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									                            Short Visit Geology at East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia   2012
Short Visit Geology at East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

This area is the remaining part of the end of the process of erosion that
occurred in the structure of this region. Notice of the valley plain rice in his
left and right this location. The structure is expected to form the trap silica
veins that form the auriferous zones in this area. Texture vuggy silica and
most massive part bladed. Another indication of the existence of a malachite
and azurite sign as pointed has been found in a particular sample.

Several rock samples have been taken and studied in the laboratory,
including the type of quartz darn hard and show massive texture. Generally
the outcrop were around the creek and in the area of protected forest or
production forest, but actually in the field that the area were the people
plantation of daily need called “Kebun Penduduk”. Some samples showing
low grade and high grade , Sample one Au @ 0.3 ppm, sample two Au @ 2.4
ppm     and sample three Au @ 15.6 ppm. All the samples were quartz,
massive to bladed, white, very hard and mostly very dense.
Area were the quartz veins is about 5.2 Hectars but it will not stop at here,
look to the East still be able to evaluate.
Plan to do for the next trip is doing some testing : mapping geology detail,
testpitting, trenching, channel sampling and Evaluate against the laboratory
result of laboratory and interpretation of Geology Mapping.

                       Photo : quartz Vein on sample 1 and sample 2

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                            Short Visit Geology at East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia   2012

                       Photo : quartz Vein on sample 3 and sample 4

                             Figure : A Map of location studied.

Estimate resources as shown as what you see at the site visit geology were
very roughly. The resources estimated 130.000 Troy ounces , with the base
of outcrop and correlation inter 300meter away and included in the sample 1
till sample 4. The resource were not stop and being develop against the
addition of geological data as the exploration progress.
To get more information I advise to have a closed relationship with the local
people, it will make up friendly and project can develop.

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