Be a Survivor by P-ScbDistributors


Complete Accurate Reassuring Be a Survivor - Colorectal Cancer Treatment Guide is a unique book designed to empower the newly diagnosed patient and the family, to help them regain control of their lives, and show them how to find the most effective treatments available. Reflecting the combined wisdom of a dozen leading medical experts, Be a Survivor includes clear explanations, color graphics, lists of questions to ask your healthcare professionals, and candid testimonials by patients who have "been there before." The book spans the entire colorectal cancer experience—from dealing with your initial feelings, to the latest treatments, to life after cancer, and a section for the significant other or the caretaker. Three factor make this book unique: Copious color illustrations, found in almost no other book on the topic, that help readers understand the concepts. Patient testimonials help make the information more relevant to the reader's everyday life. The information represents a multi-specialty, multi-center combination of experts in various fields of cancer, rather than the views of a single author who may be a surgeon, or an oncologist.

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