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									                                 Bear Facts
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                             Vol. XXIV No. 1                         Brentwood Christian School                                               September 2011                                    see pg. 7

 INSHORT                                    BCS wins new playscape                                                                                            Middle school
                                                                                                                                                              delights some,
            Eagle Scout                     in nationwide drawing
  Eighth-grader Connor Crowe earned
                                            megan MONACELLI                                         More than 20 parents and volunteers helped
                                                                                                                                                              miffs others
his Eagle Scout Award on Aug. 11. For                                                             set up and assemble the playscape last Friday
his Eagle project, which he complet-                                                              and Saturday, Sep. 23-24. On Friday, the vol-               dennis CLIFFORD
ed on May 30, Crowe and his team               BCS won a playscape and $5,000 from Old            unteers dug the footers for the playscape to go             reporter
of volunteers worked to restore the         Navy and TerraCycle, a recycling company, in          into the ground and built the retaining border.
Georgetown salamander habitat in            September after teacher Michelle Mohrmann             The next day they assembled the playscape,                    The merging of the sixth grade into mid-
                                            filled out a survey last April. Ten representatives   poured the concrete into the footers to secure
the Twin Springs National Preserve.                                                                                                                           dle school seems to have both pleased and
                                            from area Old Navy stores attended the ribbon-        and stabilize the new structure, and mulched                confused the sixth graders, but it has also
They returned the spring to its origi-      cutting ceremony at the lower elementary play-        the ground around it.                                       brought positive views from the faculty of
nal path, replaced large stones, and        ground on Tuesday afternoon, Sep. 27.                   “Winning the playground and prize money                   building C.
made educational signs. Math teach-            Students from kindergarten through second-         from Old Navy was such a wonderful sur-                       “I like moving between classes, but some-
er Dr. Brooke Hollingsworth served on       grade will use the new equipment, which was           prise,” said Mohrmann, who spent many hours                 times it’s confusing,” sixth-grader Jackson
Crowe’s Eagle Board of Review.              made from recycled flip flops and milk cartons.       working with parents who pitched in to help.                Ryan said.
                                            The playscape will accompany the various play         “We have the best volunteers around.”                         According to sixth-grade teachers, the
     7th grade retreat
                                            structures already on the playground, such as a                                                                   class is thrilled to have lockers, but they are
                                            merry-go-round, a boat, and a swing set.                                  see PLAYSCAPE, page 8                   concerned about having time to use them
  Students boarding buses to go on                                                                                                                            and space to get to them.
                                                                                                                                                                Many seventh and eighth graders have
the annual seventh-grade retreat                                                                                                                              expressed jealousy regarding the change.
Monday morning will head to a new                                                                                                                               “I think we’ve been cheated,” seventh-
spot – McKinney Roughs, southeast of                                                                                                                          grader Nicholas Pedroza said. “They get a
Austin. The LCRA nature park features                                                                                                                         lot of stuff we didn’t get when we were in
science-based education programs                                                                                                                              sixth grade.”
and extensive hiking trails. After years                                                                                                                        The transition has affected more than just
of using Camp Buckner near Marble                                                                                                                             middle school students in BCS; it has also
                                                                                                                                                              caused some inconvenience for high school
Falls, secondary principal Jared Lee                                                                                                                          students and the need to relocate classrooms
decided to try something different for                                                                                                                        for a few teachers.
the seventh grade.                                                                                                                                              Newcomers to building C in addition
                                                                                                                                                              to sixth-grade students are Karen Peyton
Plaza drive completed                                                                                                                                         and Becky Stewart, who previously taught
                                                                                                                                                              sixth grade with the other upper elementary
                                                                                                                                                              classes in building B. Other teachers have
  Work on the plaza drive extend-
                                                                                                                                                              also had to make room in their schedules
ing from the Center for Science and                                                                                                                           for sixth-grade curriculum classes, and still
the Arts toward the church courtyard                                                                                                                          others have had to move classrooms, in-
was scheduled to be completed this                                                                                                photo: Michelle Mohrmann    cluding Michele Broadway, Efrain Contre-
week, meaning traffic patterns return       Fun in the sun A team of volunteer parents put in hours of work last weekend install-
                                                                                                                                                                                    see MIDDLE, page 4
to normal next week. Today all of the       ing the new playscape that Brentwood won in a nationwide drawing by Old Navy.
construction areas will be cleaned of
dust and debris. School officials say the
new plaza drive is intended to beautify
the campus, and will eventually have        New building praised by students, teachers
benches and lamp posts.
                                            kia KHADEM                                              Brentwood’s drama teachers have lauded                   chemicals.
                                            reporter                                              the new theater. Middle school drama teacher
        StuCo events
                                                                                                                                                               “The extra room helps us during the labs
                                                                                                  Chloe Campbell said it will make theater pro-              in Physics,” Berry said. “The new building
                                              Now that the BCS Center for Science and the         ductions less labor intensive and more polished,           makes science feel like an important part of the
  This year’s Student Council has been      Arts has been built, teaching and other daily ac-     but students will need to take time to learn how           school.”
busy hosting social events such as the      tivities for many Brentwood Christian teachers        to properly use the new stage equipment.                     Biology teacher Juliana Ewing agreed the
Back-to-School Bashes, Senior Sun-          are much easier to perform, due to the greatly          “Planning big rehearsals around sports in the            new building provides a proper science lab for
rise, and Movie Night. StuCo will also      improved facilities.                                  FLC and building set pieces for the plays were             science experiments, something she had never
                                              The newly constructed building has garnered         big headaches,” Campbell said.                             enjoyed at any of the previous schools where
help with the dedication of the Cen-        praise from the students and faculty in the first       The new science wing has received praise as              she taught.
ter for Science and the Arts on Oct. 1.     few weeks of the school year.                         well. Kristen Berry said it allows her chemistry             “The new building is wonderful,” Ewing
Sponsor Linda Riedesel says they also         Special features include a separate chemis-         students to work with hazardous chemicals in               said. “I’ve been looking forward to a proper
might have a few secrets planned for        try lab, a separate practice room for choir and       a proper laboratory environment during sci-                science lab for almost 20 years.”
the secondary students to enjoy.            band, a brand new theater, ticket booths, and         ence experiments. The chemistry lab also has
                                                                                                                                                                                    see FINE ARTS, page 4
                                            concession stands.                                    a storeroom to properly seal away dangerous
Page 2                                                                                                                                                                         Editorials
Megan’s Musings: Megan Monacelli                                                                                                                            THE BEAR FACTS September 2011

Mission work more loving than preaching                                                                                                                              Hannah’s Kwon-daries: Hannah Kwon

                                                                                                                                                                     Driving not
  I stepped off the plane anxious to begin what      about Jesus. In fact, most of the children we      an expectation to simply love others. We can
I had traveled almost 24 hours to do. My Bible       were working with knew about Him and knew          actively be on the mission field by carrying out
was easily accessible along with a spiral full of    many of the Old Testament stories. Instead, we     His love and spreading it to others through both

                                                                                                                                                                     meant for
notes on faith, salvation, and redemption.           simply loved on them. We laughed with them,        our words and actions.
  Despite my need for a hot meal and sleep,          sang silly songs with them, and played games         By letting our faith and Biblical knowledge
I was ready to work on the mission field in          with them all in the name of Christ.               take root in our actions, we would not only

Zagreb, Croatia, even though I wasn’t sure                                                              speak the gospel, but also live and love it out. If
what my work would exactly entail. I had spent                                                          being a missionary is in large part about loving
time in prayer, went to all the team meetings,                                                          others, then our view would actually spread the
and prepared answers and anecdotes for the
                                                            ...we could be acting on                    boundaries of the mission field across oceans
Croatians’ questions about my faith and about             the mission field every time                  and maybe right up to our door step.                            Is teenage driving that dangerous? I
                                                                                                                                                                     mean, you push the gas pedal, watch out for
the Bible or God in general.                                                                              What if we could experience and participate
  My preparations and expectations didn’t                    we crawled out of bed.                     in the mission field on a daily basis? If we, in             other cars, and stop when you need to. Ev-
quite hit the mark, however.                                                                            striving to be more like Christ, let God into                erything sounds so simple. And not to state
  Boarding a plane with a Bible in hand,                                                                every aspect of our lives and moved Him to the               the obvious, but it is far more comfortable
landing in a third-world country, and setting          In light of the fact that many mission efforts   center of our lives, then we could be acting on              to drive with air conditioning than to walk
out with a team to bring the good news of Jesus      we financially support and participate in with     the mission field every time we crawled out of               under the blazing Texas sun.
to those who have never heard of Him before          our churches are to places that have already       bed.                                                            On the other hand, in a recent survey of
is a standard and long-held view of missions,        heard the good news, maybe we should update          We could become missionaries to our peers,                 25 BCS students who drive or have a per-
and one that I held before I got a taste of a more   our view of the mission field. Maybe our job       teachers, and parents. We could be missionaries              mit, 15 of them admitted they text or talk on
meaningful mission field.                            isn’t necessarily gearing up for theological       at the dinner table, in the locker room, and                 the phone while driving. This is 60 percent
  This summer I traveled to Croatia and              debates and memorizing verses.                     even on the stage simply by loving others and                of the students who participated in the sur-
Slovenia, two modern and religious countries, to       How then do we carry out the charge Jesus        encouraging them – simply by serving them                    vey. We can’t deny that we are in a danger-
partner with missionaries and spread the love of     gave his disciples to “witness in Jerusalem, and   like Jesus served others, and simply by being                ous place here.
Christ, and in this experience my perspective on     in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the   Christ to everyone around us.                                   Some BCS students express concern
mission work drastically changed. Our team put       Earth”?                                              Saint Francis of Assisi, about 800 years ago,              about teens who get distracted while driv-
on two children’s camps that offered the bonus         While there is a place for vast amounts          said it best: “Preach the gospel at all times, and           ing.
of allowing the kids to practice their English.      of Biblical knowledge on the field, the best       when necessary use words.”                                      “Doing other activities while driving
  My role was not necessarily to tell them           preparation is a right relationship with God and                                                                should be treated more seriously,” junior
                                                                                                                                                                     Steven Bailey said. “Anything that lets you
                                                                                                                                                                     take your eyes off the road is a hazard not
                                                                                                                                                                     only to you but to other people.”
 The Bear Facts                                                                                                                                                         “My life is more important than putting
                                                                                                                                                                     on mascara or lip gloss,” junior Amanda
      Brentwood Christian School                                                                                                                                     Conway said.
                                                                                                                                                                        According to the National Safety Council,
       11908 North Lamar Blvd.
                                                                                                                                                                     more than 5,000 young drivers aged 15-20
           Austin, TX 78753                                                                                                                                          are killed every year in traffic crashes, and
                                                                                                                                                                     more than 10 percent of this number were
   The Bear Facts is published monthly                                                                                                                               distracted drivers. Not surprisingly, the ba-
 by the journalism classes of Brentwood                                                                                                                              sic car insurance rate for teenagers is nearly
 Christian High School. The paper is a                                                                                                                               twice as much as it is for their parents.
 learning tool which informs the student                                                                                                                                Humans aren’t born to multitask. It just
 body while teaching students to become                                                                                                                              makes sense for a person to concentrate on
 critical observers of their environment                                                                                                                             one thing at one time, especially if that one
 and to validate Truth within the context                                                                                                                            thing weighs 3,500 pounds and is traveling
 of the Christian world view.                                                                                                                                        60 miles an hour. Whatever you do in the
                                                                                                                                                                     car while you are driving – whether it is
              Editor-in-Chief                                                                                                                                        texting, talking on the phone, looking at a
              Megan Monacelli                                                                                                                                        mirror, or reading a magazine – it can never
                                                                                                                                                                     be justified; it is simply not safe.
                Photo Editor                                                                                                                                            “I understand the risk of doing something
               Mary Monacelli                                                                                                                                        else while driving, but I still do it anyways,”
                                                                                                                                                                     junior Masha Heins said. “Kids know that
                                                                                                                                              photos: Elena Battle
               Reporters                                                                                                                                             it isn’t safe, but we just don’t think about it
                                                     Lucky guy Seventh-grader Keaton Drenner enjoys the company of several eighth-                                   when we start driving.”
   Matthew Archer      Kia Khadem
                                                     grade girls at the middle school’s Back-to-School Bash on Sep. 2. Students ate pizza,                              Let us not walk through the foggy fu-
     Carter Boyd      Hannah Kwon
                                                     played interactive video games, and watched the movie “Tangled.”                                                ture anymore. It is time for some standards
   Dennis Clifford      David Lee
                                                                                                                                                                     to be established so we can each lower
     Anna Ewing      Jonathon Reich                                                                                                                                  our risk of being in an accident closer to
  Madalyn Garelick Kailey Rodden                     Magazine sales exceed last year’s totals                                                                        0 percent. It is important for teenagers to
    Jackson Hager    Charlie Sinclair                                                                                                                                drive. However, it is also very important to
                                                       Brentwood Christian’s annual magazine sale       and seventh-grader Gabbie Nguyen.
 Lanae Hollingsworth     E. J. Sung                                                                       Prizes for the top sellers included an LCD                 know how dangerous driving can be. Start
                                                     brought in $27,600 this year, which is about
     Jin Ha Jeong       M.J. Sung                                                                       TV, Blu-ray DVD player, and $100 cash. There                 by acknowledging the fact that driving is
                                                     $4,000 more than was raised last year.
     Joseph Kang                                                                                        will also be a drawing for a Nintendo Wii.                   definitely different from other new toys in
                                                       The top-selling student during the sale, which
                                                                                                          Sixth-grade teacher Michelle Mohrmann’s                    your life, for on the road, you are the very
                                                     ran from Sep. 16-26, was junior Danielle Rie-
                   Adviser                           desel. Rounding out the top 10 sellers were        class sold the most magazines, winning bags of               one holding the responsibility for your life
                Jonathan Weed                                                                           candy to pass out to all her students.                       and death. Simply being well-informed and
                                                     sixth-grader Paris Bowman, seventh-grader
                                                                                                          Each day at 3:05 p.m. all secondary students               cautious isn’t enough. For the sake of our
                                                     Nicholas Dunagan, senior Kayle Morin, fresh-
     The Bear Facts is available online at                                                              gathered in the athletic center for a chance to              lives and others around us, we should all
                                                     man Tyler Clark, eighth-grader Rebekah Leg-                                                                      win money. Morin, for example, won $480 on                   promise ourselves to focus only on the road
                                                     band, eighth-grader Andre Kuhn, sixth-grader
                                                                                                        the “weepul game.”                                           while driving.
                                                     Kira Juranek, sixth-grader Lauren Weilemann,
News & Features                                                                                                                                                                                           Page 3
THE BEAR FACTS September 2011

Answering challenge, BCS students serve others, remember 9/11
jin ha JEONG                                         others on Sep. 11, 2001.                            for an orphanage in Peru with Dr. Brooke Hol-               gathered food and water for the homeless. Dr.
reporter                                                “We try to be the hands and feet of the Lord,”   lingsworth’s junior Bible class.                            Hollingsworth’s seventh-grade boys and girls
                                                     Tatum said. “I want all kids at school to serve       “I thought it was a great idea to reach out to            cleaned up the gym after the volleyball games.
  The nightmare of terror known as “9/11” is         their neighbors.”                                   people and help them,” sophomore Avery West-                   “It is good for seventh graders to learn how
10 years behind us. With the victims who suf-           In the following days, many BCS Bible            erlund said. “We’re so blessed, so it’s important           to help others,” Dr. Hollingsworth said.
fered in the terrorist attacks slowly fading from    classes did special things to help their neigh-     to help people who aren’t as lucky as us.”                     Brentwood administrators were inspired by
our memory, what can we do to honor them?            bors. The fifth-grade classes collected and con-      Love showed her passion for the service                   an email from Harding University, sent at the
  BCS students were encouraged during all-           tributed hundreds of water bottles for the Bas-     project and her gratitude for her students.                 end of August, challenging the school to par-
school chapel on Sep. 8 to join a service project    trop fire victims. Third graders made thank-you       “I’m so proud of my class,” Love said, “that              ticipate in a nationwide service effort. Working
and to show Christian effort for neighbors who       cards for local firefighters and police officers.   my students openly and enthusiastically help                in partnership with The Corporation for Na-
need help. Development director Brandon Tat-            Jessica Love’s sophomore girls wrote letters     other people in trouble.”                                   tional and Community Service, Harding was
um, the speaker that day, challenged students        for victimized girls who were rescued from sex        Middle school Bible classes joined the proj-              assisting in documenting one million hours of
of all ages to be of service to the community,       trafficking, and they brought donations for fire    ect too. They cleaned up the cafeteria for the              service across the nation by Sep. 13.
as a tribute to those who lost their lives serving   victims. They also collected money and socks        lunch ladies, helped in the auditorium, and

Record heat rocks Texas, roasts Brentwood Secondary
charlie SINCLAIR
                                          chapel getsheat did not have an effect on elementary P.E.,
                                                     because they do not go outside. But the heat
                                                                                                         worst stage of drought since June. Lakes Travis
                                                                                                         and Buchanan are dangerously low, which has

                                                     forced high school P.E. to limit their time out-    forced limits on residential water use.
   It was America’s hottest summer ever. And         side for a few days in late August and made           The last real substantial rain Austin had was
it ended with the worst fires Central Texas has      traveling to P.E. almost unbearable for some        in May, and this has caused everything to dry
ever seen.                                           students.                                           up and the trees and grass look as if someone
   Austin shattered the previous record for            The high school boys basketball team has          had wrung them out like a sponge.                           joseph KANG
100-degree days with 87 (through Monday),            outside workouts, so head coach Brandon               These conditions, combined with high winds
and it tied the record for the hottest recorded      Tatum instructs his players to drink at least a     and some stray sparks, caused several fires on                The secondary chapel service has settled into
temperature ever in Austin at a scorching 112        gallon of water every day. Cross country run-       Sep. 4, during Labor Day weekend. The one                   a new place. With frequent audio-visual aids in
degrees on Aug. 28.                                  ners have been instructed to drink a lot of water   in Bastrop burned 1,386 houses, along with                  the theater of the Center for Science and the
   “This heat makes me feel like melting             before and after workouts.                          95 percent of Bastrop State Park. Many BCS                  Arts, the chapel format has also changed in
cheese,” freshman Duc Minh Phan said in early          Texas had the hottest average temperature         families have been giving money and supplies                various ways.
September.                                           from June to August in recorded U.S. history. To    to help all those families who lost their homes.              Brentwood Oaks youth minister Adam Hern-
   According to P.E. coach David Peyton the          make things worse, Central Texas has been in the                                                                don said secondary chapel was moved to the
                                                                                                                                                                     Center for Science and the Arts this year to

 NJHS inducts                                                                                                                                                        form a friendly environment for teenagers by
                                                                                                                                                                     making it less formal.
                                                                                                                                                                       “New chapel brings me closer to God and
                                                                                                                                                                     helps me to understand Him more,” senior
 28 members                                                                                                                                                          Tony Dang said.
                                                                                                                                                                       According to Herndon, the changes to the
                                                                                                                                                                     chapel format were the result of conversations
  lanae HOLLINGSWORTH                                                                                                                                                among development director Brandon Tatum,
  reporter                                                                                                                                                           secondary principal Jared Lee, president Mar-
     Brentwood Christian inducted 28 eighth                                                                                                                          quita Moss, and himself in the summer.
  graders into the National Junior Honor Soci-                                                                                                                         Herndon said he prepares contemporary
  ety on Wednesday, Sep. 28, in the theater.                                                                                                                         Christian music to play before chapel starts,
     The ceremony took place during first peri-                                                                                                                      making a social environment for students. This
  od, and all middle school was in attendance,                                                                                                                       year there have also been more frequent videos
  along with many parents. Afterward the in-                                                                                                                         to help the understanding of serious topics.
  ductees and their parents enjoyed a breakfast                                                                                                                        According to Tatum, announcements and rec-
  buffet at Cool River Cafe.                                                                                                                                         ognitions will no longer be made at the end of
     At Cool River, the new members listened                                                                                                                         chapel, but instead will be presented with Pow-
  to encouraging words from parent Les Mc-                                                                                                                           erPoint before chapel begins. This will allow the
  Daniel. In addition NHS president Bryan                                                                                                                            time to be dedicated to worshiping God more.
  Williams gave a brief speech on the activities                                                                                                                       “I hope it is a special time in the week for
  of NJHS. Other NHS officers also attended                                                                                                                          the students, and a time where they can be re-
  and helped with the various activities.                                                                                                                            newed,” Tatum said.
     Inductees were notified of their acceptance                                                                                                                       However, some students seem unfamiliar
  into the society last week, and they had their                                                                                                                     with the new chapel format. Senior Sydney
  first meeting the next day, when they elected                                                                                                                      Jung said it was hard to read all of the an-
  officers.                                                                                                                                                          nouncements. Others said they prefer not to
     In the past, NJHS has included eighth and                                                                                                                       stand up while they are singing.
  ninth graders. But with the introduction of                                                                                                                          Herndon said he will invite various speakers
  the sixth graders into middle school, spon-                                                                                                                        this year. Though most of last year’s speakers
                                                                                                                                             photo: Mary Monacelli
                                                                                                                                                                     were BCS teachers and ministers, Herndon
  sors Kaleen Graessle and Brooke Holling-           This candle represents... Eighth graders and newly elected NJHS officers take part
                                                                                                                                                                     plans to invite more area youth ministers.
  sworth recommended using the sixth- and            in Wednesday morning’s induction ceremony in the new theater. From left, they are                                 Herndon, who will lead most of the singing
  ninth-grade years as “proving grounds” for         Keely Hardin (president), Elise Lilya (vice president), Chandler Alberda (secretary), Mar-
  NJHS and NHS, respectively.                                                                                                                                        this year, said he is looking for more feedback.
     Next year, NJHS will be able to induct both
                                                     tha Hughes (treasurer), and Bella Spills (historian). Afterwards, the new members and                             The elementary chapels and all-school cha-
  seventh- and eighth-grade students.                their parents enjoyed a breakfast buffet at Cool River Cafe.                                                    pel will remain in the auditorium.
Page 4                                                                                                                                                                   News & Features
                                                                                                                                                            THE BEAR FACTS September 2011
Seniors featured in the Bear Facts were selected by a vote held among the entire BCS Class of 2012.

Leading lady smacks softballs, bakes amazing cakes
 jackson HAGER                                            very close.                                        especially impressed with how much Bailey               A defining obsession of Bailey’s that people
 reporter                                                    “We’re together 24/7,” Laura says. “She is                 has grown as a player and leader           knew her for is her love of the art of baking.
                                                          my other half.”                                                 on the field. Bailey has worked          Finding that it relieves stress, she spends much
   Whether it’s in the halls or on the softball              Throughout her years of high                                   endlessly to improve her game,         of her free time perfecting her culinary skills,
field, many students smile when they hear the             school, Bailey has made friends                                    and has worked with her other         much to the delight of her classmates.
bubbly twang of Bailey Hardin. The merry se-              from across the grades, making                                      teammates to improve their             “They don’t compare to anything,” friend
nior has been going to Brentwood Christian                sure that everyone she meets is                                      skills as well. Her junior          Katie Clement says of her cakes. “She is on a
since the first grade, eventually becoming in-            included and having a great                                           year, she was named both           different level of baking.”
volved in student government and athletics,               time.                                                                 first team all-state and first       Bailey was taught to bake by her late grand-
particularly softball.                                       Bailey’s leadership is ap-                                          team all-district.                mother. During her freshman year, her grand-
   Bailey has been a leader since she started high        parent not only around                                                    “All the things you would      mother got sick, but Bailey continued to come
school, being in Student Council all four years.          school, but on the                                                     want from a player, she’s         and bake with her. With these fond memories,
She distinctly remembers her freshman StuCo               field. She has                                                         got it,” Sladek says.             she plans one day to continue her passion and
retreat. Describing the lake house getaway as             played center-                                                           Bailey’s faith is well          own her own bakery.
“interesting,” she remembers hunkering down               field in soft-                                                        known among her friends,             To reach this goal, Bailey plans to major in
and growing closer to the group, despite the              ball since                                                            and her sisters Keely (8th)        business and minor in food science and tech-
baking heat and creeping bugs. Though no                  her fresh-                                                               and Addy (7th) say they         nology at Texas A&M University.
longer in ninth grade, she remains the “eternal           m a n                                                                     consider her a role mod-         “Eventually I would like to own a bakery,
freshman” of the group, and has always been               year.                                                                      el. Due to the dearth of      but until then God is going to show me what to
given the dirty work. But she has taken it with           Her                                                                         male leaders, Bailey         do,” Bailey says.
a smile and put all that she had into it.                 team-                                                                       has taken the mantle of
   “She is always willing to get dirty,” says             mates                                                                        leadership in her youth
StuCo sponsor Linda Riedesel, who was espe-               s a y                                                                         group at Round Rock        Offseason
cially impressed when Bailey was put in charge            she is                                                                         Church of Christ.         continued from page 6
of the talent show her sophomore year.                    a loud,                                                                        Bailey says her main
   Bailey has risen through the ranks of StuCo            e n -                                                                           spiritual influence      and faster during the offseason. They run and
to become president this year. She has made               cour-                                                                            is from her mom         scrimmage during every P.E. class, and they
moves to bridge the gap between middle school             aging                                                                             and aunt, and from     lift weights afterwards.
and high school, hosting and planning events              p l a y e r.                                                                       her recent Bible         Efrain Contreras is training the track team
for both groups.                                          Softball                                                                           class teachers, Dr.   during offseason. They usually run three or
   Friends describe Bailey as a charming, en-             coach                                                                               Brooke Holling-      four miles and lift weights.
thusiastic, down-to-earth girl. They reminisce            P a u l                                                                             sworth and Mi-          “I want to do better than last year,” said
about memories such as the Odyssey project,               Sladek                                                                               chele Broadway.     junior Matthew Onabajo, who runs the 400
when Bailey and Laura Combs played all the                says                                                                                  Bailey says they   meters. “I hope I can go to state this year.”
characters from the Greek epic. While many of             he is                                                                                 have taught her       Softball coach Paul Sladek is training his
their classmates found it silly, this was a turn-                                                                                               to    persevere    players on the baseball field. Sladek said his
ing point in their friendship. Soon, they began                                                                                                  and hold her      most important goals are increasing running
to hang out more and more often, becoming                                                                                                        head high.        speed and finding a pitcher.

Fine arts, science teachers
                                                                                                               Middle school reaction mixed
on cloud nine in new building                                                                                  continued from page 1                               fact that the junior and senior classes have
                                                                                                                                                                   had to move to smaller lockers. The middle
continued from page 1                                    building allows them new opportunities to
                                                                                                                                                                   school uses the larger downstairs lockers
                                                                                                               ras, Dr. Brooke Hollingsworth, Cissy John-
                                                         learn more about their subjects.
                                                                                                               son, Cindy Nestor, and Mel Witcher.                 which were used by juniors and seniors in
   Choir teacher Missy Weaver said the facili-             “I don’t think we could go back to the old
                                                                                                                 “Anytime you make a change there are              years past. New lockers were purchased to
ties have been a great improvement over her              choir room,” senior Kayle Morin said. “It’s
                                                                                                               always difficulties,” BCS secondary princi-         accommodate the sixth graders, meaning all
previous room. She said there are less sched-            been needed and it was an easy transition for
uling conflicts, better acoustics, and improved          us. Going back wouldn’t be the same.”                 pal Jared Lee said. “However, I see it as an        the middle school students have larger lock-
lighting and sound equipment.                              Initially the bells in the new building did not     easier transition into the future. I do appreci-    ers than the upperclassmen have.
   “The administration should be proud of                ring, causing students to arrive to their next        ate the attitude of the teachers in moving the        “I think it’s good for the sixth graders,”
the leadership it took to make this building,”           classes late. But since Sep. 9, this issue has        classrooms as well as the teachers who have         said senior Karlie Mattison, “but it’s a little
Weaver said. “The new facility won’t change              been resolved.                                        moved to the new building.”                         inconvenient for us.”
the students, but they’ll take more pride in               Students have complained that the stools in           To ease the process, teachers had some as-          Another complaint from high school stu-
themselves.”                                             Ewing’s classroom are uncomfortably high,             sistance from parents and students in moving        dents is that the crowded stairways and noisy
   Band teacher Travis Pollard said the new              causing strain on the back. Ewing said the            classrooms over the summer. The relocating          hallways have made it difficult for older stu-
band hall allows more space for the growing              school is ordering new chairs to replace the          of the classrooms and schedule changes were         dents to move between classes. With the ad-
band program and a safer environment to work             current ones.                                         challenging to organize, according to Lee,          dition of building F, more students have been
in. The students also have new practice rooms              Although there have been a few minor prob-          but there are plans in motion that will see to      using the downstairs hallways, causing traffic
to play their instruments in solitude, or with a         lems, the consensus among students and fac-           middle school having all of their classes in        jams and making it more difficult for all sec-
group, without distractions.                             ulty alike has been extremely positive.               the lower section of building C eventually.         ondary students to get to class on time.
   “The new building changes every aspect of               “It’s a terrific building; the acoustic center        “I think it was a great move,” Broadway             “The sixth graders were perfectly fine in
the band program,” Pollard said. “We have the            is marvelous, and it works superbly,” teacher         said. “I know there are a lot of happy kids.”       elementary school,” junior Brooklyn Mer-
tools, resources, and talent to take it to the next      Craig Moore said. “Artistically, it balances out        However, many high school students are            kord said.
level.”                                                  the decor of the whole campus, while giving the       vocal against the change, due mostly to the
   Some fine arts students say that the new              south side of the campus a greater presence.”
Features                                                                                                                                                                              Page 5
THE BEAR FACTS             September 2011

Dynamic duo rows 100 miles down Colorado River
carter BOYD                                         that participated, 87 did not finish the race.                                       Although they persevered and did well, both
                                                                                                       support crew, Misty (Herndon’s wife) and Me-
reporter                                              The race also served as a great bonding expe-    gan (Tatum’s wife). They fed us and filled our
                                                                                                                                      Tatum and Herndon admitted it wasn’t an easy
                                                    rience for the two, putting them through tough                                    experience. Herndon described it as “one of the
                                                                                                       CamelBaks with water at every checkpoint.”
  You probably know them from chapel: the           times and forcing them to make memories.                                          longest nights of my life,” and called it a “won-
                                                                                                         “I knew I couldn’t quit in front of my wife,”
dynamic duo who share their experiences with          “Tatum and I were a good duo,” Herndon                                          derful and awful experience.”
                                                                                                       Tatum said when asked what kept him go-
the school. You might have heard their story or     said. “It would’ve been miserable with anyone                                        After the race, Tatum found everyday activi-
                                                                                                       ing through the grueling 100 miles. “Quitting
seen their video from the night they spent on       else. And we couldn’t have done it without our     wasn’t an option.”             ties that he had previously taken for granted
the streets last year.                                                                                                                              harder than he would have thought.
  However, you probably haven’t                                                                                                                       “I couldn’t squeeze my toothpaste
heard of the latest challenge that bas-                                                                                                             tube or button my shirt for a couple
ketball coach Brandon Tatum and                                                                                                                     weeks,” Tatum said. “I will never
BOCC youth minister Adam Herndon                                                                                                                    do it again.”
took on – a grand challenge of endur-                                                                                                                 The night was not passed in style,
ance and strength to rule them all.                                                                                                                 either. Tatum described the boat
  At 7 a.m. on Saturday, Sep. 3,                                                                                                                    they rented as “a really bad kayak,”
Herndon and Tatum boarded a tiny                                                                                                                    and said that everyone else’s was
two-person kayak to set off on the                                                                                                                  long and skinny, while theirs was
CR100, a grueling 100-mile canoe                                                                                                                    short and fat.
race down the Colorado River. The                                                                                                                     “We had people come up to us
race began in Bastrop and ended                                                                                                                     and ask us if we were actually go-
down river in the town of Colum-                                                                                                                    ing to do this race in that kayak,”
bus no later than the 32-hour time                                                                                                                  Tatum recalled.
limit allowed. More than 200 boats                                                                                                                    Through the long hard night,
were entered, many of which were                                                                                                                    Herndon and Tatum shared many
captained by experienced or profes-                                                                                                                 interesting experiences. Once in the
sional rowers.                                                                                                                                      middle of the night, a water snake
  Neither Tatum nor Herndon had                                                                                                                     with “a head the size of a softball”
ever competed in a boat race before,                                                                                                                accompanied the two. In the hours
and neither had any real experience                                                                                                                 before sunrise, Tatum was so tired
kayaking, save a single trip down                                                                                                                   that he hallucinated a deer standing
the last 40 miles of the same stretch                                                                                                               on the shore.
of river. Despite being brand new to                                                                                             photo: Megan Tatum   “He kept yelling, ‘Look, it’s
the field, they finished the race in 24 Row, row, row... Coach Brandon Tatum and youth minister Adam Herndon make their way down the drinking water on the riverbank!’“
hours and 50 minutes, placing 20th in Colorado River during a 100-mile canoe race on Sep. 3. They met their goal of completing the race, al- Herndon recalled. “It wasn’t. There
their category, “Tandem Adventure,” though it took them nearly 25 hours, and Herndon called it a “wonderful and awful experience.”                  was no deer.”
and 110th overall. Of the many boats

New guidance counselor brings colleges to BCS                                                                                                            TAKE YOUR PICK
                                                                                                                                                         New guidance counselor Dr. D’Lanna
e. j. SUNG                                                                    information sessions     versity, and an Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)       Mason is providing seniors opportu-
reporter                                                                      as possible,” Dr. Ma-    from Vanderbilt University.                       nities to learn about a variety of col-
                                                                              son said.                  Dr. Mason worked for Vanderbilt for seven       leges. In September alone, represen-
  Brentwood Christian’s new guidance coun-                                      Senior Marcus Mc-      years before moving to Austin. Initially, she     tatives from the following universities
selor, Dr. D’Lanna Mason, is eager to help                                    Cormick said the col-    worked in the Career Center there, helping col-   visited with students.
BCS students investigate a variety of colleges.                               lege meetings were       lege students explore career opportunities and
So she has scheduled 27 colleges from Cali-                                   very helpful for him.    apply for jobs and internships. Then for three
fornia to Connecticut to bring representatives                                  “The meetings were     years, she taught career development classes
and introduce their schools to students. She                                  very important to        there, which helped students find good fits for
scheduled 13 in September alone. In contrast,                                 me because I learned     internships and jobs.
counselors from 10 colleges met BCS students        Dr. D’Lanna               what programs each         The Masons came to Texas when Dr. Ma-
last year.                                                                   college has,” McCor-      son’s husband, John, was offered a new job. Dr.
                                                    Mason                    mick said.
  Dr. Mason said she wants to introduce a vari-                                                        Mason said she wanted to work as a guidance
ety of universities so that the students can have     Dr. Mason said that since she is new to Texas,   counselor in a small school where she could get
opportunities to learn about different types of     she does not yet have any strong relationships     to know the students. After interviewing with
schools, including public and private, Christian    with the universities in Texas.                    secondary principal Jared Lee, she said they
and secular, large and small.                         “As soon as school began, I started to reach     shared similar visions and would work well
  During the college meetings, admissions           out to admissions counselors and invite them to    together.
counselors talk about what degree programs          come and talk to students at Brentwood,” Dr.         The Masons have two daughters: Sarah, who
the school offers, athletics, student groups, the   Mason said.                                        is a senior in Westlake High School, and Han-
admissions process, scholarships, and finan-          She said that the admissions counselors are      nah, who is an eighth grader in Westridge Mid-
cial aid. Some of the colleges offer food for       the greatest resources that students can have in   dle School. Her family is actively involved in
breakfast or lunch to attract more students. Dr.    applying to colleges.                              mission work in Honduras and founded a non-
Mason said the meeting is a great opportunity         “So, take advantage!” She encouraged.            profit organization, the Path of Hope Founda-
for students to get their questions answered in       Before her family moved to Austin last Octo-     tion, which provides educational scholarships
person.                                             ber, Dr. Mason lived in Nashville for 12 years.    to girls in Honduras.
  “If students are just beginning the college ex-   She has a B.S. from Old Dominion University
ploration process, they should attend as many       in Virginia, an M.S. from Tennessee Tech Uni-
Page 6                                                                                                                                                                 Sports & News
                                                                                                                                                         THE BEAR FACTS September 2011

 Eighth-grade                                       BCS hires college coach as     Offseason
 volleyball                                         boys’ AD; Loftis new girls’ AD work heats up
 undefeated                                         matthew ARCHER
                                                                                                          and to make aesthetic
                                                                                                          improvements, rather
                                                                                                                                                                m. j. SUNG
                                                                                                          than having to focus
 lanae HOLLINGSWORTH                                   Brentwood Christian has added a new ad-            mostly on budget-
 reporter                                                                                                                                                          The Brentwood Christian athletic teams
                                                    ministrator to its staff by hiring Brian Thrift,      ing and scheduling                                    started their offseason workouts in August.
   The Lady Bears junior high 5A volleyball         who will serve as athletic director for the boys.     games.                                                Baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, and
 team has been demolishing opponents, hav-          Last year’s interim athletic director Devan              Some       improve-                                track teams are hoping to make playoffs.
 ing won all but one match in two sets. Their       Loftis has taken the position of girls’ athletic      ments are already ev-                                    For the boys’ soccer and baseball teams,
 record stands at 5-0.                              director.                                             ident, such as the new                                there is a new coach, Brian Thrift, who is
   The team, made up entirely of eighth grad-          This comes after the administration decided        scoreboards in the                                    also the new boys’ athletic director. Since he
 ers, is led by Keely Hardin and Blair Wester-      during the summer to help strengthen the ath-         FLC and bleachers                                     is new, Thrift wants to get to know the play-
                                                    letic program. According to director of devel-        for the soccer field.                                 ers. But he already has some goals in place.
                                                                                                          Another upcoming Coach Brian
 lund, both of whom participated in the Junior
 Olympics in Atlanta this summer with their         opment Brandon Tatum, one of the ideas was                                                                     “I want my players to come out to work and
 club team, Austin Juniors. Four other girls        to hire a second athletic director. When this         facility upgrade will Thrift                          show respect to all opponents,” Thrift said.
 also play on Club Jollyville together, mean-       was brought before the school board in July,          be new lights in the FLC and partial lighting            Both soccer teams – boys and girls – are
 ing six of eight girls play on club teams.         the board decided it would be feasible to hire        added on the soccer field, enabling them to do        learning ball skills with coach Thrift and as-
   “The result of playing so much volleyball        another director, and they began the search.          some nighttime practices.                             sistant Cash Miller, who coached elementary
 year round is that this team is the most tal-      Tatum said they looked at many resumes and               Thrift said he came to Brentwood for a “king-      and middle school last year. The players are
 ented group of eighth-grade volleyball play-       reached out to a few people, including Thrift,        dom impact on the lives of young children” and        expecting to learn more how to improve their
 ers we have had since I’ve been coaching           whom Tatum had known since they were both             to be away from the rigorous recruiting trail         skills from the two coaches. Having goals
 here,” coach Kaylee Loftis said.                   assistant basketball coaches at Abilene Chris-        that took him away from his family so much at         helps them endure the hot sun on the field.
   All of the 5A girls played together in the       tian University.                                      Rochester. Ironically though, he has been away           Boys’ basketball coach Brandon Tatum
 Hutto summer league. According to Hardin,             Thrift is a former basketball coach at Olivet      from them for the beginning of the school year,       said his main goal right now is for the team
 they mostly dominated but occasionally lost        Nazarene University, ACU, and Rochester Col-          since they stayed in Michigan when he came to         to get in shape, but ultimately he wants his
 their focus and lost by a small margin.            lege. He also was an assistant athletic director      Austin in August.                                     team to be the best defense in district.
   Loftis said that the team can still get better   at Rochester, which is in Michigan, and was in           According to Thrift, he was not looking for           “Our strength is that we have a fit team,”
 and that their goal is to win the AIPL tourna-     charge of monitoring athletes’ academic prog-         a new job when Tatum called him but was in-           junior Dennis Clifford said. “Last year we
 ment during the first week of November.            ress, as well as facilities and sports marketing.     trigued by the offer and decided it would be a        had more energy left than the other teams in
   The 3A team is coached by Megan Hines               “He brings a lot of experience from other          good fit for him.                                     the fourth quarter.”
 (BCS ’05), and they lost their first match         stuff he’s been doing,” Loftis said. “He gives           Thrift and his wife Alyson have two boys:             Girls’ basketball coach Devan Loftis is fo-
 against St. Stephens on Monday, Sep. 12.           us the ability to do a lot of new things for the      a kindergartner named Brooks and an eight-            cusing on increasing speed in workouts. Lof-
 The team has 12 girls, with both seventh and       athletic program.”                                    week-old named Brock. They joined him on              tis said he expects his players to get stronger
 eighth graders. The 2A team is mostly sev-            Loftis said with the addition of a second          Sep. 24.
                                                    athletic director there is more time to focus on                                                                              see OFFSEASON, page 4
 enth graders and is also coached by Loftis.
                                                    improving performances in each specific sport

McCormick, Brunson lead runners to state
jonathon REICH                                        There were also many runners who placed               The third meet of the season was in Cedar
reporter                                            in this meet, unlike the first one. McCormick         Park on Sep. 24. McCormick (18:23) and Ar-
                                                    earned fifth place, and junior Matthew Archer         cher were the top finishers for the boys, while
  Senior Marcus McCormick is now the fastest        was the seventh to finish, coming in at 17:54.        Brunson (12:32) and Glenn again led the girls.
cross country runner in BCS history.                  The girls’ race had similar results. Senior Brit-     Rotich said he is hoping the boys will make
  Finishing a recent meet with a time of 17:31,     tany Brunson was the head of the group again,         the top five in the state this year. After the
McCormick took four seconds off the previ-          finishing in third place at 13:10 on the two-mile     second meet, he said he believes this is very
ous school record held by 2009 graduate Mark        course, while junior Priscilla Glenn managed          achievable – all they would need to do is get at
Nesslage.                                           to get 15th, exactly 1:20 behind Brunson.             least two runners in the top 10.
  However, McCormick knows it will matter             Before this, the teams started off their sea-         Girls’ coach Katie Smith said she would like
more if he does it at the state meet, since some    son in a difficult meet on Saturday, Sep. 3, in       the girls to get at least third in state, which she
other courses do not meet the regulation dis-       Belton.                                               said she believes is an achievable goal because
tance of five kilometers. Nesslage was timed at       In spite of difficult competition, Brunson          of the girls’ determination and focus, but one
18:04 in the 2007 state meet.                       pulled through in sixth place with a time of          that won’t be easy considering that the team
  “Continuing to run at that level is going to      13:06, only about 30 seconds behind the top           lost two of their top five runners this year.
require a lot of training, encouragement from       runner. After Brunson, the rest of the girls’           To achieve their goals, the teams are outside
my teammates, and help from God,” McCor-            team managed to stay within two minutes of            running every day, doing different activities to
mick said.                                          each other.                                           build endurance and speed. Rotich and Smith
  The state meet will be Oct. 22 in Waco.             The boys’ experience was similar. McCor-            both have different schedules for their teams,
  McCormick’s feat occurred in Brentwood’s          mick led the boys at 18:30; after him the rest        which include running the trails behind the
second cross country meet of the season, on         of the team managed to stay relatively close to-      school, and running around the soccer field and
Sep. 16 in Pflugerville. The boys and girls         gether, staying about only five minutes apart.        roads during eighth period.
teams earned third and fourth place, respec-          “I was very impressed,” coach Jacob Rotich            “This year is just much more organized and                                           photo: Melissa Vandygriff
tively, among 3A schools.                           said. “Of all the years I’ve been coaching I’ve       better training for actual meets,” junior Travis      Cruising Junior Matthew Archer presses
  This meet was an improvement from the first       never had a team with times that close to each        Clark said.
                                                                                                                                                                toward the finish during the cross coun-
one of the season, when the girls placed eighth     other. The team doesn’t usually do that well at         The next meet will be this Saturday, Oct. 1,
and the boys finished ninth.                        the beginning of the season.”                         in Round Rock.                                        try meet at Pflugerville High on Sep. 16.
Sports & News                                                                                                                                                                                         Page 7
THE BEAR FACTS September 2011

Varsity volleyball back on track in district                                                                                                                      Cheerleading
                                                                                                                                                                  has new coach,
                                                         lanae HOLLINGSWORTH                                 stemming from the hiring of James-Sauceda in
                                                         reporter                                            early August. She has sped up the offense by
                                                                                                             running quick middles and changing the setting

                                                                                                                                                                  enters new era
                                                           The Lady Bears are 3-2 in district going          position, making it harder for the opponent to
                                                         into last night’s game. Led by new coach Britt      defend.
                                                         James-Sauceda, they are currently third in             James-Sauceda has not only worked to
                                                         district standings and on course to make the        increase the volleyball prowess of the athletes,     madalyn GARELICK
                                                         playoffs.                                           but also deepen their faith in God.                  reporter
                                                           The team played several matches before               “Spiritually I’ve attempted to deepen
                                                         getting a boost by adding two players to their      the team’s roots in scripture and prayer by             The cheer program at Brentwood Christian
                                                         roster. Since then the team has played in two       implementing team chaplains and small                is getting a fresh start, beginning with a new
                                                         tournaments and several non-district matches        groups,” James-Sauceda said.                         coach. Ange Blankenship is now sharing
                                                         before starting district play on Sep. 6 with a         Captains for the varsity are Brunson and          her role as varsity cheer coach with Vanessa
                                                         win at Central Texas Christian in five sets.        Megan Gum. Katie Clement is the team’s               Hart, a 2010 ACU graduate.
                                                         Five out of seven attackers hit in the positive     chaplain, while Mackenzie Merkord is the JV             Hart was a varsity cheerleader for three
                                                         percentile, and senior Brittany Brunson led the     chaplain.                                            years at Anderson High School. She has
                                                         team with an average of 2.8 assists per set.           James-Sauceda said that she hopes to take         also done gymnastics since age four and
                                                           The Lady Bears had their ups and downs at         “strides” towards forming a strong volleyball        competitive cheer squad with Cheer West
                                                         the Brentwood Invitational on Sep. 9-10. They       program at BCS. The team set district goals          starting in sixth grade. Hart was the cheer
                                                         struggled with their serving but played as a        which include qualifying for playoffs,               captain at Murchison Middle School.
                                                         team in their fifth match, communicating and        beating Round Rock Christian, and placing               With her long history and knowledge of
                                                         passing at will.                                    first in district. While first place is no longer    cheerleading, Hart is bringing a fresh new
                                                           On Sep. 12, the team lost their second district   attainable, the team hopes to make playoffs and      look for the Brentwood cheer squad. One
                                                         match in three sets at St. Dominic against a        beat RRCA the second time around.                    goal she set for herself was to be a coach
                                                         taller team of club players who could hit the          “It was a rough start, but we are getting         that could provide an ample amount of time
                                                         ball down. A week later, although two of the        to where we want to be,” junior Morgan               to the squad while balancing three other
                                                         sets were close, the girls lost to Round Rock       Vandygriff said.                                     jobs.
                                                         Christian on Sep. 19, in three sets.                   James-Sauceda played volleyball at Laredo            Hart also has one main goal for the
                                   photo: Mark Merkord     The girls beat Waco Texas Christian in three      Community College and Colorado Christian             squad.
Get up! Sophomore Avery Westerlund                       sets to win their second district game on Sep.      University. She began coaching club volleyball          “I want them to be more confident in
spikes the ball in the Lady Bears’ game                  22.                                                 in 2004. Last year she assisted with the BCS         themselves,” she said, explaining that this
                                                           The team has undergone some changes               varsity.
against Hyde Park on Aug. 23.                                                                                                                                     would improve their skills.
                                                                                                                                                                     Hart has also set some new procedures.
                                                                                                                                                                  The members of the cheer squad now have

Bears’ football team cruises to easy victories
                                                                                                                                                                  to complete 20 merits by homecoming
                                                                                                                                                                  in January. The girls can complete those
                                                                                                                                                                  by attending volleyball games, doing
                                                                                                                                                                  community service, getting good grades,
lanae HOLLINGSWORTH                                         On Sep. 27 the Bears’ rematch with Redeem-      “I have proposed that we host the ‘Brent-             and taking cheer classes outside of school.
reporter                                                 er was suspended with the score tied 12-12 and wood Invitational’ if the league doesn’t already             Another change this year is the addition
                                                         BCS lining up for an extra point. It is unknown have something planned,” Hall said.                      of morning practices. On Tuesdays at 7
  What two words are associated with the com-            if the game will be resumed.                       The elementary 3A team is coached by David            a.m. the team is in the gym learning cheers
ing of September and October? Fall and foot-                This year the BCS junior high football team Peyton, and the 1A team is coached by David               and practicing new skills. On Wednesdays
ball. The junior high flag football team started         has a whole new look. Last year’s team was Trevino, a dad of two elementary students.                    the girls are in the gym at 6:30 a.m.
the season 2-0, with victories over Redeemer             large and had a mixed group                                                                              conditioning with crunches, lifting weights,
and St. Ignatius. A third game was suspended             of seventh and eighth graders.                                                                           and stretching.
due to lightning on Tuesday night.                       This year, however, the team                                                                                “I want the squad to be viewed as athletics
  The team started the season off with a 35-7            has only 11 members, and all                                                                             and a team sport,” Hart said.
win Sep. 15 against Redeemer at St. Louis                but one are eighth graders.                                                                                 Hart has said that not only does she want the
Catholic Church. They got a safety on the first             The team expressed confi-                                                                             girls to play a role in supporting the athletics
play after the kickoff. Eighth-grade quarter-            dence in their ability and said                                                                          but also to attend other school events. This
back John Hollingsworth had four touchdown               that their goal is to win all their                                                                      means attending plays, musicals, StuCo
passes, two of which went to eighth-grader               games and the post-season                                                                                events, and other Brentwood activities.
Trent Brinthaupt and two to eighth-grader Jon-           tournament.                                                                                                 A new addition for all high school students
ny Clifford. Clifford also had a touchdown run.             “(Our goal) is to crush every                                                                         is the opportunity to become a part of the
In the second half eighth-grader Jacob Skymba            team,” Brinthaupt said.                                                                                  Claw Crew. This will be a student-led group
had an interception. Redeemer was never able                Coach Brian Hall said his                                                                             that will support the various teams. This
to move the ball well.                                   goal for the season is to “im-                                                                           group was formed to make games more fun
  In their first home game on Sep. 20 against            prove over last year,” when the                                                                          and spirited. Students will have the chance
St. Ignatius, the Bears rolled to a 38-6 victory         team went 4-5.                                                                                           to show their crazy side while supporting
with six touchdowns. Clifford started the scor-             “Since last year was our first,                                                                       the Bears.
ing fest with a touchdown run, followed by               I hope this year marks a large                                                                              “The more school spirit the fans have, the
touchdown passes by Hollingsworth to Brin-               step forward for our program,”                                                                           better athletics will be,” Hart said
thaupt, eighth-grader André Kuhn, and sev-               Hall said.                                                                                                  The 2011-12 varsity cheer squad is seniors
enth-grader Garrison Ryberg. Setting up two                 This year a post-season tour-                                                                         Shannon Lesko (captain), Katie Clement,
of those touchdowns were interceptions from              nament is tentatively scheduled                                                                          and Karlie Mattison; sophomore Erin
Clifford and Skymba. Midway through the sec-             for the week of Oct. 24. Hall is                                                     photo: Jeff Glenn   Atchley; and freshmen Katelyn Crawford,
ond half Skymba came in as quarterback and               optimistic about having a tour- One-on-one Sixth-grader Preston Glenn gets ready to                      Madalyn Garelick, and Rachel Dixon.
threw a touchdown pass to Brinthaupt and later           nament, saying that if it does fake out his opponent from St. Theresa’s Catholic in an                      The cheer squad held another tryout this
scored on an option. The defense stood strong            not make, he hopes Brentwood elementary game on Friday, Sep. 16. The middle school                       week in an effort to add more girls.
with 12 flag pulls and two sacks.                        can host its own.                   team, coached by Brian Hall, is currently unfefeated.
Page 8                                                                                                                                                                          News & Features
THE BEAR FACTS             September 2011

One month till theater opens                                                                                                                                     Lee announces
New facilities a “dream come true” for director Cindy Singleton
kailey RODDEN                                                                                                                   Singleton is Brigitta, and
                                                                                                                                                                 plans to return
reporter                                                                                                                        seventh-grader         Charlie

   Just last May, faculty and students alike were
                                                                                                                                Vasquez plays Kurt. Sixth-
                                                                                                                                grader MaeAnne Herring
                                                                                                                                                                 to Midland
abuzz over the selection of the fall musical.                                                                                   is Marta, and fifth-grader
When choir teacher Missy Weaver announced in                                                                                    Corrie Hager plays Gretl.        anna EWING
chapel that it would be “The Sound of Music,”                                                                                     “It’s been interesting try-    reporter
math teacher Kaleen Graessle squealed with de-                                                                                  ing to learn the stage lan-
light along with many of the students. It didn’t                                                                                guage and to play the actual        Secondary principal Jared Lee announced at
take long until people were predicting who                                                                                      role,” McCormick said. “It       chapel on Sep. 1 that he will not be returning
would play what part. Drama students beamed                                                                                     requires a skill set I haven’t   to Brentwood Christian next year. His wife,
when talking about the new stage on which they                                                                                  used until this year.”           Stephanie, who will graduate from UT Law
would perform. From kindergarten to faculty,                                                                                      The Iva Lea Worley Bar-        School in December, accepted a job offer from
the whole school filled with anticipation.                                                                                      ton Theater is more than         law firm Cotton Bledsoe in Midland.
   On Friday, Oct. 28, “The Sound of Music”                                                                                     just for show. Aside from           Lee said he is sad about leaving because he
will break in the Iva Lea Worley Barton The-                                                              photo: Mary Monacelli
                                                                                                                                the new stage, many luxu-        loves all the students, teachers, and parents of
ater at Brentwood Christian School. Cast and         Dancing with the Students High school students rehearse ries have been added to en-                         the Brentwood community. But he said he is
crew members have been busily rehearsing and         a waltz choreographed by Cissy Johnson, at right, in prepa- hance the experience for the                    happy about his wife’s accomplishments and
preparing for the big show, which will be pre-                                                                                  audience, as well as for cast    her hard work. He is also very thankful that she
sented over two weekends instead of one.
                                                     ration for “The Sound of Music,” which opens Oct. 28.                      and crew. A state-of-the-art     got a job and that it is close to his family.
   Practices are held in the new building three      dents of all ages,” Weaver said.                 sound and light system has been installed; in-                “I want my daughter to see her grandparents
days a week, with actors taking turns practic-         The last time BCS performed “The Sound of stead of an old sound board, crew will be able                  more often, and this job offer is making that
ing with theater director Cindy Singleton and        Music” was in 2000, when the Class of 2012 to do everything from a touch-screen remote.                     possible. It will be nice to be back with my
choir teacher Missy Weaver. Math and science         was in kindergarten. Instead of using the Fam-     “I love the new sound system,” senior Syd-               family,” Lee said.
teacher Cissy Johnson has been choreograph-          ily Life Center, Singleton rented out Pfluger- ney Jung said. “It’s going to make things so                    Lee plans on working at Midland Christian
ing the dance scenes and instructing actors.         ville Middle School’s auditorium.                much easier.”                                              where his father, Eddie Lee, is the superinten-
   However, it’s not just the drama department         “I remember The Sound of Music being one         Underneath the stage is a vast open workshop             dent. Before coming to Brentwood, Lee was
doing all the work. The school band has a vital      of my first Brentwood experiences,” said senior – a haven for building and storing set pieces. A            principal at the middle school there.
role in the production of the musical; orchestra     Kayle Morin, who will play the role of Maria. workman’s elevator has been installed to easily                  The Lees knew a job offer in Midland would
practices take place during lunchtime.               “I was captivated by Cici Pedre (BCS ’02) and whisk large set pieces away. An orchestra pit                 be a possibility since she interned at the same
   In 1959, the famous musical songwriting           thought to myself, ‘When I get big, that is what will house the mixed student and teacher band,             firm for the last two summers. After she was
duo Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein            I want to do.’ Little did I know that 13 years and actors now have a backstage bathroom and                 offered the job in late August they decided they
opened “The Sound of Music” on Broadway.             later I would be preparing to perform in that real changing rooms.                                          would move. Lee said it was a difficult deci-
The musical is loosely based on the true story of    very same role.”                                   “It will be a dream come true in so many                 sion because of all the hard work he has put
the Austrian family of widower Captain Georg           Starring along with Morin is senior Marcus ways,” Singleton said of the new facilities.                   into the school.
von Trapp, his seven children, and their govern-     McCormick, who will play Captain von Trapp “First, for me, is to finally have a venue in which                 Lee’s main goal this year is to keep “business
ess Maria. The musical quickly gained success        in his first role with BCS. Senior Kailey Rodden every audience member will be able to see and              as usual” and make this transition as smooth
and was made into a movie in 1965 that won           and sophomore Bryce Morin, both theater vet- hear the show. Second, we are already enjoying                 as possible.
four Academy Awards, including Best Picture.         erans, are the dynamic duo Elsa Schraeder and the ability to come and rehearse on a stage; we                  “I care very much for all the students and
   “Mrs. Singleton and I chose it because every-     Max Dettweiler. Senior Haley Decker, Encore don’t have to construct and tear down every time                truly believe we’re going to have a great last
one loves this show, we thought it would be a        member and theater rookie, will play Leisl.      we rehearse. Third, I am so happy to provide my            year together,” he said.
great opening musical for the new theater, it’s        Freshmen Tyler Clark and Haley Hudson students with a performance space worthy of
very family friendly, and it would involve stu-      play Friedrich and Louisa. Eighth-grader Jodie their talent, dedication, and commitment.”

Playscape                                            the timber border and concrete necessary for
continued from page 1                                the landscape around the playscape, and the
                                                     ribbon-cutting party attended by the kinder-
  Elementary principal Dr. Libby Weed said           garten through second grades. A portion of the
she is honored to receive this wonderful gift be-    money will also be given to the Children’s Ark
cause outdoor play is necessary for the growth       and Developmental Preschool programs.
and development of children.                            Mohrmann has worked with TerraCycle be-
  “Outdoor play is a crucial part of every           fore in fundraising through recycling. She has
school day,” Weed said. “Children simply love        encouraged BCS students to recycle various
to go outside and play.”                             goods such as CapriSun drink pouches.
  Dead trees were recently cut down in the field        In April, Mohrmann got an email from Ter-
where the playscape was placed due to this           raCycle saying that their company was part-
year’s unusually high temperatures and lack of       nering with Old Navy to recycle flip flops. It
rain. This has therefore greatly reduced the areas   also had a survey to fill out that would put the
of shade for teachers to sit and children to play.   school in the running to win a playground.
The new playground will help fill the empty             “I filled it out and completely forgot about
parts of the field, and part of the $5,000 will go   it,” Mohrmann said.
toward buying canopies to provide shade.                In May she received a phone call from Ter-                                                                                                   photo: Elena Battle
  “We have recently lost some important trees        raCycle following up on the survey. In August         Warm welcome Student Council member Rachel Dixon, left, talks with Anh Nguyen
in our play area to a severe drought, and putting    she received another phone call saying that           at the new student luncheon on Aug. 15, the day before school started. Follow-
this new playground into the bare spot will be a     BCS had won the playground, along with only           ing tradition, StuCo members shared pizza, toured the campus, played games, and
thrill to our students,” Dr. Weed said.              three other schools in the nation.
                                                                                                           “broke the ice” with their new classmates.
  The prize money will also be used to cover

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