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					                               Suchita Patel
Address: 23, Patel Building,               Contact:
         M. G. Road,                              (R) +91-22 – 25614325
         Mulund (West)                            (M) +91 - 932 2767 487
         Mumbai – 400 080.                        E-Mail:
DOB: 7 May 1977                                  

Educational Qualification:

                     Currently pursuing PG Dip in HRM with ICFAI (Distance Program).
                     Pg Dip In Comparative Mythology from University Of Mumbai In
                     Passed Master’s Degree from University Of Mumbai in May 2002
                      with Pass Class Specialized in History.
                     Passed Bachelor’s Degree from University Of Mumbai in May 1999
                      with Second Class Specialized in History. (College: V. G. Vaze
                     Passed H.S.C in 1995 with Second Class.
                     Passed S.S.C in 1993 with Second Class. (School: Mulund High
Work Experience:
        o Currently associated as Project Manager with Vasant J Seth Memorial
            Foundation, C/o Great Offshore Limited, Energy House, 81, D. N. Road,
            Mumbai – 400 001. From 16th June 2008 onwards. (It is a maritime based
            NGO working for the conservation, education, environment, history and
            welfare based projects in the coastal India)
        o Currently associated as a Freelancing Lecturer with International Business
            School, faculty for Organizational Development & Advertising Management.
        o Was Associated as Research Associate for the Project taken by Dept of
            History, V. G. Vaze College, Mithagar Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai – 400
            081. Coordinated by Dr (Mrs.) Preeta Nilesh. Project title: Situating Colonial
            Hospitality in 19th Century Bombay.
        o Was Associated with Welingkar Institute of Management Development &
            Research, Matunga (East), Mumbai – 400 019 as a Program Co-ordinator for
            Destination India (IMBA) & Undergraduate Program (BBA) of Temple
            University. From 3rd August 2007 to 2nd March 2008.
        o Worked as Translator for translating Native Sources (Gujarati, Hindi &
            Marathi) to English for Anne Hardgrove, Assistant Professor of History.
            University of Texas at San Antonio. One UTSA Circle San Antonio, TX
            78249. Since October 2006.
        o Worked as a Research Associate with Dr. (Mrs) Jo Robertson (Research
            Officer), Coordinator ILA Global Project on the History of Leprosy
            Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine University of Oxford 45-47
            Banbury Road Oxford, OX2 6PE United Kingdom. From February 2006 to
            February 2007.
        o Was associated as a Jr. Asst Researcher with Shri. Sadashiv Gorakshikar
            former Director of Prince of Wales Museum for coming up of “Acworth
            Leprosy Museum” at Acworth Leprosy Hospital – Research Rehabilitation
            and Education (RRE) Wadala Mumbai. 2004 – 2005 & 2005-2006.
           o Worked on “Conservation & Preservation of Fountains & Pyavoos in the City
             Of Mumbai” as a Project Associate of History Department from Ramnarian
             Ruia College, Matunga, Mumbai 400 019. 2004 –2005.
           o Worked as an Asst. Researcher with an Historian Dr.Ruby Maloni for writing
             on History of Electric Powers assigned by Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory
             Commission (MERC). World Trade Centre, Center No.1, 13th Floor, Cuffe
             Parade, Colaba, Mumbai-400 005. 2003-2004.
           o Worked as a Full Time Faculty (Asst. Co-Ordinator) Cum Lecturer for the
             academic year 2002-2003 Bachelors of Mass Media (BMM) Department of
             M.D.College Of Arts, Science & Commerce, Dr. S.S. Rao Road, Parel,
             Mumbai – 400 012.

Additional Information:
Language Skills: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Kutchi, Punjabi, Bengali & German.
Technical Skills: MS Word, power point, & Excel, Surfing net.
Academic Activities:
                   Presented a Research Paper on “Women’s Panchayati Raj” in 2001 at
                     Students Seminar Organized by History Department of University Of
                   Participated in the National Conference of Philosophy at Gurgaon in
                     Lonavala Organized by Himgiri Spiritual Research center on the
                     concept of Guru in Indian Society, where we performed a Drama
                     called “PRABODHACANDRODAYAMA” where in we also
                     published a small booklet of 12 pages with researched articles of mine
                     and other friends in 2002.
                   Presented a Research Paper on “Khajuraho: Messages Through
                     Sculptures” in 2002 at Students Seminar Organized by History
                     Department of University of Mumbai.
                   Presented a Research Paper on “Banking Trends: Enquiry in rise and
                     fall in Modern India” at 67th Indian History Congress 2007, Calicut,
                     Kerala. Under the section Modern India (Economy).

            “Historiography of changing paradigm in Advertisement” – in Journal
             called “Navigating Glocalisation through Quality Initiatives” – Edited by Dr.
             I. C. Gupta, Jan 2008, Published by Excel Books.
            “Prabodhacandrodayama” – a small booklet of 12 pages in 2002 – Edited by
             Deep Kapadia.

Work under progress:
         “Prayers”
         “Symbolism: Representative in Hindu Rituals”
         “Relationships”
         “Food in various Religion”

Conferences, Workshops or Seminars:
          o Workshop on “Historiography: Changing Paradigms and Parameters”
            conducted by University Department of History, S. N. D. T. Women’s
            University, Mumbai – 14th & 15th October 2003.

          o Two Days State Level Interactive workshop on “Research Methods, Areas
            and Trends in History & Other Social Sciences” organized by Department
            of History, University of Mumbai on 1st and 2nd July 2006.

          o Seminar commenced by Department of History, University of Mumbai on
            “The Quest for Excellence: Great Universities and their Cities, Mumbai,
            Kolkata and Chennai” from 17 – 19 January 2007.

          o PIMR Second International Conference on “Navigating Globalization
            Through Quality Initiatives” at Indore on 30th & 31st January 2008.
            (Presented Paper on “Historiography of changing paradigm in

          o INBUSH 2008 – Conference held by Amity International Business School at
            Noida on 21st & 22nd February 2008. (Presented Paper in Absentia on
            “Managing Tourism in Global warming economy with harmony to

          o Presented a paper on Ad-Impact: Changes in 20th century India
            (1975-2000) at Dr. Mani Kamerkar Memorial Seminar on ‘Cultural
            Renaissance in 19th & 20th Century India.’ On 11th October 2008 at
            Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College, Department of History.

          o   Presented a paper on Challenges and Opportunities for Chaul’s
              Development as a Tourist Site at three day conference on ‘Transposing
              Images: History and Tourism in the Konkan an Aid to Socio-
              Economic Development’ at University of Mumbai, Department of
              History from 13th October to 15th October 2008.

         Residential member of Royal Asiatic Society, Mumbai since 1998.
         Annual member of Indian History Congress since 2003.
         Annual member of Maritime History Society, Mumbai since 2008.

              Marital Status: Single.
              Religion      : Hindu.
              Nationality   : Indian.
              Ethnicity      : South-East Asian.
              Father’s Name: Rajesh


   1. Dr (Mrs) Jo Robertson – Coordinator
      ILA Global Project for History of Leprosy
   Wellcome Unit for History of Medicine
   University of Oxford
   45-47 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6PE, United Kingdom
   Tel No: (O) +44(0) 1865 284627
            (F) +44(0) 1865 274605

   I have worked with her as Research Associate for collecting the records on Leprosy
   in South India. The purpose for this was to create a database. This was a very
   wonderful experience in order to meet the affected people and neglected group of the
   society. This was a learning experience to handling people at different level. Also
   understand the multi-disciplinary picture related with this disease.

2. Dr (Mrs) Preeta Nilesh - Reader
   Department of History
   V. G. Vaze College of Arts, Science & Commerce
   Mulund (East) Mumbai – 400 081.
   Tel No: (R) +9122 2570 0142
           (M) +91(0) 9819800142

   I have worked with her as a Project Associate & Research Associate colleague for
   two projects. One on “Water Conservation, Fountains and Pyaavs in the city of
   Mumbai” and second on “Situating Hospitality in 19th Century Bombay”. It was a
   wonderful experience to locate and discover the fountains once were the part of city
   furniture to beautify the city are today in a dilapidated state. Sometimes they go
   unnoticed even by the development officers. But, this project gave us lot of insight in
   knowing the scarcity and understanding the fear if this nature’s property should be
   preserved. Hence, conclusion was to be the suggestion for the remaining furniture,
   which even today is a part of the city how it should be preserved? What has to be
   done? How can civilians be a part in restoring this property of the city? It was great
   working for hospitality project as it dealt with social and economical aspect of 19th
   century of this most flourishing industry of today.

3. Shri. S. Gorakshkar
   Formerly Director, Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai
   Past President, Commonwealth Association of Museums
   Gandhakuti, Village Bhatsai, Post Vasind,
   Tal Shahpur, Dist. Thane – 421 604.
   Tel No: (R)+912527 220 849
            (M) +91(0) 9324504575
   I have worked as Jr. Asst. Researcher for setting up of Acworth Leprosy Museum.
   Working with this project gave me experience of fieldwork of interviewing people
   from different specialization. Not only has that but also collected the important
   antiquities and documents understanding the relevance, credibility and authenticity. It
   gave me an opportunity to explore and understand the techniques of research with
   different concepts.
   4. Mrs. Pratibha Kathe
      Acworth Leprosy Municipality Hospital for Research, Rehabilitation and Education
      of Leprosy, Wadala. Mumbai – 400 021.
      Tel No: (O) +91 (0) 22 6529 4662
              (F) +91 (0) 22 2418 4263

      She was my Senior Colleague at Acworth Leprosy Museum. Being a part of her team
was a wonderful experience, which taught me to keep the team spirit high. That gave me
more confidence to work as a researcher.

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