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                              THIS POST IS FOR MATURE LEADERS ONLY:

 Many companies compete mainly in the realm of “sustainable innovation” which just seeks to improve
on existing product. And because of a number of variables, not only do a good portion of their products
fail, but they can find themselves shut out of new markets, and eventually even lose market share in the
 existing markets they once dominated. But this scenario primarily happens because their focus on only
“sustainable innovation” opens the door for the pioneering efforts of “disruptive innovators” who show
 up on the scene and begin moving new product from the bottom up the value chain. These “disruptive
innovations” are normally simpler, more-convenient, and lower-cost products that appeal to customers
   who have no need to keep up with the more expensive accelerated pace of innovative change with
      companies that are just in the “sustainable innovation” mode and will soon be outdated. These
“disruptive innovators” with their innovations create new markets or radically reshape existing markets.
                           And it’s all about new ways to deliver value to people.

     Disruptive Apostolic Innovation (DAI): 2012 for many represented a year of apostolic order and
 government, etc. I’m not sure if it was actually realized as promoted. Nevertheless, 12 does represent
 order, structure and government. But I believe 2013 will represent for some pioneering leaders, a year
 to “think outside the box.” God is raising up “apostolic disruptors” – “disruptive apostolic innovators”
  who are not just content to put more make-up, lipstick and false eyelashes on the church seeking to
   make her look better. These innovators will not be just content to try and improve existing church
   models. No – they will be pioneers and considered “disruptive innovators” who truly seek to build
 apostolic models of ministry patterned after heaven’s desire for this generation. In some places it may
   be a radical reshaping of an existing model – in other places it will more likely be a completely new
      wineskin to contain the new wine God is about to pour out from heaven on this generation.

  The Apostle Paul would have been considered a “disruptive apostolic innovator.” He wasn't trying to
“improve” on the old. No – he was trying to challenge the old to come into the new. And the old hated
him for it and challenged him every step of the way. John the Baptist, the last prophet of the old system
   was sent to prepare the way for the new. And he lost his life for it. The Apostle Peter was called to
 preach to those in the old and bring them into the new – but even he would occasionally slip back into
 the old receiving the Apostle Paul’s rebuke. O course, the greatest disruptor of all was Jesus Christ. He
   interrupted an old unfaithful religious system of people and priests and told them it was over. He
 interrupted the deceiver’s plans forever and defeated him. Christ’s incarnation changed everything –

    Some current models of ministry are worthy of a radical reshaping. Many others are not, and will
eventually be replaced by models built by “disruptive apostolic innovators.” And just like the old almost
 always despises the new, this new breed of leaders will have their sharp critics. But they will introduce
new models of ministry and church that will create a tectonic shift and change in Christianity and church
    as we know it. But because of their apostolic calling, they will build with the same apostolic Spirit
 released in the Book of Acts that initiated exponential expansion of the Kingdom of God. And they will
build on the foundation of the word of God - excluding the effects of centuries of religion and tradition.

 These new apostolic innovators will have great respect for what God did in previous generations, but
will be intensely convicted and passionate about their calling and responsibility for this generation, and
ones to come. It is already happening in different places, but not currently with a lot of promotion. But
get ready for these next generation leaders to arise and make their mark. Some may be criticized now,
  but future generations will look back and honor them for their faith and courage and the incredible
                                        contribution they made.