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									link up was given. The required data for the preparation of EIA and EMP

can be extracted from this web based MIS from any one or more than one

module as the case may be; which will be used for the Environmental

Clearance. The outlook of web page is:

This webpage MIS, very much useful for various applications like,

assessment of    the natural resources, evaluation of     LU/LC patterns,

understanding the topography, geology and Environmental Clearance.

This MIS will be useful for industrial estate developers, Enviroenmntal

professionals,   academicians   and      researchers,   for   their   works,

understand the topography, geology, for environmental management,

conservation and industrial development. Environmental professionals,

academicians and researchers has several advantages to get faster


6. Acknowledgements

The output of this Ph.D. work is a subset of the major R&D project

sponsored by Department of Science and Technology (DST) - Natural

Resources Data Management System (NRDMS) under National Spatial

Data Infrastructure (NSDI). I am thankful to the authorities of NRDMS-

DST, Government of India for providing necessary input, data products

for completion of my research work.

I also acknowledge the technical support given by the Principal

Investigator of this project, Dr.M.Anji Reddy, Professor and Director of

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad for allowing me to

work in this project at Centre for Environment, Institute of Science and

Technology, JNTUH


The Thesis titled “Designing and Development of web based mandal
information system using Geomatics - A case study from prakasam
district, A.P., INDIA” is organized in 7 chapters, the details included in
each chapter is mentioned below.

      Chapter 1 is devoted to general introduction, significance of the
       study, objectives of the research, study area description and
       research approach.

      In Chapter 2, the existing literature Survey in which the earlier
       studies carried using Geomatics in the present type of research
       work are discussed.

      The Overall methodology employed for carrying out the present
       study is presented in Chapter 3 methodology for Database
       generation, database development, thematic map generation,
       attribute data development and web based development with
       Spatial and Attribute Data are discussed.

      The source and methods employed in generation of spatial
       database including the topographic data and other derived data
       are explained in Chapter 4 Detail explanation of each thematic
       layer and the percentage distribution of individual classes within
       each spatial map are presented in detail in this chapter.

      The Chapter 5 deals with the developed attribute data in the
       access tables, GPS point data of house and utilities and cadastral
       survey points of the study area.

      In Chapter 6, Design and development of web pages using
       ASP.NET and database linkage with the web pages are explained.

      Summary Conclusion of the present research work on web based
       MIS is given in Chapter 7.


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