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‫حسن‬c‫عبدالرحيم‬c‫حسن‬c‫:محمد‬cmiuar ciuuC
‫لمشروع‬c‫التنفيذي‬c‫ المدير‬CIQAP
                                                               Assiut University
Contact information
-Current Address :Plant Pathology Dept. Faculty of Agriculture - Assiut University
-Assiut71526 Egypt
-Home Tel:0882342388
-Office Tel :0882412574
-Fax :+20882331384
-Mobile           :0101543449
-Birthdate        :1956-09-19
-Faculty          :Faculty of Agriculture
-Department :Plant Pathology Department
Educational Qualifications:
- Ph. D.,Assiut University,Faculty of Agriculture,Plant Pathology,1992
- M. Sc.,Assiut University,Faculty of Agriculture,Plant Pathology,1984
- B. Sc.,Assiut University,Faculty of Agriculture,Plant Pathology,1978

Academic Degrees :
-                                                           Assiut University,2003
-                                                                    Assiut
-                                                          Assiut University,1992
-                                                                   Assiut
-                                                               Assiut University,1978

Administrative Positions :
- 30,‫الجودة‬c‫ضمان‬c‫وحدة‬c‫مدير‬
- ‫لمشروع‬c‫التنفيذي‬c‫ المدير‬CIQAP

Publications :
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Trichoderma. harzianum isolates to sumisclex and ronilan fungicides
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Supervisions :
1 - Mohamed Abdelmoneam Housean,Integrated control of Stemphylium leaf blight of
caused by Stemphylium vesicarium
,M. Sc,2006-06-05,Prof. Dr. M.H.A. Hassan
            Dr. A.D. Allam
            Dr. K.A.M. Abo-Elyousr

2 - Kamal Ahmed Mohamed Abo-Elyousr,STUDIES ON INDUCED RESISTANCE
AMYLOVORA,Ph. D.,2004-07-03,Prof. Dr. M. A. A. Sallam
Prof. Dr. W. Zeller
Prof. Dr. M. H. A. Hassan

ROT DISEASE OF POTATO TUBERS,M. Sc,1998-12-03,Prof. Dr. M. A. Sallam

Dr. A. D. Allam
Dr. M. H. A. Hassan

4 - Mansour Mazen El-Fawy Hassan,Integrated Control of Fusarium Wilt in Cumin,M.
Prof. Dr. F. A. Saeed
Prof. Dr. M. H. A. Hassan
Dr. A. A. Mohamed

ISOLATES,Ph. D.,2004-07-03,Prof. Dr. c ِA. A. Abd-El-Razik
Prof. Dr. M. H. A. Hassan
Dr. E. Koch
6 - Hoda Abd-El-Fatah Mostafa Ahmed,Integrated Control of Sesame Charcoal Rot,Ph.
D.,2008-01-05,Prof. Dr. A. A. Abdel-Razik
Prof. Dr. M. H. A. Hassan
Prof. Dr. S. A. Khaled

7 - Sahar Abdel-Razik Abdel-Alim Abdel-Razik,BIOCONTROL AND INDUCED
M.H.A. Hassan
Dr. Amal M.I. Eraky
Dr. Nashwa M.A. Sallam

8 - Ahmed Wagdi Mahmoud Abdelmegid,STUDIES ON SOME ROOT-ROTS OF
COTTON IN ASSIUT GOVERNORATE,M. Sc,2003-03-20,Prof. Dr. A. M. Amein

Prof. Dr. M. H. A. Hassan
Dr. H. M. El-Aref


Awards :
- Assiut University Prize for the Best Scientific Research,in Agriculturar Sciences,2004

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