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                     JARVIS JARGON


 VOLUME 22, ISSUE 2                                                      "FOR THE STUDENTS, BY THE STUDENTS"                         aprIL 2007

 tdsb cell-phone ban?                                                                                                                                                    Mosaic Masterworks
                                                                                                                                                                         by Giorgio Traini
                                                                                                                                                                         On May 27th, Jarvis is holding a
                                                                                                                                                                         gala reunion performance of alum-
                                                                                                                                                                         ni and current Jarvis students.
                                                                                                                                                                         The event is planned as part of the
                                                                                                                                                                         celebrations of Jarvis's bicentennial
                                                                                                                                                                         and the 30th anniversary of the
                                                                                                                                                                         Mosaic Talent Show.
                                                                                                                                                                                   The Mosaic is named
                                                                                                                                                                         after the artistic technique of using
                                                                                                                                                                         small pieces of pottery or coloured
                                                                                                                                                                         glass to create a complex image. It
                                                                                                                                                                         developed out of the ESL depart-
                                                                                                                                                                         ment in 1976, with the help of Ms.
                                                                                                                                                                         Jessie Porter, and was originally
                                                                                                                                                                         founded as an opportunity for ESL
                                                                                                                                                                         students to celebrate and share
                                                                                                                                                                         their varied cultures and traditions
                                                                                                                                                                         with the rest of the school. In the
                                                                                                                                                                         words of Ms. Porter, who contin-
                                                                                                                                                                         ued to help run and organize the
                                                                                                                                                                         Mosaic until she retired three years
                                                                                                                                                                         ago, “the Mosaic’s purpose was to
                                                                                                                                                                         empower ESL students and bring
                                                                                                                                                                         them front and centre despite lan-
                                                                                                                                                                         guage difficulties.”
                                                                                                                                                                                   For Multicultural Club
                                                                                                                                                                         president Anoosh Salahshoor it is
                                                                                                                                                                         a way to say, “Hey. We are here.
                                                                                                                                                                         We matter,” especially for ESL stu-
                                                                                                                                                                         dents that are not always included
                                                                                                                                                                         in the major events of the school.
                                                                                                                                                                         Through the Mosaic, ESL students
                                                                                                                                                                         have gained valuable life experience
                                                                                                                                                                         as the stage crew, which sets up the
                                                                                                                                                                         stage, lighting, sound, and keeps
                                                                                                                                                                         the show running smoothly on the
                                                                                                                                                                         night of the performance. They
                                                                                                                                                                         also make school assemblies and
                                                                                                                                                                         any other events in the auditorium
                                                                                                                                                                                                 See page 4
 An example of how cell phones can be harmful to a safe school environment.                                                         Photographer: Balazs Szilagyi

 TDSB Trustee pushes for cell phone prohibition by Dana Marson                                                                                                           No one is illegal
                                                                                                                                                                         by Max Barkley
 A motion to ban cellular phones        next day.                                           Matlow worries about          him with any other good reason to
 in TDSB schools has recently been                Advances in cell-phone         both the privacy issue and the           use cell phones at school.                     Jarvis Collegiate has a long history
 proposed by St. Paul’s Trustee,        technology have created situations       interruption of class time. He adds                A consultation meeting at            of activism through its many extra-
 Josh Matlow, in response to recent     like the one at Cawthra Park S.S.,       that it is crucial for students to be    the TDSB building in North York                curricular clubs and associations.
 shocking incidents involving stu-      but as Mrs. Finlay, a social sci-        a partner in their own education.        took place on Thursday, March                  This year alone, Jarvis students
 dents.                                 ence teacher at Jarvis, explains, cell   “Cell phones are ubiquitous,” he         22. There, Student SuperCouncil                have raised thousands of dollars
           Early in March, four         phones also cause disruption in          says. “I put into my motion that         President, Henry Chak, said there              for Sierra Leone, promoted African
 Cawthra Park Secondary School          class.                                   the ban would allow for the use          was no hard policy put on the                  culture through Black History
 students were accused of using                   “What happens when             of cell phones when they enhance         table. “We’re planning to go to dif-           Month, and encouraged the spirit
 their cell phones to videotape the     you use a cell phone [in class] is       the learning environment. For            ferent schools and gather their poli-          of generosity in many other forms,
 assault of a female student. She       that, suddenly, you’re focusing on       instance, if there is a reason to use    cies and see which one is the most             and in keeping with this pattern,
 was unconscious at the time of the     another relationship that’s outside      it for a lesson of some sort, that       effective, covers the most ground,             Jarvis students have now joined a
 assault, and did not learn that it     of the classroom,” she says. “You’re     would be admissible.” He states,         and makes it fair for both sides               new cause: the protection of non-
 had happened until she saw photos      cutting people off, and in a way, I      however, that he hasn’t heard any-       – for the students who are using               status immigrants and their rights.
 of it on someone’s cell phone the      think that’s rude.”                      one, including students, provide         it and the staff who are trying to                       Prompted by the recent
                                                                                                                                                                         deportation threats against Rawad
                                                                                                                                                    See page 3           Reda and Mathew Nguyen, Jarvis
                                                                                                                                                                         French teacher, Mme Rossos, and
  Inside                                Community program guides youth to success                                             by Misty Ahmed
                                                                                                                                                                         a small group of students have
                                                                                                                                                                         started a club to raise awareness
                                        When you hear the name Regent            by other Canadian residents living       respected non-profit agency for                about the problems facing the over-
  Killing is my business       Park, what visual comes to your in Toronto. Twenty percent of the youth. Students have been shown                                         500,000 non-status immigrants
  By Artem Boykov       Page 6 mind? For some it may be a dan- people also show no sign of earned to improve academically in most                                        living in Canada, the faults in
                                        gerous neighborhood with ram-            income. The website states that          of their high school subjects after            the Canadian immigration system,
  Homework gets an F                    pant gang activities or perhaps          out of all the residents living in the   having the support of Pathways.                and the initiatives currently being
  By Sayma Chowdhury Page 7             a small multicultural community          community, half of them do not           According to the Pathways                      organized.
                                        that is currently being revitalized.     have a high school diploma.              to Education website, both the                           So far the group’s turnout
                                         There are families living with high               Education is the key to        student drop-out rate and poor                 has been modest; however, Mme
  She's so out of your league                                                                                                                                            Rossos says, “We’re in our initial
  By Mulu Tesfu           Page 9        hopes, teenagers achieving goals,        success in today’s society. So, in       attendance records have decreased
                                        and parents hoping to see a bright       order to end the cycle of poverty,       by 75%. In addition, 90% of the                stage.” Furthermore, she anticipates
                                        future for their children. Pathways      students need to stay in school,         students who applied to universi-              interest in the workshops the group
  Lockdown at Jarvis                    to Education™ has existed for the        and that’s Pathways’ mission. Its        ties or colleges received acceptance           is planning. “Our first workshop is
  By Oliver Nasmith Page 10             last 6 years, trying to turn people's    goal is to make sure that all young      to four-year programs.                         going to be a silk screening work-
                                        dreams into reality and overcome         people receive an opportunity to                   The drop-out rate for                shop, which is kind of cool because
  Band-aid                              the stigma associated with Regent        create a better future for them-         Regent Park youth has been                     it’s very hands on. A lot of people
  By Yevgen Slyepukhov Page 12          Park and Moss Park. It supports          selves and generations to come.          reduced from 56% to 14% after                  might ask, ‘Well, what does silk
                                        students academically, financially,                Pathways was first             the formation of Pathways.                     screening have to do with immi-
  Hall Monitors                         and emotionally.                         launched in September 2001, and                    There are four pillars of            gration issues?’, but when you get
                                                  The average income for         its doors are still open today for       Pathways which make it unique                  people together to express them-
  By Fraser Marit           Page 15                                                                                                                                      selves and to do something that
                                        residents living in this community       all students living in Regent Park       from other organizations available
                                        is about half the income earned          and Moss Park. It’s a well-known,                                                       they enjoy artistically, it’s a great
                                                                                                                                                   See page 5
                                                                                                                                                                                                 See page 3
PAGE 2                                                                                                                                                   The Jarvis Jargon • APRIL 2007


school boards poke back                                                                                                                                       Jargon Staff
In the past month alone, there have been several cases in the news of          Facebook as a social utility. To most students, Facebook is closer to a
school administrators suspending students for derogatory comments              phone call, an instant message, or an email than to any sort of publica-
made on the popular website, The most recent situa-              tion.
tion, at Birchmount Park C.I., led to a protest on March 23rd, result-                    So the real question is, who is right?                              Editors-In-Chief
ing in 4 arrests when police arrived at the scene. Clearly, this is an issue              The comments resulting in the Birchmount suspensions were,
taken very seriously by students and school administrators alike.              according to students involved, made in a closed Facebook group,                           Max Barkley
          The TDSB claims that these recent events are part of a larger        meaning only people with Facebook accounts who were allowed in                  Jacqueline Dana Marson
effort to crack down on cyber-bullying, but have the Board’s recent            could read the group members' posts. If this is true, it would be equiva-
maneuvers gone beyond its jurisdiction?                                        lent to an apartment resident putting up a note on the bulletin board                     Giorgio Traini
          The full contents of the offensive Facebook group have not           in his lobby; only residents in his building and guests of the residents
been released to the public, thus it is impossible to form one's own           would be privileged to this note. This could amount to a large number
opinion on the content of these comments; what we do know is that              of people, but it would be unfair to say it is completely public.
students involved felt the posts were harmless jokes, while Birchmount                    Facebook is not a website designed to help one spread his
administrators claimed that serious character defamation and vague             opinions or values to the masses, but rather it is a social networking site,       Layout Editor
threats occurred.                                                              designed to connect friends, and help them share online content with
          But regardless of content, there are larger issues involved.         each other.                                                                                Max Barkley
These comments were made off TDSB property, on non-TDSB com-                              That issue deserves further debate, but even if Facebook is
puters and a non-TDSB website; so why is the TDSB taking action?               considered public and schools are allowed to suspend for conduct on
          There is well-established case law supporting schools' ability       the site, there is another issue.
to discipline students for offences committed off school property; the                    In this situation, we have a vice principal who feels insulted,     Chief photographer
most obvious example is suspension for fights between students, which          enforcing discipline upon her attackers. The comments made about
occur off school grounds. However, there is yet to be such case law for        her may have warranted suspension, or they may not have; however,                        Balazs Szilagyi
incidents online.                                                              the only way equity can be assured is for a third party to administer
          Yes, a vice principal has been insulted by students attending        justice.
her school, and yes, schools have suspended students for offences com-                    The suspensions given to the involved Birchmount students
mitted off school property before, but at what point do we limit this          may last up to 20 school days; this is a severe penalty that may have a
authority?                                                                     negative impact on their academic success and future.                               Staff Adviser
          Supporters of these suspensions would argue that libelous                       All people should have the right to a safe workplace and pro-
statements are an assault on the authority of school administrators,           tection from hateful speech, but if a school administrator feels threat-                       Mr. Reed
which compromises the safety of a school environment. However, as              ened or insulted, she shouldn't be allowed to take the law into her own
slanderous as these statements may be, whether or not they are 'libel' is      hands. Whether or not Facebook defamation is within the TDSB's
a matter of perspective.                                                       control may be a topic of debate, but an accused's right to impartial
          Schools feel they should act on malicious Facebook posts             justice is something we should all agree on.
because they view them as libelous publications; however, students see                                                                                          Website Adviser
                                                                                                                                                                         Mr. Schreiber
the gold report: Is technology MakIng you More IntellIgent?
In 1989, the year that most of our graduating students were born, I            important to success in life – the ability to understand and capitalize
was working in my first office job. I remember the delivery of our first       on one’s own emotional abilities. This enabled our society to recognize
“fax machine”. This communications technology was perceived to be              a whole other set of important capabilities that had not been as equally       Technical Support
an incredible step forward. Our office relied heavily on documents that        valued.                                                                                      Mr. Bartha
were developed with our clients. There was not yet any email, so it was                  In the last few months I have done some very preliminary
typical for a document to be drafted on a word processor, printed and          reading on Goleman’s newest work, social intelligence. Unlike emo-
then couriered to the client. The client would make changes, courier           tional intelligence that focuses on understanding our own emotions,
the document back to our office and this process would continue until          social intelligence focuses on our ability to be in tune with the emo-
the document was acceptable to all involved.                                                      tions of others. In examining this topic Goleman has                  Publisher
           I continued to work part-time in that                                                  looked at much research on the connection between                           Mr. Gold
office for 2-3 years, and noticed a significant change                                            neuroscience, physiology and emotional respons-
in the quality of work in our office. Some would say                                              es. Goleman describes this connection as follows:
that the pace of work had gotten more efficient,                                                  “During these neural linkups, our brains engage in
but I felt it had just gotten faster. I also felt that this                                       an emotional tango, a dance of feelings. Our social
increased pace had also led (partially) to a decline                                              interactions operate as modulators, something like                       Printer
in the quality of work that I saw in the office. The                                              interpersonal thermostats that continually reset key        Centra Web Reproductions
expectation of quicker response times between                                                     aspects of our brain function as they orchestrate our
receiving a document from the fax and sending                                                     emotions.” In other words, the social responses of
an edited version back to the client meant that less                                              other people to our actions actually cause our brains
thinking occurred during the editing process. This                                                to initiate physiological responses in our bodies that
decrease in sustained reflection seemed to become                                                 then affect the way we socially respond in return.              Contributors
more common as time passed. There was also a                                                       With another type of intelligence now defined, it                  Hayart Abubakar
change in the “human atmosphere” of the work                                                      has become even more evident to me that intelli-
environment. As the speed of completing work                                                      gence is truly a multi-defined characteristic. It is also              Misty Ahmed
increased, the time for thoughtful human interac-                                                 clear to me that to be successful in today’s complex                   Chris Arreaga
tion seemed to decrease. I'm not against the use of                                               world one must develop all of these intelligences.
newer technologies; in fact, I have always personally                                              This takes me back to that original question in                Sathyan Arulvarathan
embraced learning new technology. Although I was                                                  my mind from my “fax machine days”. Many of                            Artem Boykov
quite inexperienced in the world of work at that time, I did wonder if         the technologies that you now use to communicate with your peers
we were able to have our human/emotional ability adapt to the use of           completely remove the physiological component of human interaction.                   Brittany Campbell
technology as quickly as we learned to use the technology itself.              When you say something via a blog site, for example, that you would                  Sayma Chowdhury
           It is now 2007, and in 1989 I never would have imagined             never say if you were face-to-face, your brain is not “modulated” by the
how much quicker communication technology would become. I still                response of the person you are speaking about. If Goleman’s research is                     Saeeda God
ponder the same issues that I wondered about with the fax machine.             correct, then it would mean that the hundreds or thousands of social                       Danial Khan
Whether it was email, electronic messenger services, text messaging,           interactions you have without a physical presence would condition you
blogs, Facebook, the same concern about our ability to adapt as human          to develop no social intelligence. As an educator who is committed                         Fraser Marit
beings to the faster world we communicate within crosses my mind on            to the development of young people, this worries me terribly because              Pedram Mossallanejad
a regular basis.                                                               I recognize the importance of supporting the development of social
           You may wonder why I mention the idea of intelligence in            intelligence in order to prepare our students for a successful future.                   Oliver Nasmith
the title of this article. The meaning of the word intelligence is con-                  I am sure that during the coming months you will hear about                      Saeda Raghe
tinually changing as we develop a broader perspective on the concept           situations involving blogs, or Facebook or YouTube or some other com-
of intelligence and on the complexity of the human brain. For many             munication tool. I only hope that our Jarvis students are broad think-                Zalika Reid-Benta
years, intelligence was measured with instruments such as IQ tests that        ing enough to not only focus on the debates over private versus public               Yevgen Slyepukhov
measured knowledge, concepts, logic, reasoning, etc. In 1995 I became          conversations and the issues related to these debates, but will also think
very interested in the work of Daniel Goleman who wrote about the              about the fact that most of these situations are about the way we treat                    Nick Spector
concept of emotional intelligence. His work recognized a completely            and talk to other human beings. I also hope that our social intelligence               Mulutsega Tesfu
different perspective on intelligence that was just as (or perhaps more)       will allow us to prevail over these less important arguments.
The Jarvis Jargon • APRIL 2007                                                                                                                                                            PAGE 

cellmay get bad reception ban
TDSB proposal
by Dana Marson                                  that cell phones are distracting, can be used
                                                inappropriately much like in the case of the
Continued from page 1                           Cawthra Park students, and are often items
enforce that policy.”                           of theft. New York’s policy is strict, and as a
         Student Trustee, Nick Kennedy,         result, cell phones are not allowed anywhere
explains that “there are two sides of the       on school premises.
argument: there’s one group that doesn’t                  Matlow does not agree with the
want to pass the policy, and then there’s the   complete ban, and understands that his pro-

    “Cell phones are a reality. If the teacher cannot
     control the class to the point where ‘no means
   no’—that means no buzzing, no ringing, no text
        messaging—then there’s a larger issue.”
other side of the coin with people who want     posal does draw concern that the TDSB will
to enforce the policy board-wide.”              now function under rules much like those of
                                                                                                     TDSB Trustee for St. Paul's, Josh Matlow, has advocated a cell-phone ban.
         New York school boards have            New York’s.
                                                         “Some will initially think of the         Ursula Franklin Academy graduate, does             means no buzzing, no ringing, no text mes-
adopted a cell phone ban already. Due to                                                           not agree with the ban, due to security            saging—then there’s a larger issue.”
student possession of weapons and drugs         New York example, that we won’t allow it
                                                in schools,” he says. “I just try to draw a line   issues, and insists that parents should be                  “I don’t support extreme measures,
in schools, security checks were randomly                                                          able to contact their children directly at all     like not allowing students to bring cell
conducted, and turned up many cell phones       between where it’s reasonable to use these
                                                electronic devices and where it’s not. And         times, but most importantly when they’re           phones into schools,” Matlow insists. “I
that were in turn confiscated. New York                                                            alone before and after school. “Cell phones        enforce that students don’t use cell phones in
School Chancellor Joe Klein has reasons for     then they get it.”
                                                         Dawne Burnell, mother of an               are a reality. If the teacher cannot control the   school, but before and after, do your thing.”
the ban that parallel Matlow’s. Klein insists                                                      class to the point where ‘no means no’—that

                                                                                                                       fully implemented, municipal              with, is indeed a unbalanced point
                                                                                                                       workers will no longer request a          of view. However, Mme Rossos
                                                                                                                       person’s status, nor will they report     stresses that No One Is Illegal is
                                                                                                                       it if they become aware.                  only involved to give support and
                                                                                                                                  In February 2006, the          provide information: “We have to
                                                                                                                       police created a Don't Ask Policy,        make sure that this stays a very
                                                                                                                       in which police officers were not to      Jarvis-centred club.”
                                                                                                                       ask for immigration status unless                   Mr. Gold agrees with
                                                                                                                       they had "a bona fide reason."            this, saying, “Because we’re a pub-

                                                                                                                       When you get people together to express
                                                                                                                      themselves and to do something that they
                                                                                                                      enjoy artistically, it’s a great avenue to start
                                                                                                                        conversation and to give information.
                                                                                                                       No One Is Illegal supporters insist       lic education system, we have to
                                                                                                                       that this bill is not strong enough.      make sure that when we’re dealing
                                                                                                                       Furthermore, after pressure from          with an issue that has many sides
                                                                                                                       the Federal Government, imple-            and when we have outside groups
                                                                                                                       mentation of the policy has been          coming into the school that may
                                                                                                                       delayed and it is now under               not be presenting a balanced posi-
                                                                                                                       review.                                   tion, that we also have groups that
                                                                                                                                 “In the end, some people        offer an alternative view.” He adds
                                                                                                                       may be a little weary of No One           that it would be irresponsible to
                                                                                                                       Is Illegal being a part of [the new       present biased viewpoints to stu-
No One Is Illegal members pose with the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) during workshop.
                                                                                                                       Jarvis club],” says Mme Rossos,           dents, a captive audience.
                                                                                                                       “and I know that’s a concern that                   With all in agreement
                                                                                                                       we talked about with Mr. Gold             on the role of No One Is Illegal

no one Is Illegal
                                                                                                                       too, because they are a very parti-       within Jarvis’s new group, no one
                                                                                                                       san, biased organization and we all       seems to be against this new cause.
                                                                                                                       recognize that.”                          “Students become aware of some
                                                                                                                                 No One Is Illegal,              issues in society because they get
Jarvis club supports immigrant rights                                         the summer of 2006, supporters           described by some as a socialist-         a lot of media attention,” says
                                                                              pressured Toronto District School        libertarian group, believes that          Mr. Gold, “but there are many
by Max Barkley                         immigrants living in Canada.
                                                                              Board Trustees into unanimously          Canadian immigration policies are         other issues in which people are in
                                                 The phrase “No One Is
Continued from page 1                  Illegal” was first popularized in      voting for a Don't Ask Don't Tell        racist, attempting to deny rights         unfortunate circumstances, and it
                                       1985 by the Jewish Nobel Prize         Policy in all TDSB schools. This         to Canada's immigrant underclass.         will only be through the goodwill
avenue to start conversation and to                                           means that Toronto Public schools
give information. As we silk screen    winner and Nazi Germany survi-                                                  This strong political stance, with-       of other citizens that their circum-
                                       vor, Elie Weisel, in a conference in   will now accept students regardless      out any sympathy for the difficul-        stances will change.”
these T-shirts we’re going to talk                                            of immigration status.
about the issues that have come up,    Tucson, Arizona on the rights of                                                ties Immigration Canada is faced
                                       refugees to live in the USA. Since               But No One Is Illegal still
which have motivated us to make                                               has many goals to reach. Currently,
these T-shirts.”                       then, organizations have taken this
          Silk screening will not be
the only activity done in these
                                       title in countries world-wide, such
                                       as Australia, Germany, Holland,
                                                                              the organization is pushing for the
                                                                              same policy to be put in place in        In the summer of 2006, supporters
workshops; others will focus on        Poland, Sweden, and Canada, pro-       City Hall; supporters of the policy
                                                                              claim that illegal immigrants are
                                                                                                                        pressured Toronto District School
'zine, banner, and film-making,        moting the rights of refugees and
some of these being in conjunc-        immigrants to live with dignity,       currently afraid of using municipal
                                                                              services, including the protection
                                                                                                                        Board Trustees into unanimously
tion with the Toronto section of
No One Is Illegal, a group which
                                       and striving to attain “status for
                                       all.”                                  of the Toronto Police, for fear of        voting for a Don't Ask Don't Tell
                                                                              being reported to Immigration
advocates the rights of non-status               The Toronto section
                                       has met with some success. In          Canada. If this policy is success-           Policy for all TDSB schools.
PAGE                                                                                            NEWS                                                        The Jarvis Jargon • APRIL 2007

chaos into violence
State deteriorates
                   In soMalIa
                                                                                     12 student, says, “The U.S. went
by Saeeda God                                government will succeed, one            into Iraq for no particularly good
                                             Grade 12 student at JCI, Shukri         reason and now I feel that they are
Chaos erupted on December 21,                Mohamed, said, “Not if the major-
2006 in Somalia, with Ethiopian                                                      doing the same for Somalia. In
                                             ity of Somalis don’t want it [TFG],     many ways, I believe that the U.S.
and Somali Transitional Federal              and not under the circumstances.
Government troops fighting                                                           should step out of this because it’s
                                             I think that if the Somali people       not their battle to fight, not this
against the Islamic militant group           feel pressured or forced to accept
called the ICU, Islamic Courts                                                       time.”
                                             the government, it has no chance                 The violence in Somalia
Union.                                       of lasting. I mean, our previous
           Ethiopia, the United                                                      continues to escalate. According
                                             government, if you could call it        to the Toronto Star, “Somalis fled
States, and other nations are                that, didn’t have any control over
against the ICU’s control over                                                       their violent capital by the hun-
                                             the country and barely had con-         dreds on Tuesday February 20,
Somalia because they believe that            trol in the capital.”
the ICU has been training new Al-                                                    2007, in cars and on foot, pulling
                                                       Some Somalis, who pro-        carts heaped with belongings in
Qaeda members and is a potential             tested on February 1, 2007 in
terrorist threat.                                                                    a desperate attempt to leave an
                                             Toronto, might even prefer the          onslaught of mortar and rocket
           Most Somalis are against          Islamic government to the transi-
Ethiopian involvement and occu-                                                      attacks behind them.”
                                             tional one. According to the Globe               The battles between gov-
pation of the country. Somalia               and Mail, “Some protesters called
and Ethiopia have not been on                                                        ernment forces, with Ethiopian
                                             for the return of the Islamic move-     troops, against Islamic insurgents
good terms since their bitter war            ment, which was credited with
over the region of Ogaden in 1977                                                    have prompted the African Union
                                             restoring some order in the violent     Peace and Security Council to
and 1978.                                    nation.”
           According     to    the                                                   prepare a mission of peacekeep-
                                                       Then there is the             ers from neighbouring African
National Post, “On December 24,              U.S., which backed the entry of
forces loyal to interim President                                                    countries to attempt to stabilize
                                             Ethiopia into Somalia because they      Somalia.
Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed [of                    believed Al Qaeda members were
Somalia], backed by Ethiopian                                                                 Somalia is not new to
                                             situated in Somalia. According          fighting or war. There have been
forces, began an offensive against           to the Toronto Star, “U.S. forces
the Islamists, who quickly crum-                                                     continuous battles between clans
                                             entered Somalia in December             for hundreds of years. Civil strife
bled.”                                       when Ethiopia launched an attack        in the country has gotten worse
  Somalis fled their violent capital by the hundreds                                                                        A map of the Somalia, where violence has spiraled out of control.

 on Tuesday February 20, 2007, in cars and on foot,                                                                         lack of governmental control, and
                                                                                                                            the obstacle for possible solutions.
                                                                                                                                                                     pointed and sad, and if I could
                                                                                                                                                                     change anything, I would.”
 pulling carts heaped with belongings in a desperate                                                                        The clan with the most power
                                                                                                                            has control over many aspects of
                                                                                                                                                                                With all this fighting and
                                                                                                                                                                     pain, it’s hard to believe that there
 attempt to leave an onslaught of mortar and rocket                                                                         the country, whether social, politi-
                                                                                                                            cal, or economic. There are four
                                                                                                                                                                     could be any hope for Somalia.
                                                                                                                                                                     Fowsiya Farah, for one, says,
                attacks behind them.                                                                                        major clans in Somalia with many         “Somalis are physically, mentally,
                                                                                                                            sub-divisions. They are Darod,           socially, and, now after this battle,
                                             against Somalia’s Islamic move-         since 1991, when clan warlords         Dir, Hawiye, and Isaaq.                  emotionally not ready to move
         The Islamist groups soon            ment. U.S. officials told Associated                                                     Somali students at Jarvis      on. We've been through a lot and
began retreating and Ethiopian                                                       worked together to overthrow the
                                             Press in February that Special          former dictator Mohamed Siad           C.I. strongly oppose clan divisions.     if the future looks positive then
and Somali government troops                 Forces were in Somalia hunting                                                 Yasin Osman, a Grade 9 student,          hopefully clan fighting will stop
gained control once more over                                                        Barré, and then turned on each
                                             Al Qaeda fighters and providing         other. Since then, Somalia has         had this to say: “[I find clan affili-   and Somalia will be like it use to
Mogadishu.                                   military advice to Ethiopian and                                               ations] very tragic and sad and, to      be in the past. If it looks negative
         Even with the retreat of                                                    been in constant chaos, without a
                                             Somali forces.”                         stable government, fighting a civil    be frank, stupid because we are          then I hope for the best because
the ICU, Somalis aren’t too sure                      However, some students                                                all one people. Somalis live in the      right now I don’t know what the
about the governing capabilities of                                                  war between rival warlords.
                                             think that the U.S. intervention in              Clan divisions in Somalia     same land, worship the same god,         future will hold for this country.”
the new transitional government.             Somalia is similar to their invasion                                           and breathe the same air. To tell
         When asked if the                                                           have been the basis of the famine,
                                             of Iraq. Fowsiya Farah, a Grade                                                you the truth, I’m really disap-

30th MosaIc
Celebrating diversity at Jarvis
                                                                                     Tianzhi Li, a non-ESL student,
                                                                                     who played with a rock band at last
                                                                                     year’s show, performing in front
                                                                                     of his peers was “an opportunity
                                                                                     to expand my musical horizons,
                                                                                                                             others from years past. The reun-
                                                                                                                             ion show will be held on Sunday,
                                                                                                                             May 27, at 6:00P.M. in the Jarvis
                                                                                                                                       Meanwhile, Mosaic 2007
                                                                                                                                                                       talents Jarvis has to offer. Their
                                                                                                                                                                       hard work helps to carry on a tra-
                                                                                                                                                                       dition that has enriched the life of
                                                                                                                                                                       Jarvis for the past 30 years.
                                                                                                                                                                                  The Mosaic and its reun-
by Giorgio Traini                            over the last 30 years. Ms. Porter      beyond the reaches of friends and       is currently stepping into gear, with     ion reminds us of how fitting its
                                             and the Bicentennial Committee          family.”                                auditions on Saturday, March 31st,        name is for the whole Jarvis com-
Continued from page 1                        have been working to find past acts               To commemorate the            for the show which is on Friday,          munity. Canada likes to refer to
                                             and bring them together, along          Mosaic’s diverse tradition, the         May 4th. In choosing the acts the         itself as the multicultural mosaic,
                                             with some of the performances           alumni talent show will have a wide     Multicultural Club will be look-          but there are few places where the
                                             from this year’s talent show, to cre-   range of acts that encompasses          ing to represent the many facets of       pieces fit so well together as inside
                                             ate a celebration of Jarvis’s talents   Jarvis’s variety and evolution. The     Jarvis students, as well as the best      the walls of Jarvis and on its stage.
                                             and multicultural dynamics.             celebrated dub poet, playwright,
                                                       Since 1976 the Mosaic         and actress, d’bi.young, who gar-
                                             has seen wave after wave of dif-        nered a Dora nomination for her
                                             ferent ethnic groups moving into        part in Da Kink In My Hair, is
                                             the school and showcasing their         scheduled to perform. A separate
                                             talents in the auditorium. From         piano concert by Miaomaio Yu
                                             African steppers, to South Asian        will also be held. Miaomaio is
                                             belly dancers, and Latin Salsa cou-     a graduate of the Jarvis school

                                              The Mosaic’s purpose was to empower
                                              ESL students and bring them front and
                                               centre despite language difficulties.
A Jarvisite plays polka.   Photographer:
                           Balazs Szilagyi   ples, the Mosaic evolved over the       orchestra, who has won numerous
                                             years, growing to encompass all of      international piano competitions
possible.                                                                            and is currently completing her
         Now, as the school pre-             Jarvis’s population, in and outside
                                             of the ESL department. Now there        Doctorate at the Royal College of
pares for its 200th anniversary,                                                     Music. The Jarvis orchestra will
there are also preparations for a            are rock bands, ballet dancers and
                                             jazz singers mixed in with fusion       also be performing along with acts
reunion of some of the acts which                                                    from this year’s talent show and         Former Multicultural Club president takes stage. Photographer: Balazs Szilagyi
have appeared on the Jarvis stage            acts from across the globe. For
The Jarvis Jargon • APRIL 2007                                                            NEWS                                                                                         PAGE 

pathways to educatIon
A helpful journey to the future
                                       different from Pathways and your
by Misty Ahmed                         regular school guidance counsellor
Continued from page 1                  is that you get on a personal level
                                       with Pathways. With guidance,
to youth in Toronto.                   you have to wait for a talk, and
         The first pillar is           your problems might be urgent.
Academic Support. Four nights          With Pathways, you just walk right
a week, students go to an assigned     in and you can receive whatever
tutoring site, where they receive      help you need.”
help on the subjects they are strug-             Karen Peterkin, who is a
gling with.                            part-time student at George Brown,
         The second pillar of          is one of the tutors of Pathways at
Pathways is Social Support. Its        the St. George site. Despite having
aim is to build students’ self-con-    a busy life, she comes to Pathways
fidence and leadership skills by       every Thursday evening for two to
requiring Grade 9s and 10s to          three hours. Karen describes her
work in groups, known as group         experience, saying, “The students
mentoring. For the senior Grade        here come with a good attitude,
11 and 12 students, there is career    and their presence emphasizes the
mentoring available so that they       fact that they are willing to get
get to explore the careers that will   the help. It’s a challenge for me.
be most suitable for them.             But it’s nice to get a touch of what
         The third pillar is           the youth are doing and see them
Financial Support. How can you         build relationships with someone
expect students to stay in school      who has more experience.”
when they might have obsta-                      Finding tutors is not
cles reaching school? Khadra           an obstacle for Pathways. Tutors
Mohammad, who is a Student/            are always willing to participate
Parent Support Worker at Pathways      because they can get life experi-
says, “A lot of the families have      ence from it, which will help with
fixed income; there’s not enough       their professional lives. The tutors
room for a metropass, for example,     believe that what they are doing
which is really expensive.” Since      is for a good cause. “We have a
there is no local high school in       waiting list for tutors and mentors.
the community, Pathways makes          It was pretty challenging in the
sure that the students are reaching    beginning because the program
school safely by providing them        was new. But now a lot of students
with free TTC tickets every other      from U of T, Ryerson, York, the
week; this depends on the students’    colleges and many graduates are
attendance records. In addition,       coming back to be tutors and men-
each student who gets accepted         tors,” explained Khadra.
to university or college receives                The main obstacle for
a bursary of up to $4,000 from         Pathways is the financial aspect.
Pathways.                              Since Pathways is not fully govern-
         The forth pillar is           ment funded, they have to seek
Advocacy. The Student/Parent           out private business for donations.
Support Workers of Pathways (also      Pathways has a group of workers
known as SPSWs) relate on a per-       whose main task is to find ways to
sonal level with the students and      raise money for the organization.      Shezeen Suleman, Pathways Support Worker, helps Jarvisites from Regent Park and Moss Park.   Photographer: Dana Marson
their parents. They try to keep        “The people who raise funds have
in touch with the students’ school     never fallen short; they have always   dent, who lives in the Scarborough     ally expanding to other neighbor-       Lawrence Heights area.”
matters and check their attendance     raised the funds which were need-      region, says, “I think the pro-        hoods across Canada. Ainsworth                    With the combined sup-
records regularly. When Khadra         ed. This year the program cost         gram itself is really rewarding. I     Morgan, who is the Coordinator          port of government and private
was asked what her main task as        over 3.2-million dollars,” added       heard students get $4000 when          of Tutoring at Pathways, says, “We      businesses, many youth across
an SPSW was, she replied, “Part        Khadra.                                they enter universities or college;    would like to serve everyone, but       Canada will have a bright future.
of my job is to engage the parents               Many students at Jarvis      that itself is a huge advantage over   we are unable to. We are a program      As Pathways to Education expands,
whose children are struggling. We      who are not residents of the Regent    other students who may not live in     of the Regent Park Community            it will continue to bring the prom-
put a bit more emphasis on their       Park community wonder when             Regent Park. I believe they should     Health Centre; where the health         ise of a brighter future to youth
parents and try to partner with        Pathways will expand to their          reach out to more students.”           centre serves, that’s where we serve.   living in struggling communities
them in order to solve problems.”      neighborhood so that they can                     Luckily, there’s good       Right now there are a couple of         across Canada.
         Tanvir Tahir, a Grade 12      get the help they need in terms of     news for all students who think        interested communities. One is in
student, who has first-hand experi-    financial and emotional support.       that they are being excluded from      Rexdale, two are in Montreal, one          For more information visit:
ence with Pathways says, “What's       Jothi Shanmugam, a Grade 12 stu-       the program. Pathways is gradu-        is in Kitchener, and one is in the
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kIllIng Is My busIness
Writings of the beast                            ers’ minds and pushed them into drinking,
                                                 sex, disobeying parents, satanism, violence
by Artem Boykov                                  and suicide. The idea came to her when she
                                                 saw her 12-year-old daughter play “Darling
  “Heavy metal: pimply, prole, putrid,           Nikki” by Prince. Huh?
      unchic, unsophisticated, anti-                         The targets of P.M.R.C. were put
 intellectual, dismal, abysmal, terrible,        on the “filthy fifteen” list. The list included
horrible, and stupid music, barely music         some of the major songs about violence, sex,
   at all; death music, dead music, the          substance abuse, and the occult. One of the
 beaten boogie, the dance of defeat and          cases was the song and picture of W.A.S.P.
 decay; the huh? sound, the duh sound,           (We Are Sexual Perverts), a band whose
 … music made by slack-jawed, alpaca-            first album was titled “Animal (F**K Like A
   haired, bulbous-inseamed imbeciles            Beast). The picture of the album shows the
  in jackboots and leather and chrome            waist of a man with a buzz-saw blade pro-
 for slack-jawed, alpaca-haired, downy-          truding between the legs. The cover of the
 mustachioned imbeciles in cheap, too            album was banned, causing Frank Zappa, a
  large T-shirts with pictures of comic-         popular musician, to reply, “This is govern-
book Armageddon ironed on the front.”            ment as entertainment. These people have
– Robert Duncan, author of The Noise:            plenty to do besides talking about whether
     Notes From a Rock 'n' Roll Era.             or not somebody’s little Johnny gets to see
                                                 the Blackie Lawless cover with the buzz-saw
Speaking of alpaca-haired, downy-musta-          blade between his legs… PMRC's demands
chioned imbeciles in cheap, too large T-shirts   are the equivalent of treating dandruff by
with pictures of comic-book Armageddon           decapitation.” Sadly, a lot of authorities fol-
ironed on the front – I am one of them and       lowed in P.M.R.C.’s footsteps.                     A close-up on Megadeth's debut album T-shirt.                             Photographer: Max Barkley
proud of it. Only my shirt is double sided.                  In Canada, the Charter of Rights       tinued. "It’s okay to have a debate on this       would have to respect the poor students by
One side pictures a skull with hooks in the      and Freedoms states that self-expression and       topic in class but in school hallways it is       not wearing some of the expensive clothing
mouth and the other side has the name of         freedom of speech is protected as long as it       inappropriate because it does not allow for       or jewelery; similarly if your shirt is offensive
the album on it – "Killing is my business        does not carry hate messages based on race,        debate or explanation and the irony is lost.      to others then you are being disrespectful
and business is good!" I was banned from         religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or        While the album lyrics may be the context         and you would have to take it off,” one of
wearing this T-shirt, with a "negative mes-      and does not communicate any incitement            for an analysis of argument, the statement        the students told me. Another student said,
sage," in Jarvis because of my bad influence     to violence; schools’ rules follow the same        out of context, stated manner-of-fact, is         “There are uniforms most of the time, but
on other students.                               principle and have their foundation in The         unacceptable and an indirect incitement to        there are days when you can wear casual
          In 1985, Megadeth released their       Education Act. Ms. Hicks explained, "The           violence, to use the language of 'the Charter     clothing and this shirt would be ok.”
debut album: Killing Is My Business… And         Education Act defines the role of teacher as       of Rights.'"                                                I agree on the importance of teach-
Business Is Good! The self-titled song tells     being 'in loco parentis' or having the respon-               Ms. Gordon added, “I see it as a        ing non-violent values. I can’t, however, agree
the story of a hitman who kills his employer     sibilities of a firm and judicious parent. Such    message of violence and it is offensive to me.    with banning anything that goes against
after being paid, based on the comic book        a parent would expect that their child's           I am against any kind of violence. I lived        personal dislikes.
character The Punisher. Because of the           environment be respectful of all community         in Montreal when the Ecole Polytechnique                    This article is not a message to
album title the band became the target           members and safe and violence-free. These          Massacre took place and even though I             disobey the authorities but just a way of say-
of religious groups, such as the P.M.R.C.        mandates are reflected in school rules, the        wasn’t in the college itself, it still scared     ing that one should question what one hears,
(Parents’ Music Resource Center).                Board's Code of Counduct, and school's             me.”                                              sees, or reads before believing it.
          Founded by Tipper Gore, wife           dress code, all outlined in school agendas                   Since our school is multicultural, it             If school policy is to teach the
of Al Gore, the P.M.R.C. held campaigns          issued to students at the start of each school     was interesting to find out what students from    students to think for themselves and have
against offensive music, heavy metal in par-     year."                                             other countries had to say about it. In order     open minds, then creative expression should
ticular. Armed with an ego the size of the                   "While it is true some parents         to do that, I visited one of Mr. Mahoney’s        be encouraged in order to promote critical
Atlantic Ocean, Tipper Gore fought, believ-      might not find the writing on the shirt            ESL classes. “In my country, if poor and rich     thinking among students and staff.
ing that heavy metal was corrupting teenag-      offensive, many would," Ms. Hicks con-             people study together, then the rich students

Just grIn and bear It
Teacher bullying                                 ment about a student’s work, appearance or
                                                 personality; or the prejudicial marking of an
                                                                                                    experienced teacher-student bullying but
                                                                                                    I have witnessed it. Even though I think
                                                                                                                                                      History teacher Ms. Sgouromitis was asked
                                                                                                                                                      about the issue, she agreed with Mme.
by Zalika Reid-Benta                             assignment.                                        teacher-student bullying exists, I don’t think    Rossos’s statement. “I feel that when stu-
                                                           While these may seem to be short-        it happens that often and the teachers who        dents think that their teachers hate them,
It’s nine o’clock in the morning and you've      term cruelties, they have long-term effects        do bully their students are just unprofes-        it’s just a case of miscommunication. I often
just stepped into class. As a student reads      on their victims. When a student is being          sional.”                                          hear students say, that teacher hates me, but
The Magnet, your homeroom teacher walks          bullied by a teacher, the emotional and psy-
around the room passing out pamphlets
titled Put a stop to Bullying. Listed inside
                                                 chological damage does not disappear when
                                                 the teacher does; it will remain with the stu-
                                                                                                    Even though I think teacher-student bullying exists,
the pamphlet are supposedly all the types        dent. The student may doubt her academic           I don’t think it happens that often and the teachers
of bullying and all the ways to prevent it.      and social competencies and she will go
However, while the list includes bullying on     through, not only the rest of her academic         who do bully their students are just unprofessional.
the internet and through text messages, it       career, but her entire life believing she is not
neglects to list one incredibly stressful form   good enough.                                                 Teachers were also interviewed on       it’s just not true. I recall hearing a student
of bullying: teacher-student bullying.                     That being said, is teacher-student      the subject and were given the chance to          say that and when I asked the teacher about
          In 2006, Mary M. Alward                bullying a serious and recurring problem?          state their opinion on the issue. Mme.            it, the teacher had nothing but wonderful
described teacher-student bullying as a situ-    Out of 45 Grade 11 Jarvisites surveyed, 38         Rossos, a Jarvis French teacher, admitted         things to say about the student. The mis-
ation where “a teacher abuses a student by       seem to feel that it is.                           that teacher-student bullying can happen          communication occurred when the teacher
degrading and humiliating them due to a                    “I think teachers definitely allow       but when it does, it would be done uncon-         moved the student’s friends to the front of
personal dislike.” She further characterized     their personal feelings towards students           sciously, not deliberately. “I would love to      the class so they could concentrate better.”
the issue by explaining that the abuse is        affect the way they mark a student or treat a      disagree and say that all teachers treat their               While the misinterpretation of a
extremely similar to the cruelty of a schoo-     student in class,” said Alex Wilson, a Grade       students the same and equally, but we are,        teacher’s actions could be a possibility, what
lyard bully. Examples of this degradation        11 Jarvisite. “Teachers have your future in        after all, human. I know that we try our          about when it isn’t a misconception or a
would be: a teacher’s undermining of a           their hands. They can either let you move          absolute best not to let things like personal     misunderstanding?
student’s academic capability; a jeering com-    forward, or they can hold you back.”               feelings affect the way we interact with                     According to Ms. Fricker, cur-
    I feel that when                                       There was a general agreement
                                                 with Wilson’s statement. Yet, amid Jarvisites
                                                                                                    anyone — students and colleagues — so I
                                                                                                    cannot imagine someone purposely treating
                                                                                                                                                      riculum leader of Student Services at Jarvis,
                                                                                                                                                      a student has many options. You can write
  students think that                            who believe teacher-student bullying is a
                                                 problem, there were conflicting ideas on
                                                                                                    a student differently or negatively.”
                                                                                                              Mme. Rossos also said that a lot of
                                                                                                                                                      down the discriminatory incidents and then
                                                                                                                                                      discuss them with your parents; you can pri-
   their teachers hate                           how often teachers bully students.
                                                           For example, Emily Zhu, another
                                                                                                    people, herself included, take things too per-
                                                                                                    sonally and that sometimes we think “oh …
                                                                                                                                                      vately discuss your feelings with the teacher,
                                                                                                                                                      or see a guidance counsellor for help. If the
them, it’s just a case of                        Grade 11 Jarvisite, agreed that teacher-stu-
                                                 dent bullying is a problem, but not neces-
                                                                                                    so and so hates me, I know it …” and there’s
                                                                                                    a good chance that that’s not the case.
                                                                                                                                                      problem persists you should see a vice prin-
                                                                                                                                                      cipal and make an appointment with Mr.
 miscommunication.                               sarily a recurring one. “I haven’t personally                When Jarvis Law and American            Gold.
The Jarvis Jargon • APRIL 2007                                                                JCEye                                                                                           PAGE 7

hoMework woes
Research criticizes student workload
                                        Jarvisites said they suffered from
by Sayma Chowdhury                      lack of sleep.
Lack of sleep due to excess home-                  Time Constraints: How
work is a reality for 78% of the 100    can fast foods only be blamed for
Grade 12 Jarvisites surveyed.           obesity when it is demanded that
           There are 365 days in a      students spend additional hours
year, which equals to 8,760 hours.      after school sitting on our butts
After discounting weekends and          completing homework? The lack
major holidays in a school year,        of time leads to an absence of
we spend approximately 1,300            physical exercise. Physical activity
hours in school. According to the       not only proves to be healthy for
Suggested Guidelines for Daily          the body but also helps the brain
Study Time in our school agenda:        to function better. Such activity
Grade 9 students should be spend-       also enables us to do something we
ing 1.5 hours daily, and 450 hours      love while having a social life. Due
yearly on homework; Grade 10            to excess homework, often the only
and 11 students should be spend-        interaction possible within families
ing around 750 hours, which is 2        is the parent nagging the child to
hours daily; and Grade 12s must         complete her homework and the
do 3.5 hours of homework per day,       child storming off saying, “Give
amounting to 1,050 hours. This          me a break!”
includes holidays and weekends.                    Less interest in learn-
           Is all this homework         ing: Rather than giving the occa-
worth it? Research says no.             sional assignment where a student
           According to Alfie Kohn’s    can demonstrate a combination of
The Homework Myth, research             her skills and knowledge in a less
shows that there is no direct corre-    confining manner, we are given
lation between academic enhance-        repetitive homework just for the
ment and homework completion.           sake of it. This tedious cycle instills   Ms. Roti insists that homework be completed for next class, further traumatizing student.    Photographer: Dana Marson
A study conducted on Grades 2           no values in us, but rather fuels dis-
to 12 by a team from Stanford           taste for a method of learning that       we have this view that kids are         “I think teachers are aware of the       dent to another. Teachers should
University in 1998 concluded that       could have been enlightening.             vending machines where you put          detrimental effects of homework          have a list of assignments from
there is no significant relationship               The frustration with           more homework and you get out           on their students, but don’t want to     which students are able to choose.
between the amount of homework          homework is evident in my inter-          more learning, which turns out to       admit to it. It’s because of our own               Schoolwork           rather
done and standard test results.         view with Grade 12 Jarvis student         be painfully naïve, and preferred       experience as students. Homework         than homework: When assign-
In fact, the impact of homework         Shukri Mohamed: “After working            by people who don’t really under-       has always been there; it is accept-     ments are more often completed
seems to be detrimental.                on homework for endless hours,            stand how learning takes place.         ed and expected. Though I ques-          in school, classes become more
           Kohn outlines a few of       you just reach a point where it           Second is this cynical view of kids     tion what is being learnt? Are we        productive and worthwhile. That
the numerous effects of home-           just seems futile. The purpose of         where we ‘gotta keep the young          teaching our students to become          way students start attending class-
work.                                   homework is to refresh what you           moral after school,’ and so because     critical thinkers, better individu-      es because they know they will
           Stress: Volatile behaviour   learned in school, but how is that        we don’t trust children, we assume      als in society, or are we giving         be more active rather than sitting
in teenagers cannot only be blamed      possible when you are not getting         we have to force them to do stuff       them homework just to have them          for hours, listening to one person
on hormonal imbalance. After hav-       any rest in between?”                     their every waking moment.”             regurgitate useless info and facts?”     speak.
ing spent 6.5 hours in school per                  Mohamed happens to be                    Guido Gutierrez-Ruiz,                   Kohn includes numer-                     With excessive, repetitive,
day, participating in extracurricu-     one of the 64% students surveyed          a Grade 12 Jarvis student, says,        ous methods that can be used to          and futile homework being forced
lar and volunteer activities, filling   who, contrary to the suggested            “School work should be done in          improve homework.                        on students, our learning experi-
out post-secondary applications,        study guidelines in the agenda,           school. Our only social life now                  Design what you assign:        ence is damaged to the extent
and working part-time, getting          admitted to spending more than            seems to be surrounded by text-         Kohn suggest that teachers them-         where we no longer want to learn
home to slave away over hours of        five hours on homework daily.             books and assignments. Lately I         selves should design the assign-         but feel pressured to. It is time that
homework does lead to stress. It’s                 In an interview with           seem to be only getting together        ments they give instead of tak-          the school system stopped looking
about time management, but how          Macleans magazine, Kohn was               with my friends to study for a test     ing out handouts from textbooks.         for faults in the students but rather
is it possible when there is a severe   asked why homework is accepted            or to prepare a presentation.”          That way there will be less but          started grading itself.
lack of time. Meeting deadlines         so widely even when research does                   Jarvis French teacher         more enriching homework.
often proves to be harmful for stu-     not support its value. Kohn replied       Monsieur Veilleux seems to agree                  One size doesn’t fit all:
dents' health, as 62% of surveyed       by saying, “One reason is because         with the frustration of students:       Learning styles vary from one stu-
PAGE                                                                                                                                                        The Jarvis Jargon • APRIL 2007

If the
Why women
                                            Is wIkIpedIa wI-lIable?
                                            Popular online encyclopedia on the bleeding edge of accuracy
wear comfortable shoes                      by Nick Spector                          used Wikipedia as a research tool        not everybody is as nice as I am.       likely you are to have an idiot be-
by Brittany Campbell                                                                 for assignments. However, 60%            People can change or falsify in-        ing wrong and putting his stuff
                                          Imagine a research tool, with mil-         of those surveyed said that, on at       formation, and therein lies where       on.” Mr. Cordon also believes
As I walk along Yonge St. on my           lions of articles, updated often on        least one occasion, a teacher told       teachers have an issue.                 Jarvis students are suffering from
way to work, I am careful where           a daily basis, available to anyone                                                                                          what he calls “first-hit syndrome,”
I step. The sidewalks are still icy       with an Internet connection, in              “The more people involved with it, the                                         meaning that many students use
from the night before, and I know
that as long as I walk on the small
                                          almost 200 languages. The best
                                          part of it all is it’s free. Students
                                                                                        more likely you are to have an idiot                                          their first source of information to
                                                                                                                                                                      complete most of an assignment.
salted patches of ground that I’m
okay; my running shoes should
                                          love it; teachers don’t. Yes, Wiki-          being wrong and putting his stuff on.”                                                    However, when asked
                                          pedia truly is a case of too good                                                                                           whether using Wikipedia encour-
grip it.                                  to be true.                                them they cannot use Wikipedia.                    In 2005, a malicious          ages them to do more research
          However, the woman                         In a recent survey, 97%                    So, what do teachers have     biography of former USA Today           and find a second, and even third
walking in front of me has some-          of Jarvisites said they knew what          against Wikipedia? It’s a question       editor, John Seigenthaler, was          source to back up their informa-
thing else on her mind. She is step-      Wikipedia was. If you’re one of            of reliability and accuracy.             posted on Wikipedia. The article        tion, almost 70% of students an-
ping over all the patches of salt. She    the 3% who don’t, allow me to ex-                     Wikipedia, as it says on      contains many falsehoods, such          swered yes.
is even stepping on parts of the side     plain. Wikipedia was established           its homepage is “the free ency-          as Seigenthaler's fictitious migra-                So should students use
walk that are completely iced over.       in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Lar-            clopedia anyone can edit.” This          tion to the Soviet Union in 1971,       Wikipedia?
I watch her every step carefully, her     ry Sanger. It’s a free, web-based          means that by simply signing up,         and suspected involvement in the                   “There is no stated pol-
shiny, black, spike-heeled boots are      encyclopedia. With over one mil-           you’re given the freedom to “edit,       Kennedy assasination. After 132         icy at the moment. The school
without a scuff on them. It occurs        lion articles offered in English,          correct or improve information           days of this content remaining          board’s suggested guideline is that
to me that this sidewalk dance isn’t      students are discovering the joy           throughout the encyclopedia.”            online, Wikipedia removed it at         [students] should always try to use
because she's dizzy; it's all in the      of one of the easiest research tools       And while the “for the people, by        Seigenthaler's request. In a USA        best resources available to them”
name of fashion.                          yet.                                       the people” approach may seem            Today editorial piece, Seigenthal-      Ms. Gordon, Jarvis's librarian,
          I’m certain that when she                  “Pretty much everything         good, it can also lead to prob-          er called this, "a highly personal      says.
was putting on her boots that very        you need to know is on [Wiki-              lems.                                    story about internet character as-                 Teachers aren’t necessari-
morning, she did not picture her-         pedia],” says Jonathan Tesfu, a                       I created an account on       sasination."                            ly saying don’t use it, but they don’t
self planted face first in the mid-       Grade 12 student. “I use it most of        Wikipedia just to see how easy or                  “You have to realize that     suggest doing an entire project
dle of the sidewalk in front of The       the time… I would indeed say it’s          difficult it would be to edit an ar-     all of us are dumber than one of        based on information from Wiki-
Bay.                                      a reliable source.”                        ticle. I found that I was able to edit   us,” says Mr. Cordon of Jarvis’s        pedia. As Mr. Cordon puts it, “It’s
          I’ve always been curious                   Tesfu makes up a small          any article, and make any changes        English department, when asked          a reasonable starting point, if it’s
to know why some women put                portion of the 93% of Jarvis stu-          I wished. I didn’t make any mali-        about Wikipedia. “The more              [just] your starting point.”
themselves through such torture           dents surveyed who say they’ve             cious changes to articles; however,      people involved with it, the more
for footwear. They’re dangerous,
bad for the back, and, in some cas-
es, extremely expensive. Yet, when
you pass a women’s footwear store
in the mall it is crammed with
women looking for their next po-
tential neck-break, regardless of the
          Department stores have
shoes for every season of the year
and one can bet on finding lots
and lots of heels. This begs the
question: do women’s feet ever re-
ally get a break? In the summer it's
high heels with open toes, in the
winter it's high-heel boots, and in
between there's always a new fash-
ion just around the corner.
          This obsession with foot-
wear is not recent; in fact, there are
depictions of this fashion carved
into the temples and tombs of
Egypt, dating back to 4000BCE.
          In 1500, men wore heels
to assist keeping their feet in their
stirrups while horseback riding. It
became a fashion and even a sign
of nobility and wealth. The most
expensive shoes were worn as a sta-
tus symbol, similarly to why they
are worn today.
          Nowadays women have                                                                                                                                               Photographer: Balazs Szilagyi
                                             A group of girls marvel at a pair of stylish heels.
developed a tolerance for getting
around quickly in five-inch heels,       dian women would never subject             connected high heels with oste-           cause I was climbing the stairs.”        some women to go under the knife
but in the mid-1500s women in            themselves to such nonsense as             oarthritis, which is a chronic joint                Pop culture has done           for the perfect foot. Women are
Venice wore shoes that reached up        binding their feet to fit a perfect        disease that is located in the knees.     wonders for the shoe industry with       getting their toes shortened, elon-
to twenty-four inches.                   shape, you’d be wrong. The most            Researchers found that repetitive         films such as Legally Blonde that in-    gated, straightened, feet narrowed,
          In China it was custom-        popular shoe style of all time hap-        usage of high heels deteriorates          sist all women know the style and        foot/toe liposuction and even foot/
ary for young females to bind their      pens to have a pointed toe. Women          the cartilage. It was also found          brand of their footwear. Another         toe augmentation. The problem
feet with cloth to prevent growth.       in America, Canada, and all over           that wider heels, although more           example is the TV drama, Sex and         with these procedures is that they
That way their bones would break         the world have been squeezing their        comfortable than slimmer ones,            the City, which showcases the star       are geared towards making the
and their feet would never grow          toes into these tiny torture devices       actually increase the likelihood of       character’s addiction to expensive       foot look pretty and not functional;
past four to six inches. This prac-                                                                                                                                    weeks later a lot women find them-
tice went on for around 1,000 years        Women in America, Canada, and all over the world have been                                                                  selves back on the operating table,
and recently ended in 1911, when
it was banned by the Republic of
                                            squeezing their toes into these tiny torture devices for years,                                                            this time under the knife of an Or-
                                                                                                                                                                       thopedic Surgeon fixing what they
China, having left an entire com-         permanently disfiguring their big toes, causing them to protrude                                                             had "enhanced."
munity of elderly Chinese women                  outwards and the rest of their toes to curl under.                                                                               Maybe it is the image
                                                                                                                                                                       of Cinderella’s slender foot slid-
disabled. This practice was all for
the sake of status and the parents of    for years, permanently disfiguring         developing osteoarthritis. For exist-     footwear as endearing. There is no       ing into the glass slipper perfectly
young women would compete with           their big toes, causing them to pro-       ing shoe related injuries physicians      convincing these Carrie Bradshaw-        that has captured so many women.
each other to see whose daughter         trude outwards and the rest of their       recommend a low heel or no heel at        inspired women with closets full         However, there is no happily ever
had the smallest feet. It was looked     toes to curl under.                        all.                                      of $500 Manolo’s; if they want it,       after for a person who lives with os-
upon as a sign of beauty and could                 It’s not only the foot that               “My feet don’t hurt be-          they’ll get it.                          teoarthritis and chronic foot pain.
affect the chances of a bride find-      takes the brunt of the pain.               cause of these heels,” Meaghan                      If the shoe fits, wear it.
ing herself a husband.                             A group of researchers at        Buckley explained. “My legs hurt          If the shoe doesn’t fit, make it fit.
          If you think that Cana-        Harvard did a study in 1998; they          from my ankles to my knees, be-           This is the attitude that is causing
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can we update?
How league divisions affect our lives
by Mulutsega Tesfu                       How to Date out of Your League,
                                         leagues do indeed exist. Everyone
They walk in and every guy in            has a league, and although not
the room becomes quiet and mo-           clearly defined, what league you are
tionless. The most popular girls in      in is dictated by how attractive you
school have entered, wind blowing        are, how much money you have,
and their hair moving with a life of     and the social class to which you
its own. All this is of course taking    belong. Since some of these things
place in slow motion and accom-          can be manipulated or changed,
panied by Lionel Richie’s Brick          Mr. Lowndes also believes that it
House. Behind them, walk in the          isn’t hard to elevate yourself into a
J.V. jocks—their male counter-           higher league or date someone who
parts. While our average Joe thinks      is simply out of yours. The book
to himself, “If only I could have        even gives small tips on how to do
her,” his friend, bemused, grounds       just that. Apparently, saying toilet,
him by simply saying, “Dude, she         instead of using euphemisms like
is so out of your league.”               bathroom or restroom will help to
          The term “out of your          make a person seem classier and,
league,” and the quest to date           therefore, more eligible.
someone who is just that, have                      These tips, though, can
been central themes in many teen         sometimes become wasted breath
                                         as students like Klara Longfellow,
    Dude, she is                         in Grade 11, completely deny the
   so out of your                        existence of such things, saying,
                                         “Leagues are simply made up by
       league.                           cocky people, to make themselves
                                         feel good.” This is slightly faulty
                                         logic, as it would be easier to ex-
flicks like Superstar, She’s All That    plain one’s failures, using this sys-
and some might even argue, Shrek.        tem, than it would be to boost
Watching these films we get the          one’s confidence. Whether leagues An Alpha male confidently smiles as he is adored by his female peers.
idea that our world, in high school                                                                                                                                       Photographer: Dana Marson
                                         are a fabrication of our society in
and otherwise, is divided into these     order to create boundaries between Axel Krone, Jarvis’s own German success does not come without his                 league’ but if you like the girl go
leagues, which according to Katie        groups of people or whether they exchange student. “It’s simple!” share of hard work. He is the one                  ahead and go talk to her. If you're
Baldwin, a Grade 12 student here         truly do influence how the human Mr. Krone went on to talk about who can have the same results as                    gonna listen to your boys, then
at Jarvis, are based on “looks, popu-    race mates, as long as some believe subdivisions in these leagues. “In the Alpha but with a great deal of            you're wack.”
larity and,” in Ms. Baldwin’s words      in their existence, they do just that, each league, you can divide them determination and sabotage. The
“general qualities.” Are these not,      exist.                                  by intelligent and not intelligent, so Omegas are the men who no one         The opinions are mixed but
though, the characteristics evalu-                  A more important query, I guess six leagues in all.”                remembers were at that party last     League division seems to, by most
ated for dating in general? Is who       then, becomes finding out just                    What might seem strange week. They are typically just as           accounts, have somewhat of an
we date dictated by the leagues in       how exactly leagues are divided. or frightening to some is that Mr. nice, but tend to be outshined. As               effect on who we date. There is
which we stand? Do these leagues         Pedram Mossallanejad, once again, Mossallanejad and Mr. Krone for the “action” they get, not until                   of course the odd couple which
even exist?                              had the answer. “You’ve read Brave might not be too far from reality. later in life.                                 every one always questions: won-
           Dana Marson, another          New World, right?” he asked, rhe- Many of us have heard the term                      If leagues really do, then,    dering just how a goddess got to-
Grade 12 student, did not think so.      torically. “It’s a lot like that. There Alpha male but might have been affect the Classifieds of our lives,          gether with Average Joe, or why a
“I think attraction is relative to the   are pretty much five leagues. You confused at what exactly that it is important to learn just how                    hunk is dating Average Jane. Our
individual,” she exclaimed. “Dat-        have the hottest people at the top means. What it defines, might ac- much influence they have on the                 perplexed attitude towards this,
ing should be based on emotion           and they’re the Alphas. The second tually be exactly what our friends dating world at Jarvis. Jordan Guil-           though, helps to show just how
and attraction, not the outsider’s       hottest group of people is the Beta were describing. In the last couple ford, in Grade 11, expressed feeling         strange we find it when people date
view.”                                   group. Then there are like the aver- of decades, people have borrowed ripped off. “When you a playa like             out of their leagues and break the
           Her friend Pedram Mos-        age looking people who are Gam- Aldous Huxley’s ideas, the same me, ain’t no gurl in yo league,” he                  social divide.
sallanejad could not have disagreed      mas, followed by the Deltas, who basic ideas that Mr. Mossallane- complained, tired of the lemons                              It would of course be
more. “What the hell does she            are the slightly ugly people and jad has used, to develop their own life was handing him. “You gotta                 impossible to calculate just how
know?” he answered, laughing.            Epsilons, consisting of the mug- class of men. The Alpha male is the settle. You know what I’m saying.”              great the effects of league division
“Hot girls, girls of the top league,     shots.”                                 successful, confident and attractive          Cleon Wong, though,            are, but some of us, like Grade 11
don’t understand the system. All                    Other students also felt     man who is the envy of every man could not understand what all the           student, Dan Turner, believe that
they know is that they can get any       the need to voice their ideas about and the fantasy of every woman. fuss was about. “This is stupid,” he             “ugly people and attractive people
guy they want.”                          the matter. “I would define them as Mr. Right, in girl-speak. A Beta exclaimed. “I guess if you see a nice           shouldn’t date.” Whether we like it
           According       to     Leil   ugly, good looking and very good male is slightly different from the girl and you're kind of ugly, your              or not, both you and I belong to a
Lowndes, author of UpDating:             looking,” said Grade 11 student, Alpha male, in that charm and boys would say ‘she’s out of your                     league.

JarvIs grads
Where are they now?
Bonnie Fuller ('7) Peter Outerbridge (') Camilla Gibb ('7) Torquil Campbell ('0) Mia Kirshner (') d’bi.young (')

Former Jarvis Magnet edi-         Former 12AB star, Peter          Camilla Gibb is the author      Once a writer for the Jarvis     Mia Kirshner also wrote for      Former Jargon writer, d'bi.
tor, Bonnie Fuller, is consid-    Outerbridge, is an actor cur-    of novels The Petty Details     Jargon and literary supple-      the Jarvis Jargon and is now     young, is a Jamaican-
ered by many to be the crea-      rently starring in TMN’s         of So-and-so’s Life, Mouthing   ment, Torquil Campbell           an actress, appearing in sev-    Canadian dub poet, on top
tor of the weekly celebrity       ReGenesis. He was nomi-          the Words, and Sweetness in     is now the lead singer and       eral movies and television       of being a Dora-winning
news phenomenon and was           nated by the Genie Awards        the Belly, along with several   songwriter for the band Stars,   series. She was nominated        actress and playwright. As
twice named “Editor of the        as best actors for his films     short stories, articles, and    on top of recording and per-     for a Juno Award, and won        an actress she appeared in
Year” by Advertising Age.         Kissed (’97), and Marine Life    reviews. She received the       forming with Broken Social       the Cannes Critics Choice        da kink in my hair, and the
She has been editor of many       (’02). He was nominated in       Trillium Book Award in ’06,     Scene. Campbell has also         Award in ’95. In ’06 she         sitcom Lord Have Mercy.
magazines, including Flare,       the Gemini Awards for his        the City of Toronto Book        played on stages throughout      starred in The Black Dahlia,     She has produced a number
Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and        achievements, and has also       Award in ’00, and the CBC       North America, appeared in       and performed in Not             of CDs, several plays, and
Us Weekly. Currently, she is      acted in such classic films as   Canadian Literary Award         TV shows including Sex and       Another Teen Movie, on top       many collections of poet-
Chief Editorial Director of       Land of the Dead, and Men        for short fiction in ’01. Her   the City and Law & Order,        of several other films. She      ry, most notably her 2005
American Media, where she         with Brooms.                     books were also chosen          as well as several films. His    was also in several television   book, art on black.
manages the production of                                          among the best books of         band, Stars, has been nomi-      series including 24, and The
over 23 magazines (mostly                                          the year by the Globe and       nated for two Juno Awards.       L Word.
fitness magazines and tab-                                         Mail, NOW magazine, and
loids) including Star.                                   
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worst case scenarIo
Why students should give lockdown drills a chance
by Oliver Nasmith                                     The Emergency Task
                                            Force, Toronto’s S.W.A.T. team,
Screams echo down the hallway. A            arrives on the scene and enters the
young man wearing a black balacl-           building. With all the students in
ava and brandishing a shotgun en-           the classrooms, the hallways are
ters Jarvis Collegiate Institute. Cha-      clear and if required the officers in
os ensues, infuriating police efforts       the building know that they can
to track this armed and dangerous           fire without concerns about civil-
individual as he runs through the           ian casualties.
halls looking for an escape. Unable                     Minutes later the unit
to fire for lack of a clear shot, offic-    approaches the fourth floor of the
ers are forced to push through the          school. They clear the landing to
crowds in an attempt to keep pace           find the gunman running from
with the masked gunman.                     one door to the next, trying to find
           Moments later, on the            a way out. A warning is called out,
fourth floor and with nowhere to            some shots are possibly exchanged,
go he barricades himself in room            and the gunman starts to think.
413 with twelve terrified students          Hiding behind a corner in a stair-
and a teacher. The school is evacu-         well, the only cover available in an
ated and negotiations ensue. The            empty hallway, he realizes that he
kid with the gun is scared and skit-        is outgunned and out manned, has
tish. He never meant for this to            no hostages, and that this is not
happen; he just wanted to knock             how he envisioned his life ending.
over the Mac’s Milk next door, but                    He slides his shotgun
the police arrived and he had to            into the centre of the hallway and
run.                                        surrenders. The police tackle and         This empty Jarvis hall shows the potential reality of a lockdown.                             Photographer: Balazs Szilagyi
            There's a flash of light.       handcuff him before removing
The police storm the room; the              him from the building.                    their opinions on student safety                  Others feel that lockdown        students. She quickly herded us
gunman turns, disoriented, and                        Students are evacuated as       varied quite widely, showing that       drills wouldn’t even be effective; re-     against the wall closest to the hall-
fires blindly. A student is killed, a       other E.T.F. teams search the rest of     their perceived security levels and     gardless of the safety of the school,      way to cut down on fields of fire
student and a police officer are in-        the building and by mid-afternoon         their opinions on the necessity of      if something were to happen drills         through the door, and had us all
jured, and the gunman is dead. It           the school is declared safe again.        lockdown drills are not connected.      wouldn’t affect the outcome. One           quiet within seconds. Students
turns out he was only sixteen and                     Now, admittedly, these                    Of the Jarvis students        such student, a Grade 12 female,           from the hallway were jerked un-
just trying to make some money.             are two variations on an extreme          surveyed who had not been in a          wrote that, "under real circum-            ceremoniously into the classroom,
           Let’s retell the story, but in   situation, but consider this for          lockdown it was interesting to note     stances people panic."                     the door was shut and locked, and
this second edition let’s look at how       a minute: how often do schools            that only 28% who had not been                    The purpose of a drill is to     the window covered with paper be-
this may have turned out had the            catch fire, and yet haven’t fire drills   in a lockdown before agreed that        avoid such panic. Practice may not         fore the class huddled down against
students of Jarvis had been trained         become a part of society’s collective     such a drill is a good idea, with an    make perfect, but it at least makes        the wall.
an drilled in school lockdown pro-          consciousness? Why should lock-           almost unanimous opinion that           consistency and when students                        The class acted on its
cedures.                                    down drills really be any different?      Jarvis is a safe place to be, leaving   have been drilled a couple of times,       training until we had completed
           Screams echo down the            Schools don’t burn down on any            the other 72% of the opinion that       it becomes a natural reaction to the       the lockdown procedure. Inevita-
hallway as a young man wearing a            sort of consistent basis, and armed       these drills are not required at all.   announcement.                              bly as we sat there in relative silence
black balaclava and brandishing a           individuals don’t enter the school                  The most common basis                   Pickering High School,           some students began to get nerv-
shotgun enters Jarvis Collegiate In-        daily either, but that is no reason       for such an opinion was that ‘the       the school I attended for Grades 9         ous and jittery, but within about
stitute. A teacher or hallway moni-         not to be prepared.                       school is safe’ or ‘come on, this is    through 11 is familiar with lock-          five minutes it was communicated
tor immediately calls the office and                  The Toronto District            JARVIS; nothing happens here.’          downs. For longer than I have              to us that this was actually a drill
the school is locked down. Teachers         School Board is considering imple-                   Caitlyn Ngu, a Grade 12      known, the school lockdowns have           and everyone relaxed.
pull students in the hallways into          menting lockdown drills at Jarvis         student, felt that lockdown drills      been standard procedure and the                      The students involved
their classrooms before locking all         CI and the student population             would create a "climate of fear."       students barely even notice them.          had been drilled and knew what
the doors and covering the door             seems divided on whether or not                     Watching the patterns                   One day when I was in            to do, therefore, when what we
windows with paper to obscure the           such drills are required at a school      emerge from the results of the          Grade 11 French class, a lockdown          thought was a real situation arose
gunman’s view.                              such as Jarvis. When a survey was         survey, it would seem that those        was announced over the public ad-          we collectively slid into autopilot
           The lights in the class-         conducted among a group of Grade          who have been in a lockdown drill       dress system. The principal didn't         and no one panicked.
room are turned off so that silhou-         12 students to discover where these       before see the event as a minor oc-     mention that this was another drill,                  Despite various opinions
ettes cannot be seen from the hall-         divisions lie, an interesting pattern     currence, whereas those unfamiliar      as we were used to, and although           on safety at Pickering High School,
way, and students crowd against             emerged.                                  with the system seem to be ruled        the situation wasn’t actually real, it     all the students interviewed there
the wall closest to the hallway; if                   It seems that all the stu-      by a fear of the unknown; therefore     was perceived by the class as a real       agreed that lockdown drills are a
the gunman were to fire through             dents surveyed who had been in            they justify their reluctance with      emergency.                                 good idea and that they are impor-
the door for some reason, they              a lockdown drill before (11%) felt        thoughts that this new procedure                  To be honest, the teacher        tant preparation for a situation that
would be out of the bullets’ paths.         that these drills were a good idea;       isn’t required.                         was closer to panicking than the           isn’t probable, but as Cody Sch-
                                                                                                                                                                         reiber, a Grade 12 student, states,
                                                                                                                                                                         “It’s important to let people know
                                                                                                                                                                         how to react in a situation where
                                                                                                                                                                         there is no room for error.”
                                                                                                                                                                                   The Toronto District
                                                                                                                                                                         School Board evaluates a school’s
                                                                                                                                                                         risk level and the possible need for
                                                                                                                                                                         implementation of various security
                                                                                                                                                                         procedures such as the number of
                                                                                                                                                                         hallway monitors, security cam-
                                                                                                                                                                         eras, and lockdown drills based on
                                                                                                                                                                         several factors, including the his-
                                                                                                                                                                         tory of violence within the school,
                                                                                                                                                                         and crime statistics from around
                                                                                                                                                                         the school’s area. Although well
                                                                                                                                                                         intentioned, are these really effec-
                                                                                                                                                                         tive yardsticks to measure student
                                                                                                                                                                                   Regardless of the neigh-
                                                                                                                                                                         bourhood or history of discipline at
                                                                                                                                                                         the school, all it takes is one person
                                                                                                                                                                         to wreak havoc, one moment of
                                                                                                                                                                         hesitation, one series of events gone
                                                                                                                                                                         wrong to lead to catastrophe. Does
                                                                                                                                                                         it not make sense to be prepared so
                                                                                                                                                                         that if such a moment should arise,
                                                                                                                                                                         catastrophe could be averted, per-
                                                                                                                                                                         haps lives saved? A simple drill that
                                                                                                                                                                         takes very little time, and has noth-
                                                                                                                                                                         ing but positive results could make
                                                                                                                                                                         more of a difference than you may
Lockdowns could empty Jarvis hallways in the blink of an eye.                                                                            Photographer: Balazs Szilagyi
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lIttle Mosque or lIttle flop?
The controversy surrounding Canadian television's latest ethnic sitcom
by Hayart Abubakar
                                                   The first episode pokes
An imam, Baber, is giving a ser-        fun and plays around with the
mon, warning Muslims of TV’s            9/11 stereotypes associated with
influence.                              Muslims. Yasir (played by Carlo
           “American           Idol,    Rota), a non-devout Muslim, hires
Canadian Idol,” he says. “I say, all    Amaar (played by Zaib Shaikh), as
idols must be smashed! Desperate        an imam for the new mosque in
Housewives?! Why should they            the little town of Mercy. Amaar is
be so desperate when they’re only       suspected of being a terrorist; then
performing their natural womanly        things get out of hand.
duties?”                                           “It’s decent. It’s funny,”
           When CBC premiered           says Abdul Hirsi, a Grade 12
its first episode of the much antici-   Jarvis student. “I liked the speech
pated Little Mosque on the Prairie      the imam gave about Canadian
sitcom, it attracted the attention      idol and liquorish, but the accents
of a surprisingly large number of       sound fake when they read from
viewers—2.1-million—much of it          the Quran.”
due to the catchy pitch and clev-                  When a contractor hap-
erly-selected cast.                     pens to stop by, thinking he was
           Even though there were       replacing shingles for a “con-
few complaints, there were very         struction company,” he saw the
mixed reactions to the show. Some       Muslims praying in what was real-        Little Mosque on the Prairie gives us a snapshot of Canadian diversity at the coffee shop.
see it as an insult to Muslims,         ly a makeshift mosque. “Terrorist
                                        attack hotline,” he says speaking        to paradise today,” he smirks.             distracted when she can’t see the          front her when he folds it and puts
deeming it unsafe to touch upon                                                            It’s true that the premiere      women.                                     the hijab in his pocket. I thought
intense stereotypes as a result of      frantically into his phone.
                                                   Amal Hussein, a Grade         of Little Mosque on the Prairie does                 “Can you hear me back            it was very symbolic; displaying
9/11; others say the jokes aren’t                                                centre on terrorist jokes, but with a      there, ladies?” the mayor addresses        that contrary to the popular belief,
hurtful enough. Then there are          12 student says, “I don’t really like
                                        the show. It’s all terrorist jokes.”     somewhat humouring approach.               the women shielded from view by            Muslims aren’t forced to wear the
those who say it truly is a comedy,                                                        Another Grade 12 stu-            a hockey board. All of a sudden            hijab.
while some believe it’s just not as                Later in the show, Amaar,
                                        the new imam hired by Yasir, gets        dent, Aziza Hirsi, believes this           there’s a whole bunch of hands                       “I like how they make
funny as a comedy should be.                                                     show is harmless. “It’s not making         popping up, waving from behind             people see that we aren’t forced to
           Credited creator of Little   in a little complication while at the
                                        airport. He is on the phone, trying      fun of Muslims,” she says. “But it         the barrier.                               wear the hijab.” Salma Al-Nadir,
Mosque on the Prairie—Zarqaa                                                     makes fun of the people who make                     Little Mosque on Prairie         a Grade 12 student says. “It’s your
Nawaz—concocted this sitcom             to persuade his mom that quitting
                                        his job at the law firm to become        fun of Muslims.”                           does a good job of providing a             choice if you want to wear it.”
with intentions of portraying                                                              The second episode didn't        basic understanding of certain                       At the end of the second
her own experiences moving to           an imam was the right path. The
                                        lady in front overhears his conver-      place as much attention on terror-         issues facing Islam. It’s not all com-     episode, Amaar, the new Imam,
the prairies from Pakistan. The                                                  ism as the previous one, but focus-        edy. There was a scene in the show         comes to a decision. “For those
39-year-old filmmaker hopes to          sation, “If this is suicide, then so
                                        be it. This is Allah’s plan for me.”     es on the perspectives of women’s          that I appreciated very much, con-         who are in favour of the barrier,
provide comic relief to Muslims                                                  place in Islam. Yasir tries to put         cerning the hijab.                         they will use the half that’s still up.
struggling through the prejudiced       The lady leaves the line and in a
                                        few short seconds, he is arrested by     up a barrier to divide the mosque                    It occurs in a scene in          Those who are against it can pray
media, and provide a basis of                                                    into separate sections for men and         which Baber, the old imam, dis-            where there is no barrier.” To put
understanding for non-Muslims.          security guards. “You’re not going
                                                                                 women to pray in.                          cusses with his daughter the use of        it bluntly, no one agreed with his
   “People shouldn’t take the show                                                         In that same episode, the
                                                                                 town mayor comes to give a speech
                                                                                                                            wearing the hijab. Imam Baber’s
                                                                                                                            daughter hides the fact that she’s
                                                                                                                                                                       decision. Amaar then says, “the
                                                                                                                                                                       perfect Muslim solution; nobody’s
 seriously; after all it is a comedy—it                                          in order to win the support of the
                                                                                 Muslim community for building
                                                                                                                            gotten her menses so she wouldn’t
                                                                                                                            have to wear the hijab. At the end
                                                                                                                                                                                 Responding to that state-
   is not meant to offend anyone.”                                               a hockey rink in the little town
                                                                                 of Mercy. While speaking she is
                                                                                                                            of the scene, Baber has a hijab
                                                                                                                            ready in hand. He’s about to con-
                                                                                                                                                                                                See page 14

                                        he felt of R&B artist, James Brown
                                        The lasting influence                                                                                    by Chris Arreaga
                                                  Born James Joseph Brown        tunes as “I Got You (I Feel Good)”,        on to influence millions of people         out there that I actually listened to.
                                        in the small town of Barnwell,           “Please, Please, Please”, “Papa’s Got      throughout his career and has even         He's amazing with his music! Take
                                        South Carolina, he was 7 years           A Brand New Bag”, “Night Train”            managed to leave an impression on          rappers, for example; they keep
                                        old when he made the move to             and “Living In America,” as well           our own Jarvis Stage Band with a           sampling his music because it's that
                                        Augusta, Georgia where he would          as releasing influential albums            recent rendition of his popular and        influential.”
                                        begin perfecting his love and craft      such as In The Jungle Groove, The          infectious song, “I Got You (I Feel                  James Brown has become
                                        of music. He started out working         Payback, and his most critically-          Good)” during the school’s annual          a strong influence on the develop-
                                        unfulfilling jobs and singing on         acclaimed, energetic live album,           Autumn Leaves concert. When                ment of today’s most dominat-
                                        street corners to help support his       Live At The Apollo which show-             asked why his music was chosen             ing genre of music: hip-hop. His
                                        musical and financial endeavours.        cased Brown’s impressive ability           as a part of the set list, Jarvis’s        track “The Funky Drummer” has
                                                  It wasn’t long before he       as a singer/songwriter/bandleader          Band Director, Mrs. Kocukov,               become the most sampled piece of
The Godfather of Soul made us           would meet his complementary                                                                                                   music upon which such pioneering
an offer we couldn’t refuse: he         and important music collaborator,         You can call him what you want, be it Soul                                           figures of hip-hop as Run DMC,
                                        guitar player Bobby Byrd. Along                                                                                                Public Enemy, NWA, LL Cool J
gave us timeless, engaging music in
                                        with Byrd, James Brown would              Brother Number One, Mr. Dynamite, the                                                and Kool Moe Dee have used this
exchange for our love and recogni-
tion of his work. What a deal.          go on to form his seminal group,          Hardest-Working Man in Show Business,                                                song, or others, at least once in
                                        The Flames, becoming the self-                                                                                                 their careers.
          You can call him what
you want, be it Soul Brother            appointed bandleader and main            Minister of the New New Super Heavy Funk,                                                       We cannot ignore the
Number One, Mr. Dynamite,               composer of all the group’s songs.        Mr. Please Please Please or even The Boss.                                           impact and legacy that this man
the Hardest-Working Man in                        After garnering quick                                                                                                has single-handily made on the
Show Business, Minister of the          attention and popularity with the        and as a captivating stage presence,       put it simply, “I like it. It’s a good     genres of Soul/R&B/Funk and in
New New Super Heavy Funk,               single “Please, Please, Please”, James   judging from the constant holler-          arrangement, good rhythms and              popular music in general. He has
Mr. Please Please Please or even        Brown and his group would from           ing from lucky audience members            a good beat. We’ve done it before;         practically become synonymous
The Boss. The many aliases are          that point on be known under a                    As well, his back-up band         the band liked it and it sounded           with any mention of all the above
nothing compared to the immense         new, slightly modified moniker,          highlighted their tightness as one         good.”                                     genres. The man who was known
legacy that James Brown has left        as James Brown & The Famous              musical entity by never missing a                    Grade 12 student, Tanvir         as “The Hardest-Working Man in
to us as one of the most influential    Flames. Under his direction, the         beat and providing the Godfather           Taher, echoed the general feeling          Show Business” more than deserves
popular music figures of the 20th       group would go on to experience          with the musical landscape needed          towards the achievements of James          The Most Deserved Rest in Music
century.                                a successful career spanning close       for him to solidify his groove.            Brown, “James Brown, simply put,           History.
                                        to five decades with such signature               James Brown has gone              was one of the few soulful artists
PAGE 12                                                                                        MEDIA                                                         The Jarvis Jargon • APRIL 2007

nIneteen plus or negatIve?                                                                                                                                             CONCERT LISTINgS

How 1+ clubs keep students away from the music scene by Dana Marson                                                                                                        TuESDAY APRIL 3
The stairs that lead up to the           that a kid in Canada can go sign          Etobicoke-based rap group, The            “innovation goes out the door and            LYNN KUO, KORNEL
concert room of the El Mocambo           up for the army and go to the             Rawluck Movement. Their single,           imitation is all the rage.”                WOLAK AND MARIANNA
on College and Spadina suggest a         Middle East and kill someone, but         “Rip ‘Em Apart,” is currently a                      In a recent survey of           HUMETSKA, violin, clarinet
seedy venue is at the top – peeling      they can’t go to see their favourite      Choice Cut on HipHopCanada.               70 Jarvisites, 60% said that they          and piano, Richard Bradshaw
paint on the walls, posters hanging      band at a concert – does that make        com. “Our subject matter isn’t dif-       would see a live show by an indie           Amphitheatre, Four Seasons
haphazardly, dim lighting – but          sense?”                                   ficult to understand, exactly, but        artist if they had the opportunity.        Centre for the Performing Arts
it’s not. It’s a place where indie                  But it’s not only the acces-   we want to be able to let go on           However, names like Coldplay and           (145 Queen West), noon, free.
hip-hop is often played to listeners     sibility of the music. For some, it       stage, and it’s hard to be yourself       Beyonce were named as favoured                      www.
of a different ear, an ear for good      is the opportunity to play it. Here       around kids because they might            artists. The aim of these acts agrees
music.                                   at Jarvis, we host Coffeehouse, a         not be able to vibe to [our music]        with Nazareth’s opinion about                  WEDNESDAY APRIL 4
          With today’s hip-hop           low-key, semi-annual showcase of          like our peers can. It’s a censorship     today’s music. Meanwhile, music            TOKYO POLICE CLUB AND
altered by artist attraction to the      Jarvis musical talent. For some, it’s     issue.”                                   by independent artists tends to            COLD WAR KIDS Mod Club,
mainstream industry, true hip-hop        just a fun way to get involved at                    Sharing music through          disagree.                                   all ages, $14.50. 416-870-8000
heads have to dig deep to find the       school but, for the few aspiring art-     performance is an intimate experi-                   “Now I’m older and I’m
authentic stuff. This means turn-        ists we have, it’s a legitimate gig.      ence, and so if an artist has to cen-     off a lot of the bullshit I was once         UBS VERBIER FESTIVAL
ing off the radio and television and                Former Jarvisite, Teddy        sor himself or explain his message        on,” Abs says. “So I only really             CHAMBER ORCHESTRA
finding live shows where under-          aka Abs, now plays hip-hop shows          an alternative way to accommo-            got one goal: to make music I               AND MAXIM VENGEROV,
ground and indie artists of Toronto      all the time, at only the age of          date for his audience, it becomes         believe in.” Abs is a local artist, and     violin, Roy Thomson Hall (60
can satisfy this need.                   18. “It’s all progressive,” Abs says.     less enjoyable for all.                   although he has gained recognition        Simcoe), $30-$117. 416-593-4828.
          However, this is an option     “You start off digging and search-                   Parents often criticize the    in the GTA, he has yet to make it
exclusive to the 19+ crowd, and to       ing for a single show to do, usu-         music that their children listen to,      big.                                          THuRSDAY APRIL 5
those who can get their hands on a       ally an open-mic or something. If         but today, it is typical for a teenager              So, is the 19+ restriction        HUMBER VOCAL JAZZ
good fake ID.                            your performance is dope, you get         to be sucked into the ever-grow-          justified?                                 ENSEMBLE Richard Bradshaw
          Although access to live        requested to do a show elsewhere.”        ing trend of mainstream music.                       “It [is] in the sense that        Amphitheatre, Four Seasons
hip-hop is limited in Toronto,           As far as age restriction being a         Lyrics aren’t as significant as those     places serving alcohol can’t admit          Centre for the Performing Arts
this epidemic of meaningless pop         barrier, Abs says that “when you’re       of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder,            people who aren’t of legal drink-         (145 Queen West), 5:30 pm, free.
music can apply to all genres. So        the performer and people are com-         or Janis Joplin. Instead, we have         ing age,” says Nazareth. And there                   www.
how can Jarvisites be exposed to a       ing to watch you and other artists,       teen sensations singing, “Is your         are alternatives to the standard
taste of authenticity?                   it isn’t your decision to make the        man on the floor? If he aint, let         Justin Timberlake concert. “I guess        LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM
           Grade 10 student, Jenzel      venue 19+. [Venues] usually won’t         me know,” like Chris Brown, and           [youth] have to hit events like           Music Hall, all ages, $49.50. 416-
Sampson, says she listens to mostly      serve any performer under 19 [any         “3,2,1, it’s the same old story. Love     Winter City where groups like Jon                   870-8000.
classic hip-hop and R&B tunes.           alcohol].”                                gets gory,” from the song 3,2,1 by        Rae, Philosopher Kings, Melissa
She says that if she could, she                     Some older artists may         Hedley.                                   McLelland, and Sloan played for            LILY ALLEN Phoenix, all ages,
would go to shows to watch live          feel the attraction to playing for a                 Toronto-based journal-         free. Or go to Harbourfront every               $25. 416-870-8000.
music versus listening to it on the      crowd similar in age to themselves,       ist, Errol Nazareth, has kicked it        weekend in the summer where you
radio.                                   suggesting that sometimes, the            with the big shots, interviewing          can catch some amazing and not-               FRIDAY APRIL 6
          Dillon Collett, another        alcohol itself has little to do with      artists from the Wu-Tang Clan’s           so-familiar bands for free.”                BEN FOLDS AND EEF
Grade 10 student at Jarvis has           keeping kids out.                         Raekwon to J.Lo and everyone                                                        BARZELAY Kool Haus, all ages,
grown up around musicians. “All          “We don’t do shows for kids,”             in between. He says that when                                                          $32.50. 416-870-8000.
of them first of all think it’s insane   says Audi, age 25, member of the          it comes to the music of today,
                                                                                                                                                                         THE EARLY NOVEMBER,
                                                                                                                                                                         THE ROCKET SUMMER,

                                                                                                                                                                          MELEE AND NOTHING
                                                                                                                                                                        EVER STAYS Opera House, all
                                                                                                                                                                         ages, doors 6:30 pm, $16. 416-

A how-to for aspiring musicians                                                                                                                                           WEDNESDAY APRIL 11
                                                                                                                                                                        TOKYO POLICE CLUB Mod
by Yevgen Slyepukhov                     A practice space for your band                                                                                                  Club, all ages, doors 6:30 pm,
So you want to be in a band.             can become a major obstacle. The                                                                                                   $14.50. 416-870-8000.
You’ve been playing an instrument        neighbours can’t stand decibels,
for so long that you feel it’s time to   especially the drums. Sound-                                                                                                  SEVENDUST, RED, DIECAST
go in and kick some butt. But you        proofing your practice spot would                                                                                               AND INVITRO Phoenix, all
don’t know exactly how to “get           be a great idea. Drum mutes can                                                                                               ages, doors 6:30 pm, $25.50. 416-
in” or where to start. Logically the     also be a good alternative. If your                                                                                                       870-8000.
first step would be putting a band       budget allows, invest in an electric
together. That’s easy, isn’t it?         drum kit.                                                                                                                        TuESDAY APRIL 17
           Actually, putting a band                 Next stop – repertoire.                                                                                            NAS Kool Haus, all ages, 10 pm,
together is not much easier than         No matter in which genre you’re                                                                                                  $44.50. 416-870-8000.
playing in one. All of the band          playing, there are always two ways
members should either share the          – radio-friendly and not. It’s either                                                                                             THuRSDAY APRIL 19
same musical tastes or be pretty         money, music, or combination of                                                                                                ART BRUT Mod Club, all ages,
open-minded. Arguing can ruin            both. It is much easier to be ‘in for                                                                                           doors 7 pm, $15.50. 416-870-
the creative process in the blink of     the money’ since the complexity           The author and friends rehearse their act.                                                       8000.
an eye. Don’t forget about the skill-    of your material is reduced so that
                                         others can easily get it and buy it.      OUT of gigs than to actually find         the music world,” says Mike.
fulness of your mates. Problems                                                    them. All we did was throw up our                    When you’re finally on                FRIDAY MAY 4
regarding skillfulness can turn into     If you care for music too much,                                                                                               BLACKIE AND THE RODEO
                                         then you’ll have to sweat it for a        names, phone numbers, and city            stage, always have a good time!
a major setback. Replacement is                                                    and Supernova did all the book-           Look like you’re actually enjoy-             KINGS, TOM WILSON,
the only cure in cases such as           while since complexity doesn’t sell                                                                                           COLIN LINDEN, STEPHEN
                                         well nowadays. It is always harder        ing for us. There really weren’t          ing your performance. Don’t be
major musical timing problems.                                                     any problems; you have very little        afraid of adding a little spark to          FEARING AND BARNEY
Your band members should not             to combine them and stay satisfied                                                                                            BENTALL Trinity-St Paul's (427
                                         on both frontiers.                        control over the dates I guess, but       your show. Showmanship is very
expect you to train them.                                                          then again it was summer so there         important, even if you think that it      Bloor West), all ages, doors 7 pm,
           “It's hard to keep a band                Gigs. A good way to start                                                                                                $25. 416-870-8000.
                                         is to join a music program at your        really weren't too many worries           looks ridiculous. Go ahead and put
together because it's hard to find                                                 there,” says Michael Da Silva, a          that guitar behind your back, carry
four people that are at your level,      school. It can become both educa-                                                                                                 MELIGROVE BAND,
                                         tional and experiential. “I found         local musician in Toronto. You can        around the microphone stand. It
and have the same hopes or musi-                                                   sign up at http://www.supernova.          gets the crowd warmed up. And               JAPANTHER AND MATT
cal opinions as you. So yes, it's        gigs mostly through school. Being                                                                                              AND KIM Mod Club, all ages,
                                         in the numerous Jarvis bands and          com and get a gig.                        don’t worry if you screw up, people
pretty hard. It's like marriage, but                                                         Of course you’re wonder-        will still appreciate your perform-            $tba. 416-588-4663.
try finding 4 soul mates,” says          being tight with Mrs. K. helped
                                         find 'work.' Other times it's just        ing how to get paying gigs. It’s          ance and cheer.
Danial Khan, a musician at Jarvis.                                                 either storming every single club                    If you don’t feel that                TuESDAY MAY 15
           You shouldn’t forget about    luck, or coffeehouse,” says Danial.                                                                                               STEPHEN MARLEY, JR
                                                    Another good way to start      or bar in sight with pleas to get         you’re ready to do gigs in front of
the music itself while being busy                                                  gigs or having a lot of friends in        people that don’t know you, go            GONG AND K'NAAN Phoenix,
with band arrangements. After all,       off is to join one of those Battle of                                                                                          all ages, 9 pm, $25.50. 416-870-
                                         the Bands type of gigs. Supernova         the local music community. “With          through a list of all the upcoming
it’s the music that counts most.                                                   the right contacts a crappy band          events happening at JCI and try                          8000.
I’ve caught myself spending too          Entertainment is a good place to
                                         start. You just sign up and they set      can get gigs, open for bands, net-        getting a part in them. Visit the
much time resolving band con-                                                      work, find deals, and attract fans.       next Coffeehouse in May and see                 MONDAY JuNE 25
flicts rather than playing or writing    you up for a concert with a bunch                                                                                              DAVE BRUBECK as part of the
                                         of other bands on the set list. All       If nobody knows who you are,              how the audience reacts. Having
music. Practise, write, and experi-                                                nobody's going to care. Be friendly,      taken part in a lot of events at JCI,     Toronto Jazz Festival, Four Seasons
ment as much as possible, not just       that is required of you is getting                                                                                              Centre for the Performing Arts
                                         some people to come to the show,          make a LOT of friends, go to other        I can say that it definitely helps to
by yourself, but with the whole                                                    people's shows, buy their shirts and      see what it’s like before getting into    (145 Queen West), $40-$135. 416-
band. Share ideas and criticisms or      and you’re in.                                                                                                                             872-1111.
                                                    “We just used Supernova.       CDs, and people will repay the            the real deal. Opportunities are all
you can end up hating each other                                                   favour. It's not WHAT you know,           around; all it takes is effort.
for musical differences. No matter       If you sign up with Supernova
                                         Entertainment, it's harder to get         it's WHO you know, and this
what, always communicate.                                                          couldn't be any more true than in
The Jarvis Jargon • APRIL 2007                                                                MEDIA                                                                                  PAGE 1

the complete works of william shakespeare (abridged)
A review                                           Marit wasn’t the only
                                         person with this response; all the
by Max Barkley                           students I talked to had good
During the first week of March,          feedback about the play. Most
Jarvis’s Grade 12 drama class            were impressed by the well timed
proudly premiered its entry in           humour of the whole ensemble,
this year’s Sears Drama Festival:        but one fan favourite was Aidan
The Complete Works of William            Waugh and Danial Khan’s love
Shakespeare (abridged). Filled with      scene.
romance, death, and cross dress-                   “I got the script and I
ing, this year’s performance was a       realized, ‘I’m playing a girl!’” says
big hit with Jarvis students.            Aidan Waugh, who played an

 “I got the script and I realized,
      ‘I’m playing a girl!’”
           For those unaware, the        Othello Rapper, King Lear and,
Sears Drama Festival is an annual        most notably, Juliet, in this year’s
Ontario festival in which high           Sears production. “So I did a lot
schools put on theatre productions.      of studying, you know. I went to
These plays are adjudicated and          a lot of places where ‘girls’ like to
compete to win various awards            hang out: you know, strip clubs,
and move up to different levels          malls, those kind of things. And
of evaluation. After their Friday        I watched them—I watched them
night performance on March 2,            intently—to try and see how these
this year’s cast didn’t move on to       women act and move. I often got
the next round, however, they did        slapped, but in the end it was
win two awards of excellence; one        worth it.”
is to the entire cast for their ensem-             Reflecting on the entire
ble work and the other to Jothi          process, Ms. Burak calls the expe-
Shanmugam for her work as Stage          rience "a riotous romp through
Manager.                                 Shakespeare's many plays, with a A cast photo from Jarvis's Sears production.                                                     Photographer: Ms. Burak
           As the title boldly pro-      cast whose natural comedic energy
poses, this piece is a brief, but        made rehearsing an amazing, crea- right. In fact, among professional them.                                         William Shakespeare (abridged) is
quite entertaining, interpretation       tive experience."                     actors comedy is considered quite         No one would presume to            a parody, designed to highlight
of Shakespeare's works; however,                   But despite the brilliant challenging, many believing it compare the impact of this play to              the absurd and outdated elements
the Jarvis production only encom-        performance of Waugh and the more difficult to successfully per- that of Shakespeare’s actual works;               of Shakespeare's plays for the
passed the first act due to time con-    award-winning performances of form than drama. A large part of however, does that mean the play                    amusement of a modern audience.
straints, and is subsequently miss-      the entire cast, some were critical comedy is discipline; an actor has has no artistic value? There are            Judging from the positive feedback
ing an interpretation of Hamlet—         of this year’s production.            to have good comedic timing, be many different ways of measuring             of students like Marit, and the
forwards and backwards.                            “[The adjudicator] liked able to keep energy up throughout the success of an artistic work, and          multiple awards this cast is receiv-
           “I enjoyed the play,” says    our play, but he raised the question an entire performance, and, most one is asking this question: did this        ing, it looks like this performance
Fraser Marit, Grade 12 Jarvis stu-       of whether it was art or entertain- importantly, stay in character at piece accomplish what it set out to          was a job well done.
dent. “It was far more entertaining      ment,” says Waugh, “and I guess all times, even with a whole crowd do?
than all the other student written       he didn’t think this kind of com- breaking into laughter in front of            The Complete Works of
pieces, which were really boring.”       edy could be done in an artistic
Marit was one of the Jarvis students
who came to support his friends
                                                   However, artistic or not,
                                                                                       “...a riotous romp through Shakespeare's many
on their adjudicated performance.
“[The other schools’ plays] were
                                         Marit praises the cast. “It takes a
                                         lot of work to maintain that kind
                                                                                    plays, with a cast whose natural comedic energy
well acted, but [Jarvis] was very
good; I was laughing constantly.”
                                         of consistency and to stay in char-
                                         acter,” Marit says, and he’s quite
                                                                                   made rehearsing an amazing, creative experience.”

lIttle Mosque                                                                                                              fashIon show '07
Jarvis students have strong opinions on Canada's new sitcom
by Hayart Abubakar
Continued from page 12
ment, Salma Al-Nadir says, “Some                   Jennisa Patel, a Grade         Nawaz said to the New York Times.
parts of the show portray Muslims        12 Jarvis student, has this to say.      "Muslim women cover their hair
in a bad way.”                           “People shouldn’t take the show          because they're worried men will
          The statement where            seriously; after all it is a comedy—     be attracted to it. But what if the
Amaar said nobody being happy is         it is not meant to offend anyone.”       guy is gay and isn't attracted to it?
“the perfect Muslim solution” real-                You could criticize the        Does that count?"
ly threw people off. Some believed       show if it were only targeting one                 These are the types of
that non-Muslims would view              group of people, but it doesn’t; the     questions that Mrs. Nawaz likes to
it the wrong way, and Muslims            jokes are applied to everyone.”          put forth in her community. She
themselves (some of them) felt                     In one episode, two            was either ignored or told that her
insulted.                                female characters, Rayyan and            questions were too extreme. But
          “Because of that,” Salma       Fatima, are in swimming class            now, through Little Mosque on the
says. “Non-Muslims might see it as       when they notice a male instruc-         Prairie, she has the opportunity to
if Muslims aren’t happy people.”         tor has replaced the usual female        express her thoughts.
          What the statement meant       instructor. Frantically, they rush to              Overall, the show seems
was that you can’t satisfy everyone.     cover their hair with bath towels.       to have very good prospects in
Lots of people believe that Islam        “We’re not allowed to show our           store—if it can continue to chan-
was built in favour of men but that      hair,” Rayyan, one of the female         nel the humour in the right direc-
statement shows you that it isn’t.       characters explains. “It arouses         tion.
The fact that the sheikh simply          men.” “Not revealing anything I’m                  Shukri Mohamed, a
didn’t leave the barrier to satisfy      interested in,” the instructor replies   Grade 12 Jarvis student, says, “It’s
the men, rather leave it half up to      coyly after mentioning that he was       annoying how people are reading
settle the differences—of both the       “a friend of Dorothy” (an expres-        too much into the show. It’s a com-
men and women—shows that the             sion meaning gay).                       edy. To enjoy or not to enjoy; it’s
law of Islam revolves around equal                 "We try to find the hilar-     your call. If you don’t like it, don’t                                   Photos from this year's fashion
and fair treatment for all.              ity in everyday scenarios," Zarqaa       watch it!”                                                               show, Forbidden Fruit. Proceeds from
                                                                                                                                                           the event went to Jarvis's Sierra
                                                                                                                                                           Leone project.

                                                                                                                           Photographer: Balazs Szilagyi
PAGE 1                                                                                                                                                   The Jarvis Jargon • APRIL 2007

chess on Ice
A look at Jarvis curling by Saeda Raghe
It is not internationally known like bas-          team until her retirement last year.
ketball, and soccer. Nor does it require                     The current Jarvis team consists
strength, speed, and stamina like traditional      of eleven members, six of them beginners.
mainstream sports. Despite all this, the           Within the team, the members are divided
sport that was once considered exclusive to        into separate teams, because only four people
senior citizens and stay-at-home moms is           can compete at a time. According to Katie
now drawing a much younger crowd.                  Baldwin, a Grade 12 team member, the
          Curling is a team sport played on        teams are usually separated, two beginners
ice by two competing teams of four play-           to two returning. This allows the beginners
ers each. The game is played using large           to learn from the experienced players, and to
polished granite stones that team members          play in every game.
slide down the ice towards a target called the               The curling season begins in late
house.                                             December and ends with the champion-
          The origins of curling can be traced     ships in March. There are eleven schools
to Scotland in the medieval period. At its         in the Toronto league, and within those
beginning, curling was played with flat-bot-       schools, there are 36 different teams.
tomed river rocks; the player had little con-                Between now and March, the team          This year's Jarvis curling team strikes a pose.
trol of the stone, and relied on luck rather       usually plays about eight qualifier games          to play with on other teams.                        ,but come on.”
then skill. Outdoor curling became popular         against other high schools in Toronto, after                  There seems to be different percep-                Many other students also agree
in the sixteenth and seventeenth century in        which they go to the championship or               tions of the team around the school, and            with his statement about traveling to the
Scotland because the climate provided good         Bonspiel; in Scottish it means match. The          in some cases students don’t know enough            skating rink, which is located on Broadview
ice conditions every winter.                       Bonspiel is organized into rounds, depend-         about the team to judge it.                         and Queen. This may account for the low
          In the late 17th century, it is specu-   ing on the number of teams. Afterwards the                    When Merrick Anderson, a Grade           turnout.
lated, curling was brought over by Scottish        teams are ranked, and the two teams with           12 student and co-captain of the team, was                    Regardless, curling seems to be a
immigrants to North America. The first             the highest points play in the finals. Last        asked what he believes is behind the negative       growing sport for young people. In a 2004
curling club was established in 1807, the          year Jarvis came in fourth.                        reaction of Jarvis students, he replied, “it is     survey conducted by the Print Measurement
same year that Jarvis C.I. was established,                  Unlike mainstream sports, curl-          perceived as an old, Scottish man’s sport           Bureau, 13.9% of all curlers in Canada were
in Montreal. From the 1800s to the 1900s,          ing is compared to golf, bowling, and chess        and no one can relate to it at the school.          between the ages of 12-17, and 12.2% were
curling stayed a local and regional sport          in the sense that strategy and experience,         Teenagers look for fast-paced sports where          18-24.
until 1927, when the first championship was        and not the physical ability of the player         girls wear mini skirts and where guys are                     The reasons for the growth could
held.                                              win games. This may be the reason young            ripped… Curling just doesn’t fit most of the        be due to the social aspects of the sport,
          Since then, according to the Print       people take negatively to the game, because        criteria to be a ‘sport’ for many people; in        and that in 1998 curling was added to the
Measurement Bureau, Canada has become              according to Mr. O’Handley, the current            short, it is misjudged.”                            Olympics.
the largest curling country, with about one        coach, “it can be frustrating and difficult to                On a positive note, when Grade
million people playing the game annually           master.” He also says that curling is a sport      9 student Yasin Osman was asked what he
from coast to coast. According to the same
study, 56% of players are regulars, which
                                                   that you have to stick with. Lots of practise
                                                   allows a player to recognize the faults in their
                                                                                                      thinks of the sport, he replied. “All I know         Sport Briefs
                                                                                                      about the sport is it’s really fun and competi-       Senior Boys Basketball
means they play ten or more games a year.          strategy, and then to adjust them.                 tive… and it seems very interesting.”
          A former Jarvis teacher, Mr.                       The other difference between curl-                                                             The senior boys had a tough season this year. With
                                                                                                                 When asked whether he would                a large number of Grade 11 players and a tough
Buchanan, with the help of Mrs. McDonald,          ing and some of the popular Jarvis sports          join the team, he said. “I wouldn’t consider          opposition, the team had to fight through a disap-
started the curling team twelve years ago.         teams — like basketball, volleyball, and           it because curling is a sport where you have          pointing number of close losses. Still the team kept
The team stopped for a short period of             soccer — is the team is open, which means          to go to a skating ring where it’s far away. I’m      up their spirit, making it to the consolation round
time after Mr. Buchanan ritired, but Jarvis’s      that there is no age or gender qualification in    not trying to be lazy but it would be too far
                                                                                                                                                            of the Jarvis Invitational Tournament and finish-
former vice-principal Ms. Phoenix restarted        the team. This allows team members to play                                                               ing with a 3-7 record on the season.
                                                                                                      and too hard. I’m not scared of commitment
the team four years ago, and she coached the       with people they would not get the chance                                                                Junior Boys Basketball
                                                                                                                                                            It was a season of successful tournaments for the jun-
                                                                                                                                                            ior boys, who came in third place in both the UofT
                                                                                                                                                            and Rick Hanson tournaments. In both tournaments
                                                                                                                                                            the team barely missed making it to the finals. The
                                                                                                                                                            boys finished the regular season with a 3-4 record.

leaf natIon
                                                                                                                                                            Bantam Boys Basketball
                                                                                                                                                            The bantam team was in a developmental stage
                                                                                                                                                            this year. The season found them improving their

Forty-year Stanley Cup hiatus has Toronto fans hanging their heads
                                                                                                                                                            play and taking advantage of more scoring oppor-
                                                                                                                                                            tunities, under the coaching of Ms. Noble. Vino
                                                                                                                                                            Suntharalingam was central to the team with his
by Sathyan Arulvarathan                            the Cup, mentions a few reasons that reflect       cial success of the Leafs, who were the most          all around play.
An enthusiastic group of Leafs and                 the popular conclusion: the managerial staff       profitable team of 2006 in the NHL, despite
                                                   is to blame.                                       their absence from the playoffs. Purchased            Curling
Canadiens fans find themselves at the edge                                                                                                                  The curling team was split into two teams this year.
of their seats. Toronto is up a goal late in                 “Some of the reasons why I blame         in 1994 for $90 million and once again                The team had a core of experienced players, with
the third period. Montreal pulls its goalie        the management is because of their apparent        in 2003 for $234 million by the Ontario               Merrick Anderson and Tinzhi Li skipping the two
getting the extra skater. Toronto wins the         unwillingness to feature wingers to com-           Teachers’ Pension Plan and Bell Global                teams. Along with these returning veterans the team
                                                   plement Mats Sundin… also they have a              Media, the Leafs are currently worth $332             jumped from 5 to 15 players and everyone had a
face-off; Pulford makes a perfect pass to                                                                                                                   great time throwing rocks down the ice at painted
Armstrong; Armstrong crosses the centre            tendency to obtain players that are past their     million, with the New York Rangers at a               circles.
line; he shoots into an empty net and the          prime, like Owen Nolan, and Gary Roberts           close $302 million dollars, according to
                                                   who were obtained in their 30s as opposed                                           Junior girls Volleyball
Leafs win their 11th Stanley Cup!                                                                                                                           The junior girls spiked their competition into
          May 2, 2007 marks the 40th anni-         to their mid-twenties,” he explained.                         The ticket prices for a Leafs’ game        the ground this year, losing only 2 games in the
versary of the Leafs’ momentous win against                  With so many shots directed              are still the highest in the NHL at $80.1 on          season. This experienced team pushed itself to its
the Montreal Canadiens in 1966-67 season           towards the management of the Leafs, it’s          average. Leafs’ games also rake in the most           limits, with victory after victory, but finally lost to
during the time of the Original Six. Since         important to take into account that all the        gate receipts, achieving $1.5-million a game,         Northern in the quarterfinals in a 3rd set that put
                                                   members of the management have yet to              according to the National Post.                       the audience on the edge of their seats.
then, however, the Leafs have failed to win
another Cup. For those deprived of all social      complete a decade in their current posi-                      In a city habouring some of the            Senior girls Volleyball
contact from Torontonians in the past few          tions, and cannot solely be held account-          most enthusiastic hockey fans on the planet,                      The spikes were flying from all sides this
decades: the Stanley Cup is the sought-after       able for the last four decades. In fact, the       the Leafs influence the identity of many              volleyball season. The girls made it to OFSSA quali-
                                                   general manager John Ferguson was hired            Jarvisites, such as Grade 12 student Joshua           fiers and regional quarterfinals, as well as coming
Holy Grail of hockey, symbolizing NHL                                                                                                                       3rd in the Humberside tournament. The regional
supremacy.                                         on August 29, 2003. Ferguson became the            Friars who said, “I watch the Leafs because           quarter finals was a hard fight between Jarvis and
          When asked why the Maple Leafs           12th person to hold the position of GM             they’re the home team, and I’ll cheer for             Northern with both teams pushing it to a 3rd set
have been unable to win a Stanley Cup,             in 12 years, according to          them even if they don’t win a Stanley Cup.”           and Northern finally winning by two points.
Grade 12 student, Mannu Chowdhury,                 Yet many fans within the self-proclaimed                      Grade 12 student, Alex Krapivinsky
said, “Their inability to win cups is a result     hockey capital of the world are reluctant to       said, “I support the Leafs because I was born       around the trophy to include recent champi-
of lack of good players, poor scouting and         consider the possibility that the Leafs weren’t    in Toronto, and when the Leafs do win the           onship winners like the Carolina Hurricanes.
most importantly the appalling decisions by        that good to begin with. After all, their last     Cup, I’ll be the first one to rub it in the faces   The next ring change set to occur after
the GM.”                                           Stanley Cup win that occurred almost 40            of those non-believers.”                            2016-17 season will remove an additional
          Grade 12 student, Tianzhi Li, also       years ago only required them to beat out five                 Unfortunately, the Leafs’ misfor-        three Leafs’ championship wins from the
blames their prolonged slump on the man-           other competitors.                                 tunes extend beyond their results in the            Cup. This pattern dictates that if Leafs fail
agement of the Toronto Maple Leafs fran-                     A recent survey indicates that           hockey area, when six out of their eleven           to win another Stanley Cup within the next
chise.                                             many Jarvis students own Leafs merchan-            championship wins were removed from the             26 years, all mention of them will be erased
          Jarvis staff member Bill Shack,          dise and follow or even attend games. These        prestigious NHL trophy.                             from the trophy.
who still recalls the last time the Leafs’ won     responses correlate with the ongoing finan-                   In its place, a new ring was placed
The Jarvis Jargon • APRIL 2007                                                                                                                                                             PAGE 1

hall MonItors
They can't save me from myself
by Fraser Marit                         dinated team of crime fighters. I
                                        recently went undercover posing
It is rare nowadays to find a threat    as a journalist and interrogated
that has the potential to be dis-       them mercilessly regarding their
armed or neutralized; chances are       methods. Unlike the criminals
that if CNN says it’s a threat          they stop, the skills that make
then you only have days or even         them good at what they do are
minutes before something plants         subtle yet numerous. They can
eggs in your brain or pilfers your      place themselves in a crowd of kids
television. Authority figures and       and not be noticed like a ninja,
enforcement officials can do very       and Carmelita can weed out a non-
little in these times to save you       Jarvisite face from a sea of students.
from the E. coli in your spinach,       The hall monitors diligently watch

 So maybe our school should invest
 in a psychiatrist as opposed to hall
   monitors; now that would make
  me feel safer. If you can stop the
 voices in some kid's head before he
  attacks somebody, then you won’t
         need hall monitors.
the mad cow in your beef, or            their sectors and, by utilizing cov-
the seemingly normal house you          ert communication methods wor-
live next to that’s actually a toxic,   thy of MI6, they can all close in
mold-infested grow-op.                  on an intruder or problem student        Ramon Ramos closely inspects the psyche of our reporter.                                      Photographer: Dana Marson
         Sure, the unobservant          within seconds. They‘ve dealt with
and nonchalant Jarvisite may feel       intoxicated intruders and outsiders      themselves. Not every trouble-          Jarvis and lockdown procedures in         stone. Nothing gets out aggression
pretty safe with hall monitors on       just trying to use the washroom,         maker is as noticeable as a stu-        place? Well, no. Because of their         while simultaneously controlling
the prowl during school time, but       albeit a forty minute long crap.         dent stumbling around, high off         lack of psychic forcasting ability,       crowds and scaring outsiders like
they don’t know what I know.            There is, however, one necessary         of cough syrup or Listerine. “You       it’s most likely that if a situation      medieval weaponry and spastic
The job of “School Safety Hall          skill that the hall monitors don’t       don’t plan this stuff,” says Ramon      arises where I really encounter a         flailing.
Monitor” at Jarvis is strictly a com-   possess: the ability to see into the     Ramos, a Jarvis hall monitor of 12      dangerous person lurking in our                     Just the other day I was
munications job; the hall monitors      future.                                  years. According to Ramon, the          school, I’ve probably already dealt       only seconds away from setting
are not allowed to exercise their                 Although a signifi-            most important skills for a hall        with it in a manner befitting of a        myself ablaze when I saw Grade
authority in a physically aggressive    cant aspect of their job consists        monitor are good communication,         Celtic warrior, and by the time the       12 senior Taylor Baldwin loitering
manner, so how are they expected        of crowd control and preventing          common sense and a street-smart         hall monitors arrive on the scene         by the auditorium, and wouldn’t
to keep students in line?               outsiders from getting inside the        approach to student psychology.         someone will have been severely           you know it: there were no hall
         Jarvis hall monitors are       school, they can’t anticipate stu-       However, considering that I can’t       maimed or humiliated.                     monitors around. I approached
in fact a highly skilled and coor-      dents turning on each other or           even predict my own psychological                  You see, amidst the            him about his violation and he
                                                                                 patterns, I’m sure that it’s impossi-   uncertainty and fear engulfing our        claimed to be reading something
                                                                                 ble to pinpoint certain individuals’    society, I have been training and         by “Voltaire”, which was obvi-
 I now sleep with one eye open in a sterile                                      personality quirks and be capa-         conditioning myself both physi-           ously a fabricated name. I had
  safe room and know thirty five ways to                                         ble of manipulating them, and
                                                                                 it’s these unpredictable individuals
                                                                                                                         cally and psychologically, because
                                                                                                                         nothing can surprise me if I’m
                                                                                                                                                                   been ready to overlook the loiter-
                                                                                                                                                                   ing infraction, but when people
  incapacitate a human with a toothpick;                                         that are the biggest threat to the      prepared for the worst. My theory         start lying to me and giving me
                                                                                 well-being of our school.               is that if you can’t afford to wait for   false information regarding lit-
       let’s see a hall monitor do that.                                                    So do I feel safer with      the authorities to come, take mat-        erature, something needs to be
                                                                                 hall monitors wandering around          ters into your own hands. I now           done. Therefore I dangled him
                                                                                                                         sleep with one eye open in a sterile      over the rotunda and made him
                                                                                                                         safe room and know thirty five            beg for mercy. “Oh Fraser, you
                                                                                                                            Jarvis hall monitors are in fact a
                                                                                                                             highly skilled and coordinated
                                                                                                                                 team of crime fighters.
                                                                                                                       ways to incapacitate a human with           are the God of Discipline” he
                                                                                                                       a toothpick; let’s see a hall moni-         yelled. “Everyone could learn to
                                                                                                                       tor do that. However, despite my            be a better citizen by following
                                                                                                                       skill at defending against external         your lead.” If I hadn’t channeled
                                                                                                                       threats, there’s still my unhealthy         my aggression and taken it out on
                                                                                                                       conscience that tells me to jump            Mr. Baldwin, I would have third
                                                                                                                       off something or drink Windex,              degree burns all over my body and
                                                                                                                       and can hall monitors prevent               others would have fallen for Mr.
                                                                                                                       that? I think not.                          Baldwin’s “Voltaire” deception.
                                                                                                                                  So maybe our school              Need I say more?
                                                                                                                       should invest in a psychiatrist as                    The only way to be safe is
                                                                                                                       opposed to hall monitors; now that          to prepare yourself for the unseen
                                                                                                                       would make me feel safer. If you            enemies, whether they be mental or
                                                                                                                       can stop the voices in some kid's           microbial. So teach yourself a craft
                                                                                                                       head before he attacks somebody,            like voodoo or kung fu, prepare
                                                                                                                       then you won’t need hall monitors.          mentally and be ready to defend
                                                                                                                       And if you let these individuals            yourself when the hall monitors
                                                                                                                       channel their aggression by chasing         aren’t around. And if you need
                                                                                                                       other students through the halls            backup, I’ll be just seconds behind,
                                                                                                                       with broadswords and poleaxes,              ready to unleash a world of fury;
                                                                                                                       you keep the mentally healthy kids          it’s the only way to save me from
                                                                                                                       in line and fulfill the hall monitor’s      myself.
                                                                                                                       duties via the mentally unhealthy
Carmelita Anderson calls for backup when a suspicious Jargon reporter appears.               Photographer: Dana Marson ones; it’s killing two birds with one
PAGE 1                                                                                           HUMOUR                                                             The Jarvis Jargon • APRIL 2007

Jarv-assIc park
It's wild out there
by Danial Khan                      exhibits excellent physical
                                    ability and plays sports for
On my explorations, I have          amusement, and, puts on an
encountered a slew of crea-         annual showcase where tal-
tures that have strengthened        ented Jarvisites pretend to be
my opinion of the world             creatures that they are not for
being an immensely diverse          amusement.
orb of life. I’ve seen fero-                   The diet of the
cious beasts with tusks and         Jarvisite is incredibly diverse.
talons, miniscule critters          It is an omnivorous creature,
with unimaginable strength,         so it consumes both plant
slippery beings that do not         and animal matter. In my
breathe air, but none of those      examination, I have actually
creatures may ever compare          come across Jarvisites who
to the towering majesty of          choose to eat only plant mat-
the Jarvisite.                      ter, which I found remarkably
           The range of the         disciplined, audacious, and
Jarvisite is not clearly docu-      healthy. But despite these
mented. My research shows           rare exceptions, Jarvisites are
that the Jarvisite is not lim-      largely omnivorous. They
ited to a single area for a         will feed mostly on the first
particularly long time, but it      floor of the biome, where

                                                                           The towering C. jimpholeon prepares to eat its prey.                                                             Photographer: Max Barkley

                                                                                                               of its selective predators, the     astounding creature. The           a specific time every year.
                                                                                                               fierce species of the family        Rossosona monniceps has been       It is an opportunistic mater
                                                                                                               Teacheridae.                        known to reach a whopping          and when a male has found
                                                                                                                          The Cordonosis jim-      33 feet in length. It is able      a female who reciprocates
                                                                                                               pholeon, a biped, has been          to crush an ignorant Jarvisite     an attraction or vice versa,
                                                                                                               known to reach a staggering         to death, breaking every rib,      they will usually partner up.
                                                                                                               10 feet in height and can           using its astonishingly pow-       The mating dance of the
                                                                                                               incapacitate an unwitting           erful muscles with great ease,     Jarvisite is similar in clumsi-
                                                                                                               Jarvisite in just one swipe of      and is capable of then swal-       ness to that of similar species.
                                                                                                               its powerful arm. C. jim-           lowing it whole. Fortunately,      The male is not always the
                                                                                                               pholeon, despite its intimi-        R. monniceps has a very slow       one to initiate a bond with
                                                                                                               dating stature, is a peaceful       metabolism, requiring it           a female, nor is the female
                                                                                                               and graceful creature and is        to eat only once every two         always the initiator. As previ-
                                                                                                               among the most intelligent          weeks. In the two weeks            ously mentioned, the Jarvisite
                                                                                                               and docile of the Teacheridae       that R. monniceps digests its      is an opportunistic mater.
                                                                                                               family. Its diet consists of nuts   meal, it is gentle and accom-      One male may have several
                                                                                                               and berries, bits of chalk, and     modating creature but come         females with whom he may
                                                                                                               of course the mischievous or        the time to feed again, it is      chose to mate, and one sin-
                                                                                                               injured Jarvisite. C. jimpho-       imperative that the Jarvisite      gle female may have several
                                                                                                               leon is usually found on the        watch its conduct as well as       males. In my research, some
                                                                                                               fourth floor consorting with        its step.                          of the strangest pairings have
                                                                                                               the dissimilar, yet equally                   The Jarvisite is a       been recorded.
                                                                                                               interesting creature we are         messy creature. It will leave                 The Jarvisite is a
                                                                                                               about to examine next.              the remnants of meals and          limitlessly intriguing creature
                                                                                                                          The Deweesobates         other litter all around Jarvis.    to encounter. Its diet, mating
                                                                                                               davitatus is much smaller,          Being generally short sighted,     habits, social structure, and
                                                                                                               but considerably more viva-         the Jarvisite does not care        pastimes combine to produce

                                                                                                               The Cordonosis jimpholeon, a biped, has been
                                                                                                               known to reach a staggering 10 feet in height
                                                                                                               and can incapacitate an unwitting Jarvisite in
 A D. davitatus cowering in fear of its natural predator, the C. jimpholeon.   Photographer: Balazs Szilagyi        just one swipe of its powerful arm.
resides largely in the area of                                            the safety and well-being of
                                    eating is permitted, and dur-         the Jarvisite. I have tracked        cious than the C. jimpho-           what becomes of the trash it       a uniquely well-rounded
Toronto. Jarvisite sightings        ing the lunch hour will flood                                              leon. The D. davitatus has          leaves behind. But without a       creature. By the time the
have been recorded all over                                               and observed the hall monitor
                                    the floor with a sea of meals.        Andersona carmeletus direct-         a maximum recorded height           creature such as the Custodius     Jarvisite has matured and
the world. It is an impres-         On the first floor may also                                                of three feet. It is an arboreal    maximus, the Jarvisite’s trash     is ready to leave its home
sively mobile creature, but it                                            ing lost Jarvisites, or instruct-
                                    be found a large den called           ing them to go to where              creature and has been spot-         would become its death.            within the halls of the school,
convenes at Jarvis Collegiate       the cafeteria where dozens                                                 ted on several occasions on         C. maximus has an average          it is an intelligent, mighty,
Institute.                                                                they are supposed to be. On
                                    of Jarvisites assemble for eat-       occasion, I would be able to         the fourth floor. Because his       length of one foot and has a       and capable creature. It will
           Though no single         ing. It is rare to see a Jarvisite                                         stature is not as intimidating      tubular shape. It is nocturnal     take its first timid steps out
Jarvisite is of paramount                                                 see the careless Jarvisite being
                                    publicly consuming food               caught in the act of eating          as C. jimpholeon it must work       and will emerge just as the        of the safety and comfort of
intellect, it is captivatingly      above the first floor because                                              harder to sustain the atten-        Jarvisite goes to sleep. C.        the home it called Jarvis and
acute. It understands and                                                 above the first floor and the
                                    it is against regulation. The         terror that ensued. A. car-          tion and concentration of the       maximus decomposes the lit-        will be on its own from this
practises complex workings          Jarvisite can be a very decep-                                             Jarvisite. Luckily, D. davita-      ter of the Jarvisite and returns   point on, but the Jarvisite
of numbers, recognizes and                                                meletus is an agile, resolute
                                    tive creature. When it must           hunter and takes great strides       tus is a clever and resourceful     the Jarvis ecosystem to its        has a surprisingly low rate of
studies the existence of other      eat above the first floor, it                                              creature and confuses and           original order. Without C.         mortality. It is a vigilant and
beings and how the world                                                  to ensure that the Jarvisite is
                                    will do so by hiding the food         not misbehaving.                     frightens delinquent Jarvisites     maximus, all life forms would      circumspect creature, and
works, reads the great lit-         item in a bag or with its body,                                            using a terrifying and ancient      be negatively affected with        its former home of Jarvis is
erature of the past and can                                                          The Jarvis ecosys-
                                    and chewing as furtively as           tem is also home to many             “language.” Scientists find         the ecosystem in disarray and      to thank for these essential
eloquently speak about it,          possible. But if it is not care-                                           this very fascinating because       an excess of trash becoming        survival skills, as these skills
exercises its ability to produce                                          formidable species. Though
                                    ful, it risks capture from the        territory is limited, the aggre-     not only does this creature         the end of life.                   will ensure longevity. If the
beautiful works of visual art,      disobedient Jarvisite’s natural                                            know a “language”, it knows                    The mating hab-         weather remains yielding,
can communicate with other                                                gation of these diverse crea-
                                    enemy: the hall monitor.              tures seldom results in quar-        one that is no longer a native      its of the Jarvisite are pecu-     and its wits stay sharp, the
Jarvisites in several variants                 The hall monitor is                                             tongue. It is learned postna-       liar to those of other spe-        Jarvisite will never be caught
of tongue, uses instruments                                               rel, but should the Jarvisite
                                    to the Jarvisites as the Border       infringe its limits, it will         tally.                              cies. The Jarvisite is ready       in the crosshairs.
to put on skillful demonstra-       Collie is to sheep. It wants                                                          Lurking in the           to mate all year round, and
tions of musical proficiency,                                             face the devastating wrath
                                    nothing more than to ensure                                                bush of Jarvis is yet another       doesn’t necessarily mate at

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