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									3. During a meeting convened by the Government of Peru with the international
agencies and donors in Lima., the National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) informed
about the situation on the ground as of August 17th, 14:00 hrs:

- 650 dead

- 1,000 wounded

- 30,000 houses destroyed according to the Government's preliminary assessments.

- 4 hospitals affected.

- 4 hospitals destroyed.

4. Assessments carried out by national authorities and other organizations in the
affected areas point out that priority should be given to Pisco, Ica and Chincha in view of
the severity of the damages.

4. INDECI has informed that 85% of housing in Pisco was damaged; there is no
electricity, water and food shortages are observed. Access to the area of Pisco has been
severely affected due to damage a bridge at the kilometer 78 of South Pan-American
Highway, thus limiting the fluid access of heavy trucks. Access is just limited to 4x4
wheels vehicles and trucks. Pisco can also be reached from the city of Arequipa and by

                                                                                Compiled by
                                                                                AD Kaushik


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