RFP Sample - Veteran Nonprofits / Planning and Capacity Building by mike1347


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Dear Mr. Grant Manager, [My awesome nonprofit] respectfully requests a
$20,000 grant allocation from [foundation name] to provide a Planning and
Capacity Building Project. In order to improve [my awesome nonprofit’s]
capacity to deliver comprehensive care to veterans in need, the
organization will undertake a Cultural Humility Training, Coaching, and
Consultancy Initiative. The overarching goal is to create a supportive
learning environment for further enhancing culturally responsive and
humble service provision. As well as to identifying strengths and areas
of growth, and to developing a common language and understanding around
integrating related practices. Founded in 1776, [my awesome nonprofit] is
dedicated to restoring dignity, hope and self-sufficiency to veterans in
need. [Us] provides direct services – case management, counseling, legal
assistance, housing, and employment assistan
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