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									                          Almonte Quilters Guild Newsletter
                                                     September 2012
                          Sew What’s New
This newsletter is posted on the guild website at

President’s message
What a summer that was! Hot, dry and humid – prefect for some, dreadful for
others. But we had some interesting quilting events – many local shows in the
region, Ricky Tims, Libby Lehman and Alex Anderson in Rochester, and of course,
our own Fibrefest. And we have had a taste of fall to remind us about quilting.
Welcome back!

Our next meeting is Monday and Sue has planned an interactive session for us all.
We will outline the program for the year and you can sign onto different activities.
Our charity program will have two major themes. First, we would like to make 11
large and 3 small quilts for Interval House in Lanark, and the first ones were being
quilted over the summer. Second, we would like to renew the small quilts used by
the Almonte Hospital nursery. I found the prefect owl pattern and thought I could
decrease my stash of children's prints, but I think it grew! There will be some kits at
the next meeting to get us started. If you have cotton fabrics, blocks, batting or
flannelette that you are not using, please consider donations to the charity

We should congratulate Dianne Gale as the winner of the Ricky Tims scraps on line
competition. Everyone was asked what they would do with the scraps. and in true
Dianne style, she said she would put them on her design wall and let them tell her
what to do! Also, her quilt made with all those selvedges, is headed to the Royal
Agricultural Fair in November. She is on tour in the Yukon right now, but we can
congratulate her when she returns, and thank her for her service as the President
over the past few years. What huge “bear paws” to fill.
Time to Renew your Membership! The Membership
Renewal form is attached. Please bring the completed form to the
September meeting.

New Quilties for the Almonte Hospital
We would like to help replenish the quilties at our own Almonte Hospital.
About 200 babies are born there each year and the quilties brighten up the
patient wards and nursery. We are asking for your donations of completed
quilties, blocks, material, batting and flannel backing to make 24”x24”
quilties for the hospital. Donations will be welcome throughout the year.
The Hospital will label the quilties with their name. How many can we

Upcoming Program
Sue Rushton is busy planning this year’s speakers, If you have a
suggestion, are willing to help out by either teaching a Saturday workshop,
or providing a pattern for the monthly mystery swap, please contact Sue
Rushton at Just remember to put AQG in the
subject line so she knows it’s not junk mail.

The Charm Square exchange is being replaced with a Jelly Roll Exchange.
Here is how it will work this year.

The theme for the year 2012-2013 is AUTUMN.

Each meeting bring three strips of fabric, 2 ½ inches by width of fabric
(minimum 40 inches) in a plastic bag with your name on it.

During the break, pick up your bag with 3 new strips in it.

In June 2013, you will have 27 strips of Autumn fabric.
Using these strips, we challenge you to bring a finished project to the
November 2013 meeting – at least the top!!!

Hope you have fun!                  Lynda and Janet

Talking of Jelly Rolls, have you seen the videos for Jelly Roll
Races on YouTube? You can make a quilt top in an hour! A great way
to use our Jelly Roll Exchange!

Block of the Month
This year all the block of the month patterns will be using up our left over
scraps, if anyone has a pattern they wish to have made let me know.
We are raffling out ‘Spring flower’ quilt, it is an in-house raffle.
If anyone is interested in receiving their block of the month pattern by e-
mail let me know.

Charity Quilts
For this year, we are suggesting our donations go to Lanark County Interval
House. They have asked for 13 Twin size and 3 Crib size quilts to brighten
the House. Three of these are underway now. The AQG always needs
volunteers for the Charity Quilts. Please see Elva or Carolyn at the guild
meeting. Let’s all contribute to helping Interval House.

Angel Baby Quilts: The High Risk Birthing Unit, Civic Campus of
the Ottawa Hospital is looking for quilties for deceased babies. They
recommend the sizes are from 10” x 10” to 24” x 24”, and any size in
between. They suggest subdued baby fabric -- flannel on the back and
100% cotton on the front. If you are interested in making these quilts
throughout the year, we will collect them and let the High Risk Birthing Unit
know that they were made by quilters from the Almonte Quilters Guild.
Victoria’s Quilts meets the second Monday of the month from noon
to 4pm at the Civitan Hall. There is a lot of camaraderie – and goodies --
working together to provide quilts for people with cancer. It is also an
opportunity to learn new skills and tips from fellow quilters. People of every
skill are needed as there is a lot to do in the afternoon. Kits and supplies
are available, and donations of quality cottons and flannel are most
appreciated. Please bring them to the Victoria’s Quilts meeting or the next
guild meeting for collection. There are no meetings over the summer and
we start again on September 10th.

Library News: As an AQG member, you can borrow books from our Library.
Val Forte is looking for suggestions for new books from the membership. Please return
your books before the summer.

The Quilt Shows are where quilters gather
Subject: Re:"Quilts for All Seasons": Quiltco Ottawa Show and Sale Sept.
29-30, 2012

Hello all eastern Ontario Guilds.

Would you please announce at your next meeting the up-coming Quiltco
Ottawa show and sale, Quilts for All Seasons? It will be held September
29 and 30, 2012 from 10am to 4 pm. at the Glebe Community Centre, 175
Third Avenue at Lyon Street South, Ottawa. There will be nine vendors
this year, a members' boutique, draws, quilts for sale, and over 200
quilts on display.. Refreshments will be served in the Pantry. Admission
is $6.00 and there is free parking across the street at Corpus Christi
More information, including the list of vendors can be found at our web
 Thank. Hope to see you all there.        Patty Deline Quiltco
Challenges              (something to think about)

Have you ever wondered how far Canadian quilters quilt? Well, get those measuring tapes out and get
ready to quilt right across our country. Check out the details on this super fun adventure at:

How Far Can You Stitch??
In honour of Canadian Quilt Month we are
challenging all member guilds and individual
members to see how far across the country
we can quilt in inches. Our goal is to see how
many accumulated inches quilters can sew in
6 months. This challenge will run from
September 1 2012 until February 28 2013.
Can we make our inches to go from coast to coast? We are counting on your guild to keep track
of the perimeter of each quilt shown at Show and Tell/Share at your meetings and send in a
monthly total to the Director at Large ( We would like to
see how far along the Trans Canada Highway we can go....

What to do:

    •   have your guild members measure the perimeter of their projects before meetings so that your
        “Inch Collector” can readily have them.
    •   if you are an individual member and do not belong to a guild measure the perimeter of your
        quilts and send the inches to the Director at Large.
    •   send a monthly total, on the 25th of the month, to the Director at Large and we will keep track
        of the inches across the country.

Bits and Threads

    •   perhaps you could run a contest in your guild to see who quilts the furthest.
    •   take photos of your accomplishments and share them with us!
    •   the distance across Canada via the Trans Canada, from St. John’s NL to Victoria B.C. is 4,860
        miles which equals 307,929,600 inches.
    •   this challenge was inspired by a similar challenge within the Norfolk County QG in Southern
Almonte Quilters Guild Meetings are held at the Civitan
Centre, 7:00 pm, on the third Monday of the month. The first meeting of the new AQG
year will be September 17, 2012.

Don't Forget to Bring to the Meeting
Name Tag:                           Indoor shoes and a bag for your boots in winter

Mug                                 Food if it is your turn

Library books                       Block of the Month

Jelly Roll Strips                   Show & Tell

$$Money$$ for the 50/50             Donations of Door Prizes

Donations of fabric, batting, "orphan" blocks for charity program

                    And a friend.

Executive for 2011-2012 Season
President – Leslie Whitby
Vice President – Jen (JC) Empey
Secretary – Caren Denault
Treasurer - Elva Lock
Membership –Jane Sorfleet/Donna
             Krottner/Angela Ziai

Program - Suzanne Rushton
Library – Val Forte/Caren Denault

Block-of-the-Month - Elva Lock
Jelly Roll –Lynda Moulton/
                    Janet Fenn
50/50 - Brenda Million/Debbie Hunt
Charity Program - Carolyn McLellan
Website – Carole Treggett
Newsletter Lynda Moulton

Please send your newsletter submissions to Lynda Moulton.
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Thank you for your part in making AQG a friendly, vibrant and inspiring

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