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									                                    Choosing Crib Mattress

Selection of crib mattresses might look like a boring and uninteresting task. Nonetheless, it
requires lots of considerations and care if you are to end up with right mattresses. The crib is no
more important than the crib mattress; both are important and require careful attention in
selection. Just like you would want the best crib, so is it supposed to be the case for the

Why such precaution?
Well, imagine the duration your baby will be spending there. Many instances it has been pointed
out, babies spend up to 18 hours every day sleeping. It is therefore important to ensure that the
mattress fits exactly such that the baby would enjoy spending lots of time in. Furthermore, an
inappropriate crib could pose some dangers to your baby.

Tips to choose the right crib mattress
   1. Begin by double checking mattress size against the crib’s size. Many are of standard
       sizes and hence finding an appropriate mattress from the stores will not be a problem.
       Nonetheless, it is important to be sure of the size as some mattresses may not be
       difficult to fit in some cribs. In case you are not sure of the size of the mattress and you
       also do not have time to get back and check, it may be wise to consult with the store
       about their return policy. This is advisable lest you get stuck with a mattress you cannot
       use with your baby crib.
   2. You are done with the size; the next reasonable thing is to ensure your crib mattress
       selection is of reasonable firmness. Although, soft and cozy one may look like a good
       option, babies actually need solid surface to ensure that their faces do not sink into the
       mattress in case they turn.
   3. Foams or coils, does this really matter? Well, it doesn’t except that foam ones are a little
       cheaper as compared to their coiled counterparts. This may come in handy when you
       have a limited amount to spend. When you go for the coils, it is important to remember
       that the more the number of coils, the more firm it is likely to be.
   4. Durability may also be an issue. Multi-layered covers are likely to offer more durability as
       one layer may remain in place when another wears out. Additionally, you may consider
       looking for crib mattresses which have an anti-microbial layer atop to secure against
       possible germs.
   5. You cannot ignore the cost. Look for something which will fit well into your budget and
       not compromise your other areas of spending.
   6. Forget about the warranties. These are more likely a marketing stunt and have little
       benefits to offer. Do not be enticed by long period warranties to spend more. In many
       instances, good crib mattresses will last as long as you intend to use it and the question
       of warranty will never feature.
   7. Check quality. While price may be an issue, do not fall for something too cheap with poor
       quality. You might end up spending much more in the long run.

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