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                                                                                                                      Spring 2012
Inside this issue:
Clerk’s Office                 2
Treasurer’s Tidbits            3
Environmental Notice:
Police Beat                    4
New Businesses in WB           4
News from the Fire Dept.       5
Property Tax: Inflation Rate
Multiplier                                                                                          Examples of two new businesses that
Spring Rains & Sump Pump               From the Supervisor                                                 have opened in the township
Connections Impact             8       A Standard and Poors Bond Rating call          four years ago, had never solicited an
Sanitary Sewer Flows
                                       was recently conducted, resulting in a         external comprehensive assessment of the
Development News               9       AA+ rating. This highly coveted rating         IT staffing and infrastructure.
2012 Household Hazardous               ensures that West Bloomfield will be
                         10-11                                                        This year the township will be using
Waste Days                             viewed favorably by financial institutions.
                                       This high bond rating was achieved             energy efficiency rebates for retrofitting
WB Gateway Sponsorship         12-13
                                       through cost cutting measures, and by          streetlights on the township campus with
Library Corner                 14                                                     high-efficiency fluorescent lighting.
                                       reducing the total number of employees
News from Parks & Rec          15      through attrition due to efficiencies gained   Significantly noticeable reductions in utility
Dates to Remember              16      through restructuring, streamlining, and       bills can be evidenced by the use of
                                       automation.                                    overhead radiant heater units at the
                                                                                      Water and Sewer department’s garage
Elected Officials
                                       Due to the shift from operating out of six     facility. For instance, for the Water and
Michele Economou Ureste, Supervisor    file cabinets in the Building Department to    Sewer garage facility radiant heat unit,
m_eu@wbtwp.com                         the BS&A permitting software module,           the consumer power natural gas bill
                                       which has resulted in a greater need for       dropped by 44.3% in November 2011 at
Catherine Shaughnessy, Clerk
                                       electronic data storage, as well as other      a savings of $180. For the month of
c_shaughnessy@wbtwp.com                factors driving up the need for electronic     December 2011 the gas bill dropped
Teri Weingarden, Treasurer             data storage, the township board has           even further by 49.2% for an overall
                                       hired a third party consultant to conduct a    savings of $543. Radiant heat units have
                                       comprehensive assessment and to develop        also been installed at four fire stations.
Lawrence Brown, Trustee                a five year hardware and software
l_brown@wbtwp.com                      upgrade plan. Due to the rapid change in       At the March 26 board meeting, the
                                       technology, third party consultants, which     board adopted a gateway signage
Gene Farber, Trustee
                                       were interviewed to conduct the                sponsorship program. The purpose of the
g_farber@wbtwp.com                                                                    program is to enhance the appearance
                                       assessment, recommend that assessments
Steven Kaplan, Trustee                 are conducted minimally every two              and stature of the township by placing
                                       years—and, the township, prior to              attractive “Welcome to West Bloomfield”
                                       approving the BS&A software installation,      signs at 30 prominent gateway locations.
Howard Rosenberg, Trustee
                                       and a new virtual enclosure more than
h_rosenberg@wbtwp.com                                                                                        Continued on page 6
Page 2                                                                                           West Bloomfield Township

Clerk’s Office - Clerk Cathy Shaughnessy

              248-451-4848 c_shaughnessy@wbtwp.com
           Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

Look out for new Voter ID
                                                         Clerk’s Office on Facebook and Twitter
cards in the mail!
                                                         Go to the Charter Township of West Bloomfield Clerk's
Township voters will soon receive new Voter              Office on Facebook to find out about Township Board meeting
Identification Cards in the mail, each reflecting        schedules and agendas, issues and elections and other
recent changes in precinct and legislative district      information about what we are doing everyday to serve our
boundaries. “Each registered West Bloomfield             residents and connect to the community. CLICK THE LIKE
Township voter will be receiving a new card,” said
Township Clerk Catherine Shaughnessy. “The new
cards will have all of the information necessary for     Follow our TWEETS on Twitter @ClerkCathy Find out more
voters to know which districts they will vote in and     about what is going on in our community and at township hall.
the correct location of their polling places.”

Every ten years following the US Census results,
legislative districts are redrawn to accommodate
shifts in the population. Districts are drawn to in an
attempt to be equal in size. Sometimes old districts
are split and even precincts must be changed in
order to accomplish that goal.

There have been several changes in legislative
districts in West Bloomfield Township. The new
Voter ID card will indicate which precinct you vote
in. The card will also identify your congressional,               Sample Voter ID card
state senate, state house, county commission and
school districts.
                                                         Your new Voter ID card will soon be arriving in your mailbox.
The nearly 50,000 registered voters in West              If you want more information on your new precinct, visit our
Bloomfield Township will receive their new voter         website at www.wbtwp.com (Click on DEPARTMENTS then
Identification Cards in mid May. If a voter doesn’t      click on CLERK)
receive the card, or has questions about where to
vote, contact the Clerk’s Office at 248-451-4848.

                                                Garage Sale Permits
 Warmer weather means it is garage sale season. Township Ordinance requires those wishing to conduct either a
 garage or estate sale to first obtain a Garage Sale Permit from the Clerk’s office during regular business hours.
 Applicants must provide a driver’s license and complete an application. Residents are allowed two permits a year, with
 each permit being valid for three consecutive days. Permit fee: $5.00 w/ 1 sign or $6.00 w/ 2 signs.
Spring 2012                                                                                                            Page 3

Treasurer’s Tidbits
Oakland County Foreclosure Prevention Initiative
The foreclosure crisis remains at the forefront of people's minds, and at the root of the
financial problems our township and Oakland County face. Our goal is to provide
information and resources to West Bloomfield homeowners faced with this crisis.
Any Oakland County homeowner facing difficulty with their mortgage can visit the
Oakland County Foreclosure Prevention Initiative online at
www.fightmortgageforeclosure.com/oakland to get free help fighting foreclosure. This
initiative allows residents to reach free licensed housing counselors who can provide access
to variety of programs.

This initiative is made possible by the support and partnership of the United Way, Lighthouse of Oakland County,
JVS, Green Path Debt Solutions and Oakland County Community and Home Improvement. With foreclosed and
abandoned properties continuing to cause property value decreases, along with blight and crime, the West
Bloomfield Township Board has focused efforts on ensuring properties are maintained. We have ordinances for
vacant properties and rental properties, which include registration and meeting strict guidelines.

Oakland County Treasurer, Andy Meisner, and I will be training fellow Treasurers this spring at the Treasurer’s
Institute on how to help their constituents survive the foreclosure crisis. Please remember we are here to help you.

Early Settlement: West Bloomfield Township receives tax dollars faster
Last year, West Bloomfield Township was one of the first townships to settle with Oakland County. Traditionally the
Township did not settle with Oakland County until late June or July. The Township does not receive our delinquent tax
dollars until we settle each year with Oakland County. This year we settled before the end of March. This is good
news for the Township as we are able to utilize or invest these funds.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to call me anytime with questions or concerns. I pride myself on always being
available to my residents. Teri Weingarden, West Bloomfield Treasurer

Environmental Notice: Fertilizers
Due to unseasonably warm temperatures this spring, the Development
Services Department has officially declared March 20, 2012 the first day of
"green-up" for the 2012 growing season for West Bloomfield Township.
Therefore, according to the Township Manufactured Fertilizers Ordinance
(Chapter 14.5 - Article II), the official start date for applying manufactured
fertilizers will be April 10, 2012.

Please contact the Development Services Department at 248-451-4876 with
any questions.
Page 4                                                                                         West Bloomfield Township

                Police Beat

                        Top Ten Crime Prevention Tips for Homeowners
1. Keep overhead garage doors closed whenever out of immediate sight.
2. Lock vehicles and remove valuable property whenever unattended.
3. Avoid placing outgoing mail in residential mailboxes and remove incoming mail from mailboxes as soon as
4. Keep purses with you at all times when away from home. Avoid leaving purses in a car, on the ground, in a
    neighboring seat, or hanging on the back of a chair.
5. Only take necessary items of financial value with you when away from home. Leave unnecessary cash, credit
    cards, and important documents secured at home instead of routinely carrying them around in your wallet or
6. Never respond to unsolicited phone calls or emails requesting personal or financial information until you have
    confirmed the requesting party is legitimate.
7. Keep an updated inventory of all valuable property including a picture and descriptive information (appraisals
    and/or serial number when applicable).
8. Avoid allowing uninvited visitors into your home. If you did not personally invite them and do not know them,
    have them remain outside during their visit.
9. Never give personal or financial information to a solicitor unless you can confirm the validity of the business or
    organization they are representing.
10. Avoid setting items of value (purses, wallets, personal electronics, etc.) where they can easily be seen from
    outside the home.

The West Bloomfield Police Department has officers on duty 24 hours a day that can be reached at (248) 975-

Citizen comments about the Crime Prevention Unit are welcome and we encourage you to email your thoughts and
views to crime prevention Officer Rick Trabusly at r_trabusly@wbpolice.org or Sgt. Tara Kane at

New Businesses in West Bloomfield
Apple Grill                                               White Palace
6700 Orchard Lake Rd. (West Bloomfield Plaza)             6123 Haggerty Rd. (Bloomfield Avenue Shoppes)
Nailstix Nail Salon                                       Witbeck Appliance
33290 W. 14 Mile Rd. (Simsbury Plaza)                     6551 Orchard Lake Rd. (Shoppes at Old Orchard)
Twist Custard & Yogurt Shop
6331 Haggerty Rd. (Bloomfield Avenue Shoppes)
Spring 2012                                                                                                           Page 5

                News from the Fire Department

The Fire Department is pleased to share with our residents a “sneak peak” of a new service that it will be made
available to residents within the next couple of months.

                         In an effort to better support non-emergency needs of our residents, the Fire Department
                         will be implementing a new “Community Services Unit”. This unit will be placed into service
                         at no additional cost to our residents and it will become a first of its kind in the area. We
                         will be taking a vehicle that has been generously provided to us by the Police Department,
                         and repurposing it for this new duty. The unit will ultimately be staffed with a Firefighter/
                         Paramedic along with properly screened and trained volunteer (citizen) service aides from
                         the community. It will also include local students performing community service time. The plan
                         is to initially make this unit available Monday through Friday from 7:30am - 3:30pm.

This unit will be available in our community to respond to requests for non-emergency assistance. While their calls
will primarily be non-emergency situations, these calls would have otherwise been handled by our emergency crews
or police officers which removes those valuable resources from service for real emergency situations. This new unit
will help improve service at all levels within our community, it will help to keep emergency units available for priority
calls, and it will bring a new level of service to others.

Just a few of the types of calls this unit will be responding to are: assisting people
who have fallen, and are not injured, but are having difficulty getting up, checking
out or helping to install smoke detectors, changing smoke detector batteries for our
senior citizens or infirmed, performing welfare checks to make sure our most
vulnerable citizens are ok, performing carbon monoxide analysis should detectors go
off and no one is ill, providing home safety inspections and providing slip and fall
education to the elderly.

One of the most notable services this new unit will provide is that it will be available to respond along with fire and
police officers during incidents where families need special assistance or emotional support during times of crisis. An
example would be a building fire, this unit will personally support the family, attending to their every need while
fire crews go about the business of extinguishing the fire. Should there be a need for children to be attended to
during a police situation, this unit will be there to help out and care for these children. The unit will also be available
during serious medical emergencies to help support and assist frightened family members while our paramedics tend
to the patient.

Some of this unit’s additional work will include: certified car seat installation services and education, community
safety education, knox (lock) box access programs and other supportive fire prevention activities. A special phone
number for this unit is also being planned so citizens can call to pre-schedule services or to ask questions.

Volunteer opportunities will become available to residents and students who may have a wish to become involved in
this units very special activities and in lending a hand to others in times of need. These opportunities will be made
public as the unit’s development moves forward. We are very pleased and proud to be able to introduce a new
level of support and customer service to those we serve.
Page 6                                                                                             West Bloomfield Township

From the Supervisor continued..
By investing in the signage sponsorship program, local businesses will enhance the community, while gaining recognition
and publicity for their businesses. The program has been enthusiastically supported by the West Bloomfield Chamber of
Commerce. The revenues generated through this program will be used to purchase, install and maintain the signs. The
profits from this program will be applied to the construction, placement and maintenance of more elaborate signs,
resembling that of Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, at the highest visibility locations. Applications are available
through my Executive Assistant, Pat Chapin, by calling 248-451-4813.

It’s always been my desire and vision for the West Bloomfield downtown area at Orchard Lake Road and Maple Road to
have a new structure in the center with clock and a chop house. This year the township could see both! An approved
limestone, multi-use office complex with a large clock in the center of an outdoor gathering area located at Orchard Lake
Road and Maple Road (to replace the existing BP gas station and Larco’s restaurant) has been approved with a Tim
Horton’s Upscale Café. A chop house is expected to open on Orchard Lake Road and Maple Road by this May. Plus, a
steakhouse has expressed interest in the former Villa Maria location at Haggerty Road and Maple Road. It has always
been my desire for an authentic Mexican restaurant in West Bloomfield and I have recently met with a developer
interested in bringing Grand Azteca to Haggerty Road next to the new White Palace. White Palace opened less than
one month ago with authentic Chaldean cuisine, a live fish basin and an oven to cook and smoke buffalo fish.

The RiverSafe program, launched in 2010, will be promoted again this year. It was developed to encourage more
environmentally-friendly products to be used around the home. Since our township is home to a natural conveyance system
comprised of 28 lakes, 150 ponds, 2,500 acres of woodlands and 1,500 acres of wetlands, a greater commitment by all
to minimize or eliminate the use of phosphorous fertilizers and pesticides is critical in
maintaining these unique and cherished environmental features. The only requirement to
receive a RiverSafe placard with the township’s blue heron logo is to pledge to become a
RiverSafe home and to commit to recycling and using more environmentally-friendly
products in and around the home. Literature regarding this program will be distributed at
the township’s Household Hazardous Materials Waste Day on April 28.

The Water and Sewer department recently completed a $7.5 million Clean Water State Revolving Fund project in the
Evergreen-Farmington district by rehabilitating 1,700 sanitary manholes; as well as, cleaning, televising, grouting and
lining 22.5 miles of sanitary mains in this district. The township was under an Administrative Consent Order (ACO) through
the Attorney General’s office since 1988. The township chose to undertake the project to alleviate our ACO in 2010, on
account of $3.1 million of American Reinvestment and Recovery stimulus funds becoming available for the project. We will
know after one year metering, or in the summer of 2013, whether the township is fully compliant with our short term
corrective action plan to eliminate our ACO. Our ACO requires us to be compliant by 2016.

This month sanitary sewer rehabilitation in the Clinton Oakland Sewage Disposal System commenced and $781,000 of
EPA federal grant funds, procured through the Oakland County Water Resources Commission, was received for this
project, with a township commitment of $50,000 for the design activities associated with the lining and grouting of 4 miles
of sanitary sewer mains in the Clinton Oakland sewer district.

If you haven’t done so already, please consider attending the township’s Third Annual
Wellness Fair scheduled at Town Hall on May 16, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Potential
exhibitors include physical fitness, nutrition, wellness counseling, sports apparel, women’s
heart health and blood pressure screening. The township is still considering exhibitor
applications, if you are an interested exhibitor please contact my Human Resources
Director, Denise Maier, who has championed this program for the past three years by
calling 248-451-4812.

Sincerely, Michele Economou Ureste, M.P.A. West Bloomfield Township Supervisor
Spring 2012                                                                                                                                                                          Page 7

Property Tax: Inflation Rate Multiplier
The constitutional amendment of 1994 known as Proposal A requires that property tax millage rates be levied on
Taxable Value (TV) as opposed to the previous methodology of levying millage rates on State Equalized Value.
State Equalized Value represents approximately 50% of the market value of a property. Taxable Value (TV) is a
mathematical formula, which is:

                                                    (Prior Year TV) Minus (Loss to property)
                                                 Multiplied by the Inflation Rate Multiplier (IRM)
                                                            Plus Addition to Property
                                                             Equals Current Year TV

Loss to property includes the physical removal of property such as the removal of a garage. Addition to property
includes the physical improvement to a property such as building a deck.

The Inflation Rate Multiplier (IRM) is calculated rate which is the ratio of “the average of the 12 monthly U.S.
Consumer Price Indexes for all urban consumers for the state fiscal year directly prior to the property tax year
divided by, the average of the 12 monthly U.S. consumer price indexes for all urban consumers for the state fiscal
year prior to the fiscal years directly prior to the property tax year.”(1) The Inflation Rate Multiplier for 2012
taxes is 1.027. “Proposal A” provided that the IRM used for property taxation cannot exceed 5%.

A history of the IRM since the                                                                                        IRM

inception of “Proposal A” is
shown in the chart to the right.

The Michigan State Tax
Commission issues an annual
Bulletin with the annual IRM for                1.04

use by Assessing Officer’s in                   1.02                                                                                                                                   IRM
each Michigan municipality.
The Board of Review does not                      1

have authority to modify the                    0.98


Please feel free to contact the                 0.94

Assessor’s Office should you                           1995   1996   1997   1998   1999   2000   2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010   2011   2012

have any questions. We may
be reached at 248.451.4850.

(1) Michigan Department of Treasury, Property Tax, Property Tax and Inflation Information (www.michigan.gov/taxes)
Page 8                                                                                          West Bloomfield Township

Spring Weather Rains & Sump Pump Connections
Detrimentally Impact Sanitary Sewer Flows…
Sanitary Sewage is something that we rarely talk or even think about. The wastewater that comes from our homes
and businesses seamlessly leave through drains that lead to a complex network of sewer pipes that eventually winds
up at the City of Detroit’s wastewater treatment plant. This plant is considered the largest treatment facility in the
United States. Sewage collection and treatment is a very complex and engineered public service. It costs about
“Twice” as much to provide sanitary sewer service as it does for water service, due to treatment processes being
more expensive because of solids that need to be disposed.

It comes as a surprise to many that most U.S. cities did not start treating their wastewater until the early 1940s.
Vigilant progress came with implementation of the Clean Water Act of 1972 that required much more rigorous and
stringent measures to clean wastewater prior to its discharge back into lakes and other bodies of water. Today,
wastewater plants discharge a cleaner effluent (treated wastewater) as a direct result of greatly improved
treatment processes.

In West Bloomfield we have well over 21,000 sanitary sewer connections to 300 miles of sewer mains that are inter-
connected to 23 individual sanitary sewage pumping station facilities. FACT: The sanitary sewer mains that run
underground along your streets were designed to only handle flow capacity of domestic sanitary sewage, not storm
water. Connection of sump pumps, yard drains and roof drains is legally considered an illicit connection. The
township is charged for all wastewater that enters the sanitary system through pipe metering that is performed by
the Oakland County Water Resources Commission, who ultimately pumps our sewage to the City of Detroit’s
collection system. If you have a sump pump that is connected to your sanitary sewer lead then this piping
arrangement is considered illegal and must be disconnected in order to avoid the potential for sanitary sewer main
overloading/overflows/backups as well as expensive treatment charges from recorded/billed sewer flows to the
township. FACT: Although West Bloomfield does everything it can to keep costs down for you as a customer, Illicit
connections to sanitary sewer causes all customers sewer rates to increase.

If you are not sure if your sewer lead is connected to your sanitary sewer service lead (typically located in your
basement) we kindly ask that you contact the Water & Sewer Department at (248) 451-4780 so we may perform
an appropriate inspection that typically only takes five minutes. There will be no penalty or fine assessed for a
property owner performing due diligence, if the department determines that a sump pump or other drains on the
property require disconnection and re-routing to a different drainage course in the subdivision or along the street.
Unfortunately, it is the property owner’s responsibility to execute the physical piping disconnection as well as pay for
the cost of the disconnection of piping, which is relatively inexpensive and is performed under a township building
permit that costs only $28. The Water & Sewer Department is very good about granting reasonable time and the
ability to have this work completed either by the homeowner or through a contractor, such as a plumber.

We want for everyone to know that we greatly appreciate and respect our valued customers of West Bloomfield!
Again, please feel free to contact us anytime so we may answer or address your questions or concern at the number
listed above. If you should ever have a water or sewer emergency please contact our 24-hour Emergency
Operations Dispatch Center at (248) 975-9200.

Ed Haapala, Water & Sewer Department Director
Spring 2012                                                                                                                Page 9

Development News
         Former US Blades Building Site
Demolition of the former US Blades building is complete. Plans
are being reviewed at the township for construction in 2012.
The site, which is the township’s first Planned Unit Development
(PUD) will be home to 125 senior independent living units.

                                                                      Demolition of the US Blades building
                                       Approved Elevation

                                                                                              Sugar Tree Façade
                                                                                         Like many other shopping centers in the
                                                                                         area, Sugar Tree Square will be
                                                                                         receiving a face lift over the next
                                                                                         several months. Home to Outback and
                                                                                         Baskin Robbins just to name a few
                                                                                         businesses, (Orchard Lake Road north
                                                                                         of Maple Rd) improvements will include
                                                                                         siding materials along with a new paint

              Maple & Drake Update
Construction on at the southeast corner of Maple and
Drake continues. Ciena Healthcare’s team is constructing a
120 bed skilled nursing facility that was approved by
the township last year. The site was designed to protect
the wetlands located on the south portion of the site, and
an observation boardwalk will be constructed, which can            Construction of the site
be accessed from Drake Sports Park for the public to
enjoy the preserved wetlands.

                                                                       Approved Elevation
Page 10                                                                                  West Bloomfield Township

2012 Household Hazardous Waste Days

Acceptable Items                                                                Appointments
                                                                    50 appointments are available
GARDEN/GARAGE: Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides,                between 5 pm – 6:30 pm on the Friday
Pesticides, All Automotive Fluids, Gasoline & Diesel, Kerosene,     prior to each event. Call the Hotline
Car Batteries, Polishes, Bug Spray                                  starting April 9th (for spring) and
                                                                    September 10th (for fall) - please leave
WORKSHOP: All Paints, (Maximum 10 gallons per vehicle),             name and number - you will receive a
Paint Solvents, Glues (solvent based), Wood Preservatives,          return call to schedule an appointment.
Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Varnish
                                                                       No appointment is necessary for
KITCHEN/BATHROOM: Thermometers, Chemical Cleaners,                     Saturday recycling participation
Furniture Polish, Nail Polish, Expired Medication

MISCELLANEOUS: Pool Chemicals, Household Batteries, Moth
Balls, Solvents, Muriatic Acid

ELECTRONICS: Computers and Monitors, Typewriters, Microwave
Ovens, Phones, Pagers, Printers, Fax Machines, Scanners, PDA’s,
Stereos, Radios, Cassette Players, Walkmans, CD Players, MP3
Players, Clocks and TV’s. A “Certificate of Recycling” and a
“Certificate of Hard Drive Destruction” are available from vendor
at no extra charge. Electronics should not be in boxes.

SHREDDING: On-site shredding of PERSONAL documents will be
available – max. 50 pounds

SALVATION ARMY: The Salvation Army will be on site (Saturday
only) for a “Donation Drive”. NO HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES

   Computer monitors with broken glass
   Appliances
   Water Heaters
   Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers
   Air Conditioners
   Tires

Please contact your trash hauler directly for disposal options on
items not accepted.
Spring 2012                                                                                                 Page 11

                                          2012 Household Hazardous Waste Days

        Sat., April 28 & Sat., Sept. 29                               INFORMATION HOTLINE
                   9am – 2pm                                               248-451-4834
         West Bloomfield Civic Center                                   (Taped message only)
            4550 Walnut Lake Road                                         www.wbtwp.com

                                                                                       Shut-In Service
                                                                                 Township staff will pick-up
                                                                                 Household Hazardous Waste
                                                                                 items (shredding and Salvation
                                                                                 Army donations will not be picked
                                                                                 up) from residents with physical
                                                                                 limitations between 8:30 am –
                                                                                 4:30 pm on the Friday prior to
                                                                                 each event. Call the Information
                                                                                 Hotline (248) 451-4834 starting
                                                                                 April 9th (for spring) and
                                                                                 September 10th (for fall) –
                                                                                 please leave your name and
                                                                                 phone number – you will receive
                                                                                 a return call to schedule an

                 Collection of Used Syringes at Beaumont Medical Center
A free community service for the collection of home-generated needles, syringes and lancets.
FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2012 from 11:00A.M.-1:00 P.M. and
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 from 11:00A.M.-1:00 P.M.
Beaumont Medical Center (rear loading dock)
6900 Orchard Lake Road, south of Maple Road

All needles, syringes and lancets must be placed in rigid
containers with lids. For further information call Patti Morton,
Environmental Services at: 248-898-0634.

               THEM AT THIS LOCATION
     Page 12                                                                               West Bloomfield Township

                                                   Welcome to
                                            West Bloomfield Gateway
                                          Signage Sponsorship Program

                                         Increase your presence within
                                         West Bloomfield while showing
                                               your civic support!
                                                           A Unique Opportunity

                                         Gateways into the township provide visitors their first and sometimes
                                         strongest impression of West Bloomfield, and that impression could
                                         also include your name!

                                         As part of the effort to strengthen the identity of West Bloomfield
                                         and provide more welcoming entrances, West Bloomfield is looking
                                         to local organizations and businesses to sponsor one of these limited

                                         Show your support for West Bloomfield and showcase your
                                         organization by becoming involved in this unique opportunity!
For more information contact:

Pat Chapin, Executive Assistant to Su-
                                                          Who Can Be a Sponsor?
Phone: 248-451-4800                      Any business, local and/or non-profit organization, or neighborhood
Email: p_chapin@wbtwp.com                group that is lawfully located in or serving West Bloomfield Township
                                         is eligible to become a sponsor, subject to the township’s reserved
Sara Roediger, Senior Planner            discretionary right to refuse a sponsorship.
Phone: 248-451-4828
Email: s_roediger@wbtwp.com
                                                               What’s Included?
4550 Walnut Lake Road
P.O. Box 250130                          Your name on a custom made sign to be placed at the designated
West Bloomfield, MI 48325-0130           gateway sign location for a period of two years, or for the life of
                                         the sign for lifetime sponsorships.
Spring 2012                                                                                          Page 13

                      Sponsorship Levels

  Sponsorships are awarded on a first come, first serve basis as
                                                                               Gateway Locations
   Platinum (Lifetime) Sponsorship. A minimum donation of $5,000
     for the life of the sign or sponsor, or a minimum of five years if   The following locations are available
     moved for road improvements or replaced by a permanent               for gold sponsorships:
                                                                          1.Orchard Lake north of 14 Mile/
   Gold Sponsorship. A minimum donation of $2,500 for the two
     year sponsorship at high visibility gateway locations.
                                                                          2.Orchard Lake south of Pontiac Trail
   Silver Sponsorship. A minimum donation of $1,000 for the two
                                                                          3.Maple east of Haggerty
     year sponsorship.
                                                                          4.Pontiac Trail east of Haggerty
                                                                          5.Haggerty north of Pontiac Trail

                                                                          The following locations are available
                                                                          for silver sponsorships:

                                                                          1. Halsted north of 14 Mile
                                                                          2. Walnut Lake east of Haggerty
                                                                          3. Oakley Park east of Haggerty
                                                                          4. Willow east of township limits
                                                                          5. Lone Pine west of township limits
                                                                          6. Lochaven south of township limits
                                                                          7. Hiller north of township limits
                                                                          8. Walnut Lake west of Inkster
                                                                          9. Inkster north of 14 Mile
                                                                          10. Richardson east of township limits
                                                                          11. Orchard Lake south of West Bloom-
                                                                              field Trail
                                                                          12. Farmington north of 14 Mile
                                                                          13. Middlebelt north of 14 Mile
                                                                          14. Drake north of 14 Mile
                                                                          15. Haggerty north of 14 Mile
                                                                          16. 14 Mile east of Haggerty
                                                                          17. Pontiac Trail west of township limits
                                                                          18. Commerce east of township limits
                                                                          19. Cooley Lake at Williams Lake
                                                                          20. Hiller south of township limits
                                                                          21. Middlebelt south of Orchard Lake
                                                                          22. Square Lake east of township limits
                                                                          23. Long Lake east of township limits
                                                                          24. Maple west of Inkster
                                                                          25. Commerce west of township limits
Page 14                                                                                         West Bloomfield Township

Library Corner
Special National Library Week Event Test Drive         Summer @ your Library
eReaders                                       Summer Reading kicks off at the Main Library
Try a selection of eReaders during National Library Week.      Saturday, June 16 with a day full of family fun.
See first hand how the Kindle, iPad and other devices          Great activities continue throughout the summer,
perform at our hands-on eReader showroom. Watch live           including:
demos and compare the design, features and operation of
                                                                Special programs for children from Mapcap
these eReaders. Librarians will be available to answer
questions about downloading eBooks from the Library’s             Puppets, the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum and
collection. Stop by the Main Library during showroom hours.       Cranbrook Institute of Science
                                                                Interactive workshops for teens about music
               Monday, April 9 from 2 – 4 PM                    production and creating comics digitally
               Wednesday, April 11 from 10 AM – noon          A pop culture series for adults featuring programs
               Thursday, April 12 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM           about the influence of Ed Sullivan and Motown
               Saturday, April 14 from 2 – 4 PM
                                                               Check the Online Library beginning June 1 for
                                                               complete information about summer reading
At Your Service                                                programs and events.
Stay in touch when you’re on the go. Use a mobile
version of the Library catalog that’s designed for
smartphones. View your Library account, search for books
and other materials, renew items and place holds. Go to
www.westbloomfieldlibrary.org, click on “Catalog” and
then on “Mobile Catalog.”

Text for quick answers. Text librarians with a brief
question or text the Library catalog to see if a material is
available. Text questions to txt@wblib.org during regular
Library hours. To text the catalog, send “HELP” to
find@wblib.org, and you’ll receive a text message with
instructions on how to use this service.
                                                                                   Take the reading experience outdoors on
                    NEW! The Library has a new Facebook                               the Main Library’s Storytime Terrace.
                    page dedicated to helping you find
                    your next great read! No matter what       Parents: Team up with the Library this summer to
                    type of book you want or what format       keep your children’s reading skills sharp. Research
                    (print, eBook or audiobook), you’ll find   shows that children who read five or more books during
                    great suggestions for what to read.        summer vacation gained more in reading achievement
                                                               than classmates who took a break from books. Ask our
                    “Like” the Page Turners page for the       librarians to help find the books, eBooks, audiobooks,
                    latest updates on book news and            graphic novels and magazines that will keep kids
                    events. Go to                              reading all summer long.
                    www.westbloomfieldlibrary.org, click
                    on “Pager Turners” and sign in to your
                    Facebook account.
Spring 2012                                                                                                          Page 15

                                                         News from Parks and Recreation
                                        ITC Walk West Bloomfield Begins May 5th
                                          West Bloomfield Parks and Recreation Commission is proud to announce that
                                          ITC HOLDINGS CORP. will once again be the title sponsor of the 2012 ITC
                                          Walk West Bloomfield. Come join our staff for a leisurely walk in the
                                          community. ITC Walk WB is a free, fun and pleasurable walking activity for
all ages. This activity is trying to encourage fitness opportunities for active participants to enjoy their recreation and
park facilities while also improving their health and physical fitness. Walks are scheduled from May to July at
various locations in West Bloomfield Township and range from 1.5 to 3.5 miles. There are no dues, fees or pledges
required. All walks are open to the public free of charge. Just show up at the time and location to walk.

Each time you participate in a walk your name will be placed in the grand drawing to win an
exquisite four day/three night stay for two at the historic Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel and
participate in Michigan’s famous Labor Day Bridge Walk as part of the Michigan Recreation
and Park Association’s “JAZZY WALK” weekend. The Grand Drawing will take place following
the July 28 walk. Participants need not be present for the Grand Prize drawing.

Tuesday walks will start at 7 pm and the Saturday walks will start at 8:30 am.

        Visit www.WestBloomfieldParks.org for the Walk West Bloomfield schedule

                                                                     Summer is ALL about CAMPS!
                                                                        WB Parks & Recreation
                                                                       Offers Lots of Day Camps
                                                                       for Children Age 4 to 15

                                                                     Check Out All the Camps @
                                                                      or call us at 248.451.1900
  D a t e s t o Re m e m b e r
  April            Friday 6th              Spring Holiday (Township offices closed)
                   Sunday 15th             Mother-Daughter Tea (Drake Sports Park)
                   Monday 23rd             Township Board Meeting
                   Saturday 28th           Household Hazardous Waste Day

                   Saturday 5th            Skateboard Competition (Drake Sports Park)
  May              Tuesday 8th             Bloomfield Hills School Election
                   Saturday 12th           Model Boat Regatta (Family Aquatic Center)
                   Monday 14th             Township Board Meeting (tentative)
                   Thursday 17th           Police Department Memorial Event (Police Station)
                   Friday 18th             Michigan Week Breakfast (Pine Lake Country Club)
                   Saturday 19th           Bike Safety Day (Recreation Activities Center)
                   Sunday 20th             Friends of WB Parks Open House (Marshbank Park)
                   Wednesday 23rd          Township Board Meeting
                   Monday 28th             Memorial Day (Township offices closed)

                   Saturday 2nd            National Trails Day Walk (WB Trail)
                   Monday 4th              Township Board Meeting
  June             Friday 8th              Hershey Track & Field (WBHS Track)
                   Saturday 9th            Go Fish! Father-Son Event (Marshbank Park)
                   Monday 18th             Township Board Meeting
                   Thursday 28th           Kids Komotion Concert (Marshbank Park)
                   Tuesdays in June        Family Fishing Nights (Marshbank Park)

                                    V{tÜàxÜ gÉãÇá{|Ñ Éy jxáà UÄÉÉÅy|xÄw
  Town Hall…………………………………….248-451-4800                                    Fire…………………………………………....248-409-1505
  4550 Walnut Lake Road                                                   5425 West Maple (Main Station)
  West Bloomfield, MI 48325                                               West Bloomfield, MI 48324
    Assessing…………………………………....248-451-4850                                Police…………………………………….…...248-975-9200
    Clerk’s Office…………………...………..…248-451-4848                            4530 Walnut Lake Road
    Community Development                                                 West Bloomfield, MI 48325
      Building…………………………………..248-451-4842                                 Water and Sewer…………………………......248-451-4780
      Code Enforcement……………….……….248-451-4880                             2400 Haggerty Road
      Inspections………………………………..248-451-4858                               West Bloomfield, MI 48323
      Planning…………………….……………248-451-4828                                     Billing……………………………..…….…..248-451-4832
    Development Services                                                  Library………………………………………...248-682-2120
      Engineering………………………………248-451-4824                                 4600 Walnut Lake Road
      Environmental/Soil Erosion………...............248-451-4818            West Bloomfield, MI 48323
      Grading……………………..……….…...248-451-4852                                  Westacres Branch …………………..….…...248-363-4022
    Personnel………………………………..…..248-451-4803                                Parks and Recreation………………………...248-451-1900
    Supervisor’s Office………………..………...248-451-4800                         4640 Walnut Lake Road
    Treasurer’s Office…………………………..248-451-4860                            West Bloomfield, 48325
                                                                             Aquatic Center………………………….…..248-451-1901

                 Dial 911 for Police, Fire and EMS Emergencies and (248)682-4400 for Water and Sewer Emergencies
Visit us on the web at www.wbtwp.com                                                Follow us on facebook and twitter
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                                    If so please email your email address to p_chapin@wbtwp.com

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