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					   Setting the Industry Standards for the
   Rehabilitation of Underground Utilities

  NASSCO Times                                                                                   Spring 2011 Edition
     NASSCO Annual Meeting 2011
   Filled with Memorable Moments
 NASSCO’s 2011 annual meeting                    Thursday afternoon, some
 kicked-off with a networking                    attendees chose break-
 reception on Wednesday evening,                 out sessions with the CIPP                        President’s Corner ..................... 3
 where guests enjoyed seeing both                Committee or Infrastructure
                                                                                                   Executive Director’s Message.... 4
 familiar and new faces as part                  Condition Committee while
 of the annual meeting tradition.                others spent time relaxing with                   Technical Director’s Forum ........ 6
 Thursday’s agenda focused                       other members.                                    From the Committees ................ 7
 on the business of NASSCO.
 Members learned about the                       Friday was devoted to technical                   NASSCO Division Reports ...... 11
 budget, 2011goals, division                     presentations featuring innovative                Calendar of Events .................. 12
 and committee reports and the                   and informative presentations on
                                                                                                   Practical Accuracy of Crack
 election of board members.                      the following:
                                                                                                     Measurement........................ 14
 Kathy Romans of Trelleborg                        • Smoke Testing Performance
 NPC took the helm as the first                    Standard                                        Industry News .......................... 18
 female president and four new                     • Design of CIPP                                The New Infrastructure
 people were added to the Board                    • PACP & GIS                                     Augusta, GA ......................... 21
 of Directors: Peter Kurz of Tri                   • Laser Profiling
 State Utilities, Michael Poplawski                • New Resin Systems
 of NEPCCO, and Mike Russin                        for CIPP Installations                        The Friday evening Awards
 of Pipeline Analytics while Steve                 • Monitoring the CIPP                         Dinner and Puerto Rican
 Henning of AP/M Permaform                         Lining Process Using                          Carnivale began with
 committed to another term.                        Underground Sensors                           a meet and greet by a colorful
                                                                                                 stiltwalker and a coconut carver
                           NASSCO 2011 Board of Directors                                        who dished out fresh coconut.

                                                                                                        During dinner, Bill Shook
                                                                                                        with AP/M Permaform
                                                                                                        was inducted into the
                                                                                                        NASSCO Select Society of
                                                                                                        Sanitary Sewer Sleuths for
                                                                                                        outstanding, meritorious

From left to right: Brad Dutruch (Compliance EnviroSystems); John Schroeder (CDM); George               (continued next page)
Mallakis (TT Technologies); Stuart Tillery (Duke’s Root Control); Larry Kiest (LMK); Kathy
Romans (Trelleborg NPC); Ted DeBoda (NASSCO); Tim Vivian (Green Mountain Pipeline
Services); John Nelson (Visu-Sewer); Joan Stone (PipeLogix); Mark Metcalfe (Hoffman
South West Corp.); Peter Kurz (Tri-State Utilities); Mike Russin (Pipeline Analytics); Michael
Poplawski (NEPCCO) is missing from the photo.
             2011 Annual Meeting
(continued from previous page)                                                      NASSCO Board of Directors
                                        Mike Hogan announced the                    approved additional funding
service beyond the call of duty.        scholarship winners for the                 of $2,000, giving two students
The award announcement was a            annual Jeffrey D. Ralston                   (Kevin Cira and Kristi Steiner)
surprise to Bill who was honored        Scholarship, a $2,000 annual                full scholarship awards.
to receive it and enjoyed the roast
that, by tradition, accompanies                                                     NASSCO also elected it’s very
the award.                                                                          first female President for 2011,
                                                                                    Kathy Romans of Trelleborg
Bill Shook happily accepts pin                                                      NPC! Congratulations!
and award certificate stating he is                                                  Photo (below): Ted DeBoda
a member of the NASSCO Select                                                        welcomes Kathy Romans to
Society of Sewer Sleuths from                                                        the Presidency.
other members of the Society.
                                        Photo (above): Ted DeBoda congratulates
                                        Kristi Steiner for winning one of the two
                                        2011 Scholarship Awards.

                                        scholarship awarded to a
                                        student desiring a career in
                                        trenchless technology. This
    Photo (above) left to right: Mike   year’s applications included
    Hogan; Bill Shook; Irv Gemora;      many individuals with strong                More pictures on page 5!
    David Magill                        qualifications. As a result, the

Thank You 2010 NASSCO Board!

Photo Above: 2010 NASSCO Board of Directors (left to right): John Schroeder, Kathy Romans, Ed Kampbell,
Larry Kiest, Bob Taylor, Stuart Tillery, Brad Dutruch, John Nelson, Ted DeBoda, Mark Metcalfe, Tim Vivian
and Joan Stone. Steve Henning, Dave Kozman and George Mallakis are missing from the photo.

                                        Photo Left: 2010 NASSCO President, Brad
                                        Dutruch of Compliance EnviroSystems, accepts
                                        his Manhole Cover award from Executive
                                        Director, Ted DeBoda.

2                                                                                              NASSCO TIMES
                 PRESIDENT’S CORNER
                                 By Kathy Romans

Dear NASSCO Times Readers,                                                open to all NASSCO members
                                                                          with an interest.
What a fantastic turnout we
had at the 35th Anniversary                                               It is such an honor to serve the
NASSCO annual meeting in                                                  membership on NASSCO’s
Puerto Rico. Thank you to                                                 Board of Directors; my personal
all who attended, participated                                            journey in NASSCO has at its
in the committee break-out           will be releasing performance        roots in the advice of former
sessions and technical day           specifications or substantial        NASSCO President Mike Hogan,
presentations and a special thank    updates to standard specifications   “Join, participate, get involved”.
you to Heather and Dawn for          that reflect the newest and most     It is some of the best advice I
the hard work in planning and        up-to-date technology advances       ever received and it is advice
execution. If you missed the         in our industry.                     I am privileged to pass on to
meeting, plan to attend next year.                                        others.
I can promise, you won’t be          Several areas in need of
disappointed.                        standards and guidance have          NASSCO is doing great things,
                                     been presented to NASSCO             the support and participation
As an organization we are            recently. It sounds so much          of its members is the way we
continuing the work and focus        like a cliché; but, the reputation   continue to set the standard. I
that began last year. The coming     NASSCO has earned as an              challenge you as members, get
months will be exciting ones for     organization which produces          involved, participate and invite
NASSCO. The Infrastructure           high quality programs and            your colleagues to join.
Executive Committee has been         standards to provide best in
hard at work on the PACP user        class services to the owners         Regards,
and trainer recertification. The     and communities, is the reason
much anticipated release this        NASSCO has been presented
summer is the next step to           with new opportunities to give
ensuring that PACP really is all     back to our industry.                Kathy Romans
about the quality of the data.                                            NASSCO President
                                     New ad hoc and/or permanent
 Brad Dutruch and his committee      committees for asset
are hard at work on the “Jetter      management, laser inspection
Awareness Video”, the support        and profiling of pipelines, sonar
and participation from the           and crack measurement are just
industry continues to be exciting!   a few of the areas NASSCO is
Other committees and divisions       investigating. These groups are

Spring ‘11 Edition                                                                                           3
                                             By Ted DeBoda, P.E.
                             NASSCO is moving            to translate the PACP manual into Spanish. We
                             forward! The annual         also executed a new agreement with the Canadian
                             meeting was a great         Standards Association (CSA) to include MACP and
                             opportunity to report on    LACP along with PACP as Canadian standards.
                             our accomplishments,
                             but more importantly        One ongoing theme is maintaining and enhancing
                             to establish our goals      the quality of PACP. In addition to the PACP-AI
                             for the coming year.        initiatives, we are moving forward with PACP
                             With your help, we’ve       Recertification Training and are anticipating start up
                             been moving several         in June. We have developed eight training modules
                             initiatives forward.        that provide a thorough review of PACP, as well as
                                                         a separate overview module that will be available
                              Since the annual           for free to all users. Creating these modules has
                              meeting, we have           involved several webinars and significant time with
held kick-off meetings for two new Committees.           many Master Trainers and others. During these
Mike Russin agreed to chair the Asset Management         meetings, we have explored many details of PACP
committee and we had 21 volunteers participate in        that will also serve as a tool to improve the initial
a kickoff meeting. Steve Allbee from the U.S. EPA        training.
joined us and expressed the importance of PACP
and, in particular, how consistent standards should      PACP recertification is one step forward in
be established in defining Criticality and Severity.     maintaining the skills of our users, but we need
                                                         to continue to find ways to improve the program.
We also re-established a PACP-AI (Advanced               We are continuing to create enhanced training
Inspection) subcommittee of the Infrastructure           opportunities using videos and photographs. To
Assessment Committee chaired by Bob Katter. The          support the Water Environment Association (WEF)
purpose of this group is to identify what is needed to   in incorporating PACP into their Operations
incorporate Laser and Sonar into PACP, and how we        Challenge, we have made nine practice quizzes
can best meet the needs of the U.S. Army Corps of        available on our website, and several more for
Engineers and State Departments of Transportation        use in the national event held at WEFTEC in
while maintaining the integrity of PACP. We need to      October. We have distributed several videos to
be sure that PACP-AI is not considered as anything       our Master Trainers that we plan to use to test
different than PACP, and that any changes to PACP        our PACP trainers. I commend Diego Calderon
benefit the program as a whole.                          on an outstanding job in creating these training
                                                         opportunities and establishing a library of training
We are in the process of developing new Inspector        resources. We also continue to field questions and
Training Certification Program (ITCP) courses.           provide ongoing technical support concerning both
Gerry Muenchmeyer has been working with the              PACP and ITCP.
International Pipe Bursting Association to create a
Pipe Bursting ITCP. He has also been working with        I would like to thank the many volunteers who have
Ed Carpenetti and several other professionals to         participated in our efforts to support and improve
create a Manhole Rehabilitation ITCP.                    the PACP and ITCP programs and congratulate them
                                                         on NASSCO’s accomplishments. As a nonprofit
We are also continuing to promote International          organization, the success of NASSCO relies on the
Relations. Our new agreement with WRc has been           expertise and professionalism of its members. I am
executed, and NASSCO’s territory for implementing
                                                         extremely proud to be a part of the accomplishments
PACP has been officially expanded to Central
and South America and the Caribbean. Our Latin
                                                         (continued on next page)
American committee is currently developing a plan

4                                                                                        NASSCO TIMES
(continued from previous page)                        you get out of it what you put into it and that you
                                                      will build relationships with other colleagues in the
and look forward to more challenges and               industry that will last a lifetime.
opportunities in the coming year.
With the increased use of teleconferencing and
webinars, it has become much easier and more
convenient to share knowledge across the miles. If
you are not a part of a committee, I encourage you    Ted DeBoda, P.E.
to let us know and get involved. You will find that   Executive Director

    NASSCO 2011 Annual Meeting

Spring ‘11 Edition                                                                                            5
                                By Gerry Muenchmeyer
Inspector Training &                                                                    Advanced Inspection for
Certification Program for                                                               Drainage Culverts and
CIPP                                                                                    Pipelines
NASSCO is seeking municipalities                                                        A committee has been formed
and engineering companies to host                                                       to work with DOT’s and The
a CIPP Inspector Training Program                                                       Corps of Engineers in the further
in their local area. When 10-15                                                         development of the PACP in
students are registered locally,                                                        applications specific to these
NASSCO will send a qualified                                                            organizations. Subjects such
and experienced trainer to train                                                        as Sonar inspection and Laser
students in a regional area. Contact                                                    Profiling of pipelines will be
NASSCO to learn more about the                                                          reviewed.
Inspector Training & Certification
                                                  Inspector Training &
Program to find out how a local                                                         2012 Pumper Show
                                                  Certification Program for
program can be arranged.                                                                Each year NASSCO organizes a
                                                  This program is in the development    technical training program for the
Training sessions have been                                                             Pumper Show including a day long
                                                  stages and should be ready for peer
completed throughout the US &                                                           series of technical presentation by
                                                  review in Summer of
Canada with over 500 inspectors                                                         NASSCO Members. Papers for
trained to date. Here is what people                                                    presentation are usually selected
are saying:                                       2011. The peer review committee
                                                                                        based on topics that would be of
                                                  will generally consist of IPBA
                                                                                        interest to attendees at the show
“This one of the best training classes            members or any other NASSCO
                                                                                        and allows them to take away
I’ve been to in a long time. Lots of              members who wish to participate
                                                                                        valuable or new information that
practical hands-on knowledge that can be          in the review process. Please email
                                                                                        can be used in the day to day job
immediately used in the field.”                   me at gmuenchmeyer@suddenlink.
                                                                                        activities. The NASSCO technical
-Paul Mochel, PE, CCM; Valley                     net if you wish to participate in
                                                                                        day programs will be presented
Construction Management                           this program both in the review and
                                                                                        on March 2, 2011 and can be
                                                  subsequent training.
                                                                                        viewed at
“Initially I was skeptical of the value of the                                          The 2012 Pumper Show will be
ITCP for contractors. However, I found the        Inspector Training &                  held in Indianapolis, IN. If you
course to be full of practical explanations       Certification Program for             are interested in participating
and solutions to real world CIPP lining           Manholes                              in 2012 by presenting a paper,
issues. It is an exceptional teaching tool that   This program is also in the           please contact me directly at www.
will ultimately improve the quality of lining     development stages and should
installations throughout our country.”            be ready for peer review by the
-John Nelson; Visu-Sewer                          end of 2011. The peer review          (continued on next page)
                                                  committee will generally consist
NASSCO is again offering the                      of NASSCO members who wish to
Inspector Training & Certification                participate in the manhole program
Program for Cured-                                review process. Please email me
in-Place Pipe in 2011. Please check               at gmuenchmeyer@suddenlink.
the NASSCO website for                            net if you wish to participate in
 class schedule announcements.                    this program both in the review and
                                                  subsequent training.

6                                                                                                   NASSCO TIMES
(continued from previous page)       technologies or new technologies     Performance Specifications
                                     and equipment. The agenda            The CIPP performance
2012 NASSCO Annual Meeting           topics for the 2012 NASSCO           Specification Guidelines Version
Each year at the annual meeting      Annual Meeting Technical Day         2 should soon be available on the
of NASSCO we reserve Fridays         is being reviewed. Anyone            web site. Other Specs available
for technical discussions and        interested in participating, by      on the members only section
presentations that are of interest   presenting a paper, should contact   of include: Smoke
to our members and focus on          me directly at gmuenchmeyer@         Testing, Pipe Bursting, Folded
potential business opportunities.                      Pipe and Renovation of Manhole
Topics that are considered include                                        Structures.
advances in existing

                 From the Committees
CIPP Committee                         c. NASSCO members are              generate as much as $640 billion
Lynn Osborn, Chair Person              encouraged to join ACMA.           in private investment over 10
                                       (Some members have joined.)        years for large-scale projects.
A CIPP Committee meeting was           d. A token monetary
held at the Annual Meeting with        contribution may be made to        Utilities are still being held to
20 persons attending. Some of the      ACMA as a way of showing           their states regulations on illegal
items discussed include:               thanks for the work they have      sewer discharges and The EPA is
                                       done to date.                      not letting up on issuing consent
  1. A performance specification       e. Recommend that NASSCO           orders to all size systems.
  for storm sewers. A CIPP Sub-        as an organization join ACMA.
  committee will work with             (Done.)                            Pressure Pipe Committee
  industry contacts as needed.                                            Cliff Jones, Chair Person
  2. ASTM F 1216 revisions. A        Government Relations
  ballot on the proposed changes     Stuart Tillery, Chair Person         At the General Meeting in Puerto
  was published by ASTM.                                                  Rico the committee met and
  3. The pending Health &            Due to the 2011 and 2012 budget      reviewed the progress of the two
  Human Services action on           negotiations going to the wire,      sub-committees.
  styrene.                           don’t look for a windfall of cash       1. The group looking at
                                     in the industry over the next few       technologies, led by Kelly
Most of the meeting was centered     years. It doesn’t mean that we          Derr, reviewed the information
on the styrene issue. The            do not have members of congress         they have on 40 different
following actions are ongoing:       looking out for infrastructure          technologies, There was some
                                     funding.                                discussion on what we were
  a. An educational article will                                             trying to achieve with the table
  be published in Underground        A bill proposing a $10 billion          and conclusion was that we
  magazine. CIPP Committee           infrastructure bank was filed last      wanted it to be a guide for a
  members have prepared              week. It was sponsored by Sens.         utility based on pipe material.
  material for Robert Carpenter      John Kerry (D-MA), Kay Bailey
  so that he can put an article      Hutchison (R-TX) and Mark              The table should help a
  together.                          Warner (D-VA). The bill would          decision process whereby the
  b. Various members are             provide low-interest loans and         user starts with pipeline
  sending letters to their           loan guarantees to energy, water
  congressman. A form letter was     and transportation projects and,       (continued next page)
  distributed.                       according to its sponsors, would

Spring ‘11 Edition                                                                                         7
More News from the Committees
(continued from previous page)                            NASSCO for more details.

material and diameter, plus the desired cost range for    Many suggestions for changes to PACP were
the inspection service (a relative cost including         discussed. Those include;
preparation costs), then the table should tell the           -Adding GPS coordinate fields for downstream
user what technologies would be applicable and               manholes
what information would be provided, as well as               -More custom fields
how intrusive the inspection would be. The sub-              -Improved coding of joint defects
committee has been tasked with building such a               -Coding to indicate the finish manhole could not
decision tree and will call a meeting when they have         be located
a deliverable to discuss.
                                                          The idea of developing standards for Laser
Once we have the decision tree table we can then          Profiling and Sonar data was discussed and a sub-
go on to a grading system indicating the suggested        committee was created to study the requirements for
action based on results (repair, replace etc).            standardization of that data.
   2. The group looking for feedback from the
   industry. Led by John Schroeder, the group             The Software Vendor Committee has several issues
   reviewed the survey document produced by his           that need to be addressed, with the Infrastructure
   sub-committee. It was decided that John/ Cliff         Committee, including if NASSCO will end support
   need to meet with Sheila Joy (marketing) to:           of older versions of PACP data and not test older
      a. See the preliminary results from the survey to   version data during the software certification process.
      see how meaningful the data was                     Also discussed was the adding PACP Scoring to the
      b. Discuss how the survey can be forwarded/         software certification process.
      sent to utility contacts
      c. Understand how we can collate suitable
      contact information                                 Lateral Committee
      d. Decide how the next email survey should go       By Larry Kiest, Jr., Chair Person
      Once we have meaningful data a new sub-             NASSCO’s Lateral Committee continues to redefine
      committee meeting will be held to discuss the       an initial white paper that will cover a lateral
      results.                                            technology overview for the purpose of educating the
   3. While it was hoped that the next meeting could      industry, owner, specifying engineers, contractors and
   be in April, I am hoping to call a conference call     the general public.
   meeting during May to review progress with both
   sub-committees.                                        The committee is making great strides and gives
                                                          many thanks to Robert Carpenter and his team
Infrastructure Committee                                  at Underground Construction magazine for their
By Rod Thornhill, Chair Person                            support in publishing a series of articles that discuss
                                                          the NASCCO Lateral Committee’s agenda and
The Infrastructure Committee met at the Annual            the information contained within the initial lateral
Meeting in Puerto Rico and the meeting was well           overview document.
attended. Moderators were Joan Stone and Ted
                                                          Rehabzone Committee
New requirements for Trainer recertification were         By Dorcas Hermes, Chair Person
presented. All existing trainers certification expires
at the end of 18 months and they must submit an           The RehabZone 2012 Committee met at the No-Dig
application to be re-certified. They will also need to    Conference and plans for RehabZone Live 2012 are
pass the PACP test prior to attending a Trainer Re-       well on their way!
Certification class.
                                                          I would like to welcome and thank new members
NASSCO is planning to implement a PACP Re-                who have offered to serve on the committee: Joe
certification requirement. In order to maintain           Shotthoeffer, Bill Oberti, Daniel Magill and Brian
certification PACP Users will be required to attend       Burch. We are pleased to have their participation and
the Re-Certification class and successfully past the      feel they will benefit the RehabZone 2012 greatly!
PACP Test every 3 years. The PACP Re-Certification
is expected to be implemented in June. Contact            (continued next page)
8                                                                                          NASSCO TIMES
(continued from previous page)                         cleaning the important first step in rehabilitation
                                                       with comprehensive information on equipment and
Here are a few of the plans in the works for           tools, step-by-step instruction, and safety tips for
RehabZone 2012!                                        successfully cleaned pipes. Once produced, edited
                                                       and ready for distribution (anticipated completion
 • RehabZone Live Website and Facebook Page            date is September, 2011), the Membership and
 – Yes, we are going live! Watch for the unveiling     Marketing Committee will actively work to promote
 of the RehabZone website and Facebook page,           the video and share this information with as many
 COMING SOON!                                          outlets as possible.
 • Personally Guided Tours
 – Do you have a group that would benefit from a       The Committee is also coming together to audit
 personal tour of the RehabZone? Contact Dorcas        and re-vamp the NASSCO website. The site was
 Hermes or Guy Leslie for more information!            designed in 2007, and so much has changed within
 • Sub-Committees – With the growth and additions      the industry and the world of technology within these
 the RehabZone has experienced, Marketing and          brief four years that we need to make sure we stay
 Demo/Skills Challenge Sub-committees were             up-to-date on current information, and to ensure that
 formed so that we may bring a better RehabZone        visitors to our site find what they need quickly and
 experience to all attendees.                          easily without frustration. Our goal, after all, is to
 • Skills Challenge – How are YOUR field skills?       attract and retain visitors to our website to ensure
 You may get a chance to prove them at the Skills      they receive all the information they need to meet
 Challenge!                                            standards and promote the trenchless industry in a
 • LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS!                                positive light. I have asked the Committee for their
                                                       input on ways to modify to achieve these
Please contact one of the following if you want to     goals, and the response has been overwhelming. We
find out more, or get involved:                        are currently evaluating their suggestions and the
                                                       updated site will be re-released in the summer of
Dorcas Hermes, Chair                                   2011.
719.686.5988                                   There are many other tactical activities within the
                                                       Membership and Marketing Committee that are
Guy Leslie, Co-Chair                                   defined by our current marketing plan, all designed
(574) 224-5430                                         to achieve the objectives of recruitment, training and                                      retention. These tactics include site optimization,
                                                       social media plans, targeted email campaigns,
Heather Myers, NASSCO                                  membership referral programs, ongoing public
(410) 486-3500                                         relations efforts, working with industry relations on                                     local outreach, partnering with other associations,
                                                       and a variety of grassroots initiatives to round out our
Membership & Marketing
By Sheila Joy, Chair Person                            The best part about working with this proactive
                                                       Committee is that the diversity of backgrounds,
There is so much going on within NASSCO that           opinions, and perspectives work together to ensure
the Membership and Marketing Committee can             that we consider every angle and appeal to every
barely keep up! But that’s not a bad thing because     group in every marketing initiative we undertake.
the energy, excitement and desire of the individual    If you would like to be a part of this important
Committee members to help promote the benefits         Committee, please contact
of NASSCO membership far outweigh the work at
                                                       Software Vendor Committee
This year we are undertaking many aggressive           By Joan Stone, Chair Person
projects, all designed to help achieve our marketing
objectives: Recruit, provide value through training    As a Data Collection system, one of the basic LACP/
and other educational tools, and retain our members.   MACP/PACP tenets is if you allow LACP/MACP/
                                                       PACP data to be edited you have to follow NASSCO
One of the most important projects of 2011 is the      requirements for condition coding and entry as well
development of a professional video designed to help   as other requirements stated in the software vendor
NASSCO set standards for safe and effective pipe
cleaning. The industry has come together like never    (continued next page)
before to ensure that the video accurately describes

Spring ‘11Edition                                                                                            9
More News from the Committees
                                                          have to import the data from a PACP database(from
(continued from previous page)                            another software vendor or not), they just want it in
                                                          the format they have asked.
license agreement including the ability to import and
export data. This had first been addressed in January     Alan Grant
2009 with another product that had been selling an        NASSCO owns the rights to the PACP data
“optional” import for PACP. Alan Grant had brought        dictionary and needs to restrict the use of the PACP
forward information at the Software Vendor meeting        data to comply with the legal document called the
in Louisville that a software product that was sold       Software Vendor License Agreement . If engineers
had an engineering module that could edit PACP            require the data to be delivered in a specific format,
data but did not import from the transfer file. This      that is just fine, but they should not be allowed to
was confirmed at the meeting by a representative of       use the PACP data set that is owned by NASSCO.
the company. Informal discussions were had with           If these engineers use PACP data then they need
software vendors at the Cleaner Show and on March         to comply with the PACP guidelines and allow the
8 a formal request was made to NASSCO by the              users to deliver the data in the PACP data exchange
software vendor chair to address this issue because       format as required by the License Agreement.
the committee felt it was a breach of contract.           NASSCO needs to enforce this, If they do not, I
                                                          believe that the idea of the standard that some of us
Alan Grant also brought a city spec (Diamondhead)         have worked for is for naught.
to the committee’s attention because it specified
that PACP standard was to be used and provided            Christopher Haviland
in a Pipetech database. This brought up a different       We agree with the position as stated by Jeremy
discussion point to the committee: Should or could        Wagner of PipeLogix. If we understand it correctly,
NASSCO do anything to prevent a city from issuing         Alan Grant’s position implies that NASSCO should
a specification that requires a specific software         require every municipality that wants PACP data
product is used to provide the deliverable. The           to accept exchange databases from any certified
opinions varied but the consensus from most of the        software vendor. In addition to being unenforceable,
vendors was that it was the cities right to issue specs   we don’t see how preventing system owners from
for the product they preferred. But to make sure          choosing a software vendor would be beneficial to
that each city is aware that there is a requirement by    the industry.
NASSCO that all certified software can import from
the transfer file, Alan Grant was asked to draft a        The idea behind the Exchange Database was to allow
generic educational letter to municipalities explaining   inspection data to be freely exchanged, not to require
this and submit it to NASSCO for review.                  all inspection software vendors to be substitutional
                                                          equivalents. Municipalities may have compelling
 Here are some of the relevant points presented by the    reasons for preferring a specific vendor that have
software vendors during the discussion. Please note       nothing to do with PACP. Municipalities specify
that these are excerpts from their statements and not     deliverables, including inspection data collected
their whole statement.                                    using PACP practices and stored in a vendor-specific
                                                          file format.
Remington Konarski
Regardless of what the issue is Diamondhead needs         Saul Iglesias
to be contacted by a 3rd party that has no material       Regarding the issue with municipalities specifying a
interest in the contract, NASSCO preferably in this       particular software brand CUES understands that the
case, to determine why Diamondhead has requested          municipality has a right to specify the deliverables
PipeTech software specifically to be used while still     in any format they want, and NASSCO would find
indicating that PACP is a requirement.                    it difficult to force them to use the PACP file format.
                                                          A municipality might have a significant investment
Jeremy Wagner                                             in their current software and also the PACP file
The specification states that the PACP codes are to       might not cover certain features (for example pipe
be used and that they also want the data submitted in     inclination measurement, sonar, Sidewall Scanning,
a specific software(PipeTech). This is their choice,      etc.) We should continue to improve the PACP
they wrote the specification, they are the ones paying    standard and educate the users and we’ll have more
for it, your client should have been aware of it when
they read the specification. The client may already       (continued next page)
have the software in place and may not want to

10                                                                                         NASSCO TIMES
(continued from previous page)                              their software can import from all of the PACP
                                                            versions and export to the current PACP version each
participation from the municipalities, but we can’t         year. It is possible that if you export to the current
expect 100% compliance.                                     PACP version but your client has not updated their
                                                            software to the latest version from their vendor, they
Bob Katter                                                  will not be able to import your PACP export. The
I feel one of the largest problems we have with             specs issued by the customer need to state which
municipalities is trust in the transfer database and        PACP version to use. If they say use the latest PACP
mechanisms. If a campaign or presentation that              version, then it is up to the customer to update their
shows the compatibility of each certified vendor            software to import the latest version listed on the
transferring data to and from one another were made         NASSCO website.
perhaps cities and municipalities would be more
comfortable with importing and specifying importing         All problems found with imports should be submitted
PACP 4.x/6.x transfer databases rather than PACP            to NASSCO to resolve. They are the authority
data in a specific vendors database format.                 behind PACP/LACP/MACP. You can also submit
                                                            problems or concerns to the Infrastructure Committee
Joan Stone                                                  who is committed to making the program better.
Each software vendor certifies with NASSCO that

                        From the Divisions
Infiltration Grouting Control Association (ICGA)              on repeatable and consistent data from grout
By Marc Anctil                                                manufacturers & suppliers would have to be
                                                              performed. Dick will investigate and come back to
Members of Nassco and ICGA met at the annual                  the group.
meeting. Dick Schantz from Aries stepped down from
the presidency. The ICGA officers for 2011-2012 are         If any of you have documented case studies on
Marc A Anctil for Logiball Inc, as President, Michael       Infiltration reduction data with the use of Chemical
Poplawski from NEPPCO as Secretary and John                 Grouting please contact Marc A Anctil at marc@
Nelson from Visu Sewer Inc. as treasurer.         
The ICGA meeting was composed of the following
elements:                                                   International Pipe Bursting Association
   1. Performance Specification for Chemical Grouting:      (IPBA)
   The members present agree that it is practically         By Matt Timberlake
   impossible to come up with a performance
   specification on chemical grouting as it would make      During the 2011 No-Dig show the IPBA met to
   it necessary to dig up existing repairs to get samples   continue moving forward the 5 year strategic plan that
   of the grout. John Nelson, Dick Schantz and Marc         was developed in 2010. Currently the specifications
   Anctil will meet in Milwaukee to work on the             committee is working hard to release a current set of
   specification originally provided by Malcom Pirnie       guideline specifications that will be posted to the IPBA
   and bring it back to the group for review.               page of A series of technical articles are
   2. Website Traffic information (      currently being developed and will address the 10 most
   Marc Anctil presented the numbers of the traffic         common misconceptions or myths associated with pipe
   from sewergrouting .com. Over 7000 pages seen            bursting, a technology that has been widely used in
   with 6000 visits in the last year. People are visiting   Europe for over 40 years and has matured in a practical,
   mostly the process page, specifications page and         safe, and affordable method to replace existing utility
   service page. It is agreed to get the specification      mains while reducing excavation and emissions by
   section done rapidly.                                    as much as 95%. Look for those articles in upcoming
   3. Webinar possibility: The powerpoint presentation      issues of Underground Construction Magazine. We are
   will be updated and would be used as a possible          actively looking for IPBA members to present practical
   webinar. Marc will explore options for the webinar       case studies that can be published on pipe bursting
   and get back to the group.                               projects throughout North America, through a continued
   4. White paper on chemical grouting for infiltration     effort to promote the technology and educate municipal
   control: Marc presented the possibility of moving        utility owners and engineers we can help increase the
   forward a white paper case study on chemical             acceptance of pipe bursting. Keep an eye out for new
   grouting to stop infiltration. Dick Schantz will serve   events and news at the IPBA page of
   as liason contact with the writer.
   5. Dick Schantz proposed a way to verify the solids      Involved in Pipebursting? Join the IPBA today by
   grout contents in the grout tanks. Investigations        going to!

Spring ‘11 Edition                                                                                                 11
                  2011 Calendar of Events
                                                  Go to to view our online calendar!

MAY 2011                                                                                                    OCTOBER 2011
ITCP-CIPP Class: May 23-24, 2011                      PACP Class: June 27-29, 2011                          WEFTEC 2011
Orlando, FL                                           Boston, MA                                            Los Angeles, CA
8:00 am - 5:00 pm daily                               Includes Manholes and Laterals!                       October 15-19, 2011
Trainer: Gerry Muenchmeyer                            Contact: David Reaves                       
Contact NASSCO 410-486-3500 or                        757-874-5670 or
email                                                                                       PACP Class: October 15-16, 2011
                                                                                                            Los Angeles, CA
PACP Class: May 24-26, 2011                           JULY 2011                                             In conjunction with WEFTEC!
Owings Mills, MD- Includes Manholes & Laterals!       PACP Class: July 18-20, 2011                          PACP Only
Contact Dawn Jaworski                                 Owings Mills, MD                                      Contact Dawn Jaworski
410-486-3500 or                       Includes Manholes and Laterals!                       410-486-3500
                                                      Contact Dawn Jaworski                                 *Preference will be given to Operations Challenge
                                                      410-486-3500 or                       Participants.
JUNE 2011
PACP Class: June 2011- Date TBD                                                                             PACP Class: October 26-28, 2011
Waukesha, WI                                          AUGUST 2011                                           Owings Mills, MD
Includes Manholes and Laterals!                       PACP Class: August 15-17, 2011                        Includes Manholes and Laterals!
Trainer: Brandon Conley                               Owings Mills, MD                                      Contact Dawn Jaworski
Contact Kay Doheny                                    Includes Manholes and Laterals!                       410-486-3500 or
248-939-3220 or          Contact Dawn Jaworski                                410-486-3500 or
                                                                                                            NOVEMBER 2011
PACP Class: June 14-15, 2011                          PACP Class: August 29-30, 2011                        PACP Class: September 12–14, 2011
Conyers, GA                                           Ocean City, MD                                        Rochester, IN
PACP Only                                             PACP Only                                             Includes Manholes and Laterals!
Contact John Jones                                    In conjunction with the Tri-Association Conference!   Trainer: Brandon Conley
404-431-5584 or                Trainer: Irv Gemora                                   Contact Kay Doheny
                                                      Contact Dawn Jaworski                                 248-939-3220 or
PACP Class: June 14-17, 2011                          410-486-3500 or
Yuma, AZ                                                                                                    PACP Class: November 14-16, 2011
Includes Manholes and Laterals!                       TriCon 2011                                           Owings Mills, MD
Contact Marilyn Shepard                               August 30-September 2, 2011                           Includes Manholes and Laterals!
916-899-8961 or                 Ocean City , MD                                       Contact Dawn Jaworski
                                                                                    410-486-3500 or
PACP Class: June 20-22, 2011
Owings Mills, MD
Includes Manholes and Laterals!                       SEPTEMBER 2011
Contact Dawn Jaworski                                 PACP Class: September 19-21, 2011
410-486-3500 or                       Owings Mills, MD
                                                      Includes Manholes and Laterals!
                                                      Contact Dawn Jaworski
                                                      410-486-3500 or

12                                                                                                                           NASSCO TIMES
Spring ‘11 Edition   13
     What is the Practical Accuracy
       of Crack Measurement in
             Concrete Pipes?
By Doug Holdener                        whether or not a pipe inspector         future of final inspection and crack
Rinker Materials Concrete Pipe          can practically achieve this            measurement as a useful tool in
Division - CEMEX                        level of precision, repeatedly,         approximating crack widths for
                                        in the placement of crack width         the purpose of assessing pipe
The next time you receive change        measurement laser diodes and            conditions. For this reason, the
from buying a cup of coffee, hold       micrometers precisely – and             pipe inspection and construction
up a dime and study its thickness.      squarely - on each edge of a 0.01       engineering community must fully
Then, imagine dividing the              inch wide crack (or smaller). While     understand the practical accuracy of
thickness of the dime into fifths.      storm pipe inspectors in Florida and    using precision crack measurement
One fifth of the thickness of a U.S.    elsewhere may strive for this level     technology.
dime is the approximate width of a      of precision, the practical limits of
0.01 inch crack. (According to the      crack measurement accuracy are not      There are four primary inspection
                                                                                systems used by over two dozen
United States Mint, a dime is 1.35      widely understood.                      storm pipe inspection contractors in
mm thick). When cracks occur in                                                 Florida.
new reinforced concrete pipe (RCP)      In the course of post-installation
installations, they are typically       video inspection reviews, we            (continued on page 16)
equal to or less than 0.01 inch wide.   have observed a
                                        use of precision
In May 2006, the Florida                measurement
Department of Transportation            technology without
(FDOT) began requiring the              full appreciation
measurement of cracks, joint            of its limitations,
gaps, and defects in all pipe types     which results in
(RCP, PVC, HDPE, and metal)             inaccurate crack
for 48-inch diameter and smaller        measurements. In
pipe. Many municipalities have          general, the pipe
since followed suit as well as other    utility contractors
DOTs across the county. FDOT            have come to
also requires the measurement           accept and support
of pipe shape deformation using         final inspection.
laser profiling technology. While       However, the
laser profiling is currently required   inconsistency of
for all pipe in Florida, there is       accurate crack
generally widespread support in         measurements
the construction and inspection         threatens pipe
community that deformation              utility contractors’
measurements are not needed in          and prime / paving
RCP, a rigid pipe that does not         contractors’
appreciably deflect.                    confidence in
                                        the process and
Again, imagine one fifth of a U.S.      subsequently
dime’s thickness, and consider          threatens the

14                                                                                           NASSCO TIMES
Spring ‘11 Edition   15
(continued from previous page)       manual exercise to position the          contractors, are impacted
                                     camera truly perpendicular with          financially by these decisions.
Since 2006, we have reviewed         respect to the crack.
scores of pipe inspection videos                                              Ideally, the pipe inspection
and reports, including thousands     There seems to be an information         industry will address the issue
of crack measurements and joint      gap between the inspection               of practical accuracy of crack
gap measurements, representing       equipment manufacturers and              measurements through education
each inspection system.              the inspection contractors.              and/or training. Perhaps what
Anecdotally, 75% of all crack        For instance, a pipe inspector           is needed is a disclaimer about
width measurements reviewed          commented that the technology            accuracy in the report or to state
are not accurately reported,         is so accurate that it can measure       an accuracy range rather than an
regardless of the type or brand of   1/32 inch on an extended tape            absolute value to advise engineers
equipment. Some crack widths         measure. This seems very                 on the level of confidence.
are under-estimated, but most are    accurate, right? Not exactly. In         Another consideration may be a
over-estimated. Some inspection      this case, the operator knew the         blind test demonstration in order
contractors report more realistic    measurement in advance. In               to better assess the practical
data than others, and the National   an actual field inspection, that         accuracy and repeatability of
Association of Sewer Service         inspector won’t have the benefit         individuals performing crack
Companies (NASSCO) Pipeline          of knowing the crack width               measurements. By addressing
Assessment and Certification         ahead of time nor the clean,             the practical accuracy of crack
Program (PACP) certification         straight-edged gradation of the          measurement, NASSCO and
has no bearing on whether an         tape measure. Further, 1/32 inch,        the pipe inspection community
inspector reports crack width        or 0.03 inch, is at least three          will insure the credibility of the
measurements accurately using        times larger than most cracks            profession.
these devices.                       in an in-service concrete storm
                                     pipe. Inspectors are expected
Most equipment manufacturers’        to report on the width of cracks
specifications and accuracy test     that are typically
reports are readily available.
Across the board, it seems
that the market available crack
                                     one fifth of the
                                     thickness of a
                                     dime or less, but
                                                          The Right Tool
measurement equipment and            our experience
conventional camera systems, are     suggests that this
accurate to as low as 0.03 inch      is not practical at
in a controlled environment (lab)    present.
based on manufacturer literature.
It is noteworthy that manufacturer   Consequently,
accuracy demonstrations may be       licensed
based on use of digital camera       professional
equipment and flat concrete slabs.   engineers
The level of accuracy may vary       who rely on
when using more typical analog       accurate crack
camera systems and measuring         measurement
inside the curved surface of a       reports are
pipe.                                often misled
                                     into mandating
Overall crack measurement            costly repairs for
accuracy depends on (a)              exaggerated crack
technology (analog/digital)          widths which
accuracy and (b) operator skill      may otherwise
and capability. For instance,        not have been
laser diodes must be precisely       required.
perpendicular (90 degrees)           Pipe utility
or else accuracy is greatly          contractors,
compromised. Despite some
camera’s capabilities of 90-degree
                                     whom are the
                                     clients of the       For Every Problem!
automatic rotation, it is still a    inspection             AP/M PERMAFORM® • 800.662.6465 •

16                                                                                          NASSCO TIMES
                                                      Duke’s Full-Service Root Control Program
                                                      ■   Duke’s Root Control is a cost-saving, infrastructure-preserving program for every
                                                          municipality, and a crucial part of CMOM compliance.
                                                      ■   With our 30 years experience, we’ve treated 80 million feet of sewer line—
                                                          more than anyone else in the industry.
                                                      ■   Duke’s applications kill roots on contact and inhibit root re-growth for 3-5 years.
                                                      ■   Guaranteed. If you have a stoppage due to roots in a line treated by us within two years
                                                          of treatment, we will return and retreat that line free of charge.
                For more information:                 ■   Save money by eliminating routine root cutting and preventing pipe replacement with
   1-800-44-ROOTS (1-800-447-6687)          Duke’s effective preventive-maintenance program.

            Break into new
         opportunities without
         breaking down walls.

  now you can use our lateral relining system in a whole new way.

  Thanks to the compact and portable maxlinerGun® you can repair interior
  drain pipes behind walls and beneath floors without disturbing tenants or
  residents. maxliner allows you to reach and reline even the toughest
  vertical pipes and downspouts, while providing you with added cash flow.
  Call 276.656.1225 or visit us at

   The only ICC-eS Code ComplIanT CIpp SySTem

Spring ‘11 Edition                                                                                                                                   17
                                 Industry News
CDM and Wilbur Smith Associates Combine
CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts—CDM and Wilbur Smith Associates (WSA) are pleased to announce the
acquisition of WSA by CDM. The combined organization expands both firms’ global, full-service capabilities in
water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities.

The integration of CDM and WSA brings together one of the engineering and construction industry’s top water
and environment firms with an industry leader in transportation. The addition of WSA’s leading expertise in
transportation enhances CDM’s service portfolio and extends the firm’s presence in Asia and the Middle East.
Similarly, CDM enhances WSA’s capabilities in water, environment and design-build services. The two firms
have compatible cultures and values, complementary capabilities, strong commitments to exceptional client
service and technical excellence, and well-matched geographies.

According to Richard D. Fox, CDM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, “Both firms share a common
dedication to putting our clients first and a mission to create innovative, lasting solutions that enhance quality
of life, protect the environment and support economic vitality. This provides a solid foundation for coming
together. In addition, we have a steadfast commitment to employee ownership, giving us the freedom to
maintain that dedication to our clients and provide superior opportunities for our employees.”

“Uniting with CDM promises continued growth for our firms and our employees. CDM values WSA’s
leadership in transportation. We will also be looking to WSA’s transportation specialists to advance the
expansion of CDM’s transportation services worldwide,” noted M. Stevenson Smith, WSA’s Chairman and
CEO. “Together, we create a stronger entity for the future, especially in a time of ongoing consolidation in the

With the transaction completed, the firms have begun the important transition process to integrate the two

CDM is a consulting, engineering, construction and operations firm delivering exceptional service to public and
private clients worldwide.

 Wilbur Smith Associates is a professional services consulting firm that specializes in transportation,
infrastructure and community development planning, engineering and economics.

Visit our websites at and

Nick Kroll joins Aries Industries, Inc. as President/CEO
                  Aries Industries has added Nick Kroll as President/CEO in the interest of leading the
                  organization toward continued growth domestically and globally. As an industry leader,
                  Aries Industries continues the development of its strategic plans looking to leverage its
                  current position in pipeline inspection and rehabilitation. Customer care and being the
                  preferred supplier to industry are priorities for the organization.

                     Nick joins Aries Industries with a rich background in business development, strategic
                     planning, acquisitions, organizational development and customer service focused primarily
                     on the industrial marketplace. He has a BA in Economics from St. Norbert College and an
                     MBA from Marquette University.

Aries Industries is the leader in specialized camera systems used for pipeline inspection and rehabilitation
around the world. Aries Industries has offices and manufacturing facilities in Waukesha, Wisconsin; Fresno,
California; Pompano Beach, Florida; and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, with Distributors worldwide.

18                                                                                            NASSCO TIMES
 Get the Power of One. Composites One.
 Just one call to Composites One puts you
 in touch with all the raw materials needed
 for your CIPP and trenchless applications.

 As the nation’s largest provider of reinforced
 plastics, we put the products you need plus
 local customer service at your fingertips.
 That means catalysts, resins and other
 products for CIPP can be delivered when
                                                                   The Aries LETS (Lateral Evaluation Television
 you need it. So you can keep projects on                          System) sets the standard for productive, reliable
                                                                   and versatile mainline and lateral inspections.
 schedule, and your company on top.
                                                                   Feature-rich and customizable to serve your
 Get the power of one. Composites One.                             uniquely specific needs, the LETS is engineered
                                                                   to inspect a mainline up to a 36 inch diameter
                                                                   and lateral of more than 150 feet … and that’s
                                                                   just the start. Add the self-cleaning PE3600
                                                                   Pan/Tilt camera and you have the most complete
                                                                   system available today for navigating and
                                                                   inspecting the toughest lateral line conditions.

                                                                   Relentlessly pursuing innovation. Relentlessly
                                                                   ensuring reliable performance. Relentlessly
                                                                   dedicated to serving you with quality customer
                                                                   service. The Aries LETS. Relentlessly working
                                                                   with unmatched efficiency until the job is done.
                                                                   For more information, contact your Aries dealer
                                                                   or sales representative today.


                                                                   Proudly Manufactured in the U.S.A.

        Find all the CIPP products you need at        |   (800) 234-7205

Spring ‘11 Edition                                                                                                    19
                                   Industry News

Certification supports regular quality improvement efforts
LEAGUE CITY, Tex. – Veolia ES Industrial Services, the industrial maintenance and cleaning division of Veolia
Environmental Services North America, is pleased to announce that Special Services, Inc., with corporate offices
and fabrication group based in Neenah, Wisc., has achieved conformance to the ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality
management systems. ISO 9001:2008 conformance was verified by IMSM (member ASQ) via an audit conducted by
one of IMSM’s QAS International auditors.

In Veolia ES Special Services case, an ISO 9001 certification means it has demonstrated a logical and documented
management system for the provision of marine, emergency response, abatement, fabrication and high hazard
services to a range of inland and offshore industries globally. The certification tells Veolia ES Special Services
customers that it has processes in place to control its documents and records, undertake internal quality audits and
ensure all products or services conform to specified standards.

“Achieving ISO certification was a goal Special Services set as part of our focus to ensure the highest quality
products and services throughout the organization. To achieve certification is an honor and a testament to those
efforts,” said Chris Hohol, senior vice president, Special Services.

Standards for quality management systems were developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO) in
Geneva. ISO has developed over 18,500 International Standards on a variety of subjects and some 1,100 new ISO
standards are published every year. The 9000 and 14,000 series are among the most frequently cited and utilized as a
stamp of quality. The 9001 standard was first published in 1987.

Visit the company’s Web sites at and

HOBAS Pipe USA Earns ISO 14001 Certification
Houston, TX - - HOBAS Pipe USA is pleased to announce that it has obtained ISO 14001 certification, the
international standard for environmental management.

The certification was granted following in-depth audits by TUV SUD Management Service GmbH and is in
addition to the ISO 9001 certification which HOBAS Pipe USA has in-place.
The certificates verify the establishment and application of a Quality (9001) and
Environmental (14001) Management Systems for development, production, sales
and customer service of Centrifugally Cast Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Mortar
(CCFRPM) Pipes.

Award of the ISO 14001 certification reaffirms HOBAS’s commitment to the
environment. “This internationally recognized management standard is the gold
standard in environmental performance,” stated Kimberly Paggioli, P.E., Vice
President, Marketing and Quality Control for HOBAS Pipe USA. “The system
provides an effective framework for establishing and continually improving
management system processes. We are an environmentally responsible company
and this certification will serve as a tool to continually improve our environmental

HOBAS Pipe USA manufacturers large diameter CCFRPM pipes in sizes from 18
inches to 110 inches in pressure and non-pressure classes. For more information,
please contact Hobas at 800-856-7473, 281-821-2200 or e-mail at Facts are also available at

20                                                                                             NASSCO TIMES
 The New Infrastructure: Augusta, Ga.,
   Sewer Main Replaced with Hobas Pipe
By James A Willson II, P.E., CSI, CCS, Vice President, Augusta Office Regional Manager, Stevenson & Palmer
Engineering, Inc.
And Kimberly Paggioli, P.E., V.P. Marketing and Quality Control, Hobas Pipe USA
Augusta, Ga., is about 150 miles east of Atlanta. Established in 1736, ” The Garden City of the South,” has
many local historic attractions that attract visitors from afar and is a hub for military, manufacturing, and
medicine and home of several noted educational institutions. Augusta was named by Relocate-America™ as
one of the “Top 100 Places to Live” in 2009. But none of that kept its aging sewer system from deteriorating.
Federal dollars allocated through the Georgia State Revolving Fund have been awarded to the City of Augusta
to complete reconstruction of a portion of their sewer system with Hobas pipe. The project’s old concrete pipe
was installed in the early 1960s. In 2000, the city engaged Stevenson & Palmer Engineering, Inc.’s Augusta
office to perform a condition assessment of the troubled line. Engineers found that hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and
sulfuric acid (H2SO4) had attacked the crown of the pipe, weakening the structure.
This is a typical occurrence in concrete pipe where you have considerable hydrogen sulfide formation.
Numerous conditions lead to this. The time that sewage remains in the line from the source to the treatment
plant and biological reactions that occur through oxygen depletion are primary contributors. Thiobacillus
bacteria metabolize the hydrogen sulfides, which produce sulfuric acid as a byproduct. The sulfuric acid reacts
with moisture along the exposed pipe sidewalls and attacks the concrete pipe surfaces. Repeated sulfuric acid
attack can deteriorate the concrete pipe leading to exposed rebar and structural concerns.
Stevenson & Palmer was subsequently engaged to design the new gravity sewer for the line with this chemistry
in mind. The recommendation was made to replace almost six miles of the city’s (continued on next page)

Spring ‘11 Edition                                                                                              21
(continued from previous page)       additional installation costs           local traffic by several weeks.
                                     associated with HDPE pipe: the
sewer system and abandon in-         additional man-hours of field           Southland Contracting, Fort
place the existing concrete sewer.   welding, backfilling operations,        Worth, Texas, was subcontracted
The city did not have the funds to   and lack of contractor experience       to perform the directional bores:
replace this entire length at one    installing HDPE pipe, make the          a 280-foot bore took the 72-inch
time, so the project was divided     installed cost more expensive.          diameter line under Gordon
into two phases.                     Stevenson & Palmer engineers            Highway (US 1); a 72-inch
                                     were comfortable using the              casing was bored 160 feet for
Choosing the Pipe                    Hobas product as the base bid           63-inch diameter pipe under the
A number of factors led to           and recommending CCFRPM                 Norfolk Southern railroad tracks,
Stevenson & Palmer specifying        pipe to the City of Augusta. The        and a 116-foot bore for 48-inch
Hobas centrifugally cast             company’s proven track record           diameter pipe ran under Doug
fiberglass reinforced polymer        was an important aspect in this         Barnard Parkway, (GA SR Spur
mortar (CCFRPM) pipe for the         decision.                               56).
replacement line. CCFRPM Pipe
is highly resistant to the H2S and   Phase I                                 Phase 2
H2SO4 combination that caused        The City of Augusta bid Phase I         Augusta’s plans for Phase 2, the
the corrosive damage to the          in late 2006, with Oscar Renda          completion of the replacement
concrete pipe. The pipe’s lighter    Contracting (ORC) of Roanoke,           project, is currently under
weight compared to concrete and      Texas, winning this $16 million         contract approval and will be
ductile iron makes transportation    contract to replace over 13,000         constructed by John D. Stephens
and installation easier and more     linear feet, or about 2.5 miles         of Lawrenceville Ga. The city’s
economical than fully lined          of the line. Work began in              funds were focused on upgrading
concrete. While high-density         February 2007, in the mid-city,         the Messerly Wastewater
polyethylene (HDPE) pipe             then southward through a light          Pollution Control Facility, where
and filament-wound fiberglass        commercial zone. The contractor         the main interceptor sanitary
reinforced pipe are also corrosion   installed over 6,000 linear feet        sewer discharges for final
resistant relative to concrete and   of 63-inch diameter and 7,200           treatment.
are comparatively lightweight, the   linear feet of 72-inch diameter         Stevenson & Palmer Engineering
CCFRPM pipe’s other benefits         pipe prior to decommissioning the       assisted Augusta complete an
weighed into the selection.          existing 54-inch concrete pipe.         application to receive funding
                                                                             under the American Recovery
Although the CCFRPM pipe was         The ORC crew laid the new               and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
expected to be bid at a higher       line parallel to the old line, at a     economic stimulus for Phase 2
material cost per linear foot, the   distance of approximately 10 to         as a State Revolving Fund (SRF)
                                     15 feet. The old line was replaced      project. Due to the competitive
                                     only at connection points:              nature of the ARRA program, the
                                     two main line junction boxes
                                     and three 36-inch tributaries,
                                     according to ORC project
                                     manager Dennis Bailey. About
                                     6,300 feet (almost 1.2 miles) of
                                     the 63-inch diameter pipe was
                                     installed directly under New
                                     Savannah Rd.

                                     “We went right down the center
                                     of the street with it,” stated
                                     Bailey. “We had to keep access to     Photo (above): After lowering the
                                     all the businesses and residences,    pipe, a pushing frame was used to
                                     so we closed portions of the          place it into the tunnel.
                                     street and then backfilled with a
 Photo (above): In Augusta, Ga.,     temporary surface.” The faster
 a short section of the Hobas        installation of CCFRPM pipe
 sewer main pipe with closure        as compared to other materials          (continued next page)
 couplings is lowered into the       shortened the inconvenience for

22                                                                                        NASSCO TIMES
                                                               Perma-Lateral™ Air Inversion Lining
                                                                Perma-Liner™ Lateral Pull-In-Place
                                                                Perma-Liner™ Sectional Main Line
                                                                         Point Repair™
                                                                  InnerSeal™ Innerwrap™ Lateral
                                                                         Connection Seal
                                                                      Perma-Main™ Continuous
                                                                          Inversion Lining
                                                                      Push In Place Perma-Patch
                                                                  Turn-Key Trailers

(continued from previous page)

city wasn’t selected for ARRA stimulus funds, but did
qualify for a long-term, low-interest loan from Georgia
Environmental Facilities Authority, backed by federal
                                                           “The consistency and quality of Perma-
Phase 2, which begins where Phase 1 ended, at the          Liner™ products have allowed us to install
intersection of Doug Barnard Parkway and Dan               every job with absolute confidence.”
Bowles Road, will continue southeastward, terminating
at the headworks of the Messerly Wastewater Pollution                                 “Perma-Liner™ is the only solution
Control Plant near Augusta Regional Airport at Bush                                      we’ll use for our CIPP projects.”
Field. It will involve the installation of approximately
9,000 linear feet of 84-inch diameter and about 5,200
linear feet of 72-inch diameter pipe. Two bores will be
required. One will be a 210-foot direct jack and tunnel
of 72-inch diameter pipe under Rocky Creek. The other
will be a 335-foot direct bore that will take 84-inch
diameter pipe under Federal Highway I-520, the Bobby
Jones Expressway.                                                                     VISIT
By specifying CCFRPM as the base bid, the ARRA/
SRF Stimulus “Buy American” requirement was                                           CALL
                                                           (866) 336-2568 Toll Free (727) 507-9749 Int’l
(continued next page)
Spring ‘11 Edition                                                                                                     23
Setting the Industry Standards for the
Rehabilitation of Underground Utilities

11521 Cronridge Drive
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met, since Hobas manufactures CCFRPM pipe at their facility in Houston, Texas. The HDPE pipe specified as an
alternate bid to ensure competitive pipe material pricing is manufactured in Canada. The city would have had to
apply for an exception to the “Buy American” clause if the HDPE material bid at a relatively lower installed cost
and was ultimately chosen.

Installation for Phase 2 began in mid April and John D. Stephens’
crews have been staying busy since they started. Installation rates are
high, even on the larger diameters. Their best day has been 18 joints,
or 360 feet of 84-inch diameter,” said Joe Schmits, area manager for

The Stephens’ bid came in well below the engineer’s opinion.
Probably the changes in the economy since Phase 1 was built led to
the bids being considerably lower than was initially budgeted. Bid tab
results showed all bidders included a significantly higher cost to use
                                            the alternate HDPE pipe
                                            material, confirming CCFRPM as the selected main interceptor pipe

                                            Hobas pipe is manufactured in sizes from 18 inches to 110 inches
                                            in pressure and non-pressure classes. For more information, please
                                            contact Hobas at 800-856-7473, 281-821-2200 or e-mail at info@
                                   Facts are also available at
                                            Photos: (Above) After the CCFRPM sewer main pipe was joined in the trench, it
                                            was backfilled. (Left) The CCFRPM Augusta sewer main line was tested using a
                                            full circle pipe joint tester.

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