                                                           at Hinton Parva took on a new im-
                                                           age last Christmas, organised by
                                                           Mark Gillingham, Hazel and Peter
                                                           Cooke, it became a Nativity Service,
                                                           owing to the sad lack of a donkey.
                                                           A most impressive crowd turned
                                                           out on a miserable, cold December
                                                           evening to listen to the traditional
                                                           story of the hapless Mary and Jesus
                                                           being told that there was no room at
                                                           the inn, the shepherds abidding in
                                                           the fields, the angels singing, and the
                                                           birth of the Christ Child in a stable.
                                                           Left: Mary quietly becomes unpreg-
                                                           nant away from the gaze of the crowd!

                                                            Food that tastes like it should-
               Dates    for   Your DiarY                            Taste of the West

    This   year’s Fête will be held on the afternoon            Gold award winners 2009

                                                            o     Slow growing beef matured
               of Saturday 26th June                              for 30 days
                                                            o     Matured chalk downland lamb
            At Church Farm, Hinton Parva                    o     Free range Tamworth pork
     By kind permission of Julian and Sarah Cooke           o     Free range chicken
                                                            o     Home dry cured bacon &
                    Fête Meeting                            o     Handmade sausages, a flavour
           10.30am Thursday 25 February
                                     th                            for every mood

                Church Farm, Hinton Parva                            Tel: 01993 790308
    It would be a help if as many people as possible who    Or visit us at the Farmers’
    are interested in helping the Fête could come – for     Market Wanborough or Swindon
                                                            Outlet Village
    any queries, please ring Joanna Jenkins - 790545
    – all new ideas, helpers, etc. are always welcome.           Bishopstone 100 club
                                                                    January Winners
                                                                  23        Amy Ford
                                                           2nd    34        David Wray
                                                           3rd    44        Joanna Selbourne
                                                           Anybody who has not paid their sub-
                                                           scriptions, please will they do so.
                                                           The club raises money for Bish-
                                                           opstone Village Hall. If any-
                                                           body wishes to join here
                                                           are the numbers available:
                                                           5, 13, 25, 28, 35, 37, 47, 52, 65, 66,
                                                           80, 81, 83, 84, 87, 89, 92, 94,&95.
                                                           For futher enquires contact:
                                                                          Jo Selbourne 790485
Village News February 2010                         7

 MJB Developments (South West) Ltd

Local Bishopstone Builder
  (Established 35 years)

 Any building work con-sidered, from small
   reme-dial work to complete new build.

          Small mini-digger for hire,
with or without driver for patios, footings etc.

  For quotations ring Jim
  01793 790092/ 07778392086
8                                                                                        Village News February 2010

Who Was AE?                               Saxon times. Each stone was given a
                                          name, such as Hol Stan, Hole Stone.
                                          To trace the Hillsborough stone,
                                                                                   held the estates of Bishopstone Farms
                                                                                   and Tithes and land with a Lord’s
                                                                                   Rent of £1 15s 3d. Of interest is the
A few months ago we were asked by
John and Sue Lowry to examine a           documents were accessed on the in-       fact that in the will of Thomas God-
large stone that had been unearthed       ternet and at Swindon Public Library     dard then of Saint Michael’s Win-
by a JCB in 1989 at the entrance to       in a search for an eighteenth or early   chester he was left Thomas’s silver
their property, Hillsborough House,       nineteenth century Bishopstone land-     watch. It was Thomas who in his will
whilst putting in a new gatepost.         owner with the initials A E. Only one    of 1794 left money for the building
                                          person seemed to fit the bill, Abraham   of a school at Bishopstone. Thomas
                                          Edmonds who is recorded in the eight-    also requested that he should be bur-
                                          eenth century as a yeoman (land own-     ied at Bishopstone on the north side
                                          ing farmer) of Bishopstone. Parish       of his mother and father’s grave in a
                                          records show that Abraham was born       tomb constructed of Swindon stone.
                                          in 1732 to Christopher and Dorothy       Aged 71 Abraham died in 1803, the
                                          who had married about 1730. Dorothy      same date as on the Hillsborough
                                          was Christopher’s second wife, his       stone. This started us thinking were
                                          first, Alice (nee Spanswick) had died    we looking at a boundary marker or
                                          in 1728 after they had been married      a gravestone. Examination of a sur-
                                          for five years. Dorothy and Christo-     vey of the gravestones in Bishopstone
                                          pher had two more sons Edmund born       churchyard undertaken by John Pope
                                          in 1732 and Thomas born in 1735.         recorded a stone marked A E above
                                          Thomas died in 1735 most likely dur-     the date 1803, was it identical? A
                                          ing child birth and Edmund died in       visit to the churchyard followed and
                                          1740. Christopher died in 1770. It is    eventually close to the north gate the
                                          not yet known when Dorothy died          gravestone was found. It was almost
                                          and it may have been giving birth to     identical in shape and size, but John
                                          Thomas, as Christopher married for a     Pope’s survey had failed to note that
                                          third time to Mary who died in 1747.     beneath the date in smaller letters had
                                          Abraham when aged 19 married Jane        been carved the initials M E., indicat-
                                          (nee Crump). Early deaths continued      ing that his second wife Martha had
                                          to haunt the family; Elizabeth their     been interred with him at a later date. It
                                          first child was born, christened and     would seem then that the Hillsborough
The rectangular stone (seen above)        buried in 1753 and Edmund born in        stone is not a boundary marker but a
with a curved top was found some          1758 died aged six. A daughter Eliza-    gravestone. Many of the graves of the
four or five feet down. It measures 90    beth was born in 1761. Jane died in      period were marked with two stones
cms tall, 20 cms thick and at the base    1769. Two years later Abraham now        one at the head and another at the foot.
30 cms wide and in the upper part 24      aged 39 married 20 year old Martha       The mystery now is how the stone
cms. The flat face has carved on it the   (nee Hopkins) from Chilton Foliate.      travelled from the graveyard to the
letters A E with below the date 1803.     Interestingly the marriage bondsman      entrance of Hillsborough House and
Because of its location the Hillsbor-     (one who acts as surety for another)     was then buried at a considerable
ough stone was at first considered to     was Robert Wells a renowned bell         depth? We await your suggestions.
be a boundary marker. These stones        founder of Aldbourne. The marriage       Bernard Phillips & Mogs Boon
were placed around a wealthy land-        was very productive, they had ten
owner’s property to define its limits.    children; Thomas born 1771, Christo-
Recently we discovered at a field         pher 1773, Joseph 1775 (died 1786),
edge such a stone of eighteenth or        Mary 1775, Abraham 1781, Martha
early nineteenth century date near        1782, William Henry 1786, Sarah
Hinton Parva marked on two oppos-         1789, William 1793 and John 1796.
ing faces with the letter ‘S’ Search      Abraham acted as bondsman when his
of records suggests that this marker      first son Thomas married Mary Davis
was erected by the owners of Somer-       of Bishopstone in 1792 and Mary his
set Farm on their western boundary.       daughter married John Davis wine
Earlier markers can be seen on the        seller of St Mary’s, London in 1794.
boundary between Bishopstone and          That Abraham had become fairly
Little Hinton Parishes. These large       wealthy is shown by the Bishopstone
sarsen stones were placed there in        Rental and Survey of 1778 when he        The footstone in the churchyard
Village News February 2010                                                                   9

                                                     NEW YOGA CLASS
                                                         Hinton Parva Village Hall
                                               Tuesdays 9.30am – 11.00am All abilities welcome
                                                                 7.45pm – 9.15pm Intermediates

                                                        Experience of yoga necessary
                                                            British Wheel of Yoga
                                                      Fully qualified & insured teacher
                                                Call Nicki Clinch: 01793 347538
                                                           Mobile: 07866957234
                                                           Web: http//


                                 FEBRUARY HALF-TERM


                    PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL FOR A CHAT OR DETAILS: 01793 790271
10                                                                Village News February 2010

Gardening Society
         8th February
     Ashbury Village Hall

 We are looking for a new treasurer for
 The Gardening Society, part of whose
 duties will be to help organise the annual
 gardening show in September. If we do
 not get any response the society will have
 to be disbanded. It would be very sad to
 have to terminate a club which has been in
 existence since 1977. We thank all our 35
 members for their support and hope that
 other interested people will join us at the
 January meeting and enable us to continue.

 Contact Doreen Cooper - 01793 790797

                           Now taking orders for St Valentine’s Day

 Fine chocolates, lovingly hand-crafted in Idstone, less than a mile from Bishopstone.

 High quality chocolate for you to enjoy in a
 surprisingly large range of flavours and
 forms. Creative, personal gifts made
 to order.

 Visit our stall at Marlborough Town Hall
 Farmers Market, on the second Saturday
 of the month from 9am to 1pm, and
 Wanborough Village Hall Farmers Market,
 on the third Saturday of the month from
 9am to noon

             Tel:   07984 491 396                      
Village News February 2010                                          11

                                   Cottage for sale
                                         Hinton Parva
                                     Recently renovated
                                      2 reception rooms
                                          2 bedrooms
                                           Attic room

                                        for more details
                                      or tel: 07786 992598
12                                                                                         Village News February 2010

Rural South Neighbourhood                letters of your name. Only use an           istered the kit is exclusive to you.
Policing Team                            ultraviolet marker pen when other           For further informatin view the kits
My time is coming to the end as a        methods would reduce the value of           online at:
Rural Police Community Support           the object. The mark isn’t visible and      SelectaDNA -
Officer. I would like to take this op-   so this might not put burglars off. The     <>
portunity to say a big thank you to      marks can fade in months. It should         Smartwater -
many of you that I have worked           therefore be used as part of a specialist   <>
closely with over the past two           product, such as chemical trace liquids     If you would like further informa-
years, and also on the behalf of         or microdots painted on in-                 tion on registering your property
Wiltshire Police for the time and ef-    ternal or hidden components.                or the security kits please contact:
fort you all have put into support-      Work of art, antiques and silver-           Swindon Police
ing us. I will be shortly changing       ware should be photographed.                Crime Reduction Officer
areas with PCSO Mark Cook 6080           You may consider keeping jew-               Swindon Community Safety Depart-
who covers Old Town.         PCSO’S      ellery or watches in a safe.                ment Tel: 0845 408 7000 Ext 760 111
Mark Cook and Melissa Camilleri          Remember don’t leave empty box-             Contacting The Police
will continue to support and pro-        es (of high-value goods such as             Generally, if a crime is in progress,
mote the local NHW and newsletters.      plasma TV or laptop) outside your           or just occurred, ring 999.
Mark Chivers                             home. They may attract burglars.            If you are reporting a crime that
Crime Prevention                         Immobilise                                  does not require an emergency
Many of us have electrical goods and     Immobilise is a FREE online proper-         response, ring 0845408000 EXT
other expensive items. For the police    ty registration service. Register your      760 879. These calls are logged
to identify stolen goods, it is good     property at              and recorded, so will be dealt with.
practice to mark property and ide-       <>                For general information you can hand
ally keep photographic and detailed      And help the police identify and            deliver a letter to the Wroughton
records of valuables (i.e. the make,     return stolen property to you.              Library clearly marked for Police No-
model and serial number). Keep these     SelectaDNA and Smartwater                   tice. This should be for none urgent
in a safe place. Items should be vis-    These are property-marking kits that        matters. Please note this sta-
ibly and permanently marked show-        use either microdot technology or           tion in not always manned.
ing your postcode plus the number        uniquely coded liquid that are in-          We can be contacted by e-mail on;
of your house or flat or the first two   visible to the naked eye. Once reg-         swindonruralsouthnpt@wiltshire.pnn.
And Finally.........................
........and it was finally,vvvvvvvv I
received my new computer on Christ-
mas Eve and new publishing software
on the 9th January, so I spent a large
lump of Christmas and the new year
coming to grips with Windows 7 and
AdobeIndesign, I seem to have figured
out the basics but it may be a while
before the look of the newsletter im-
proves. Does anybody know a good
course to learn more about Indesign?
The advertising part of the news-         I couldn’t resist a picture
letter which, of course, helps to         of snowy Hintonitans
fund the enterprise is organised by      of £1.00 should accompany these.            ContACt
Angie Alcock. For business ad-           The copy deadline is the 15th of            email:,
vertising rates please contact her:      the month.     Don’t forget copy            subject newsletter (in case my
email or       must include name and contact               computer rather rudely thinks you
telephone 01793 790 808                  details for validation purposes.            are junk mail) or delivered to:
We must warn you that adverts re-        The newsletter is delivered free            Brock Cottage, Hinton Parva, SN4
ceived without payment will not be       of charge to all households in              0DH, telephone 01793 790 626
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