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					                                                                                                                                                             Established 1914

    Volume XVIII, Number 149                                         9th Waxing of Tawthalin 1372 ME                                          Friday, 17 September, 2010

     Ayeyawady Bridge (Nyaungdon) under implementation                                                                            Four political objectives
                                                                                                                           * Stability of the State, community peace and
        N AY P YI TAW , 16 Sept—Maj-Gen Hla Min of             yesterday.                                                    tranquillity, prevalence of law and order
   the Ministry of Defence together with Chairman                    At the briefing hall, the superintending              * National reconsolidation
   of Ayeyawady Region Peace and Development                   engineer (in-charge) reported on main bridge works,         * Emergence of a new enduring State
   Council Commander of South-West Command                     progress in construction of bored pile Nos.10 and             Constitution
   Brig-Gen Tin Maung Win arrived at Ayeyawady                 11 and pier No. 16 and follow-up tasks.                     * Building of a new modern developed nation in
   Bridge (Nyaungdon) construction project being                     Afterwards, Maj-Gen Hla Min inspected                   accord with the new State Constitution
   implemented by Special Project Group (5) of Public          construction site from the briefing hall and left
   Works under the Ministry of Construction                    necessary instructions.—MNA
                                                                                                                                Four economic objectives
                                                                                                                           * Development of agriculture as the base and

               Electoral rolls to be issued
                                                                                                                             all-round development of other sectors of
                                                                                                                             the economy as well
                                                                                                                           * Proper evolution of the market-oriented eco-
                                                                                                                             nomic system
         NAY PYI TAW, 16 Sept—Lists of eligible voters         Council of the ward or village-tract where he is
                                                                                                                           * Development of the economy inviting par-
   (electoral rolls) for elections to hluttaws to be held on   staying not later than 30 days from the date on which         ticipation in terms of technical know-how
   7 November 2010 will be issued on 20 September at           elections are held.                                           and investments from sources inside the
   ward/village-tract subcommissions across the nation.               If a voter wishing to amend or complain about          country and abroad
         Those who are not included in electoral registers     facts of his profile may submit application to the sub-     * The initiative to shape the national economy
   and therefore wish to have their names put on the           ward/village commission with Form (4) under Rules             must be kept in the hands of the State and the
   electoral registers may submit note of application          11 (a) within seven days after the electoral rolls are        national peoples
   form (3) to ward/village-tract subcommissions               issued.                                                             Four social objectives
   according to Rules (9) within seven days after the                 If a voter wishes to have his name put on the        * Uplift of the morale and morality of the en-
   date on which electoral rolls are issued.                   list of the electoral roll of another constituency, he        tire nation
         A voter who is outside his constituency for at        shall submit note of application form (4-A) together        * Uplift of national prestige and integrity and
   least 180 days and wants to cast vote in the                with family registration form (10) to the ward/               preservation and safeguarding of cultural
   constituency where he is staying may submit                 village-tract subcommissions concerned, requesting            heritage and national character
   application with Form (3-A) to ward/village-tract           to revoke his name in the present constituency and          * Uplift of dynamism of patriotic spirit
                                                                                                                           * Uplift of health, fitness and education stand-
   subcommissions concerned with the letter of                 transfer it to another constituency.                          ards of the entire nation
   recommendation of the Peace and Development                                                                  MNA

               Myogyi Dam, Diversion Weir to help green Meiktila Plain,
                  boost agricultural production in Kyaukse District
            The government is seeking more and more                  Myogyi Dam Project is being undertaken by
     water sources for boosting production of crops            Construction Group (7) under the Irrigation Department          Byline & Photos:
     especially paddy, equitable development of all parts      near Myogyi Village in Ywangan Township in Danu
     of the nation, and regional greening.                     Self-Administered Zone. Myogyi Diversion Weir in
                                                                                                                          Khin Maung Than (Sethmu)
                                                                                                                         Kyaukse Township, Mandalay Region, has been
                                                                                                                         commissioned since 29 August 2009.
                                                                                                                                Myogyi Dam Project is intended to receive
                                                                                                                         water from Zawgyi Dam to benefit farmlands, and
                                                                                                                         supply about 700,000 acre feet of irrigation water to
                                                                                                                         farmlands in Kyaukse District, Mandalay Region,
                                                                                                                         and over 400,000 acre feet of irrigation water for
                                                                                                                         greening Meiktila Plain, storing water in the
                                                                                                                         catchement areas between Zawgyi Dam and Myogyi
                                                                                                                         Dam. Construction of the diversion tunnel was
                                                                                                                         completed by cent per cent in October 2008. The
                                                                                                                         construction of the spillway is due to be over by
                                                                                                                         2010-2011. The earthen type dam is 2461 feet long
                                                                                                                         and 258 feet high. The facility was built by damming
                                                                                                                         the river Zawgyi between Kyeegan Mountain and
                                                                                                                         Shwemyintha Mountain. It has a catchement area of
                                                                                                                         725 square miles. Its annual inflow water is 373,420
                                                                                                                         acre feet; its maximum water storage capacity,
                                                                                                                         359,550 acre feet; its stagnant water storage capacity,
                                                                                                                         59,770 acre feet; and its water spread area, 3420
        Irrigation water from Myogyi Diversion Weir flows to farmlands through Myaungmadaw                                                    (See page 10)

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   2 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 17 September, 2010

        PERSPECTIVES                                                                People’s Desire
               Friday, 17 September, 2010               *   Oppose those relying on external elements, acting as stooges, holding negative views
                                                        *   Oppose those trying to jeopardize stability of the State and progress of the nation
     Extend railroad networks                           *   Oppose foreign nations interfering in internal affairs of the State
                                                        *   Crush all internal and external destructive elements as the common enemy
     for better transport
          The Ministry of Rail Transportation has
    planned to construct Myitkyina-Waingmaw-
                                                       World First-aid Day observed
                                                                                                                       MYANMAR GAZETTE
    Bhamo-Momeik-Kyaukme-Hsipaw-Laikha-                        in Taunggyi
    Namhsan railroad. The construction of                     NAY P YI TAW, 16 Sept—Chairman of Shan                  NAY PYI TAW, 16 Sept—The State Peace and
    Myitkyina-Waingmaw-Bhamo railroad section          State Peace and Development Council Commander            Development Council has transferred Director-
    of the railroad has started recently. The local    of Eastern Command Brig-Gen Hsan Oo on 11                General U Soe Ko Ko of the Progress of Border
    authorities and local people are working in        September attended the World First-aid Day at the        Areas and National Races Department under the
    concert for timely completion of the railroad      hall in Taunggyi.                                        Ministry for Progress of Border Areas and National
    construction.                                             The commander and those present viewed the        Races and Development Affairs to Director-General
          The areas in the far north of Myanmar        skill demonstration of members of the School Red         of the Development Affairs Department under the
    are in poor transport due to the geographical      Cross Society.                                           same ministry from the date he assumes charge of
    conditions. Especially, Katha and Bhamo areas             After that, the commander looked into books,      his duties.—MNA
    had lagged behind in development due to lack       journals and pamphlets on first-aid measures
    of transport facility in the past. At present,
    necessary assistance is being provided to
                                                       displayed at the hall.—MNA                               Progress of Bhamo District
    Myitkyina, Bhamo, Putao, Nagmon and
                                                        Strengthening Border                                            inspected
    Machanbaw townships for their development.
                                                                                                                     NAY PYI TAW, 16 Sept—Chairman of Kachin
          Myitkyina-Waingmaw-Bhamo railroad             Trade between North                                    State Peace and Development Council Commander
    section will be 108 miles long. On completion,
    the railroad section will contribute to better     East India and Myanmar                                  of Northern Command Brig-Gen Zeyar Aung on 8
                                                                                                               September met servicemen and family members at
    transport in Myitkyina, Waingmaw, Momauk                 NAY PYI TAW, 16 Sept—Jointly organized by the
                                                                                                               the hall of the local battalion in Bhamo and gave
    and Bhamo townships, speedy flow of natural        Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of
    resources and domestic products to the market      Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI) and Mandalay
                                                                                                                     After inspecting progress of Bhamo, he looked
    and improvement of socio-economic status of        Region Commerce and Industry and in cooperation
                                                                                                               into Tarpein (1) Hydropower Project in Kalonkha
    the local people along its route.                  with Trade delegation from the States of North East
                                                                                                               Village. He heard reports on progress of implementing
          Bhamo area has been facilitated with         India, a discussion on Strengthening Border Trade
                                                                                                               the project presented by officials and left necessary
    Bhamo University, University of Computer           between North East India and Myanmar: The way
    Studies and Technological University.              forward was held at Sedona Hotel in Mandalay
    Intellectuals, intelligentsia and technicians as
    human resources are being turned out year by
    year. The health infrastructures including
    Bhamo People’s Hospital have been upgraded
    in providing health care services to the local
          The State is building development
    infrastructures regardless of distance and size
    of the regions. Thus, the railroad networks are
    being extended with a view to ensuring swift
    flow of commodities and smooth transport of
    the people in all regions of the Union.

                                                       yesterday.                                              Deputy Minister for Commerce U Aung Tun
       UMFCCI President meets                                It was attended by Deputy Minister for Commerce    speaking at discussion on Strengthening
        Japanese Ambassador                            U Aung Tun, Acting Director-General U Aung Naing        Border Trade between North East India and
                                                       Oo of Border Trade Department and departmental
                                                                                                                   Myanmar: The way forward.—MNA
        NAY PYI TAW , 16     of Commerce and
   Sept—President of         Industry U Win Myint      Myanmar Mr Yasuaki         September.                   officials, Chairman U Aung Win Khaing of Mandalay
   Union of Myanmar          met         Japanese      Nogawa at the federation         Their discussions      Region Commerce and Industry and members, Myanmar
   Federation of Chambers    Ambassador        to      office, here, on 14        focused on economic          entrepreneurs, Member of Indian Parliament Mr Mani
                                                                                  cooperation between          Shanker Aiyar and Indian entrepreneurs led by
                                                                                  Japan and Myanmar,           Honourable Minister of Trade Mr Lalrinllana Sailo of
                                                                                  boosting        mutual       Mizoram State.
                                                                                  cooperation between                 The deputy minister, Mr Mani Shanker Aiyar,
                                                                                  entrepreneurs of the two     Mr Lalrinllana Sailo, the Indian Ambassador Dr Vs
                                                                                  countries, exchanged         Seshadri and U Aung Win Khaing opened the ceremony
                                                                                  views between UMFCCI         by igniting lights.
                                                                                  and Japanese Merchants              Afterwards, the deputy minister made an opening
                                                                                  Association (Yangon)         speech. The Indian Ambassador, the Indian Parliament
                                                                                  and Japan-Myanmar CCI        member, President U Aung Win Khaing, and Mr M.K
                                                                                  Business Cooperation         Saharia made speeches.
                                                                                  Committee (JMBCC) of                Afterwards, the acting director-general submitted
                                                                                  Japan and opportunity for    paper on The Brief on Myanmar—India Border Trade.
                                                                                  investment of Japanese       The deputy minister and those present viewed Myanmar
                                                                                  entrepreneurs          in    export goods put on display at the hall. Those present
       President of UMFCCI U Win Myint meets Japanese Ambassador                                               cordially discussed promoting border trade between
                          Mr Yasuaki Nogawa.—MNA                                                               two countries..—MNA

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                                                                                             THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 17 September, 2010 3

        US drone attacks killing 75 in NW
                Pakistan in Sept
       ISLAMABAD,        16     could rise on the outskirts    media reported that some
   Sept—In a sudden             of Miranshah, the main         militants of Turkman-
   upsurge in the United        administrative centre of       istan and other foreign
   States     drone    spy      the North Waziristan           origins have also been
   aircraft’s killing spree     tribal area.                   killed.
   that unleashed over the           An equal number of             North Waziristan is
   Pakistani tribal areas       people were also killed        the stronghold of
   bordering Afghanistan in     in two separate drone          Bahadar group, who has
   the northwest, some 75       strikes in the same area       a peace deal with the
   people had so far been       on Tuesday, raising the        government but its
   killed just during this      total death toll to 30 in      fighters carry out attacks
   month, raising serious       less than 24 hours. The        on NATO forces across
   concerns over damage to      authorities have not           the      border       into
   civilian properties and      revealed the identities        Afghanistan. Taleban
   the lives.                   and number of both civil       from Pakistani Punjab         A frame grab shows the T130 drill machine as it digs an escape hole at the
       At least 15 people       and militants in the three     Province are also active     San Jose copper and gold mine at Copiapo on 15 September, 2010, where 33
   were reported dead           consecutive         drone      in the area.                     miners are trapped underground after a cave-in on 5 August, 2010.
   before on Wednesday          strikes. However, local                          Xinhua                                      XINHUA

       Mideast peace talks round                                                                                          Chile miners could be free by
        concludes with no deal                                                                                                  early November
                                                                                                                             COPIAPO, 16 Sept—         dig in order to reach the
        JERUSALEM, 16 Sept—Palestinian militants and
                                                                                                                        Rescuers could reach 33        men who have been stuck
   Israeli forces attacked each other on Wednesday,
                                                                                                                        trapped miners by early        below ground since 5 Au-
   forming a grim backdrop for the latest round of US-
                                                                                                                        November, well before the      gust, said rescue coordina-
   driven peace negotiations. The talks ended with no
                                                                                                                        initially projected date of    tor Rene Aguilar. “Best case
   agreement on the most pressing issue: Jewish
                                                                                                                        Christmas, the chief engi-     scenario,” he said “we
                                                                                                                        neer has said as drills        should be reaching them by
        Former Sen George Mitchell, the US envoy for            Photo taken on 15 Sept, 2010 shows models of            edged closer to the men’s      the first days of Novem-
   Mideast peace efforts, emerged from an evening session      airplanes on display at Jet Expo Moscow 2010 in          dank shelter. The two drills   ber,’’ he said, but cautioned
   between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu           Moscow, capital of Russia. The Expo opened here          currently digging rescue       that once they reach the men,
   and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to say the
                                                                  on Wednesday attracting about 60 air craft            shafts both surpassed the
   talks had been encouraging but fell short of a                                                                                                      both shafts need to be re-
                                                               producers and air service companies worldwide.           300-metre (980-foot) mark
   breakthrough.                                                                                                                                       drilled and widened enough
                                                                                    XINHUA                              of the 700 meters they must    to bring them out. At the
        “A serious and substantive discussion is well under
   way,” Mitchell told a news conference.                                                                                                              latest, he said, early Decem-
        The leaders met with US Secretary of State Hillary            Taleban attack kills five civilians in                                           ber should see the drill on
   Rodham Clinton for about two hours and agreed to
   continue the search for a peace deal, he said. But it was
                                                                                S Afghanistan                                                          target and the men coming
                                                                                                                                                       out to be reunited with their
   not clear when they would reconvene. Lower-level                G HAZNI , 16 Sept—       Zahid told Xinhua.              Taleban militants          families.
   officials will meet next week to work out a plan for the    Taleban militants raided         Without        giving   fighting Afghan and                 The fastest drill, a T-
   next meeting between Netanyahu and Abbas, Mitchell          a private security           further details he said     NATO-led troops based          130 machine dubbed the
   said.                                                       company in southern          that all the victims were   in Afghanistan have            “Plan B’’ option, resumed
        Mitchell said no one should expect an easy road        Ghazni Province early on     Afghans.                    intensified        their       work Tuesday after engi-
   ahead, but he contended important progress was being        Thursday leaving five            Meantime, a Taleban     activities to derail the       neers extracted broken drill
   made.—Internet                                              employees dead, police       purported spokesman         second          Afghan         pieces that had forced the
                                                               said. “A group of armed      Zabihullah Mujahid in       parliamentary elections
                                                               Taleban rebels stormed       talks with media via                                       machine to stop work for
                                                                                                                        in the post-Taleban            nearly a week. The shaft is
                                                               the office of a private      telephone from unknown      country held on 18
                                                               security company in          location claimed the                                       now 368 meters (1,200 feet)
                                                                                                                        September.                     deep, Aguilar said.
                                                               Diak District at 05:30 am    responsibility for the                       Xinhua
                                                               local time today killing     attack, saying seven                                                             Internet
                                                               five employees and           employees of the
                                                               injuring two others,”        company were killed in
                                                               police officer Dilawar       the attack.
                                                               Roadside bomb kills 10 aboard
                                                                    minibus in Turkey
                                                            ANKARA, 16 Sept—A roadside bomb attack killed
                                                       10 people traveling on a minibus Thursday in the lat-
      A wounded man is wheeled on a stretcher at a     est violence to shake Turkey's turbulent southeast,
       hospital in Falluja, 50 km (31 miles) west of   where Kurdish guerrillas have been fighting for au-
     Baghdad on 15 September, 2010. At least seven     tonomy for decades, authorities said.
   people were killed on Wednesday in a raid by Iraqi           Turkish troops launched an operation to hunt
    and US security forces on three houses in the city those believed to be behind the attack, which also in-             Miners keep watch while hiding from police, in
    of Falluja, once an al Qaeda stomping ground. At jured four people including a 15-month-old baby near               Conguime, Paquisha, 776 km (482 miles) south of
     least four other people, including a 90-year-old                                                                      Quito on 15 September, 2010. Riot police and
                                                       the village of Gecitli in the rugged Hakkari province
      woman, were wounded in the raid, which took                                                                       illegal miners clashed on Wednesday, resulting in
                                                       bordering Iran and Iraq, Hakkari Gov. Muammer
       place in the Hay Jubail District of Falluja in                                                                     some injuries, after police arrived to evict them,
                                                       Turker said. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan
       western Anbar Province, police and hospital     vowed to press ahead with the fight against the rebels                          local media reported.
                  sources said.— INTERNET              of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK.—Internet                                      INTERNET

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   4 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Friday, 17 September, 2010

       World’s largest solar power project approved in California                                                                                         In this image provided by
                                                                                                                                                            NASA a large yellow,
         LOS ANGELES, 16 Sept— The California Energy          developed by Solar Millennium, LLC, a subsidiary of                                         metal sling lowers shuttle
    Commission (CEC) voted on Wednesday to approve            Solar Trust of America. The project site is located in an                                    Discovery to its external
    the construction of the Blythe Solar Power Project,       unincorporated area of Riverside County, Southern                                           fuel tank and solid rocket
    the largest solar project in the world.                   California. The proposed project would use parabolic                                           boosters on 10 Sept,
         Combined, the four 250 MW (megawatt) plants          trough technology where parabolic mirrors are used to                                       2010 before mating to the
    will deliver 1,000 MW of nominal generating capacity,     heat a transfer fluid which is then used to generate                                          external fuel tank and
    or enough electricity to power more than 300,000          steam. Electricity is produced from the steam expanding                                     twin solid rocket boosters
    homes annually. Construction of the first two Blythe      through steam turbine generators. The project’s                                                 inside the Vehicle
    power plants is expected to begin by the end of this      proposed 1,000-MW output will be generated by four                                            Assembly Building, in
                                                                                                                                                            Cape Canaveral, Fla.
    year. The Blythe Solar Power Project is being             independent 250-MW units.—Xinhua

       Global warming may end ‘polar’ storms                                                     Ancient sea bird had biggest wingspan
       READING , 16 Sept —           Polar lows are small-    Hans von Storch studied
                                                                                                SANTIAGO, 16 Sept —         scientists say.               which can be between 8
   Climate           change,     scale but severe winter      the formation of polar
                                                                                            The fossilized skeleton             The      70-percent       feet and 11 feet.
   expected to increase          storms that threaten         lows in a series of
                                                                                            of an ancient bird found        complete skeleton of              Because the ancient
   extreme weather events        offshore         human       regional climate simu-
   around the world, will        activities in the North      lations corresponding to      in Chile shows the              Pelogornis chilensis, a sea   bird had thin-walled
   make one particular kind      Atlantic region.             different possible future     creature had a wingspan         bird that lived 5 million     bones,       previously
   of event rarer, UK                Reading resear-          climates.                     of at least 17 feet, twice      to 10 million years ago in    discovered fossils had
   researchers say.              chers Matthias Zahn and                       Internet     that of any living bird,        Chile, was analyzed by        been crushed, making it
       Scientists at the                                                                                                    David Rubilar of the          difficult to determine
   University of Reading                                                                       An overall view of a         National Museum of            their original size.
   say climate simulations                                                                    massive fish kill in the      Natural History in                The newly disco-
   show severe North                                                                                                        Santiago,          Chile,     vered fossil is intact,
   Atlantic storms known as                                                                  Bayou Chaland area of
                                                                                                                                Rubilar says, confirming
   “polar lows” and                                                                           Plaquemines Parish is         reported.                     the creature’s impressive
   resembling          arctic                                                                pictured in this handout           The wingspan is           wingspan.
   hurricanes may decrease
                                                                                              photograph taken on           nearly twice that of the          The study will appear
   by as much as 50 percent
   by the end of this century,                                                                 10 September, 2010.          wandering albatross, the      in the Journal of
   a report in the journal                                                                                                  living species bird with      Vertebrate Paleontology.
                                                                                                      XINHUA                the largest wingspan,                           Internet
   Nature says.

    Motorola hopes for Android tablet early                                                      Microsoft releases test version of IE9
                  next year                                                                      SAN F RANCISCO , 16
                                                                                            Sept— Microsoft Corp on
                                                                                                                            movitch, Microsoft’s
                                                                                                                            corporate vice president
                                                                                                                                                          interface, Hachamovitch
                                                                                            Wednesday launched a            for Internet Explorer, told       The IE9 also gave
                                                sufficiently compelling,” Jha said          “beta” or test version of       a launch event held in San
                                                during an on-stage chat. “Hopefully,                                                                      developers the ability to
                                                                                            Internet Explorer 9 (IE9),      Francisco. The new
                                                that is early next year.”                                                                                 tap the power of a
                                                                                            the software giant’s next-      browser is faster than IE8,
                                                     Jha has been counting on               generation Web browser          which was shipped in          computer’s hardware and
                                                smartphones running Android to help         that is promised to be          March 2009, and the           improve      all-around
                                                turn around the Illinois-based              faster and deliver a better     focus on making website       browsing performance,
                                                company’s flagging fortunes but             experience for users and        content shine is seen right   Microsoft noted.
                                                didn’t consider the latest generation       developers. With a simple       in IE9’s clean user                            Xinhua
                                                of the mobile software ready for use        user interface, the IE9 is
                                                in tablets. “I see the tablet market as                                     Visitors try out Microsoft’s new videogame “Halo:
                                                                                            designed to take a
     Motorola co-chief Sanjay Jha has           an opportunity; no cannibalization                                          Reach” at the Tokyo Game Show in Chiba, east of
                                                                                            backseat and bring
     painted a future for the high-tech         with smartphones,” Jha said. “iPad                                           Tokyo on 16 September, 2010. Microsoft said on
                                                                                            forward the full beauty of
     company that included beefed-up            is more an extension of iPhone than                                         Thursday that its latest version of the blockbuster
                                                                                            the     websites       and
    smartphones and a tablet computer           a migration of a Macintosh. I think                                         “Halo” game series had racked up $200 million in
                                                                                            applications people care
    running on Google-backed Android            that is a natural expansion for us.”                                            sales on its launch day, boding well for the
                                                                                            about, Dean Hacha-
           software.—INTERNET                                                  Internet                                     November debut of the Xbox 360 console maker’s
                                                                                                                                             new gaming system.
       S A N F R A N C I S C O , 16 Sept—       Cologne to get electric street sweeper                                                            INTERNET
   Motorola co-chief Sanjay Jha on                   MUNICH, 16 Sept— Tennant Co, which makes street sweepers
   Wednesday painted a future for the           and other industrial cleaning equipment, said Tuesday it will provide
   company that included beefed-up              a zero-emissions street sweeper to the city of Cologne.
   smartphones and a tablet computer                 Terms of the deal weren’t announced. The deal was announced
   running on Google-backed Android             at an industry conference in Munich.
   software.                                         The Green Machines 500ze runs on lithium-ion batteries for a
       Jha hoped Motorola would have            full shift of work. It is nearly silent and therefore suited to night and
   an Android tablet computer ready             early-morning cleaning, Tennant said. Tennant is based in
   early next year, he said while sharing       Minneapolis.
   thoughts at a Deutsche Bank                       Germany has set a goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by
   Technology Conference in San                 40 percent by 2020, and also aims to put 1 million electric vehicles
   Francisco.                                   on its streets by that same date.
       “I will only develop a tablet if it is                                                                    Internet

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