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This Magazine is developed and produced by students of
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    The Cruise Industry
                                                                                     9                  Winter 2011

       Hospitality meets                        Discover:                            Hospitality & more:
       Technology:                              Social media: the new revolution     The world of tea
       Using smart phone as hotel key           Daily life of cruise ship employee
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  > coverphoto: the Royal Caribbean's Allure
    of the Seas sailing next to her sister the                                              Cruise Management
    Oasis of the Seas.                                                                      The cruise industry is the most
                                                                                            exciting and fastest growing segment
                                                                                            of the travel industry throughout the
   9 | Hospitality meets                                                                    world. Each year millions of travellers
            Technology                           Hospitality Highlighted                    choose to cruise, since cruising is
   Using smart phone as hotel key                All about the Money            4           young, booming and in development
                                                 All about People       5                   and growth continuously.
                                                 All about Creativity       6
10 | The Sky is the limit                        All about the Market           7           Exotic destinations, new innovations
                         The World                                                          among ships design and sizes of the
                                                                                            ships are priorities that the industry is
                                                 18 | Hospitality &                         adding to the cruising product. The
                                                 More                                       market generates a high occupancy
                                                 The world of tea                           rate, is profitable and is adding
                11 | Discover                                                               continuously new innovations into
  Social media: the new revolution                                                          the market, and is able to meet the
  Daily life of cruise ship employee             19 | The Top 10                            demands of rapidly changes in the
     Search Engine Advertisement                 Most popular cruises                       worlds.

                                                                                            In the world of hospitality, cruising
                14 | For Real                                                               offers high-classified resorts, a great
   Experience life on a cruise ship!                                                        variety of restaurants and a wide
                                                 21 | Your career                           range of entertainment and services.
                                                 Marcella Himmelreich                       With cruising, the traveller is able to
                                                                                            see multiple destinations and
  16 | Food & Beverage                                                                      therefore is a great competitor
                                                                                            towards the inland hospitality
                             Librije,            22 | Column                                industry.
             Jonnie & Thérèse Boer               Ate de Groot

                                                                                            Nadine Plomp
                                                                                            Student Minor Cruise Management


  In the last 25 years, cruising has developed itself into a unique and high quality
  vacation. For every holiday-maker, a prefect cruise can be found, while it is an active
  or relaxation cruise, cruising can be for everyone.

  In this edition we will give you an insight into the spectacular industry named Cruise
  Management. This booming industry is continuously growing and it is not about to
  stop! But, how much do we actually know about this upcoming industry? In fact, the
  cruise industry is a forgotten part of the hospitality industry. We hope to inspire you
  to this art of hospitality. Get delighted and have a fresh look at cruise management!

  Rosie Elzas, Merel Heidinga, Esther van Klaarbergen & Jolanda Morrenhof
  Chief Editors Hospitality Delighted

HOSPITALITY highlighted
                                                                             all about the money
Does cruising survive the                                         The Hospitality Industry online
economical crisis?                                                Because of the Internet
Hotels can charge people for a lot of things. But what do the     people get more
guests think about those different charges?                       opportunities in developing
                                                                  themselves. They can find
Despite the economic slowdown, especially in 2009, the            information any moment,
cruising industry continued to grow. The cruise industry as       anywhere. There are even
represented by the Cruise Lines International Association’s       online courses which provide
(CLIA) is optimistic about the year 2010 and is proud with the    people with valid certificate.
accomplishments of not only surviving the economic crisis but
still remaining a growing industry.                               This way of personal
                                                                  development and growth is especially convenient for working
The cruise industry faced some hard challenges like rising fuel   adults, who want to broaden their knowledge and increase
prices, crash of the stock market and continued fluctuations      chances in the jobmarket, because it saves time and can be
as well as the declining and fragile consumer confidence.         done anywhere. It makes it easier to combine study with a
Through the challenging months the CLIA member lines were         full-time job and family life.
able to drive consumer demand and operate at full capacity.
This could be accomplished, because the cruise industry did       An online degree or certificate in Hospitality Management
have some advantages. These advantages include vessel             will qualify a person to apply for managerial positions in
mobility and redeployment, ability to quickly adept to            different hospitality branches like cruise ships, luxury resorts,
changes, effective expense management and offering a              spas, hotels and many other companies.
product with the highest perceived value for money spent.
                                                                  Internet is an important factor in our lives nowadays and an
The CLIA members have responded to the economic crisis            online course makes it even more interesting. There are
very well. The cruise industry has continued high cruise          already a lot of online Hotelschools that offer the opportunity
vacation interest and there are still new markets with people     of an education and degree. Next to this edicatonal part, the
who have never cruised before. Going on a cruise often            Internet is getting you all kind of information like comparing
exceeds the expectations of the vacationers which could be a      hotelprices, booking online and shopping. A upcoming trend
reason that first time cruisers become regular cruisers.          is the online job interview. Do you want to learn more:
>                    >

Restaurants still in crisis                                       Green parking
The economical crisis had many                                    Environmentally friendly practices are not only common to the
consequences for the                                              Charles Hotel in Cambridge, as they feel that the awareness is
hospitality branch in the                                         the greatest tool available to improve the public’s “earth
Netherlands. Especially                                           friendly” practices. That is why they will give ‘green guests’
restaurants had a significant                                     unique discounts like free parking.
decrease in revenue of €164
million. More people eat at                                       The first green improvement is the “Hotel Bike” program,
home instead of going to an                                       which allows guests to use the hotels’ Electra Amsterdam
expensive restaurant.                                             Classic Bicycles. These bicycles with shopping baskets allow the
Therefore, snacking became                                        guests to enjoy the Cambridge and Boston scenery in a more
more popular. All the fastfood                                    fun and energy efficient way. Next to this the parking garage
companies had an increase in                                      of the hotel is equiped with a “Juice Bar” and a small car
revenue of €6 million in comparison with 2009. An extra           detection system. This special system measures the dimension
negative influence for the hospitality companies are the          of the cars and bases the price on that. The parking place has
smoking ban and the increase in prices.                           a separate area for drivers of very small cars like the Mini
>         Cooper and Smart. The “Juice Bar” allows guests to charge
actueel/rtlnieuws/2011/01_januari/10/binnenland/restaurants-      their hybrid and electric cars for free and it also has a place
nog-steeds-dupe-crisis.xml                                        where tires can be inflated free of charge, because tires with
                                                                  the right pressure save fuel.
4 : Hospitality delighted
                                                                                  all about people
How to recruit great people?                                       How to win guest satisfaction?
An increase in retiring babyboomers                                We know that satisfied guests tend to come back. So if we
is also an issue in the hospitality                                want to increase our guest loyalty we must satisfy them. Staff
industry. Companies need to fill up                                interaction is an important factor to reaching this goal.
those positions again, but how to
recruit the right person to fit the job?                           Positive staff interactions will increase guest satisfaction, the
                                                                   way a guest values a company depends highly on the level of
Important aspects to consider while recruiting are: attitude,      experienced service. Imagine how you value great service, the
enthusiasm and passion for the job or industry. These are the      next time you need a certain product you want to return to
basic requirements an applicant needs to show during a             that company. One of the moments of truth is that first guest
conversation. Skills are important as well but skills can be       contact. You can make it or
learned, enthusiasm and passion cannot.                            break it. The first impression of
                                                                   the guest continuous to
Companies should not only search for people, who respond           influence the perception of all
to the job vacancies, but they also should use their network       further contacts in the
of business contacts and contacts of the existing team. Use        company.
the existing team for recommendations of employees and to
promote the workplace to potential candidates. Involve them        Creating and sustaining a
in the recruitment process. This will demonstrate your belief      service culture is challenging
in them and strengthen their commitment to help the new            and can be quite difficult.
employee to succeed. Companies also should develop                 However it is very important to obtain guest satisfaction and
relationships with agencies as well as recruitment officers        a strong service culture can differentiate your company and
from local colleges and universities. It is all about creating a   make
culture where the best employees want to work.                     it succesful.
 >               >
Attract_Great_People___By_Caroline_Cooper.html                     satisfaction-is-won

Royal Caribbean helps Haiti                                        Cruise industry and its future
The cruise company Royal Caribbean, built a school in
Haiti. This is one of the first schools built after the            In the last few years the cruise industry has developed
earthquake. The school complex “L’Ecole Nouvelle Royal             quickly. Even during the economic downturn, H1N1 and the
Caribbean” is located in the northern part of Haiti. The           increase in fuel prices, the cruise industry was the only market
campus consists out of six buildings, with 12 classrooms,          that had a growth during these times. There were 3 reasons
administrative offices, a computer lab and bathrooms.              why the cruise industry succeeded. First the cruise companies
The buildings on the campus can sustain hurricane winds,           lowered its cruise fares, secondly they understood the
resist earthquakes and are waterproof and energy                   customers’ need and finally a new generation cruisers are
efficient. The school provides classes in English and              entering the market. These cruisers are families and young
environmental stewardship. Richard D. Fain, chairman               couples. Special in this new market are people who plan a
and CEO of Royal Caribbean cruises said referring to the           cruiseship wedding that combines their wedding and
Allure of the Seas and the school on Haiti: “I get great           honeymoon. The cruise industry will develop in the future
satisfaction from being involved in such a complicated             with three major companies who dominate the market,
and successful project. But I also get a great sense of            namely Carnival, Royal Caribbean cruises and Star cruises. The
satisfaction and fulfillment from the small project of             cruise industry do not intend to grow too fast otherwise it
developing a school for Haiti’s children and their                 will fall very soon.
parents.”                                                          >

HOSPITALITY highlighted
                                                                                all about creativity
The experience of hearing, feeling, and tasting
A new unique experience has come to Amsterdam; dining in the dark! Ctaste, the company which all started this, has successful
‘dining in the dark’ restaurants in Berlin, Vienna, Paris, London and Hollywood.

The experience starts at a lighted room where guests enjoy a drink while choosing from the menu, after this the guests will be
guided to the dark dining room. Where visually impaired waiters will serve them. Now the guests can experience what it is to
be blind.

The dark room is also used for beer tasting, dating in the dark,
brunching in the dark and high tea in the dark. When you dine,
date or brunch, this restaurant gives you a unique experience!

As Cold as Ice. Brrrr…                                              Capsule hotels
Do you love a hot summer, or do you like winter better? If          The Capsule Inn Akihabara is a unique style new style of
you like a good chill, go to Xtracold IceBar in Amsterdam!          accommodation in capsules, which is only offered in Japan.
This cool bar is completely made out of ice, including the          At the 9Hours Capsule hotel Tourists or business guests have
walls, the bar, the stools                                          the opportunity to experience a night in a one-person
and even the glasses.                                               capsule.
                                                                    These capsules are two-square meters and are equipped with
When entering the Ice                                               a TV, Radio and Wireless Internet connection. The modules
bar, you will get special                                           are 3500 yen per night. (Approximately 31 euro’s)
thermal clothing and                                                Until now not many tourists made use of this ‘ tube hotels’.
special gloves. After                                               That were originally designed
entering the bar, a 4D ice                                          for office workers who could
experience starts. This film                                        not get home after work,
brings the guests to an                                             nowadays the Capsule hotels
exciting ice adventure.                                             are redesigned and becoming a
                                                                    new trend. They especially
Are you into the ‘cool’? Go to the Xtracold Amsterdam!              attract foreign travelers
>                                                  because of that unique
                                                                    Japanese experience.

Want to stay in a giant sand castle?
Nowadays, more unique hotels are entering the market, for example ice hotels. Now there is also
a hotel completely made out of sand, a real life sand castle. The hotel is located at Weymouth
beach in the seaside town of Dorset in the United Kingdom. Sand sculptor Mark Anderson
created the hotel and it was constructed out of approximately 1000 tonnes of sand. Not only the
inside and outside of the hotel are all made of sand, but also the furniture. Guests are informed
that there are no toilet and shower facilities available. The hotel does not have a roof and
therefore, the guests can can enjoy the stars at night, but this also has a negative aspect as well,
if it rains the hotel will be washed away. For guests who do not mind the sand between their
toes, this hotel will be a unique experience!

6 : Hospitality delighted
                                                                                all about the market
The worlds largest                                                    Tourist stuck on a Carnival Cruise ship
cruise ship
                                                                      Approximately 4500 tourists
Last December, the world’s                                            got stuck on the Carnival
largest cruise ship named                                             Splendor of the Carnival cruise
“Allure of the Seas” entered                                          company. The Carnival
the market. This ship sails under the flag of                         Splendor departed from Long
Royal Caribbean Cruises and has everything what you can and           Beach in California for a seven-
even cannot imagine on a cruise ship.                                 day cruise alongside the
This ship exceeds in the usual facilities, which are offered on       Mexican Riviera but the ship did not sail anymore after
board. Every type of passenger and every age category would           Monday 8 November due to a fire in the engine room. After
enjoy ‘Allure of the Seas’. Children can enjoy a carrousel,           the fire the technicians had difficulties with restarting the
climbing wall and Aqua Theate. For the adults relaxation in           engine.
the vitality spa and fitness center is offered, At the vitality spa
guests can make use of saunas, whirlpools and special beauty          The circumstances at the cruise ship were far from pleasant.
treatments.                                                           The air-conditioning and phones did not work and food
After these delightments you can even have a stroll in one of         could not be heated anymore. First the toilets did not flush
the tropic gardens as well as the ships’ own Central park. On         and the water pumping system did not operate as well,
this cruise ship nobody gets bored ever!                              happily the technicians solved this problem within a day. The
                                                                      guests did not expect this to happen on a luxurious cruise
Want to learn more:                                                   ship. At 11 November, the ship finally reached the harbour of
>                                      San Diego. The passengers have received their money back
                                                                      and were transferred back to California.

Coffee or tea? I’ll take a beer!
Starbucks recently started
selling wine and beer. After                                          Tips for generating
four o’clock in the                                                   positive hotel reviews
afternoon, consumers can
enjoy a glass of alcoholic                                            These days traditional marketing methods are not enough
beverage in the coffee                                                anymore. Since the online review sites appeared, hotel
brands’ shop in                                                       reviews became more and more important for guest who are
Washington. Purpose?                                                  looking for a place to stay. Hoteliers can promote whatever
Optimizing the consumer                                               they want, but if the online reviews are negative it will
expenses.                                                             definitely influence the decision making process of potential
                                                                      guests. So what can you do? Well, waiting for guests who do
Starbucks is not alone in                                             not know how to post negative reviews can be an option. On
this action. Multiple                                                 the other hand, stimulate positive reactions will be even a
companies use products,                                               better one. Here some tips in cultivating positive reviews: Be
that have nothing to do                                               remarkable, in the age of social media, remarkable means,
with the original brand. In Dubai and New York, Burger King           set realistic expectations of your property and empower
sells ‘ pizza burgers’. Jamba Juice offers organic coffee and         employees to exceed them in creative and memorable ways.
cereals and McDonald serves fruit smoothies. The intention of         It is the little details guests remember. Besides, do not be shy,
all these chains is to attracted more customers coming from           front desk staff can mention for instance ‘’ at
work and in this way gain more revenue.                               checkout. Encourage happy quests to write reviews!
>                                                   More tips:

                                                                     HOSPITALITY meets TECHNOLOGY

Using your Smartphone
as a room key
Do you hate waiting for a check-in? Are you in a hurry for a meeting and do you just                    mobile phones and those
want to dump your suitcase, before going to your meeting?                                                percentages should continue
Discover the new Smartphone technology! A few hotels already tested the                                  to grow. Intercontinental
Smartphone hotel room key. This application can be used by the iPhone, Blackberry                        hotels group is one of the
and Android-powered devices. Guests have to register with the hotel and download                       most aggressive players in the
an app. upon arrival; guests can open up a confirmation email on their Smartphone             hotel industry. More than 30.000 people
and then hold it up to the door’s sensor for entry. It is possible to check-in during your    have downloaded IHG’s “priority club
way to the hotel, so that guests can avoid the check-in desk. Guests can also access          rewards iPhone app”.
other services through this application, also on departure; the check- out process will
be easy and stress-free.                                                                      Nowadays travelers want access to
                                                                                              information wherever and whenever
Several hotels are already testing it,         it impossible for unauthorized people to       they want. Therefore it is important for
also the intercontinental hotels group is      use a lost or stolen mobile phone. If          the hotels to stay up to date and make
testing it at the Holiday Inn (Chicago),       people lose their key, it cannot be            an app for their hotel. Hotels can also
O’Hare Rosemont and the Holiday Inn            blocked.                                       promote their hotel through apps.
Express Houston Downtown Convention
Centre. It is very important that this         Mobile network and applications over           The app technology is
application works for 100%, because if         the past few years have become an eye          growing and is willing
you arrive after midnight, after a lovely      opener for hotels. Deloitte have shown         to grow more in the
dinner, you want to get into your room.        that 10% of respondents have used a            future. Around 41
If all goes well, the technology will be       hotel application to book a room, access       million people are
installed in 20% of the IHG’s                  a loyalty program account to view their        using the blackberry
hotel rooms.                                   reservation, pay a bill or check-in or –out.   and the iPhone has
                                               There are already many applications and        approximately 42 million users and this
There are some advantages, but also            it is possible to add some services to the     number is increasing rapidly, which
some disadvantages for this technology.        application, like extending your nights,       means that more people are using the
Namely, this technology can be nice for        ordering room service, looking at the          applications of hotels. So go to the
business people, because this target           menu of the hotel’s restaurant. These          mobile phone shop to purchase a
group do not want to have a lot of             hotel mobile apps can help hotels reach        blackberry or an iPhone.
contact with the employees, they just          on-the-go travelers with information
want to have a nice room with Wi-Fi and        what they are offering.                        Sources:
some additional services. However,                                                            >
leisure guests love to have a high service.   To help hotels meet the demand for              openways-makes-your-smartphone-a-
Leisure guests want to have a high            mobile commerce, a new hotel mobile             hotel-room-key-provides-a-diff
employee contact, otherwise they think        phone application is made, namely
that the service is bad. These guests just    StayHIP™. This app is focused on boutique,      >
want to check-in at the front desk, so the    unique experience and small luxury hotels,      post/2010/05/holiday-inn-to-test-
choice to implement this service will be      with thousands of hotel choices.                smartphone-as-hotel-room-key-some-
based on which target group the hotel                                                         guests-prefer-to-skip-front-desk/93807/1
focuses on.                                   Nowadays nearly 40% of the Smartphone
                                              owners say they have done at least some         >
This technology also increases the            of their leisure travel research on their       marketing_technology_apps_iPhone_
security. If a mobile phone is lost, the      mobile device. 25% of the Smartphone            BlackBerry_loyalty_printing_0602/
access code can be blocked, which makes       owners have booked travel through their


Owning a cruise ship!
Why going on a cruise for a couple of weeks when you can ‘own’
your part of a cruise ship? Cruise ship The World operated by
ResidenSea makes this possible.
Living in permanent luxury, always        People live on this ship so all facilities   World” is all about, without ever
traveling and discover the whole world    you can find in a regular city are           leaving the comfort of home you make
while living in your own apartment.       available. Friendly and attentive staff      trips into the jungle of South- America
This residential community is owned by    take care of four wonderful restaurants,     or arrange tickets for Sidney’s opera
the resident’s themselves, which          great food and delicacies are sold in an     house.
consists of over 40 nationalities. Some   onboard grocery store, you can shape
of the resident’s live permanent          up on the tennis courts, golf course or      But this kind of luxury ofcourse has a
offshore while others visit their         swimming pool. You find your                 price. Prices for apartments as of 2010:
residence periodically.                   relaxation in the spa resort, for books      328 sq ft (30.5 m2) studio $600,000. The
                                          to read there is a library and for films     World suite lists prices of $13,500,000.
The real luxury feeling comes from that   to catch up on you can go to the movie       Besides, monthly dues range from a
every day looks like holiday and you      theater. Besides al this luxury, courses     monthly $20,000. To cover fuel, crew,
come back home every night. The           like cooking demonstrations, briefings       maintenance and meal costs. With a
World has everything what is required     for the next port are given and              crew of 250. 165 residential units are
for a residential stay breathing a        bookings for the nightlife in the next       situated consisting of 106 apartments,
vacation atmosphere. While between        port can be made while you are still         19 studio apartments and 40 studios.
ports, life aboard ship resembles life    sailing the high seas.                       This remarkable ship holds a community
found in almost any upscale                                                            of 100-300 residents and their guests.
community.                                This adventure of exploring and
                                          enjoying the whole world is what “the        >

10 : Hospitality delighted

Social media;
The new revolution!
                                           use this Twitter program for many          TripAdvisor, Facebook, Youtube and
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.            questions. E.g. local activities,          Twitter are the most popular websites
Who has not heard of social media          restaurants in the area or where to find   for consulting about holiday
these days? It transforms the way we       a doctor.
live and do business. Social media isn’t
a fad; it is a fundamental shift in the    The hospitality industry can also take
                                                                                      > 80% of all
way we communicate.                        advantage of the mobile geo-location         companies use
                                           features. Those features alert a hotel       social media for
Did you know these facts:                  that someone is in the building. This
                                           creates an opportunity for the hotel to
                                           pitch relevant services to the guest.
                                                                                      destinations. After consulting those
                                           Furthermore, interacting with              websites more than one-third (35%)
                                           customers using Facebook and Twitter       changed their hotel as a result. Other
                                           can improve customer service.              holiday components were affected as
                                           Personalized customer services can be      well. 15% changed airline, 15%
                                           offered not only by phone, but also        changed resort, 15% changed the
                                           with social media. Guests can also tweet   agent or operator and 12% decided to
                                           their reactions or reviews of hotels via   visit another country.
- Social media has overtaken               social media.                              This proves that social media is very
  pornography as the number 1 activity     78% of consumers listen to peer            important for the hospitality industry
  on the web!                              recommendations, only 14% trust            and can have major impacts, both
- 1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S    advertisement. Hotels can benefit from     negative and positive. Therefore, hotels
  met via social media.                    this, to read and to improve their         and travel companies need to make
- If Facebook were a country, it would     business. Special offers and discounts     sure they are fairly represented on
  be the 3rd largest country in the        can be offered through tweets or           social media sites.
  world.                                   Facebook.
- 80% of all companies use social media                                               The development of the future of social
  for recruitment.                         Through Facebook or Twitter different      media is growing very fast. Looking
- Some universities have stopped           communities can be created as well like    further ahead than 5 years is almost
  distributing e-mail account. Instead     Marriot have done. The Marriot             impossible.
  they are distributing Ireaders, Ipads    Rewards Insiders is an online              The future for the upcoming years will
  and Tablets.                             community who can share travel tips        be that the consumers, not the
- The fastest growing segment on           and stories as well as get the insider     providers will be in control. It is wise for
  Facebook is 55-65 year-old females.      scoop from Marriott’s own people.          the companies to put as much relevant
                                                                                      information on social networks as
But how is social media related to the     Social media is also getting popular       possible. The identity of visitors and
hospitality industry?                      when choosing a holiday destination.       their relationships will be recognized,
For companies, social media is getting     The World Travel Market poll revealed      therefore personalized online
more and more popular. The UK brand        one out of three people changed their      experiences can be offered. From 2011
Premier Inn launched a trial of a          plans after consulting social media and    on, social media will give direction to
Twitter concierge program. Guests can      review websites.                           the necessary innovations.


    Daily life
          How does a typical day onboard
       of a cruise ship looks like? Marloes
  Stuivenberg shared her story about her
  experience during her internship as HR
    employee on the ms. Noordam of the
                      Holland America Line.
                                                7:00                                         checked. Also, reports have to be made
                                                This is in general the moment that a ship    with all confirmed and scheduled
Generally, an intern has two contracts of       arrives in port. Immigration and Customs     working hours.
four months, each with a period of              officials will come onboard to clear the     Next to working seven days a week, also
approximately six weeks vacation in             ship. In order to do so, the specific list   possibilities are offered to enjoy the
between. The first period Marloes was           should be prepared in advance, such as       different countries and cultures by for
Port Paper Officer and mainly responsible       passenger and crew lists, disembarking       instance trips organized for
for clearing the ship. After her time off,      and embarking persons, health
she came back as Crew Officer. This             declarations, permission letters, general
entails being responsible for all crew and      information sheets, store lists and crew
payroll related issues. The biggest             effects lists.
challenge is to make sure that all              8:00 – 12:00
operations run smoothly. As an intern,          The rest of the morning consist of staying
full responsibility is given for every aspect   in touch with the Port Agent, making
of your function onboard.                       sure that items that will be offloaded are
Especially as Port Paper Officer, it gives a    cleared, making sure that disembarking
rush to get a ship with 2000 guests and         crewmembers have the correct
800 crew cleared, because you are               documentation etcetera. Sometimes
completely dependent on the                     medical transportation needs to be
Immigration and Customs officials at that       arranged as well. This is coordinated with   crewmembers. Besides, you can watch
moment.                                         the Port Agent and the local hospital.       one of the shows in the Show Lounge or
A Port Paper Officer has responsibilities       Also basic crew administration comes         relax at the Spa.
all day long, a typical day onboard at the      with the job, such as checking the           Not one day is the same and every day
ms. Noordam looks like this:                    confirmed working hours and making           you experience a different place of the
                                                sure that every crewmember did confirm       world. Sometimes you are even able to
                                                 his/her hours.                              make a difference. For example in
                                                13:00 – 18:00                                January, Holland America Line donated
                                                Around dinner time, the ship leaves port     17,000 lbs of food, clothes and medicines
                                                again and it should be assured that the      to the people in need in Haiti after the
                                                ship is allowed to leave the port by         earthquake. A challenge of working
                                                means of preparing port papers and           offshore is that you are working for
                                                sending out departure manifests. Next to     several months in a row, which means
                                                that, the port papers needed for the         being away from family and friends back
                                                next port of call should be prepared.        home. Even though it is hard work you
                                                19:00 – 21:00                                would develop yourself more than you
                                                After dinner, the port papers of the next    expect. Honestly, working at Holland
                                                port of call are done and should be          America Line is a unique life experience!

12 : Hospitality delighted
Search Engine
Have you ever asked yourself                                                            attractive offer of a hotel in this
why the lousy restaurant on the
corner is filled to the top every                                                             In addition, next to advertisement
evening, while you are busy                                                                     on well known paid platforms,
                                                                                                  there a more ways to
doing God knows what to                                                                            generate online publicity.
fill a couple of chairs each                                                                         Think for example about
                                                                                                      websites like
                                                                                                      (Dutch) or
The answer is:                                                                                        (Global/International)
                                                                                                      where users of these sites
                                                                                                     can give their opinion about
                                                                                                   restaurants and hotels they
A lot of companies use outdated                                                                   visited. Encourage visitors to
marketing channels that have proven                                                             leave a message behind by
successful in the past, but currently find                                                    sending them for example a
themselves ignored in the marketplace.                                                     thanks note per email with an
Nowadays, everybody will look for a                                                     attractive discount for their next stay.
good restaurant or a nice hotel online.                                                 Twitter gives you the opportunity to
                                                                                        bind with your current and previous
Search Engine Advertisement (also            But don’t stop there. Social media, like   customers by keeping them in the loop
called SEA) is an effective way to reach     Facebook, Twitter and Hyves can do         of changing menus, last minute
more people from all over the globe.         miracles for the growth of the guest       discounts and other news regarding
See what it means if your                    records. Users of these websites give      your establishment
advertisement pops up on Google as           most of the time their culinary
first when people look for ‘ Best            preferences and favourite restaurants       Lots of possibilities occur online to
spareribs in Amsterdam’. A lot of our        on their personal profile. As a marketer   bring your establishment to their
customers see an explosion of visitors       you can use this in an effective and       attention; some of them even for free!
on their website. Obviously a fancy-         easy way. Think about a person who         The number of households with an
looking website, with fresh offers and a     described on his personal Facebook         Internet connection is still growing, this
lot of positive reactions from previous      page that he likes spareribs. These        year with 8%. And one spends these
guests will eventually leads to              people would love to click on an           days more time on the Internet that
conversion from website visitor to           advertisement with a discount coupon       watching TV or reading a newspaper.
potential customers.                         for ‘ unrestrained spareribs’. Or a        So do not stay behind!
The possibility to make a reservation        person, who has Athena as favourite
online is a fine way to give a visitor the   holiday destination, would probably be     Wytze van de Belt
opportunity to take action immediately.      interested in an advertisement with an     >


   Experience life on a
   cruise ship!
   Who does not want to cruise on a great ship with lots of facilities
   across some of the beautiful places of the world? Wytze Tel, Marcel
   Bartelds, Nadine Plomp, Anika Kastner, Tobias Wiegers and Davy
   Kroezen participated in the cruise minors of Stenden University and
   had the chance to go on the cruise ship “Nieuw Amsterdam” of the Holland America line.

   At the beginning of the school year, the       different shifts on one day. It is very com-      important and necessary to satisfy the
   students started with cruise minor one.        mon a restaurant employee starts the first        guest as well.
   This module is all about the theoretical       shift at 5.30 AM for breakfast and then           Although we are very positive about
   part of the cruise industry. In module two     take a couple of hours off. After the             working on a cruise ship, there are some
   of the cruise minor the students could         break the next shift starts at 12 o’clock         negative aspects as well. The working
   practice their knowledge in real life on a     for lunch and perhaps he or she has               hours can be seen as negative, because
   cruise.                                        another break until the evening shift             the crewmembers sometimes have to
                                                  starts for dinner.                                work for 12 hours a day. Furthermore,
   Which itinerary did you cruise?                                                                  employees do not see their families for a
   The cruise started in Fort Lauderdale and      What other activities did you do?                 long time and the communication on a
   cruised along places like Grand Turk, San      After all the presentations and rest of the       cruise ship is hard as well, due to unavaila-
   Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, and Half       program, we could do anything we like in          bility of the signal.
   Moon Cay and back to Fort Lauderdale           our free time. If we were on land, we
   again all within seven days.                   went to the beach. If we were on board            Would you recommend the minor Cruise
                                                  we had the opportunity to enjoy all f             Management?
                                                  acilities and services of the cruise ship, like   The program on the cruise ship already
   > working on a                                 water aerobics, line dancing, cooking             exceeded our expectations before the trip.
                                                  shows and game shows.                             We all are very enthusiastic about working
     cruise ship is a                                                                               on a cruise ship. Five of the students are
     real lifestyle                               Which positive and negative aspects did           very sure they want to work on a cruise
                                                  you experience?                                   ship for their internship and one student
                                                  We experienced a lot of positive aspects,         still doubts. We can really recommend
   What was the daily program of                  for example the friendly crew. The crew is        other students to do the minor cruise man-
   the cruise?                                    very helpful, entertaining and they even          agement one and two. Especially, cruise
   A typical day started every morning with       remember your name. This is a real                minor two is important and really nice,
   a presentation of one of the officers          strength of working on a cruise ship. Also        because you see the theory of cruise minor
   about different topics. After the presenta-    a lot of the employees are from different         one brought in practice. This will help you
   tion, we enjoyed lunch together and in         cultures and this will help you to learn          to decide if working on a cruise ship is
   the afternoon another presentation or a        about these cultures and the cultural             suitable for you.
   chat with one of the (petty)officers in dif-   differences.
   ferent positions. During those seven days      Another positive aspect is the care for the       We would like to thank everybody who
   we saw a lot of different departments on       employees. On a cruise ship, it is impor-         made this amazing trip possible and espe-
   the cruise ship. Sometimes we had the          tant the employees are satisfied.                 cially Josephine van Gent and Mark Zeller
   afternoon off to visit one of the ports of     Therefore, the human resource depart-             for this great opportunity.
   call. We had dinner and went to a show         ment takes care of the employees very             Source: Cruise management students,
   or a bar. An important aspect we discov-       well. If an employees has problems with           Wytze Tel, Marcel Bartelds, Nadine Plomp,
   ered was working on a cruise ship is a real    anything, does not matter what, he or she         Anika Kastner, Tobias Wiegers and Davy
   lifestyle. “You cannot keep your social life   can always ask for help at the HRM                Kroezen and cruise management minor
   and work separated”. This is due to the        department. Satisfied employees are               coordinator, Ate de Groot.

   14 : Hospitality delighted
Bij aanmelding
gratis theorie cursus
Vraag naar de studentenkorting.
                                                 FOOD & BEVERAGE

Jonnie &
Thérèse Boer;
The hospitality
dream couple
Jonnie and Thérèse Boer are well known in the
Netherlands and the rest of the world with their
three Michelin star restaurant; De Librije. Jonnie
Boer recently joined the Holland America Line's
Culinary Council.

De Librije’s phenomenon started in 1993 when Jonnie and
Therese took over Restaurant De Librije. Half a year
afterwards they received their first Michelin star. In 1999
the second star followed and in 2004 the culinary couple is
delighted with their third Michelin star.

In the years in between the couple wrote several books,
entered the Alliance Gastronomique Neerlandaise and

                                                                 conventions and entrenched customs.

> Jonnie & Thérèse: ‘The word                                    Jonnie and Thérèse: 'In De Librije we often use the word
  passion crops up everywhere’                                   'pure'. In the widest sense of the word. Of course the food
                                                                 we prepare is pure, and we only use the best products. We
                                                                 cook things in a way that lets you taste all the individual
broaden their business with Club and Restaurant Koperen          flavours as much as possible. Cramping in as many
Kees, Catering company Food on Tour, a shop Librije’s            ingredients as possible simply doesn't fit into that
Winkel and in 2008 their dream came true with their own          philosophy.'
Hotel. In the former prison from Zwolle now the 5 star
‘Librije’s Hotel’ is situated. This hotel has 19 luxurious       But the word 'pure' means much more. It really stands for
suites, a one Michelin star restaurant ‘Librije’s Zusje’ and a   everything we do. It reflects how we want to work, and
cooking and wine school ‘Librije’s Atelier’.                     how we approach our guests. We really love things to be
                                                                 pure and simple, and we're lucky that we have a team that
Passion is what drives them and that is where it is all          is very, very good at their job. Pure is a word that we all
about in the Librije companies. Passion for cooking, wines,      relate to personally, and the rest is just very hard work.
gastronomy and all of this made available with a                 The passion for things pure and simple, to us, is the secret
contemporary, modern approach and an aversion to                 of De Librije.

16 : Hospitality delighted
                                                                                HOSPITALITY AND MORE                             ...

Travel not to go
anywhere, but to go
In 1993 I joined one of the most famous Cruise Ships in the
world, the Grand Lady, former ss Rotterdam, for a 100-day
journey around the world. This gracious ship is currently retired
and docked in Rotterdam as a Hotel and Conference Center.

After sailing and working aboard
cruise ships for seven years, hav-
ing traveled the seven high seas
and had the opportunity to visit
nearly all continents around the
world I retired sailing in 2000
after I got married.

During these years working
aboard I got addicted to the life
where I work with multiple cul-
tures, making a living while having
the opportunity to meet people,
get to know other cultures and                      Take for instance the
travel. For this reason I decided to remain   Housekeeping department
connected to the cruise industry and          aboard also responsible for the
developed a Course Cruise Management.         embarkation of nearly 4000
In this course we teach potential candi-      suitcases each voyage on
dates the “Needs to know before you go”       embarkation and disembarka-
about this specific and fantastic industry.   tion days.
We aim to educate them so that they can
discover if this “career” is their cup of     The second program consists of a part          rotate, in several contracts, through a
tea. Although Cruising sounds romantic,       where students need do a research              number of positions in one departments
the work is hard and challenging, howev-      project related to the cruise industry, fact   to get familiar with the onboard hotel
er in combination with the travelling very    based which is tested on feasibility. This     operation (Culinary, Beverage, Guest
rewarding if possessing over the right        program ends with a practical part where       Relations, Administration and
competences.                                  a group of students ends up traveling to       Housekeeping) The internships are creat-
                                              the USA to spend a voyage aboard a ship        ed to start a career with us.
Stenden is the first Bachelor education       to experience the actual way of living,
for hospitality with an in depth cruise       traveling and working. What better way         For the ones interested in this industry,
module program. The optional education-       to find out if this kind of life is suitable   each year a number of Holland America
al programs are given in the third year of    for a career after being graduated?            Line ships visit Amsterdam and Rotterdam
the educational program as a minor. The                                                      on its way traveling through Europe.
first program gives an insight in the dif-    For students having this ambition and          Check with Josephine van Gent, (jvan-
ferent departments aboard the ship and        being amongst the few selected ones,  if you would
the cruise industry. Although most of the     Holland America Line is offering a Career      like to join us for a ship tour.
Hotel departments aboard ship seem to         Roadmap Intern Program. This is an
be the same as ashore, in practice they       intern program for a select number of          Josephine van Gent, Coordinator
are much different and more challenging.      high potentials where the candidate            Student Programs Holland America Line


                                                                     The world of tea
   First thing that comes to mind when you        have played a significant role in the          tea leaves, Black tea-smoked chicken,
   think of tea is a warm cup of dark black       popularity of tea around the world.            Tea-blanched shrimps, Lychee-smoked
   liquid most likely earl grey. However,         Species                                        duck breasts, Earl grey truffles and Green
   tea is more than that! After coffee, tea       The Camellia sinensis specifies mainly in      tea vodka are assembled. A new
   is the most drunk warm beverage in the         two varietals. The China and the Assam         dimension will be given by the flavour of
   hospitality industry. Nevertheless, the        bush. Depending on the harvest and             tea on food.
   consumption of tea is on track to              process method it results in the four          Tea Sommelier
   become the most popular drink. These           main categories: White, Green, Oolong          The concept of sommelier is usually
   days the hospitality industry exploits the     and Black tea.                                 associated with wine. A Tea Sommelier is
   growing popularity and tea has an even         Pairing tea & food                             fairly new as Cynthia Gold mentioned:
   bigger profit potential since its cost price   When combining tea with food, tea can          “The term was coined in 1999 for James
   is lower than that of coffee. Tea trends       be used within the dish or alongside it.       Labe when he oversaw the tea program
   are becoming more obvious. Some of             Similar to wine, especially the flavour        at ‘Heartbeats’ the restaurant at the W
   the recent tea trends are: cooking &           profiles, aromatics, mouth-feel and            Hotel in New York. I believe long before
   pairing tea with food and the concept of       textures of both should be taken into          that, Helen Gustafson was functioning as
   tea sommeliers.                                consideration. Besides, the season, style      a Tea Sommelier for Alice Waters
                                                  of food, cooking technique and personal        restaurant, Chez Panisse in California.
   We let you discover the new world of tea       preferences are important. Tea is paired       She was in fact my mentor. Another
   together with ‘Culinary Tea’ the newest        with food to enhance, highlight or point       pioneer was Tomislav Pedroka of
   book of Cynthia Gold, acknowledged tea         out secondary flavours.                        SerendipiTea, one of the first tea
   sommelier at The Boston Park Plaza                                                            purveyors to pay particular attention to
   Hotel, Boston, United States and Lisë          > “There are myriad                            issues of culinary pairings”. Since the
   Stern. The unknown world of tea is                                                            newness of this notion, what does it
   observed with an in-depth introduction
                                                     ways in which tea                           actual entails: “a Tea Sommelier is the
   of all types of tea, food pairing, methods        can enhance a dish”                         bridge between the tea and culinary
   for steeping and many recipes.                                                                worlds, whether it is to aid the guest in
                                                  For cooking with tea, a close look needs       choosing the best tea to fit their mood,
   > “Tea is one of the                           to be taken to the several flavours of the     tastes and choice of dish, aid a chef in
                                                  ingredients. Besides, tea can be paired        choosing and pairing of dish to tea or tea
      oldest ingredients                          with food from the same regions as a           within the dish to use. Create tea menus
      in the kitchen- and at                      result of the terroir which is affecting all   and tea focused events”.
      the same time,                              ingredients.                                   This is only the beginning of the
                                                  In general, white tea gives a delicate         upcoming of tea. For a detailed and
      one of the newest”                          taste and pairs with slightly sweetened        beautiful overview ‘Culinary Tea’ is a true
                                                  food such as butter cake. Green teas pair      delight for tea lovers and those who are
   Origin                                         well with seafood and fish. Whereas,           culinary-minded.
   The earliest attested use of tea was in        Oolong teas soothe hot and spicy dishes.
   Southern China and the Assam region of         Black teas are the red wines amongst the       With special thanks to Cynthia Gold.
   Northern India, the origin of the plant        teas, full-bodied and rich, these match        Photos made by Julian Landa
   Camellia sinensis. Foremost, its uses were     well with smoked food, cheese and beef.        Culinary Tea: More Than 150 Recipes
   medicinal, later on was discovered that a      Recipes                                                     Steeped in Tradition from
   beverage could be made from the leaves.        The book ‘Culinary Tea’                                     Around the World, Cynthia
   The drinking of tea became a ceremonial        includes an affluence of                                    Gold & Lisë Stern, Running
   ritual, particularly in Japan. Tea arrived     recipes for cooking with                                    Press Book Publishers,
   during the seventeenth century to              tea. From starters to                                       Philadelphia,
   Europe. The British tend to drink more         desserts. Beautiful dishes                                  United States (2010)
   tea than other European countries and          like: Tempura-fried fresh                         

   18 : Hospitality delighted

                     1. SeaDream I
                 B   SeaDream Yacht Club's ship “SeaDream I” may be a relatively new player on the luxury cruise
                     scene, however the two-ship line has already managed to carve out a unique niche for itself.
                     SeaDream, created in 2001, is the most genuine small-ship ultimate-flexibility cruise experience in
                     the industry.

                     2. Celebrity Xpedition, Galapagos Islands
                 C   This cruise will cruise you around the Galapagos Islands, an island of the world where time stood
                     still. On board, you can experience the intimate atmosphere, great facilities and the best service.
                     Discover the place where human, animals and nature are one.

                     3. Oasis of the seas
                 D   This ship is the biggest one in the world and exceeds your imagination. This is also the most
                     modern ship with the highest level of technology. It includes, a central park, royal promenade,
                     boardwalk, entertainment place and aqua theater. Step on board on this fantastic cruise.

                     4. Crystal Symphony
                 E   High above the sea, where warm rays of sunshine meet cool ocean breeze. This luxury cruise
                     ship offers fitness, workspace, spa, dancing bars and lovely restaurants. Crystal Symphony finds a
                     natural home in the world’s most glamorous harbors.

                     5. Silver Whisper, the red sea tour
                 F   Silver Whisper cruises provide the type of service that is expected on a boutique, ultra-luxury
                     ship. The accommodations are among the best at the sea, the food is delicious and provide
                     outstanding service.

                     6. Carnival Legend, the 10 days cruise
                 G   This cruise allows every guest to experience all the beautiful destinations of a 10-day vacation
                     in only eight days. This cruise provides a good service for a low price, so even students can enjoy
                     this cruise.

                     7. Carnival imagination cruises
                     Cruise too expensive? Go on tour with Carnival imagination. This cruise is not expensive, but has
                     facilities, which you cannot ‘imagine’; an aqua park, mini golf, children disco, spa, fitness and a
                     casino. Can you imagine that?

                     8. Carnival miracle
                     ‘Fun ship’ is one of the focuses of Carnival. Therefore, this ship is a paradise for children.
                 I   Children can play, while the parents can relax in the lovely spa.

                     9. Mariner of the Seas, Royal Caribbean cruises
                     Guests experience the Mariner of the Seas as one of the most exciting cruise ships. This spectacular
                 J   ship has great facilities like, dining rooms, rock-climbing wall, ice-skating and a basketball court.
                     This cruise takes you to the most beautiful destinations.

                     10. MSC fantasia: your ship of dreams
                     MSC fantasia is the largest cruise ship ever built for a European ship owner. This ship has 80%
                BA   ocean view, many with private balconies. Everything is luxurious and build with the environment
                     in mind, the interior is comfortable and modern. Fantasia makes your dreams come true.

HOTEL MANAGEMENT   T h e   A r t   o f   H o s p i t a l i t y
                                                                                                      YOUR CAREER

   Marcella Himmelreich
       I have great memories of my time as a student of the Hotel School in
    Leeuwarden. I enjoyed the topics that were taught and we discussed in
   our Problem Based Learning Sessions. For several of the topics you don’t
 realize how practical they are until you have to actually decide on them. I
remember for example the sessions about selecting the best type of coffee
    machine and ADA requirements for hotels and restaurants. The Airline
program we participated in, not sure if this program is still offered, is very
 realistic and similar decisions / trends, events occur in the Cruise Industry.
 Cruise lines expand, buy other existing ships, upgrade their current fleet,
               implement new concepts, act on incidents, trends, etcetera.

The Cruise Management minors were             where I am from. Now
not available yet when I attended             Europe is one of my favorite
Hotel School.                                 destinations, both the
                                              Mediterranean and the
In 1998 I started as a Management             Baltic Sea.
Trainee onboard the Veendam.
Unfortunately training in this format is      These last 12 years I started
not offered anymore. I worked in all          on several ships when they were still in      your dishes…, not having to
hotel departments for 2-3 weeks, which        the shipyard: ms Zaandam, ms                  commute to work every day, your work
was a great way to start with Holland         Zuiderdam, ms Westerdam, ms Noordam           is only a few decks up or down. No day
America and familiarize myself with all       and ms Eurodam. It is exciting and a          is ever the same.
aspects of working on a cruise ship.          proud moment when a ship firsts leaves
                                              the yard and sails out on her first voyage.   Onboard a ship there are many rules
After graduating I continued working for                                                    and regulations that you have to
Holland America Line. In the past 12          I got interested in working on a cruise       adhere to. It is important to realize that
years I worked on different ships in          ship, because my dad worked for Holland       on the ship you work and live together
different functions: Asst. Controller,        America Line from ’71-‘74. I did not really   for several months.
Beverage Manager, Asst. Dining Room           plan to do the same, but when I read the      In the last few years, I have met so
Manager, Odyssey Manager, Controller,         notice that HAL was offering a training       many interesting people, guests and
Asst. Food & Beverage Manager, Food           program I got excited and handed in my        crew that have made these 12 years a
and Beverage Manager (now called              application letter the next day. At that      great experience.
Culinary Operations Manager) and the          time I thought it would be nice for a few
last 3 years in my current position. In       years. Since then Holland America Line        The day this request for this article came
December 2007, after a short experience       has given me many opportunities.              in, I am actually in my last week as Hotel
as Hotel Manager on the Windstar Ships,                                                     Manager onboard the ms Oosterdam. I
I became Holland America Line’s first         Working on a cruise ship has many             have decided to disembark this ‘lifestyle’
female Hotel Manager.                         advantages: working and meeting               and embark on a new adventure at
                                              guests and crew of over 40 nationalities,     home. I look back at 12 fantastic years
In the past 12 years, I have worked on        a daily changing, beautiful view every        and will encourage anybody that is open
almost all of the ships, except for the       day, learning about the safety and            to new experiences and is eager to learn
Prinsendam and the Nieuw Amsterdam            environmental aspects of a ship               about the ship operation, our high but
that was delivered in July 2010.              operation and how you can work as             personal service standards, to work for
The first time I went to sea, I did not       safe and environmentally friendly as          Holland America Line.
want to go to Europe, because that is         possible, not having to cook and clean        Bon voyage!


            The Cruise Industry
                                                      Excellent opportunities!
     Which industry can boast of an average annual growth           pampered holidays to the world’s most beautiful
     of 8% despite the economic recession? The cruise               destinations.
     industry is the fastest growing segment of the travel
     industry; achieving more than 2 100 percent growth             Excellent opportunities also exist for cruise lines. Although 85
     since the 1970’s classic television show “The Love Boat”       percent of current cruise ship passengers are American
     first introduced the idea of cruise ship travel as a luxury    citizens, this is expected to change rapidly with new
     vacation option.                                               emerging source markets from Europe, Asia and Australia.
                                                                    According to market research undertaken by ING Bank, it is
                                                                    expected that the Dutch source market will triple in the next
                                                                    few years. And since only approximately 20 percent of U.S.
                                                                    adults have ever taken a cruise vacation, there remains an
                                                                    enormous untapped market.

                                                                    As these ‘floating resorts’ require large numbers of staff both
                                                                    on the ship and ashore, it creates an excellent opportunity
                                                                    for our students. Through Stenden university’s cruise
                                                                    management minor(s) students can become acquainted with
                                                                    all operational cruise management activities. An opportunity
                                                                    exists for students to experience ‘Real World Learning’ by
                                                                    participating in a cruise while completing their degree. Upon
                                                                    graduation our students will be in the unique position of
                                                                    being in possession of a degree that provides the opportunity
                                                                    to be paid to travel around the world within this dynamic
     Cruise lines cater to a diverse demographic mix and are        and rapidly growing industry.
     constantly evolving the cruise vacation experience. With
     expanded itineraries to include more diverse ports of call
     and convenient embarkation ports, as well as innovative
     onboard amenities and facilities, cruise lines provide         Ate de Groot,
     excellent opportunities for guests to experience               Course Coordinator Cruise Management

Chief Editor:                                 Design & Layout:                            Project supervisors:
Niels van Felius                              Visser & de Graef b.v., Leeuwarden          Marco ten Hoor
Editorial team:                               Printing office:                            In cooperation with:
Rosie Elzas, Merel Heidinga, Esther van       Grafisch Bedrijf Hellinga b.v.,             Stenden university, Leeuwarden
Klaarbergen, Jolanda Morrenhof                Leeuwarden                                  International Hotel Management
Cooperators:                                  Advertisements:                             Copies:
Marco ten Hoor, Josephine van Gent,           Stenden university Hotel, Coos Bar          2.000
Marcella Himmelreich, Jonnie Boer,            Bodega, ABN Amro, Io Vivat, Kapper          Email:
Thérese Boer, Nadine Plomp, Wytze van         Bas, Sempiternus, Verkeerschool Ton
de Belt, Wytze Tel, Marcel Bartelds,          van Spanje, Holland America Line. 
Anika Kastner, Tobias Wiegers, Davy           Founders:
Kroezen, Cynthia Gold, Ate de Groot           Daniël Spijker, Mark Struik

22 : Hospitality delighted

3664 flyer SUH culinair alg.e$              20-10-2010   14:54   Page 1

    De Nieuwe Nederlandse Keuken van SVH
    Meesterkok Albert Kooy vormt de basis van
    Deze duurzame, dier- en milieuvriendelijke,
    gezonde en eigentijdse keuken is geïnspireerd
    op de culinaire cultuur van ons land en combi-
    neert deze met internationale ingrediënten
    en kooktechnieken. Hierdoor ontstaan verras-
    sende nieuwe Nederlandse gerechten. Geniet
    van een culinaire ervaring in Restaurant.NL
    waar studenten leidinggevend zijn.

                                                                                         The Art of Hospitality
    Stenden university hotel
    Rengerslaan 8, 8917 DD Leeuwarden

    Maandag t/m vrijdag:         07.00 – 09.30
    Zaterdag en zondag:          08.00 – 11.00
    Maandag t/m zaterdag:        12.00 – 14.00
    Maandag t/m zaterdag:        18.00 – 21.00

    Voor meer informatie of het maken van een
    reservering bel (058) 244 1188 of mail naar
    Zie ook
Navigating your Career
Our Company                                  process by which any member of our          Our Commitment
At Holland America Line our elite team       team can create a successful career in      At Holland America Line our people are
consistently delivers an award-winning       Holland America Line. This program          our strength. We provide robust develop-
standard of service and performance as       includes a path that allows HBO school      ment programs beginning with orienta-
the industry’s leading premium cruise        interns to become a part of this exciting   tion training before you even step aboard.
line. Our fleet of 15 ships offers nearly     program! Our Marine Hotel internships       Onboard we strive to supply the tools to
500 cruises to more than 320 ports in 314    are designed to provide experience with     build a successful and satisfying career.
ports in 97 countries on two- to 117-day     different departments and managerial        Our goal is to foster an environment of
itineraries.                                 positions including:                        growth and accomplishment.

We sail to all seven continents on popular     (Culinary Department)                     Our Mission
Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and Canada/                                    (Guest              rough excellence we create once-in-a-
New England cruises and exotic desti-          Relations)                                lifetime experiences, every time
nations on our Antarctica, South and                                 ( Housekeeping)
Central America, Australia/New Zealand,                      ( Purser)                   Contact Us:
Asia/Pacific and Grand World Voyages.                                                     For further information and to discuss
With 137 years of experience, Holland        Your Talents                                the advantages of joining our team, please
America Line has carried more than 10        Professional qualifications: diploma and/    contact Josephine van Gent, Coordinator
million guests from Europe to the New        or equivalent work experience               Student Programs (jvangent@hollan-
World and to vacation destinations             Excellent communication skills  
around the globe.                              Organizational expertise
                                               Fluent written and spoken English and     In addition we invite you to visit us
Your Career                                    an excellent command of German and/       online at to
Holland America Line is committed              or Spanish and/or Dutch language          learn more about the opportunities and
to creating a culture where our people         skills                                    advantages of a career at sea with Holland
live, work and thrive, because we know         Capable of dealing with different         America Line
our people are our strength. To support        cultures
our people we have developed a Career          Commitment to Holland America Line
Roadmap Program which outlines the             Mission & Values

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