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Franklin Pierce Law Center, ABA-Accredited School, Was Founded In 1973. It Is The Only Law School In New Hempshire. It Provides Various Programs Like Intellectual Property Program, Summer Programs.

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                            Franklin Pierce Law Center, Concord, NH
                            [By Heather Jung]
                            The Franklin Pierce Law Center (FPLC), the only law school in New Hampshire, is named after New Hampshire native
                            and politician Franklin Pierce. Pierce served as the 14 th President of the United States from 1853 to 1857 and is known
                            for having signed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which revoked the Missouri Compromise and created the territories of Kansas
                            and Nebraska.

FPLC, a private, ABA-accredited school,             of-its-kind course of study designed to train      include the Public Interest Coalition, the
was founded in 973 by Robert H. Rines              IP professionals, lawyers, administrators,         Public Interest Summer Fellowship Program,
“in reaction to two shortcomings in U.S.            entrepreneurs, and engineers from all over         the Student Pro Bono Project, and the High
legal education: its failure to effectively         the world to specialize in and understand          School Mentor Program.
teach professional skills and its neglect of        the practice of intellectual property law and
intellectual property law.” Since that time,        licensing. The LL.M. in Intellectual Property,     Since opening its doors 24 years ago, the
the intellectual property program at FPLC has       Commerce, and Technology program allows            school has graduated several notable alumni,
become one of the most prestigious and well-        students to earn postgraduate law degrees          including U.S. Representative Tim Ryan;
respected in the country and is consistently        and learn more about the business and              Maryland politician Roger Manno; and Bing
ranked among the top 0 intellectual property       transactional areas of intellectual property.      Wang, Vice Dean of Tsinghua University and
programs in the country.                                                                               China’s first patent agent.
                                                    Other academic resources for the IP
Students interested in studying intellectual        enthusiast include the Intellectual Property       FPLC is located in New Hampshire’s capitol,
property (IP) are provided with an abundance        Library, the IP Mall (a website that gives         Concord. Thus, students at FPLC have a wide
of classes, programs, and options to utilize.       students access to IP research), the               array of opportunities within the city. Concord
According to the law school’s IP website,           Intellectual Property Law Review (IDEA), and       is the official seat of the state government
FPLC “offers the most extensive selection of        the Kenneth J. Germeshausen Center.                and is home to the oldest state house in which
intellectual property courses in the country,                                                          members of the legislature still meet in their
exposing students to a wide variety of current      The law center hosts several summer
                                                                                                       original chambers.
intellectual property issues.”                      programs for its students. There are four
                                                    summer intellectual property programs
                                                                                                       Concord is also home to several other notable
The law center offers a joint degree in             available: the Criminal Law and Justice
                                                                                                       buildings, including the Eagle Hotel, where
intellectual property—the J.D./M.I.P. (Master       Seminar (held in Washington, DC), the
                                                                                                       former presidents wined and dined, and the
of Intellectual Property)—and a J.D./               Intellectual Property Summer Institute (held
                                                                                                       Walker-Woodman House, the oldest house
Certificate of Health Policy program, which is      in Concord), the China Intellectual Property
                                                                                                       in Concord. Another major point of interest
run in conjunction with the University of New       Summer Institute (which takes place in Beijing
                                                                                                       in the city of 40,687 is the Christa McAuliffe
Hampshire and allows students to study the          and Xi’an), and the eLaw Summer Institute
                                                                                                       Planetarium named after the Concord
key elements of health-policy development. In       (which takes place in Cork, Ireland).
                                                                                                       teacher who perished in the 986 Challenger
addition to the two joint degrees offered, there
are several concentrations in which students        Students interested in social reform can hone
can study while earning their J.D.s: commerce       their interest through several social justice
                                                                                                       On the net
and technology, criminal law, general               projects. The Pierce Law Innocence Project
practice, health law, intellectual property, and    is affiliated with the New England Innocence
                                                                                                       Franklin Pierce Law Center
social justice.                                     Project and provides legal assistance to
                                                    men and women who have been wrongly
The school also offers a Master of Intellectual     incarcerated. Street Law, a program for            Concord, NH
Property in Commerce and Technology and             2L and 3L students, allows students to   
a Master of Laws in Intellectual Property,          teach 0-class courses on the rights and
Commerce, and Technology. The M.I.P. in             responsibilities of law to local high school       Intellectual Property at FPLC
Commerce and Technology program is a first-         students. Other programs at the school   


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