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									E-mail subject line   – Making Money at the Speed of Light!

Dear ..........,

How would you like to spend the first 15-minutes of every morning making an
extra $500 to $1500 + while you’re relaxing and sipping your first cup of coffee?

Well beginning today... you can!

If you happened to be one of the lucky ones who listened in on my very first
options teleseminar a few days ago – you discovered that profiting to the tune of
40 – 50 - 75 – 100 and even 200% on a regular basis - is not only possible – BUT
SUPER EASY once you know how.

You also know that not only do I pull in these kinds of cash earnings myself, but
so too do others, who just like you want a proven investment plan that is high on
return and low on risk.

And then there are still others who didn’t have a lot of capital to begin with, but
were instead searching for a low-cost way to enter the market and generate a
decent and worthwhile cash return, and not have to wait months and years to get

What’s clearly exciting is, regardless of the motive or individual needs ... all of the
above are today achieving and exceeding their financial goals.

My students are what we call Average Joe investors. Like you, they’re hard
working Americans from every walk of life who want nothing more than to put
the past economic and market disasters of 2008 behind them. And get on with
the task of rebuilding their wealth in order to ensure they and their loved ones
enjoy a secure future and peace of mind.
You know as well as anybody, that virtually nothing will keep you tossing and
turning at night more than the thoughts of despair regarding the financial
security and well being of yourself and those nearest and dearest to you.

Is there anything that can come even close to the feelings of hopelessness when
you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel?

Dan’s a classic example of someone like this. His hopes and dreams pretty much
mirror your own, not to mention your loved ones and those of most other red
blooded Americans.

After signing up for my simplified fast-track options training program and with
only a couple hundred bucks, he recently contacted us and said this:

“In January I netted about $2600, February about $8800, then March about
$4000 net. Until today I had to take care of my day job last week, but saw
opportunities that I would never have recognized nor had an idea of executing
without your guidance, insight and direction.”

A COOL $15,400 IN ONLY 90-DAYS!

The good news is...there’s a lot more cash waiting for Dan...And For You Too!

By the way - You can start making trades with only $100-$200.

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This is truly exciting because with the cost of admission being so low - it makes
this program very affordable and turns options trading, even if you’ve never done
it before into a simple easy to follow - bona fide opportunity that lets you
generate some serious cash on the side...Immediately!

And it only requires 15-minutes or less of your time in the morning!

Options are an attractive investment tool because you can get into the game for
far less than what it costs to trade stocks. Here’s what I mean.

First, options are much cheaper than the underlying stock. So less money is
needed to acquire a bigger position. Let’s say you’re looking to buy Yahoo stocks.
To buy a round lot (100 shares); you’ll need over $1835!

However if you buy the option, you can control 100 shares of Yahoo for only
pennies on the dollar.

Your only downside is limited to the price you paid for the option. So instead of
shelling out $1835, you would only pay $100 for a lot. (1-contract of 100 shares)
Best of all – your small investment can now make you a big profit!

It gets even better though, because unlike an outright purchase of the stocks, you
can profit whether the market rises, falls, or stays the same!

Let’s say Yahoo goes up $2 to $20.35 a share. If you had bought the stocks you
could sell your 100 shares and realize a profit of $200. That’s a 20 percent return.

Here’s how you Double and Triple Your Investment!
Remember with options, instead of buying the stock, you’re now buying option
contracts — betting that the price of the underlying stock will go up. Each
contract controls 100 shares at a cost of $100 per contract.

Let’s assume Yahoo rises to $20.35 a share. You purchase 10-contracts. Each one
of your options contracts increases in value to $200. You sell all 10 contracts. You
realize a nifty and immediate profit of $2,000. That’s a 200% percent return!

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When you sign up and join the Average Joe Options training program this is what
is included:

   •   The Todd Horwitz Trading Manual - This definitive guidebook is a
       classic. There is absolutely no fluff to be found in it. It comes jam packed
       with all the step-by-step information you will ever need in order to become
       an expert options trader. There are no technical words to be concerned
       about and each and every chapter is written and explained in easy to
       understand terms that even teenagers can grasp. Normally it retails for
       $299 but today it’s yours at no extra cost when you enroll.

   •   Ten online video instruction sessions you can access and review as
       often as you wish, and for as long as you wish while you master the
       information at your own pace 24-7. These in-depth classroom instruction
       sessions are hosted by me – Todd Horwitz- and are a favorite of all
       students. It’s my way of reaching out and touching you. This online
       instruction series usually sells for $399 but just like the trading manual,
       it’s yours at no extra cost when you enroll.

   •   Telephone support conference calls - While you make your way
       through the course, you’ll get to listen in on recorded conference calls that
       further explain and clarify the concepts you are mastering in each of the
       chapters laid out in your trading manual. Presented in a relaxed and
       informal manner, you’ll discover these sessions are not only informative,
       but energizing. Ordinarily these sessions would be available at the price of
       $195 but they’re yours free when you enroll.
   •   Unlimited E-mail support. Anytime...and we mean anytime you have a
       question that needs an answer – as a member of Average Joe Options you
       can send us your question via e-mail and we’ll do our best to get back to
       you as soon as possible. Due to the volume of messages we receive, we
       would ask that you give us 24-hrs to respond.

       Normally my time is available at the price of $1,000 hr – but when you
       enroll as an Average Joe Options student – your time is my time – and
       when I can’t get back to you right away, one of my staff will be there for

   •   Access to the private ‘members only’ section of the Average Joe Options

                 GET STARTED HERE Insert link

Let me see. If our figures are correct, by enrolling in the Average Joe Options
online training program you receive:

   1. The Todd Horwitz Trading Manual (not available in stores) valued at
   2. Ten online video instruction sessions valued at $399.
   3. Telephone support conference calls valued at $195.
   4. Unlimited E-mail support valued at $1000.

For a Grand total of - $1893.00

Frankly there’s not an options training program anywhere that can come close to
the value the Average Joe Options package gives you. Words like “extraordinary”
don’t even begin to accurately describe how this exclusive teaching can transform
you from a wannbe successful options trader- to one that is compounding his or
her wealth by hundreds and thousands of dollars each and every working day.
Take Larry Deavers for example. He recently got in touch and said:

“Hi Todd,

I normally do not like to tell people about my trading success but I will tell you
that in a little more than 4 weeks that I have been working with you I have made
almost $100,000.00!

I know this is small compared to what you do but I am very happy.”
Thanks again!
Larry Deavers

Given the extraordinary value of this program and when you see the amounts of
extra cash that awaits you, not to mention you can get started as an options
trader for as little as a hundred dollars - I think you would agree $1893 is a mere
drop in a bucket. In fact we should be charging $3995 for admission into this
one-of-a-kind training program.

But you won’t have to pay anything near $3995 or even $1893.

If you sign up today you can get the:

   •   The Todd Horwitz Trading Manual valued at $299.
   •   Ten online video instruction sessions valued at $399.
   •   Telephone support conference calls valued at $195.
   •   Unlimited E-mail support valued at $1000.

For the one time price of $495!
But you must act today because this is a special time limited offer that won’t be
available again anytime in the foreseeable future. And to make it even easier –
you can select our 5-month pay as you go option and pay only $99 month!

I really want you to succeed in making all of your financial dreams for yourself
and your loved ones come true.

So, if you’re prepared to sign up now I’ll sweeten the pot even more.

You can enroll (TODAY ONLY) for the unbelievable and never before offered
price of $395!

                  GET STARTED HERE Insert link

I’m looking forward to working and hearing from you.
To your lasting prosperity!

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz

P.S. The information contained in the Average Joe Options training program is
truly unique and life changing. It’s by far the fastest way to both rebuild your
wealth and or grow your existing net worth. Because of this don’t miss out on this
once in a lifetime opportunity by not taking advantage of this record low price
and making money at the speed of light!

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