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					                                                GWRRA Chapter I

Chapter I Wings on the Go
Volume 1, Issue 5                                    Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge                            July 2012

Chapter Officers
Dan Scott & Cheryl Kleymann
                                   Director’s Corner
             Chapter Director      Wow! What a month Cheryl and I had.              I did manage to bring home a trophy.
Dick & Brenda McDonald             First I would like to say Welcome to             Many thanks to all the folks from the
             Chapter Advisor
                                   our New Members Sparkey & Denise                 First Baptist Church in Beggs for
John & Jody Carr                   Mullins and to Donnie Smith and                  making us feel so welcome.
             Chapter Educator
                                   Melodee Haight. Even though the             July has started off with a bang! I
Brenda Jones
                      Treasurer    Mullins won't be riding with us much        sincerely hope everyone was safe and
                                   it's still an honor to have the two of      still have all your fingers. On July 1st,
“J” Halford
               Ride Coordinator    them in our Family. Donnie and              my lovely Ms. Cheryl & I loaded up
Donna Shenberger
                                   Melodee went on a Friday night ride to      and headed to Ft. Wayne Indiana for
Sunshine Reporter & Scrapbook      the Hammett house in Claremore. we          Wing Ding 34. Because of Cheryl's
Chris Horton                       got to know each other pretty well. I       work schedule, she had to make the tip
                     Webmaster     think they will be a good fit for our       via American Airlines, but she was
Eric Jones
               Newsletter Editor
                                   Chapter!                                    there just the same. I had a riding
Joanna Wells                       We have been having some really good buddy from Chapter E this year.
                   Photographer    rides. It's been a little hot but some of
                                   us are trying to ride in spite of the heat.
     Inside this                   It's not bad if you remember to take
       issue:                      frequent breaks and drink plenty of
                                   water. Also when you do stop,
Director’s Corner            1
                                   remember try to get inside under the
Membership                         air conditioning. Cool vests and cool
Enhancement                        neck rags help also. At June's planning
Editor’s Corner                    meeting we had seven in attendance.
                                   We rode to Muskogee, Springdale,
Educator’s                         Claremore, Stroud and Drumright. In
Corner                             all, Chapter I had 29 Members attend Dennis & I stopped by the world
                                   our rides. We also had 23 Chapter           famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Announcements                5
                                   Members attend and or helped out with If you've never stood on the finish line
Wing Ding                    6     Renegades Bike show and cookout.            let me tell you it's something else! We
                                   Eric, Brenda, John Metcalf and myself had a grand tour of the entire place, the
History of the
                             8     rode to Muskogee to attend their June winners circle, the finish line, the
                                   Gathering. Bill & Donna Shenberger, crows nest, and the media center. You
Sunshine                     9     Cheryl's daughter Kaiti, Cheryl and         name it we saw it. It's amazing how
                                   myself visited Chapters E & P in June. small those cars really are. I did take
Calendar                    10     Eric Jones and myself attended the          several pictures. I'm sure Eric will be
                                   Beggs Car & Bike show on June 16th.
                                                                                                         (Continued on page 2)
Classified Ads              13     We did our best to represent Chapter I.
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                              CHAPTER I WINGS ON THE GO                               PAGE 2

Director’s Corner (Continued from page 1)   proud of you!               and some six hundred and fifty
putting them in the Newsletter. I    One can only take so much of the miles we made it home. I must say
have seen the winners trophy on      vendors, right? Thursday, myself this was a trip I won't forget for
TV. The one that spins around. It's along with Cheryl, Donna, Mattie, years to come. We saw sites from
much more beautiful in person.                                          four different States. Cheryl and I
                                     Anna, Eason, Bill, Rochelle and
This thing is three feet tall and    Tim all from Chapter E, decided to went on our first buggy ride with
made of silver! What a sight! The take in some scenery. We headed the Amish. This is what being a
tour took about three hours. It was North into Michigan and then        part of the Goldwing Road Riders
time well spent.                     down to Ohio. We rode some 200 Association is all about, Friends,
During opening ceremonies at         miles before the day was over and Fun, Safety and Knowledge.
Wing Ding, Our very own Ms.          saw two more States.               Keep riding my Friends, and most
Cheryl was honored as the 2011                                          of all, be safe and keep having
                                     On Saturday after the closing
International Recruiter of the Year. ceremony, Dennis and I headed for Fun!
Way to go Cheryl! I am very          home. After about fifteen hours    Dan

Membership Enhancement                                                                   by Dan Scott
This is a first for Chapter I! This is a report on the Membership that comes to me from our National Office
in Phoenix. I will be reporting not only at our monthly gatherings but in the Newsletter each month. I will
be giving a report of the New Members and the Members whose Membership is on the Expiring list. The
only names that will be announced are the New Members so as not to embarrass anyone.
New Members for May were . . . Barron Sproles from Bixby and Floyd & June Boggs from Sapulpa.
New Members for June were . . . Sparky & Denise Mullins from Wagoner.
From the Expiring list we had six in May. All six renewed their Membership. From the June list, we had
twelve Members on the Renewal list with all twelve Renewing. Now keep in mind that we may never see
all of these Members. Some merely are Members of GWRRA and do not want to be affiliated with a
Chapter. Some just want to be Members of the association
for the benefits that it offers, and really don't like riding
with groups and that is their choice. As much as I would
like to see every Member on the ARL list that is assigned
to Chapter I participate, that is simply not going to
So, if and when you guys run into a Goldwing rider or any
motorcycle rider for that matter, ask them if they are
Members of GWRRA. Then invite them to come have
Fun with us! It's really that easy. If the Membership
Enhancement is a position that you think you might be
interested in, come talk to me.
Until next month, keep having Fun and be safe!
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                         CHAPTER I WINGS ON THE GO                                        PAGE 3

Editor’s Corner                                                                              by Eric Jones

At the first of the month, Fort                                             fellowship.
Wayne Indiana became the focus                                              Recently, Brenda and I joined Dan
of the GWRRA world. Members                                                 for a trip to Drumright where we
from every chapter in the world                                             enjoyed a sumptuous steak dinner.
converged on Fort Wayne.                                                    Did we ride our wings?? No, it
These members participated in                                               was too blasted hot! Instead, we all
training courses, seminars,                                                 rode over and back in the air
contests and parades. Many bought                                           conditioned comfort of our car.
new bling for their rides and                                               We still enjoyed each other’s
themselves.                                                                 company, and we still got to enjoy
Our own Cheryl Kleymann was                                                 a great steak dinner. So, if you are
honored as the 2011 recruiter of                                            letting the heat rule your life, you
the year and presented with a                                               are missing the fun.
plaque.                                                                     On page 8 of this newsletter, you
Many took rides of the                 Eric Jones -                         will find a history of the beginning
surrounding area and saw sights        Your Newsletter Editor               of the motorcycle. When I recently
such as Lake Erie that they might                                           attended GWRRA Enhanced Trike
never had the opportunity to see.                                           Course in Louisiana, I was given a
Our own Director, Dan Scott and        We might not have been able to       copy of this as part of the training
Cheryl Kleymann visited                assemble in Fort Wayne to            package. The material was actually
Michigan, and Ohio so they could       celebrate our Gold Wing              written by a bike rider named
add those states to their map.         ownership.                           Dave Tharp and you can find it
                                       But, thankfully, those brave men     posted on the Internet. My thanks
But, did you ever stop to think
                                       and women did stand up to the        to Dave for putting this
what might have been if 236 years
                                       British and eventually prevailed.    information together for our
ago a group of brave patriots had
not written The Declaration of         Since that time, hundreds of
Independence? What if no one had       thousands of soldiers have stood     I hope to see you at our next ride,
the courage to stand up to the         up to oppression whenever it         or if you can’t make the rides, at
British and refuse to be ruled by      threatened our freedoms.             our next gathering. Until then—
them?                                                                       Ride Safe, and Arrive Alive
                                       So, while you were celebrating
Our lives could have been very         Wing Ding, or watching fireworks,
different indeed. The basic            I hope that you all remembered
freedoms that we have today,           why we were celebrating and gave
guaranteed by The Constitution,        thanks for the sacrifices that those
might never have been.                 before us have made.
We might have been told that we        This month, with the heat like it
had to worship at a particular         has been, our rides have been a
church. We might have been taxed       little thin. But, please remember
with no vote on who ruled in our       that although it may be too hot to
government. We might have been         ride, you can still show up in the
subject to search and seizure at any   air conditioned comfort of your
time for any reason.                   automobile and enjoy the trip and
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                       CHAPTER I WINGS ON THE GO                                  PAGE 4

Educator’s Corner                                                                    By John Carr
Lower Gear or Brakes?                                                 overheating is a major concern
                                                                      from a safety point of view.
(When turning or going down a
steep grade)
An interesting question was asked
If you have a long, descending,
curving highway merge ramp, do
you use a lower gear to provide
some engine braking if you have to
let off the throttle, or do you use a
higher gear and use your brakes in
the curve if you encounter slower                                    Your brakes work by converting
traffic, trucks, etc.?                                               kinetic energy (movement) to heat.
                                                                     In the process the brakes can get
Most experienced riders will                                         VERY HOT as they can only
nearly always opt to use a lower                                     dissipate so much of that heat
                                      John and Jody Carr
gear whenever they are about to                                      quickly. When brakes overheat
enter an off- ramp or when dealing                                   they lose efficiency. In other
with a meaningfully sharp turn.     To prevent temporary overheating words, it takes more braking effort
This keeps you in your power/      of those brakes.                  for hot brakes to scrub a given
braking/traction triangle to deal                                    amount of speed than it does for
with the unexpected.               If you do mostly touring (long    cooler brakes. Further, if that
                                   distance, high-speed highway      overheating gets severe enough it
But the question was really more riding), you should have little
about brakes than about gearing.                                     will no longer be a temporary loss
                                   concern about premature brake     of efficiency as they can bake and
On a long downhill you want to     wear as you use your brakes       glaze into surfaces that are
use engine braking whenever        infrequently compared to miles    permanently less efficient at doing
possible for two reasons:          traveled.                         their job.
 To prevent premature brake wear.  On the other hand, temporary

GWRRA Chapter I
Monthly Gathering on the fourth Monday at
East China Buffet
13202 S Memorial Dr
Bixby, OK
       Like us on facebook
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                      CHAPTER I WINGS ON THE GO           PAGE 5

This past month, Mark Boatmun       event will be, Joanna will only say,
and Joanna Wells took a Colorado    “Sometime next year, probably in
vacation on Mark’s GL1500. Little   the fall.”
did Joanna know that this was a   Hmm, maybe they will get hitched
little more than a vacation.      at the 2013 Oklahoma
On top of Pike’s Peak, Mark asked Convention???
Joanna to marry him, and she said Congratulations Mark and Joanna.
When asked when the blessed
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                      CHAPTER I WINGS ON THE GO                                     PAGE 6

Photos from Wing Ding
Dan Scott submitted the photos on the next couple of pages. He took these on the way to and from Wing
Ding this year. If you took any photos on your Wing Ding trip, please send them to me and I will post them
in future newsletters.

Photos from Wing Ding
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                        CHAPTER I WINGS ON THE GO                                       PAGE 8

A Brief History of the Motorcycle                                                  By Dave Tharp
“Who invented the first motorcycle?” It seems like a simple question, but the answer is a bit complicated.
Motorcycles are descended from the “safety” bicycle, bicycles with front and rear wheels of the same size,
with a pedal crank mechanism to drive the rear wheel. Those bicycles, in turn were descended from high-
wheel bicycles. The high-wheelers were descended from an early type of push-bike, without pedals,
propelled by the rider’s feet pushing against the ground. These appeared around 1800, used iron-banded
wagon wheels, and were called “bone-crushers”, both for their jarring ride and their tendency to toss their
Gottlieb Daimler (who later teamed up with Karl Benz to for the Daimler-Benz Corporation) is credited
with building the first motorcycle in 1885, one wheel in front and
one in the back, although it had a smaller spring-loaded outrigger
wheel on each side. It was constructed motley of wood, with the
wheels being of the iron-banded wooden spoked wagon type,
definitely a bone-crusher chassis.
It was indeed powered by a single-cylinder Otto-cycle engine,
and may have had a spray type carburetor. (Daimlers assistant,
Wilhelm Maybach was working on the invention of the spray
carburetor at the time).
If one counts two wheels with steam propulsion as being a
motorcycle then the first one may have been American. Once
                                                                      Daimlers wooden Framed “Bone Crusher”
                                          such machine was
                                          demonstrated at fairs and circuses in the eastern US in 1867, built
                                          by one Sylvester Howard Roper of Roxbury, Massachusetts.
                                          There is an existing example of a roper machine, dated 1869. It’s
                                          powered by a charcoal-fired two-cylinder engine, whose
                                          connecting rods directly drive a crank on the rear wheel. This
                                          machine predated the invention of the safety bike by many years,
                                          so its chassis is also based on the bone-crusher bike.
                                             Most of the development during the earliest of eras concentrated
                                             on three and four-wheel designs, since it was complex enough to
          Roper’s 1869 Steam Cycle           get the machines
                                             running without
having to worry about them falling over. The next really notable
two-wheeler was the Millet of 1892. It used a 5-cylinder engine
built as the hub of its rear wheel. The cylinders rotated with the
wheel, and its crankshaft constituted the rear axle.
The first really successful production two-wheeler though , was
the Hildebrand & Wolfmueller, patented in Munich in 1894. It
had a step through frame, with its fuel tank mounted on the down
tube. The engine was a parallel-twin, mounted low on the frame,
with its cylinders going fore-and-aft. The connecting rods                     1892 5-Cylinder Millet
connected directly to a crank on the rear axle, and instead of
using heavy flywheels for energy storage between cylinder firing, it used a pair if stout elastic bands, one on
each side outboard of the cylinder, to help out on the compression stokes. It was water-cooled and had a
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                         CHAPTER I WINGS ON THE GO                                 PAGE 9

A Brief History of the Motorcycle
water tank/radiator built into the top of the rear fender.
In 1895, the French firm of DeDion-Buton built an engine that was to make the mass production and
common use of motorcycles possible. It was a small, light, high revving four stroke single, and used
battery-and-coil ignition, doing away with the troublesome hot-tube. Bore and stroke figures of 50mm by
70mm gave a displacement of 138cc. A total loss lubrication system was employed to drip oil into the
crankcase through a metering valve, which then sloshed around to lubricate and cool components before
dumping it on the ground via a breather. DeDion-Buton used this
1/2 horsepower power plant in road going trikes, but the engine
was copied and used by everybody, including Indian and Harley-
Davidson in the US.
Although a gentleman named Pennington built some machines
around 1895 (its uncertain whether uncertain whether any of
them actually ran)., the first US production motorcycle was the
Orient-Aster, built by the Metz Company in Waltham,
Massachusetts in 1898 It used an Aster engine that was a
French –built copy of the DeDion-Buton, and predated Indian
(1902) by three years, and Harley Davidson (1902) by four.                   1895 Orient Aster

Sunshine Lady Bug                                            By Donna Shenberger
Hello again, Sunshine lady Bug                                         Birthday
reporting here. Another month has
passed and we are in the heart of                                      John Cato                   July 5
summer. Picnics, swimming,                                             Tonya Clymer               July 28
fishing, not to mention bike rides.
Life is Good. We are able to do
just about anything that our little                                    Dale & Jeannie Smith       July 1
hearts desires. Yes we can, but,                                       John & Jody Carr          July 31
everything good comes with a
                                                                       Donna/Matt Caldwell       July 30
                                                                       Well that about does it for this
July is a special month because,
                                                                       time around, Till next month have
we celebrate our much earned
                                                                       a safe ride, and enjoy the summer
independence. Which we would
not have at all, had it not been for
the brave men and women of our                                         Sunshine Lady Bug,
military. They gave their all for                                      Donna Shenberger
our country, and we need to take a THANK THEM.
moment and reflect all that they
                                     This months Birthdays and
did give and have given to us.
                                     Anniversaries are as follows-
Let us all be grateful for their
sacrifice. Without them we would
not be FREE, and I for one
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                      CHAPTER I WINGS ON THE GO                                 PAGE 10

                                            Chapter I dates are highlighted in red. Rides will leave

July 2012
                                            from the old Doc’s Apple Mart parking lot in Bixby
                                            located at 211 N Cabaniss Ave at the time listed.

Sun            Mon            Tue            Wed            Thu           Fri            Sat

1               2 Chapter L   3 Chapter G    4              5             6              7
                Gathering     Gathering                         Wing Ding XXXIV

8               9 Chapter P   10 7pm         11             12 Chapter K 13              14 9:00 AM
                Gathering     Chapter I                     Gathering                    Route 66
                              Planning                      Chapter M                    Interpretive
                              Meeting                       Gathering                    Center @
                              Chapter E                                                  Chandler
                              Gathering                                                  Chapter X

15 1:30 PM      16            17 Chapter     18             19 Chapter J 20 7:00 PM      21
Sirloin                       N Gathering                   Gathering     Scoops &
Stockade -                                                                Grinds -
Okmulgee                                                                  Collinsville

22 1:30 PM      23 Chapter I 24 Chapter B 25                26 5:00       27 5:00        28
Sam &           Gathering -   Gathering                     Chapter H -   Pizza Port -
Ellas -         East China                                  McAlester     Taylor's
Tahlequah       Buffet in                                                 Ferry

29 1:30 PM      30            31
Mid America
Cafe - Pryor
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                  CHAPTER I WINGS ON THE GO                                 PAGE 11

August                                  Chapter I dates are highlighted in red. Rides will leave
                                        from the old Doc’s Apple Mart parking lot in Bixby
                                        located at 211 N Cabaniss Ave at the time listed.

Sun             Mon          Tue         Wed           Thu            Fri             Sat

                                         1             2              3 7:00 PM       4
                                                                      Kari Okie's -

5 1:30 PM       6 7:00 PM    7           8             9              10 7:00 PM      11
Whitehorn       Chapter I                                             Orange
Cove            Planning                                              Leaf - 101st
Restaurant -    Meeting at                                            & Mingo Meet
Wagoner         Stonemill                                             at Orange
                BBQ - BA                                              Leaf

12 11:30 AM 13               14          15            16             17              18
Chapter P
Anniversary -

19              20           21          22            23             24              25

26              27           28          29            30             31
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                   CHAPTER I WINGS ON THE GO   PAGE 12

Ad space is available in Wings on
the Go on a monthly or annual
basis. The rates for the various
sizes are below.
Business card size
$10 monthly $120 annually
1/4 page size
$15 monthly $180 annually
1/2 page size
$25 monthly $300 annually
Full Page size
$45 monthly $585 annually
To place an ad in Wings on the
Go, email the editor at
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                       CHAPTER I WINGS ON THE GO                                     PAGE 13

Classified Ads
1999 Bunkhouse Trailer Honda                            New Piggy Back Trailer
                                  $2495.00                                                $750.00
                                  Ever want to
                                  camp? Well I                                            If your looking for
                                  have the solution!                                      a New Trailer and
                                  I have a 1999                                           don't want to
                                  Bunkhouse                                               spend a lot of
                                  Trailer, comes                                          money, I have a
                                  with a Queen size                                       New Piggy Back
                                  air mattress,                                           Trailer with LED
                                  cooler mounted                                          Lights in the rear
                                  on the tongue, a                                        & locking
                                  extra room that                                         compartment for
                                  can be added to                                         Call Dan 918-261-
                                  the outside, a                                          3721
                                  dressing area and
                                  lots of storage.
                                  This is a real nice
                                  Trailer for its
                                  age. This one can
                                  be your for
                                  Camper Trailers
                                  are a hot item.
                                  Call Dan 918-

Do you have something you would like to sell? Send me a photo, a short description of
the item, how much you want for it, and most importantly how to contact you. I’ll drop
it into this section and maybe you can turn some of that motorcycle stuff laying around
into cash.
GL1500 Alternator                            $100 Member Wanted
Never used after being rebuilt.                         Looking to purchase GWRRA Parka Jacket from
                                                        around 2008 era. Size "Medium" for my beautiful
Call me if interested at the number below.              co-rider. Black and Gray outer shell, Red and Black
Dan Scott                                               inner jacket. Made by CROWN of California,
918-261-3721                                            Vernon, CA.
                                                        Call Mark @ 918-638-6400 or Email me at
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5                       CHAPTER I WINGS ON THE GO   PAGE 14

Chapter I Award Winning Cap
While Cheryl and Dan were in Branson attending the
Missouri District Convention, they decided to put the
Chapter I cap in the competition. They did not expect
to even place, because there were already some nice
caps entered from other chapters. During Friday
nights ceremonies the District Directors were giving
out the awards for all the winners in the shirt,
windshield cover the banner, scrapbook and of the
caps competition. Dan and Cheryl were very
surprised and very pleased when they announced
Oklahoma Chapter I had won the cap competition!
So you just never know what the judges are looking
for, never sell yourself short!
Just thought all of you would like to know, we are
now wearing an award winning cap!
    The Oklahoma Train Depot Tour of 2012
    Sponsored by GWRRA OK-B and Shawnee Honda

  Entry packets can be purchased in the Accounting Office at
                       Shawnee Honda
You are invited to participate in this fun opportunity to see our great
state and view some of the history of Oklahoma. Contest details and
entry packets are available at Shawnee Honda, 99 West Interstate
Parkway, Shawnee, OK. The deadline for all entries is December 31,
2012. For questions, call Johnie Fredman (405-397-3850) or e-mail: or Susan Carter (405-275-2388) or e-mail:
Please put “Depot Tour” in the subject line. Cash prizes will be awarded
in several categories. The entry fee is only $10 per participant. So grab
your camera and join in on the fun!
                                          Oklahoma Chapter E

                                        “Bug Gut Run”
                                  Saturday, August 18th, 2012
          Meet @ the Warehouse Market in Sand Springs (on Hwy. 97 @ Hwy. 412)
                              Line up starts at 7:00 PM—Leave at 9:00 PM
                            Ride to Mexico Joe’s in Stillwater
                         Targets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00
     100 % Payout--will pay at least three places depending on the amount available

    Note: Chapters not meeting in Sand Springs will determine a gathering place and time to meet.
     Targets will be emailed to you. Please ride no more than 60 miles with targets on your bikes.
           Contact: Mike Ewing – 918-447-7709 or 918-638-5409 if you have questions.
       For Fun, Safety and Knowledge	








                          "Celebrating our Freedom"
                              AUGUST 24,25 & 26, 2012
                               MANHATTAN, KANSAS
    Clarion Hotel                                                          Pre-Registration Fees
    530 Richards Drive
    Manhattan, KS 66502                                                $25.00 Ea. Or 2/$48.00
                                                                       $22.00 Ea. Life Members
    Ph# 785-539-5311
                                                                       $30.00 Ea. Non-Members
    All rooms are $77.00 + tax
    (Cut-off date: 8/10/2012)
    (Request: Goldwing Motorcycle Riders Association)
    Includes breakfast buffet




State:_____________Zip Code:________________Ph#_________/____________/______________

GWRRA Region:__________ GWRRA District:______________ GWRRA Chapter:________________

I/We agree to hold harmless GWRRA, any co-sponsoring organizations, and any property owners for any loss
or injury to self or property by reason of participation in this event. I/We aslo agree to assume responsibilities for
any property that I/We knowingly damage.

Rider Signature____________________________

Co-Rider Signature________________________________

For more information contact: Garry & Phyllis VanBuskirk,316-321-0896, or
Make checks payable to: GWRRA Kansas
Mail registration forms to: Ron & Judy Eggleston, #20 Northfork Rd., Kaw City, OK. 74641
•ML "

                      Pcdiat? le Bivtin T u m o r Foundation


Registration   Begins at 8:00 AM - C/oses af 5/45 >IAf

7i//sa Health Dept. - 5707 5. 129th East, Tulsa, OK
 Minimum Donation to Participate is $35 per Motorcycle

Prizes Include a Motorcycle; Helmet & Otter Great Prizes

       Visit for more information
                           RED ROCK CANYON STATE PARK
                             EXIT 101 OFF OF I-40 SOUTH OF HINTON, OK

           BUG GUT RUN Friday Night at Dusk
                    GAMES Saturday
               CROCK POT lunch at noon
             BIKE SCAVENGER HUNT at 2pm
           50/50 PLUS a CHANCE to WIN $100.

                                           TIME                   12:00

DATE     Sept 28-29,2012

                                CAMP SITES ARE AVAILABLE WHEN YOU GET
                                THERE OR YOU CAN CALL THE PARK AT
                                            GWRRA Region H
                                   Oklahoma District Convention
                                            October 4-6, 2012
                                               Expo Center,
                                            4500 West Hwy 270
                                              McAlester, OK

                    “Gone with the Wing”

      Appearing Friday

                                                                  Red Carpet Dance—7 PM
Website for registration form                                        Thursday night!!!!                                                    All vendors inside

Or contact Larry Cowan at 405.535.1154 or                                Bike show
email to                                           Light show & parade
Host hotel: AmericInn call 918.426.1300
                                                                      Ice Cream social
GWRRA block or online: code: Goldwi1012
                                                                    Trike Riding Course
                                                                  Trike & Trailering Course
Online Code: Goldwi1012
                                                                   First Aid / CPR Classes
                                                        WING BREAK 2013                                                                       

                                  REGION H CONVENTION – MARSHALL, TX
                                  CONVENTION CENTER – APRIL 4, 5 & 6, 2013
                                   Pre-Register by March 15, 2013 and be eligible for the $250 Mini-Grand Prize
                                             MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO GWRRA REGION H
                                                 MAIL REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT TO:
                                       BILL GRAY, 1820 W. KENT PL., BROKEN ARROW, OK 74012

     Full Registration        Quantity                              Pre‐Register                Total Pre‐Reg              On‐site
     GWRRA Member                                                       $25                                                 $27
     Life Member                                                      $12.50                                               $13.50
     Non‐Member                                                         $30                                                 $32
     Medic First Aid ‐ First 
     Time 5hr Fri                                                         $25                                                $25
     Medic First Aid ‐
     Recertify 4 hrs Sat                                                 $25                                                $25
     Trike Course *                                                      $50*                                               $50*
     Grand Prize tickets 30 
     for $10                                                              $10
     50/50 tickets Friday 
     30 for $10                                                           $10
     50/50 Tickets Sat 30 
     for $10                                                              $10
     Level IV Breakfast‐
     Current**                                                      No charge**
     Level IV Breakfast‐Not 
     Current**                                                           $5 **
                         *Classroom on Friday, range on Saturday. $25 refunded upon completion of course.
                           On‐line registration available through Pay Pal @ gwrra‐ (effective Sept. 1.) 
                                               ** Must be a GWRRA Level IV to attend. 
                                 Children under 12 FREE! Must be registered to be eligible for prizes! 
                                                  Grand Prize TWO $500 Drawings! 

Co –Rider_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 


Address________________________________________________ City & State______________________________________________ 


Direct Mileage to Convention________________ 

I/We agree to hold harmless GWRRA, any co‐sponsoring organizations, and any property owners for any loss or injury to self or property by 
reason of participating in this convention. I/We also agree to assume responsibility for any property which I/We knowingly damage. 


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