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     Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in a woman's life. Pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to woman and
      pregnancy to pregnancy; however, one of the most significant pregnancy symptoms is a delayed or missed
                                                 menstrual cycle.
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                                               Five Tips For Unplanned Pregnancies
                                                       By Sandra Montano

   Pregnancy is often a pleasant surprise. Of course, there are times that pregnancy can come as a
shock. Although most unplanned pregnancies are still pleasant surprises, it doesn't make the situation
much easier. There are steps you can take to make an unplanned pregnancy a pleasant experience.

First, speak with a friend or family member you can trust. You'll need someone who will be supportive
and not condescending. It's already an emotional time for you. The last thing you need is the added
stress of defending the pregnancy.

Second, once you're past the initial stages of finding out about your pregnancy, prepare yourself for the
varying responses of other people. You may get receptions that are congratulatory, and you may get
some who are judgmental. Be prepared for both. Also remember that what's done is done. It's not
constructive to look back in regret, anger, or despair. It is better to look forward and to make the best of
the surprise situation.

Third, don't feel as if you're alone. Unplanned pregnancies happen to many people. There are support
groups both online and offline available to help you through this confusing time in your life. Seek their
counsel. Don't be afraid to voice your own fears and concerns. You may find the sessions very

Fourth, prepare to inform the baby's father. Obviously it won't be easy, and you'll get a varying range of
responses from excitement to denial. Hopefully, the father will be supportive and can help you through
the pregnancy.

Fifth, be aware that your body is in a different state. Because you're now pregnant, your body is
flooded with hormones and is transforming every day. Take this into account when talking with people
and prioritizing your life.

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                                                 The Tell Tale Signs Of Pregnancy
                                                             By Daniel Millions

 Whether you're hoping for a baby or not, there is always the question as to whether or not a woman
may be pregnant. Aside from paid (and sometimes expensive) tests, there are a few symptoms women
will exhibit while being pregnant. These early signs can help spot pregnancy, but it is often a poor idea
to rely on early symptoms as a reliable source of information.

With that being said, these symptoms are still fairly efficient in dictating pregnancy.

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

First, there is the lack of menstruation. This is the most common tell-tale sign of pregnancy. The only
problem with this early symptom is that it can be up to a month's wait before results are seen. Not only
this, but some women can still go through menstruation while being pregnant, although the resulting
period will be lighter than usual.

Although a lack of menstruation can mean pregnancy, it can also mean stress, tension, or other
non-pregnancy related issues. Therefore, a late period doesn't always mean pregnancy.

Another symptom to lookout for is nausea or headaches. These signs come as a result of increased
hormonal levels that are present during pregnancy. But there are false-positives to be had in this test,
too. Stress, food poisoning, dehydration, caffeine withdrawal, and many other random acts can cause
these symptoms.

Some of the more interesting side effects include cravings for certain foods. The food cravings can last
throughout the entire pregnancy, yet some women don't experience it necessarily. Of course it's hard
to tell whether or not a food craving is a result from pregnancy or just a normal craving.

Another interesting side effect is frequent urination. In this case, a pregnant woman will be making a
few extra trips to the bathroom. This symptom comes rather late, and it is usually known if a woman is
pregnant or not before this symptom appears. Nevertheless, this symptom can be a simple increase in
liquid intake or other trivial factors.

The Most Reliable Symptoms

While none of the symptoms are 100% reliable, per se, they are indeed a few that are usually
associated with pregnancy more so than the others.

The most obvious is the lack of menstruation. In the majority of cases, a pregnant woman will miss her
period and this is a dead giveaway to pregnancy. But as stated, this doesn't always happen. In that
case, be sure to check for breast tenderness- this is also a common symptom among early

Lastly, headaches and morning nausea are quite frequent in early symptoms. The increase in
hormones and other changes within the body will almost always cause a little nausea or fatigue. If you
find these symptoms paired with the symptoms mentioned above, there are good odds that you are

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Final Thoughts On Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Only a doctor or test can give an accurate result in the pregnancy question. But in most cases, it's easy
enough to look at the symptoms (if time isn't a factor, of course). Following the fore mentioned tips on
the most reliable symptoms of pregnancy is the best bet if time is not indeed a factor.

Under no circumstances should these symptoms replace urgent situations (such as an unplanned
pregnancy scare), in which a pregnancy testing device or doctor should be taken advantage of.
Unplanned pregnancies that require abortions will have to be treated with urgency. Women's Health Find an

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