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									How Can You Benefit from Teaching
        English Overseas?
It’s obvious how your students will benefit by you teaching English overseas, but
 let’s be honest...what’s in it for you? Besides the obvious salary, of course. This
     article will open your eyes to just some of the ways you will benefit from
                              teaching English abroad.

If you’re thinking about teaching English overseas, you probably already
know how your students are going to benefit from it. They’re going to learn
English from a real, live person who’s going to teach them more than they
could ever learn from a book or a self-paced lesson system. They’re going to
learn English from an instructor at the front of the room.

And, they’re going to learn all of the specific nuances that go along with
being a native English speaker. That will go a long way towards helping
them advance their careers, converse with friends and family members
around the world, or simply keep up with the English pop culture that they’re
so curious about.

But what exactly are you going to get out of the deal?

You’re going to get a lifetime’s worth of memories
Imagine being telling your grandchildren about the year (or career) you
spent teaching English overseas. You’ll tell them all about the friends you
made, the experiences you lived, and the new culture(s) you learned about.
Can you picture the looks on their faces when they realize that you’ve
actually been to places they’ve only read about?! No website or book can
give them that kind of in-depth knowledge in a way they can understand and
relate to.

You’ll get a surge of confidence

There aren’t too many people who have the guts to pack up their stuff and
head halfway around the world to a strange place where they don’t know a
single soul. If you can leave behind all of the comforts of home (at least for
awhile), what other difficult challenge in your life can you tackle? You just
might be surprised at how tough you are! And how resilient. These a
valuable lessons that will serve you throughout your entire life.

You’ll learn more than you ever thought possible

When you teach English abroad, you get to be close with your students.
As a result, you learn from them, too! That means you’ll get to learn more
about your new home than you ever could in any guidebook, or by watching
travel documentaries on TV, or visiting any website.

Odds are you’ll be invited to observe, or even take part in ceremonies, off-
the-beaten-path meals, and other rituals that will give you a true insight into
your new culture. What a learning experience! Money can’t buy these kinds
of learning experiences. And how to you put a price on your memories? By
their nature, your memories are priceless.

You’ll have something awesome to put on a resume

In today’s job market, being able to stand out is crucial. So, when you come
back from teaching English overseas, you’ll have experience that most
people don’t – and that’s a good thing! Even if your next career has nothing
to do with teaching, the experience shows you’re a self-starter who’s not
afraid to do whatever it takes to pursue a goal. You rise to a challenge. With
all the people who just want to sit around, play Facebok and Twitter, and
collect their pay check…any potential employer will find your willingness to
take on and overcome the tough challenges impressive!

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