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Keesing's Middle East and North Africa News Digest, May 2011 by P-KeesingSWorldwid


Designed for scholars, diplomats, business people, and government officials, Keesing's Middle East and North Africa News Digest is the most efficient and reliable way to stay completely and accurately informed about the events that matter in the Middle East and North Africa.In contrast to the main stream media, Keesing's Middle East and North Africa News Digest is produced after the dust has settled which bestows on us the benefit of greater hindsight than other news sources. In addition, Keesing's editorial process - developed over 80 years of publishing Keesing's Contemporary Archive and Record of World Events - is proven to deliver accurate, objective, and comprehensive coverage of political, social, and economic events.This regional series presents all of the Middle East's key stories in one place – even the ones you missed – delivered in our uniquely objective and concise manner. With facts checked, and speculation disregarded, the digest ensures that you are promptly informed of what is happening in the Middle East, without misinformation, speculation, or rumour.It is, quite simply, the best and most efficient way to ensure that you are well informed about current affairs.

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