High Performance Health Workbook by P-ThomasNelsonInc


In this workbook, world–renowned cardiologist Dr. James Rippe reveals–for the first time to the general public–his distinctive 10 step mind–body–spirit program used by top executives and star athletes to supercharge their health and turn it into the ultimate performance tool.This 5–week study will guide you through Dr. Rippe's 10 Steps to Achieving High Performance Health:1. Discover Your Life Purpose and Direction–Then Track It2. Connect with Your Body and Mind3. Use the Performance Rest Principles4. Establish a Third Place5. 15 Minutes of Solitude6. 30 Minutes of Physical Activity7. Discover Your "Intellectual/Spiritual Age" and Live It8. Eat Foods to Fuel Performance9. Connect with Others10. Connect with Your SpiritIncludes a bonus DVDNote: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included.

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