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					                                                                                                       March 2009

                                             SUPERCAMP 09
                                      - Bigger, Better, Stronger
                                             Supercamps are not just full of fun,        The week long camps included
                                             friends and activities; but also a time     morning individual activities such as
                                             where many juniors and teens make           waterskiing, archery and mountain
                                             life long decisions about their journey     biking; group games in the afternoon
                                             with Jesus. This year’s camps, held         and worship each evening, the latter
                                             in January at Crosslands Convention         of these being a favourite. Kellyville
                                             Centre, were no different.                  Volunteer Chelle Webster spoke at
                                                                                         junior camp while Fox Valley Assistant
                                             “When it comes to the end of camp,          Minister Panapa Leuluai spoke at teen
                                             your wasted, but seeing the number of       camp.
                                             young people who have declared their
                                             love for Jesus and request Bible study      A month on, what eleven year old
                                             and baptism, makes it all worth it,” says   Laura Williams remembers the most
                                             Youth Ministries Director Cheonneth         is “that even if you have drifted away,
                                             Strickland.                                 wherever you are there is always a
                                                                                         bridge and Jesus always loves you and
                                             During cabin unit time on the Sabbath       is always there.”
                                             mornings, 63 campers declared they
                                             would like to be baptised and 149           So will Laura be back at camp in 2010?
                                             chose to give their life to Jesus. A        “definitely!”
                                             further 68 youth stated they would like
                                             to begin Bible studies. In total
                                             111 teens (aged 13-17), and
                                             95 juniors (aged 9-12),
                                             attended Supercamp

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President - David Blanch

Pray through Fire & Rain
The beginning of 2009 started with the hope for a better year; an improvement on the economic gloom of 2008; a year that would
see the speedy recovery for Australia because of our isolation to some degree from the
economic disasters of our world neighbours. However, with cyclonic conditions in
North Queensland bringing havoc to towns like Ingham, followed by ferocious fires
in Victoria that have brought death and utter destruction, we recognise the pain and
devastation that comes upon our human family.

These are difficult times for government leaders who try to find answers to crises.
These are times when God’s church recognises nature’s warnings. We need to be a
praying people seeking our Heavenly Father to give wisdom in how to impact our
communities with a message of hope. Pray for God’s intervention to give greater
awareness of the forces of evil, intent on bringing havoc, death and destruction on

Sydney Adventists need to pray earnestly for the victims of fire and flood; pray for government leaders to make wise decisions;
pray for God’s people to see opportunities to share the good news in difficult times. Pray that God will help us to keep our focus
on our strategic plan and push forward with the goals of reaching the community with the message God has entrusted to us.

ADRA Australia is in need of financial support, this enables them to make contributions on behalf of the church promptly and
efficiently when natural disasters occur. Your financial support of ADRA will bring relief and encouragement to so many and we
thank you again for helping our church meet the needs of the community. As we live in these last days and witness the devastation
caused by nature out-off-balance, when “men’s hearts are failing them for fear for looking after the things coming on the earth,” it
is at these times that we need to be fulfilling the words of Jesus found in Matthew 25:34-40, (NLT).

“Then the king will say to those on his right hand, ‘Come, you who are blessed by My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for
you from the creation of the world. For I was hungry, and you fed Me. I was thirsty, and you gave Me clothing. I was sick, and
you cared for Me. I was in prison and you visited Me.’ Then these righteous ones will reply, ‘Lord when did we ever see You
hungry and feed You? Or thirsty and give You something to drink? Or a stranger and show you hospitality? Or naked and give
You clothing? When did we ever see You sick or in prison and visit You’? Then the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you
did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to Me!”

Let’s pray earnestly that God will enable His church in Sydney to be His special instrument of Grace in these troubled times.
                                 General Secretary & Church Life
 MICHAEL WORKER                                                       ADRA CONCERT
             General Secretary
                                  Greater Sydney         Sacred Concerts in Sydney and       on drugs; experiencing abuse.
                                  Conference             Bowral have again raised funds      I can’t personally help them
                                  Executive              for some of Sydney’s poor.          so that’s why I have done this
                                  Committee              Concerts in Wahroonga and           through ADRA.”
                                  (November 2008         Bowral recently raised over
                                  and January 2009):     $2,600 with more funds              The fundraising concerts
                                                         coming in. Almost $10,000           assisted the ADRA Community
                                  • The Conference
                                                         was raised by sacred concerts       Centre in Blacktown provide
                                  Clerk’s report
                                                         last year.                          free support to the addicted,
                                  was presented for
                                                                                             abused and vulnerable in
                                  2008. This report
                                                         Chris Le Roux, musician and         Western Sydney. The concerts
indicated that there was a net increase in membership
                                                         concert co-ordinator for the last   featured International
of 41(0.48% growth), which was an increase of
                                                         eleven years, explained why         musicians Yola Mielczarek,
membership from 8417 to 8458. This included
                                                         he came up from Melbourne           Benjamin Slade and Shu-
190 accessions (comprised of 152 baptisms and 38
                                                         to organise the concerts again      Cheen Yu and National artists
professions of faith), 278 transfers in, 294 transfers
                                                         this year,                          Soyan Eastham, a brilliant
out, 50 deaths, 40 apostasies, and 43 missing.
                                                         “I am passionate about trying       violinist, the versatile Graham
• The committee members gave praise to the Lord          to help people who are less         Fletcher, Floris Howard,
as they established a new company in the Conference      fortunate than I am ... people      Natasha Knopper, trombonist
to be known as Fountain Marrickville Seventh-day                                             extraordinaire, Daniel
Adventist Company. This is a church plant from the                                           Lee, Chris Le Roux, Rina
Fountain in the City congregation. In addition to                                            Maidment, Dan Roy, Lisel
the new company, two new groups were established:                                            Scheman, Linley Tolhurst,
the Lakemba Tongan group (which is distinct from                                             Dallas Wilson, “Outreach,”
the Sydney Tongan church who are in the process of                                           a Male Quartet and the
relocating to Leppington), and the Fairfield Spanish                                         Parramatta Church Choir.
group which successfully operates a wonderful radio
ministry.                                                                                    On behalf of the poor in
• The total number of congregations in the Greater                                           Western Sydney, Malcolm Rea,
Sydney Conference now stands at 61 churches                                                  Director of ADRA Services,
(including the Conference Church), 9 companies and                                           Greater Sydney Conference,
10 groups.                                                                                   expressed heartfelt thanks
                                                                                             to Chris for arranging the
Seventh-day Adventist Church (GSC) Limited                                                   concerts again this year and
Board (November 2008 and January 2009):                                                      the musicians who gave so
• The Board reviewed the existing local church                                               generously of time and talent.
board indemnification document and approved its
distribution to the local churches. This document has
not changed since incorporation, but it was deemed
necessary to recirculate the document.
• Recommendations were made to the Australian
Union Conference regarding potential delegates for
the General Conference Session in June 2010.
• Approval was given for ordination to the
Gospel Ministry of Richard Reid, Chaplain, Sydney
Adventist College.
• Approval was given for a Ministerial Licence for
Troy Roberts, Associate Pastor, Kellyville Church
and Associate Chaplain, Hills Adventist College.
• Approval was given for 2009 Pastoral staffing as
presented in the December 2008 Intrasyd.
  Church Life                                                                       New Staff 2009
  Pastor M.Gilda Dholah-Roddy has been appointed by the Greater Sydney Conference to serve as Women’s
  Ministries coordinator. Gilda was born in Mauritius and at the age of 11 migrated to Australia with her family.
  Shortly after completing High School, Gilda distinctively heard the voice of God calling her to Ministry,
  and decided to attend Oakwood Adventist University in America where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in
  Theology and Music. Gilda also completed studies in Clinical Pastoral Education at the University of Alabama in

  Gilda has served; at Oakwood University Church, a 3000 member congregation, as Associate Pastor of Young Adult Ministries, on
  the North American Division Advisory Board for women clergy, as Senior Pastor of the Celebration Seventh-day Adventist church
  and as hospital chaplain for the Adventist Health System in Orlando.

  In November 2008, Gilda and her family, husband Jordan and two daughters Leah and Gisele flew to Sydney for job interviews.
  After accepting the role of Women’s Ministries coordinator Gilda was quoted as saying, “I am thrilled to be back home in
  Australia and am excited to work with the women of Greater Sydney and I know that God has something amazing planned for us.”

  Greater Sydney Conference welcomes a number of new members to our pastoral leadership team:
  Pr Graham and Sharon Chapman come to us from Mildura in the Victoria Conference and will be flying off to Lord Howe Island
  in mid-March. Graham (known to most as Chappy) says, “We are both quite excited about going to Lord Howe, recognizing it
  will be a little different to what we have been doing. Isolation doesn’t worry us, as we have worked in remote ministry before.”
  Chappy is “into anything with an engine attached or anything to do with fishing or the water.” So welcome to the biggest fishing
  pond you’ve ever had! Sharon has worked in office management for the last 10 years and is interested in photography. They have
  two daughters living in Brisbane. The eldest is a primary school teacher and the youngest is commencing Uni this year doing
  Secondary Teaching.

  Pr André and Angela Vieira and their daughters Adriana (9) and Andrea (13) arrived from Brazil in January to pastor the
  Portuguese and English churches in Ashfield. Andre has come from leading a college campus church of 2500 attendees, and is
  excited about the potential of his new responsibilities and the opportunity to be working in Australia. To keep fit, he enjoys surfing
  and jogging. Angela held leadership positions in education in Brazil, but now her first need is to learn to converse in English.

  Panapa and Jochebed Leuluai join us fresh from Avondale College. They are serving at Fox Valley Church, and Panapa is also a
  chaplain at Wahroonga Adventist School. Before answering the call to ministry, he worked for Freedom Furniture. His passion in
  ministry is seeing people accept Christ as their Saviour. Panapa says “I am very privileged to have the opportunity to serve in the
  unique environment of Fox Valley. I love the dynamics of this church.” He enjoys the outdoors—running and touch football are
  high on his list of fun stuff. Jochebed teaches Year 5/6 at Hurstville Adventist School.

  Wellington and Alison Caqui have been appointed to the Wetherill Park Spanish Church, where Wellington will serve as the
  assistant pastor. He will also be part of the chaplaincy team at Mountain View Adventist College. Wellington completed his
  theology studies in Peru in 2006 and then worked there as a chaplain for a short time before moving to Australia. He and Alison
  got married in Peru in February 2007 (and a second time in Sydney in September 2007). Alison is studying Medical Science at the
  University of Western Sydney. Wellington’s first passion is teaching people the Scriptures, but he also enjoys reading, fishing and
  playing soccer.

  John and Ann Bews have just taken up residence in Wollongong, and will be serving the churches of Wollongong and Corrimal
  as well as being chaplain of the Illawarra school. John has just retired from his own Real Estate Agency in Auckland, and Ann
  last worked (until five years ago) as secretary to the North New Zealand Conference president. They are moving permanently to
  Australia to be close to their three children and their grandchildren. Stephen (pastor of Castle Hill Church and Cherrybrook group)
  is their eldest, followed by Cheryl Ventura and Amanda (wife of Brendan Pratt, director of Personal Ministries and Stewardship).
  If you looked for John on a Sunday, you would probably find him renovating and painting an old house somewhere.

John & Ann Bews               Vieira Family           Graham & Sharon Chapman Panapa & Jochebed Leuluai              Wellington & Alison Caqui
                                                                                                               Church Life
  Make me a servant? by Lesly Cid                                             it all for God and potentially serve those beneath him by
  When we hear of service, we might often be inclined to reflect              giving all he had, he just could not do it.
  upon or critique the service received at a retail store, bank or
  a restaurant. The nature of this service is not quite the kind              Many are unaware of the fact that in the Greater Sydney
  that would necessarily be genuine or pleasant. Nevertheless, as             Conference there is a group of people from various churches
  long as those ‘serving’ appear to be polite and attend the paying           who have committed their time and talents in serving the
  customer in a away they undoubtedly deserve to be treated, then             Lord. Who and how, you might ask? This group that I speak
  no one questions the motives or sincerity of that service.                  of is the Sydney Adventist Chamber Orchestra (SACO).

  The infinitive verb – to serve, can                                                                      They rehearse once a month as they
  be defined as ‘to act as a servant;                                                                        love music and their primary goal
  to render assistance, be of use;                                                                           is to serve and glorify God through
  to render obedience or homage;                                                                             the gifts He has given them.
  to be in the service of; work for                                                                          They       are    not     concerned
  etc’. Typically demonstrated and                                                                           with social status or years of
  defined by action - besides, it is a                                                                       experience with their instruments.
  ‘doing word’ after all.                                                                                    What they are concerned with,
                                                                                                             however, is that all who come,
  Unlike our ‘doing’ word,                                                                                   do so in loving fellowship with
  God on the other hand is also                                                                              a yearning to put their talents in
  concerned with how we serve                                                                                humility before God, in a way
  and where our hearts lie. For he                                                                           that the world cannot offer. Is
  says we should “serve faithfully                                                                           SACO a professional orchestra?
  and wholeheartedly in the fear                                                                             By no means, but excellence
  of the Lord” (2 Chron. 19:9).                                                                              in playing is not looked upon
  Furthermore, it was indeed Jesus                                                                           lightly, instead we aim for
  who fundamentally taught us                                                                                excellence, which only comes
  what it means to serve, “For even                                                                          with practice and commitment.
  the Son of Man did not come to
  be served, but to serve,” (Mark                                                                          “[Our] attitude should [therefore]
  10:45).                                                                                                  be the same as that of Christ Jesus:
                                                                              who, being in the very nature God, did not consider equality
  Serving the Lord may take many forms, and there is no limit to              with God something to be grasped but made himself nothing,
  how we might serve. Some will however never dream of serving                taking the very nature of a servant,” (Phil 2:5-7).
  anything or anyone that is ‘beneath’ them socially, spiritually
  or in skill - besides we all have a reputation to uphold and so             Musicians who play an orchestral instrument are invited to
  long as we are “doing” service in other ways, then we are ok                consider serving God with the Sydney Adventist Chamber
  with God and those around us, correct? Unfortunately the young              Orchestra. If you would like further information please contact
  rich man fell into this trap and believed that by going to church           Lesley Cid at
  or keeping the commandments he was ok. When asked to give

      Created 4 Community
      “It is doubtful that we can know ourselves apart from community. It is an important part of the Creator’s design of life. Nothing is to exist in
      isolation. Each part of the cosmos has meaning - shaped by its context and relationships. Social researcher Margaret Wheatley reminds
      us that the instinct of community is everywhere in life. Community is life and living. It is His Story. Christianity that does not start with the
      individual does not start. Christianity that stops with the individual, stops. During Inspire09 we will endeavour to tell the STORY of coming
      together as a group of individuals. “ Anton Van Wyk

                                                                       30 April - 3 May 2009
Have you booked your place yet?
    Hills Adventist College                                                                     Sydney Adventist College
The Hills Adventist College joined in the                                                   Sydney Adventist College (SAC) staff
effort to send urgent relief to the victims                                                 began the new school year on a positive
of the disastrous Victorian fires, where                                                    note when they joined together to
many lost their lives, and thousands of                                                     celebrate each others unique journey,
families displaced after losing everything.                                                 how it has influenced their lives and the
Removalist Company, Allied Pickford                                                         inpact God encourages them to make on
donated two truck runs from Castle                                                          the students. After sharing breakfast
Hill to Victoria to transport the urgently                                                  everyone engaged in team building
needed items.                                                                               activities and an interactive worship time.
The school children and their families                                                      It was a time of affirming, forgiving,
donated over 150 boxes of clothing for             Illawara Adventist Primary               celebrating and bonding. Small group
men, women and children as well as toys,      Illawarra Adventist School has started the    activities allowed individuals to share
cosmetics and general household wares.        year small in numbers but big on attitude.    a part of their spiritual journey and
Included in the donation were more than       “We have such a great location and            celebrate the power of God in their lives.
15 strollers and baby seats.                  awesome facilities that have been built up
                                              over the years,” says Daniel Taylor who       Principal, Murray Chapman, shared his
The first truck which left on 11 February     is the new Principal at Illawarra. “Our       vision for SAC and his commitment to
included urgent items such as canned and      staff are committed to providing a rich       his staff and the students of his school. “I
packaged foods, pet foods, baby needs,        program for our students and I believe        have a tendency to want to do it myself”,
clothing, toys and much needed personal       there are many good things happening          he said, “but I know that it can only be
items such as toiletries. Before the trucks   here.”                                        done when I commit myself daily to God,
left the students had a mufti-day appeal,     Illawarra started a prep program last         and allow Him to do it His way”. Along
                                              year, Carina Goncalves, infant teacher, is    with the Principal, Chaplain, Richie
                                              excited about the opportunities the school
                                              gives to prep students. “I have found the
                                              kindy students who were in prep in 2008
                                              have been very well equipped to start

                                              This term Illawarra School continues
                                              to offer instrument lessons, swimming
                                              lessons and after-school sport. Students
                                              are participating in beach games for after-
                                              school sport and are thoroughly enjoying
                                                                                            Reid, presented each staff member with
donating a gold coin for not wearing their    Students at Illawarra are well catered        a personal Bible to keep on their desk
uniforms, and raised in excess of $1800       for in that the student-teacher ratio is      or beside their bed. Inscribed was the
which far exceeded any previous event.        very low. At the same time, we do have        text from Isaiah, “The grass withers, the
The second truckload of deliveries left       an excellent base for growth. We need         flower fades, but the Word of our God
early March with important items such as      your prayers so that we can attract more      stands forever.”
furniture, electronics and stock feed.        students. You can also help by spreading
                                              word about the many good things               Following a barbeque lunch, the day
“Hills Adventist College community have       happening at Illawarra.                       concluded on a spiritual high when
responded quickly by giving whatever                                                        Richie lead staff to visit both campuses
they could towards meeting some of the                                                      asking God to bless each section of
needs of those who have lost everything.                                                    Sydney Adventist College: the Junior,
I’ve been amazed as the goods continued                                                     Middle, and Senior School, as well as
to come into the school filling the school                                                  the Adventist College of English. “I
office and then the library. Although                                                       believe it’s this type of commitment that
it’s impossible to truly know how these                                                     enables Adventist educators to provide
people are feeling we sincerely empathise                                                   their students with Nurture for Today,
with their need and pray that through all                                                   Learning for Tomorrow, (and) Character
of this they’ll see God working through                                                     for Eternity,” says Murray Chapman.
others,” Mr Greg Hinze - principal.

 


                                       Greater Sydney Conference Pathfinders

                camporee Cataract Scout Park
                      Baden Dowell Drive Appin
                              9 - 13 April, 2009
Information Information Information
INSPIRE 09   Created 4 Community POSITIONS VACANT-                                                     CONFERENCE DATES
The 2009 Conference - wide Big Camp                Recreational Activities Officer:
weekend will be at Merroo Christian Centre         Seventh-day Adventist Aged Care,
                                                                                                           March 2009
from 30 April - 3 May 2009. For enquiries or       Wahroonga, currently has a vacancy         6-8           White Water Rafting
more infornation, contact Pr Pablo Lillo           for a permanent Recreational Activities    07            Interchurch Kellyville
9868 - 6522 or         Officer in its Esther Somerville Nursing   07            International day of Prayer
or visit                  Home located at 79 Mount Pleasant          10 - 12       Computer Powerpoint
                                                   Ave, Wahroonga. This position is 35                      Training.
                                                   hours per week (9am to 4:30pm, Mon         13            STUFD (SASS)
                                                   to Fri). The applicant will reflect the    14 -15        Pathfinder Leadership Award
                                                   values of Seventh-day Adventist Aged       20            Teen Rally
                                                   Care, Wahroonga. If you have a passion     21            Youth Rally
                                                   for aged care and would like to work in    22            Adventurer Fun Day
                                                   a Christian environment contact: Jenny     22-28         Youth Week Of Prayer
        The official television network of the
          Seventh-day Adventist Church             Steley, Phone: 94870658 or email:          27-29         SASS Camp
                                                        28            Leading Sabbath School in Your
                                                   Shop Assistant                                           Church
                                                   Casual shop assistant required for the     29            Abseiling (Leader)
                                                   Adventist Book Centre in Sydney. Data
                                                   entry and computer skills preferred.
                                                   Initial eight-week period for up to 30
                                                                                                        March Sunset Times
                                                   hours per week from mid-April, with         Mar     07     7:25pm           Sabbath
                                                   opportunity for ongoing future work as      Mar     13     7:17pm           Friday
      • Practical & Relevant Spirituality
                                                   required. Send your application to          Mar     14     7:16pm           Sabbath
      • Inspiring Speakers
      • Wholesome Children’s Programs
                                                   Nerelle Steele by Friday, 27 March 2009.    Mar     20     7:08pm           Friday
      • Health Programs                            PH: 02 8876 5200, FAX: 02 9868 7067         Mar     21     7:06pm           Sabbath
                                                                                               Mar     28     6:57pm           Friday
                                                   ADRA Volunteers Needed                      Mar     29     6:56pm           Sabbath
                                                   Two volunteer receptionists are
                                                   required to assist the Community
                                                   Centre in Blacktown. Duties will in-
                                                                                                        March Offerings 2009
                                                   clude light reception, answering phone      Sabbath 07          Adventist World Radio
            Greater Sydney Conference              calls, filing and confirming appoint-       Sabbath 14          Local Church Budget
       Communication Department - (02) 9868 6522
                                                   ments. Work hours: Tuesdays 9:00am          Sabbath 21          Education Budget
Hills Adventist College                            - 5:00pm, Fridays 9:00am to 1:00pm,         Sabbath 28          Adventist Youth
The early Learning Centre currently has            however days and times are negotiable.
limited vacancies for their age three room.        Contact Pr Eddy Johnson on
If you’re interested in your child receiving       9622 7188 or 0410 316 150.                 Deadline for next Intrasyd 11 March 2009
a positive start to their education, and you
believe that socialisation in an Adventist
                                                   Festival of Mission
                                                   The theme for the Festival of Mission
Christian environment is important, call
                                                   is Rescue (the unchurched), Retain
the Director on 02 9634 2199 for more
                                                   (church members), and Reclaim
information and a tour of the Centre.
                                                   (church members who have left).
Child Care Benefit applies.
                                                   Meet fellow believers from Perth to
Grey Nomads Camp Meeting                           Papetee, Lae to Launceston and New          Greater Sydney Conference
A 10 day camp meeting for retirees will            Ireland to New Zealand.                     Communication Department
be held at the Adventist Campground                Festival of Mission is a South Pacific      4 Cambridge Street, Epping 2121
at Stuarts Point. Accommodation is                 wide, once a lifetime event. It’s a         Ph: (02) 9868 6522 Fax: (02) 9868 6533
limited to private caravans and tents.             five day spiritual journey with praise,     Editor: Pablo Lillo
No Conference tents will be available.             fellowship and motivation for mission.      Assistant Editor: Lynda J Gomes
Application forms are available from:              Date: 8 - 13 September 2009                 Design: Lynda J Gomes
General Secretary NNSW Conference                  Venue: Watson Park Convention               Editorial Consultant: Michael Worker
PO Box 7 WALLSEND NSW 2287                         Centre, South Queensland Conference.        Email:
Email:                    For bookings and futher information         Email:
Phone: (02)4951 8088                               contact Pr Michael Worker 98686522.         Website:

INSPIRE09 CREATED 4 COMMUNITY 30 April - 3 May 2009

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