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The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association
Volume XXVIII                                              April 2008
                                                  San Diego Police Officers Association
                                                     8388 Vickers Street   858.573.1199 (Office)
                                                     San Diego, CA 92111   858.573.1574 (Fax)

                             Bill Nemec                   Tom Bostedt                       Tom Rhodes              Rob Lewis
                              President                   Vice President                      Secretary              Treasurer

            Paul Hubka                     Jeff Jordon                    Brian Marvel                Paul Paxton            Mark Sullivan
            Board Member                  Board Member                    Board Member                Board Member           Board Member

                               Committees and                                                           Editorial and Advertising
                              Committee Chairs                                                                Information
  By-Laws/Policy .......................................... Paxton/Lewis/Marvel                                 Editor, Emily Cox
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  Budget/Finance .........................................Lewis/Jordon/Marvel
  Family Health ...................................................... Bostedt/Jordon
                                                                                                                Editorial Policy
  FIT/Safety ..............................................................Hubka/Paxton       The views or opinions expressed in The Informant
  Informant...................................................Hubka/Lewis/Rhodes              are not necessarily the opinions of the San Diego
                                                                                              Police Officers Association, the San Diego Police De-
  Labor Management ................................. Lewis/Paxton/Sullivan                    partment or any official body or agency of the City
  Legal Grievance ....................................... Rhodes/Lewis/Bostedt                of San Diego.
                                                                                              We encourage article ideas and photographs about
  Member Services ................................................. Bostedt/Jordon
                                                                                              or of interest to our members. Article abstracts,
  SCALE ....................................................Rhodes/Marvel/Sullivan            photos, story ideas, suggestions, letters to the editor,
                                                                                              commentaries and information may be submitted in
                                                                                              person, by mail or by email to the editor.
  Retirement ..........................................................Rhodes/Sullivan        Freedom of expression is assured within the bounds
  Political Action............................Lewis/Paxton/Jordon/Sullivan                    of good taste and the limits of available space.
  Public Relations ..........................Lewis/Paxton/Jordon/Sullivan                     Our target audience is law enforcement, specifically
                                                                                              POA members of the San Diego Police Department.
  Member-Public Communications ........ Bostedt/Paxton/Marvel/
                                                                                              All copy and advertising must be submitted by the
  Charity ...................................................................Hubka/Marvel     tenth of the month prior to the anticipated publica-
  Special Events/Scholarship .......................Bostedt/Hubka/Lewis                       tion month; e.g. July 10 for the August issue. Con-
                                                                                              tent submitted after that date may be considered for
  Parliamentarian ....................................................Rhodes/Paxton           a later issue.
2 | The Informant
In This Issue
                                                           President’s Message
Member Spotlight ...................... 4
SDPOA Blood Drive ................... 5               On behalf of the POA board,
                                                   I’d like to welcome you to the
Chaplain’s Corner ...................... 6         new format of The Informant.
                                                   As a publication dedicated to
The Crime Files .......................... 7       our members and supporters, we
                                                   want to provide our readers an
POA Scholarship Info ................ 8
                                                   engaging and easy-to-read maga-
Cigar Mixer III ............................ 9     zine with stories that are of inter-
                                                   est to you.
25 Year Watch Celebration .......10                  You will see some familiar ele-
San Diego Police Officers                          ments, including the Retirement
                                                   Update from Bill Farrar and the
Scott Spillane & Adam Sharki                       Chaplain’s Corner from Herb
Recognized as CRIA                                 Smith, but we also have a few new tricks up our sleeves.
Officers of the Year ...................11           Throughout the each issue, we will introduce stories that
                                                   are of general interest, for example in this issue, a story
SDPD Backgrounds &                                 highlighting the importance of donating blood (which you
Recruiting Unit Reveals                            can do at our very own POA office on April 3).
Tricks of the Trade .................. 12            We have also added an event calendar to keep you up-to-
                                                   date on the important and exciting events that are happen-
Upcoming Events ..................... 14
                                                   ing in the area. We hope that this new format is easier for
TV Cops .....................................15    you to bring along with you in your squad car or throw on
                                                   your kitchen table to enjoy later.
SDPOA Discount Ticket Info....16                      As you well know, the San Diego Police Officers Associa-
April Fool’s ................................17    tion is proud to support our members and we hope that you
                                                   see The Informant as yet another tool we use to keep you
Earth Day ..................................18     informed, but also as a tool to recognize the great work that
                                                   all of our police officers do in the community.
Survey Says: Survey
                                                      In this issue, we have recognized Assistant Chief Boyd
Divulges Public Impression                         Long in this month’s member highlight and we have in-
of San Diego Police Officers .... 20               cluded a few photos from our recent “25 Year Watch” lun-
                                                   cheon, where we celebrated the 28 officers who hit the 25
Retirement Update .................. 22            year mark with the SDPD in the second half of 2007.
A Retirement Nuggets                                  We would really like to make The Informant a first-class
Farewell .................................... 23   publication to reflect the first-class officers we have on duty
                                                   in America’s Finest City. Please let us know how you like
Guacamole Bowl ...................... 23           the new format and if you have any suggestions for story
                                                   ideas or other items you would like to see included.
Peace Officer of the Year ......... 24
                                                      As you all know, we are in the midst of election season.
Rate my Cop ............................. 25       The San Diego Police Officers Association is in the process
                                                   of determining our endorsements for the June primary and
Stranger than Fiction .............. 26            we will have more information available in the May issue of
On the Road ...............................27      The Informant.
                                                     Be safe, and with profound respect,
At a Glance Calendar ............... 28
Board Minutes .......................... 29

                                                                                                    April 2008 | 3
Member Spotlight:
 Assistant Chief
   Boyd Long
As a lifelong San Diegan, Assistant
Chief Boyd Long was interested in law
enforcement from a young age. Fol-
lowing a school visit from a law en-
forcement officer in his junior year at
Escondido High School, Chief Long
was inspired to join the field he found
fascinating because of its promise that
no two days will ever be alike.
After high school, Chief Long was anx-
ious to start his chosen career, but age
restrictions posed a challenge. Up until
age 21, Long was able to work for the
Mesa and City College police, giving
him a head start down the police path       in January 2008. Patrol Operations in-        Chief Long noted that he has been very
until he was old enough to join the San     cludes the nine patrol divisions with a       fortunate in his career and has worked
Diego Police Department.                    combined total of over 1200 patrol offi-      with wonderful, supportive people.
February 22, 1985 is a day that sticks      cers, detectives, supervisory staff, civil-   “We can never forget it’s the people
in his mind as an important date – his      ian personnel and volunteers.                 that make the SDPD. It’s the passion
hire date. Starting out as a patrol offi-   Looking back on 23 years of service to        and the hard work done every day that
cer in the Central Division, Chief Long     the SDPD, Chief Long indicated that           truly makes us America’s Finest,” said
quickly worked his way through various      one of his most encouraging assign-           Chief Long.
interesting and exciting assignments,       ments was with the Walking Enforce-           “I’ve had an extremely rewarding ca-
including Traffic Motorcycle Officer,       ment Campaign Against Narcotics               reer working with the finest police de-
Police Academy Tactical Training Of-        (WECAN). While spending time pa-              partment there is. Over the years, I
ficer, Mobil Field Force (MFF) Coordi-      trolling the Logan Heights neighbor-          have interacted with numerous other
nator Sergeant and Sergeant Assistant       hood on foot, he was able to get to know      law enforcement agencies across the
to then-Chief of Police David Bejarano.     the area, the people and the crooks. By       country. Hands down, the San Diego
Following his assignment to Com-            stopping crime before it started and          Police Department is the best because
manding Officer of Northern Division,       having a greater presence, the WECAN          of our group of very professional men
Chief Long was promoted to Assistant        program made a difference in building         and women in uniform.”
Chief of Police over Patrol Operations      a community that supports the police.

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                                                                                               family and friends,
                                                                                             call 858-573-1199 x220.
I wIll donate 5 percent of my sales commIssIon to your poa, ask for detaIls!
 4 | The Informant
* Upcoming EvEnt * Upcoming EvEnt * Upcoming EvEnt * Upcoming EvEnt * Upcoming EvEnt * Upcoming EvEnt *

                  SDPOA to Host Blood Drive: April 3
    It’s something that you probably don’t think about often, at
 least until you cut yourself shaving, catch your arm on a sharp
 corner or have a run-in with an angry feline foe. But if you are
 one of the many people who need or know someone who needs a
 transfusion, you may think about blood a little more frequently.
    The San Diego Police Officers Association is proud to host
 another San Diego Blood Bank “Life Saving Event” at the POA
 office on Thursday, April 3 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The
 importance of blood donation and constantly renewing the
 blood supply in San Diego County cannot be stressed enough.
                                                                       Wilson Santagata,
 The San Diego Blood Bank provides blood to approximately 50           son of Scott Santagata
 hospitals throughout Southern California and must collect 400
                                                                       (Northeastern Division)
 pints of blood daily for transfusions to patients battling blood
 disorders, including aplastic anemia, sickle cell anemia and leu-     and Mellissa Santagata
 kemia, and patients entering hospitals for trauma treatments.         (Communications) was
    After donating a unit (about one pint) of blood, the whole
                                                                       diagnosed with leuke-
 blood is separated into component parts, which can be trans-
 fused into patients who only need specific components. The            mia in December 2005.
 component parts include:                                              Your blood donation to
  •	Plasma: Fluid portion of blood containing water, albumin,          the San Diego Blood Bank at the POA Blood
     hormones and clotting factors
  •	Red Cells: Carry oxygen from the lungs to all the tissues in       Drive will help ensure that blood is available
     the body and return carbon dioxide to the lungs                   for Wilson and patients like him.
  •	White Cells: Protect against disease and infections
  •	Platelets: Small plate-shaped cells that cluster together to
     help form blood clots when bleeding occurs
    Some transfusions can take up to 50 units of whole blood, such   month’s blood drive, we are highlighting Wilson Santagata.
 as an auto accident, depending on the severity of injuries. Heart   Wilson is the son of Scott Santagata, SDPD Northeastern Divi-
 surgery generally involves a transfusion of the red cells taken     sion and Mellissa Santagata, SDPD Communications. He was
 from 60 units as well as two platelets from automated collection.   diagnosed with leukemia in December 2005 when he was two
 Organ transplants require between 10-40 red cells, 5-10 plate-      and a half years old. He is currently in remission, but he will
 lets, 20 cryoprecipitate (a frozen blood product prepared from      undergo chemotherapy for one more year. You can make a dif-
 plasma), and 25 fresh frozen plasma. Bone marrow transplants        ference in life by ensuring that blood is available for Wilson
 require 20 red cells and 25-100 platelets and treatment for a       and patients like him by donating today. Please let us know if
 third-degree burn can require 20 red cells and 20 platelets.        you or someone you know (a family member, friend or specific
    According to the average distribution of the blood types in      community member) is in need of blood transfusions and we
 the U.S., the most common blood type is O+ (38%) with A+            would love to highlight them, encouraging even more people to
 running a close second (34%). AB- is the rarest at 1% of people     donate during our next blood drive.
 having this blood type. AB+ (3%) is the universal recipient, al-       If you can donate on April 3, please consider making an ap-
 lowing AB+ people to receive red blood cells from any blood         pointment to save yourself wait time. You can make an ap-
 type. O- (7%) is the universal donor and AB- is the universal       pointment by going to If you are
 plasma donor. The San Diego Blood Bank frequently has spe-          a registered donor, please click “donor login” on the right. You
 cific requests for AB donors to donate plasma and for O, A and      can also click “appointments” on the left side and click “make
 B donors to donate red cells. Donations from all blood types        an appointment at a mobile blood drive.” Then select “search
 are needed and appreciated regardless of your blood type.           by sponsor code” and type SDP1 in the search area. Click on
    Blood donation is a simple process that saves lives. (And,       4/3/08 to reach the available appointment schedule (Please
 can anyone think of a better reason to have a donut and not         note that you may be asked to login or register as a new donor
 hit the gym?) Refreshments are provided after you make your         at this point). Alternately, you can call 1-800-4MY-SDBB to
 donation and donors are instructed to avoid strenuous activity      schedule an appointment – just be sure to use the SDP1 code to
 and heavy lifting for 24 hours after donation.                      ensure that your donation is credited to the SDPOA account.
    All donations that are taken on Thursday, April 3 will be           If you can’t make it to the mobile blood drive at the POA of-
 added to the SDPOA account with the San Diego Blood Bank.           fice, you can make a donation at any of the five donor centers
 We had an excellent turnout of donors back in April 2007 when       across the county. We hope to see you here!
 we highlighted Tyler Armijo, retired SDPD officer Ted Armi-         (Sources:
 jo’s grandson, who was in need of blood transfusions. In this       blood/blood_donation_faq.php)
                                                                                                          April 2008 | 5
                    Chaplain’s Corner
                    By Herb Smith, SDPD Chaplain
                     “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is          Israel Trip - Coming November 2008
                    from God; and every one who loves is born of            We would like our law enforcement com-
                    God and knows God. The one who does not               munity (and family and friends) to consider
                    love does not know God, for God is love” (I           a remarkable opportunity to travel to Israel
                    John 4:7-8).                                          on Nov. 6th-19th. We had an outstand-
                                                                          ing trip last year with officers from here
                      January was hardly half-spent before the
                                                                          and New York, and Det. Phil Bozarth has
                     ubiquitous Valentine’s Day cards began lining
                                                                          put together another fabulous trip for this
                     store shelves everywhere. That we celebrate
                                                                          year, now in conjunction with a humanitar-
                    this dear saint’s life and martyrdom for his
                                                                          ian group in Israel called Bridges for Peace,
                    Christian testimony by expressing our love for
                                                                          designed with police officers/ firefighters in
                    one another is not a bad thing, though it has
                                                                          mind. Phil and I were approached by several
                    evolved into a primarily romantic one.
                                                                          officers to organize this for SDPD officers af-
                     Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this,      ter we went to Israel last year with a group
                    that one lay down his life for his friends” (John     of 9/11 survivors. We have reserved air fare
                    15:13). This is what Saint Valentine in rever-        through Delta Airlines for 25 people from
                    ence for Jesus did, and was killed for it, as was     San Diego to Tel Aviv. We also have reserva-
                    Jesus. Love is a powerful, compelling emotion,        tions at the hotels for (11) nights, including:
                    and we rightly venerate those who have spent
                                                                                  (1) night in Tel Aviv
                    themselves in the pursuit of it for others. But
                    what constrains the heart to cast off self-con-               (3) nights on the Sea of Galilee
                    cern and sacrifice all for the sake of another?               (2) nights in Jordan
                    What makes true love real, and real love true?
                                                                                  (5) nights in Jerusalem
                     God’s gift of divine agape Love produces in
                    us a pure heart and a clear conscience from            The tour will include the major sites in Is-
                    a sincere faith. This is so needed because we         rael, including the Roman ruins in Caesaea
                    are driven in life by one of two things: either       and Bet Shean, Nazareth, Mt. Hermon, Mt.
                    we are fleeing from failure and consequence or,       Carmel, the Sea of Galilee, River Jordan,
                    because of that gift, are flying forward into a fu-   Dead Sea, the Mountain fortress of Masada,
                    ture with confidence.                                 Mt. Nebo & Petra in Jordan, Bethlehem
                                                                          and Jerusalem, including the Mt. of Olives,
                      It is either fear that beats us down or, encoun-    Western Wall (and tunnel), Temple Mount
                    tering God’s grace, faith which beckons us on-        Southern steps and other sites in the Old City
                    ward. The freedom of faith in the God of all          (the complete list is available on request,
                    hope transforms us from selfish living into a         with an application if desired). We will have
                    living sacrifice of service toward others. Being      a free day in Jerusalem and one day devoted
                    content and at rest in the providential keeping       to visiting a Jerusalem police station com-
                    of a Sovereign God Who delights in our wel-           bined with humanitarian aid.
                    fare and fellowship, and by His pain takes ours
                                                                           Phil recently returned to Israel in Febru-
                    away, what then do we lack that we haven’t also
                                                                          ary to set up a day of ministry to the folks of
                    received, and what then shall we fear? Those
                                                                          Israel. In Jerusalem, he was able to arrange
                    who live in the washing and regeneration of
                                                                          a tour of a Border Police station and visit
                    God’s spiritual renewal inherit a gift of righ-
                                                                          wounded soldiers and terror victims in a lo-
                    teousness not their own, but then go on to un-
                                                                          cal hospital.
                    derstand that real Love, Justice and Truth are
                    an endless repository of overcoming resource            We hope you’ll consider this tremendous
                    and great expectation.                                opportunity to see Israel like few others can,
                                                                          and be impacted in a way that will change
                      The ubiquitous signs of God’s agape Love            your life. We can promise you a trip you will
                    touch every aspect of our lives each day. So the      never forget and what has become for all
                    joy of being His flesh and blood greeting card        those who have gone a defining moment in
                    of truly real love to others vaults us forward        their lives. Please let us know if you have any
                    unto the day of eternity. “There is no fear in        questions. Golden Eagle Travel & Tours are
                    love; perfect love casts out fear… he who fears       organizing the travel details. Call us at Herb
                    is not perfected in love. We love because He          - (858) 486-1926 or Phil (858) 829-6188 for
                    first loved us” (vv.18-19).                           more information.
6 | The Informant
                                              The Crime Files
                                                    By Steve Willard

  With the presidential election season      when he found himself elected sheriff      cessful in his presidential reelection
unfolding, it’s interesting to look at the   of Erie County by 303 votes. He took       bid in 1888, Cleveland reemerged suc-
backgrounds of the candidates run-           office in January 1871. The new career     cessfully in his third campaign in 1892,
ning. For as long as                                           took him away from       making him the only president in his-
anyone can remem-                                              the practice of law      tory to be reelected after a prior defeat.
ber, the men (and for                                          but the rewards were
                                                                                         Throughout his tenure he was known
the first time ever,                                           incredible. A salary
                                                                                        for his independence and controversy
one woman) seeking                                             of twenty thousand
                                                                                        in his cabinet appointments, often at
the nations highest                                            dollars per year!
                                                                                        odds with his political party. He even-
office have been DC
                                                                In September of         tually retired to his home in New Jersey
insiders or former
                                                               1872, Sheriff Cleve-     where he subsequently died in 1908.
governors or sena-
                                                               land was faced with
tors. But now let’s go                                                                    Today, history judges Stephen Gro-
                                                               a moral dilemma.
back more than 100                                                                      ver Cleveland as one of the most hon-
                                                               Condemned murder
years, to a different                                                                   est men to ever serve as president even
                                                               Patrick     Morrissey
era. In a period of                                                                     if the legacy of his accomplishments
                                                               was sent to be hung
less than ten years,                                                                    as the commander in chief isn’t well
                                             but Cleveland had issues with capital
there were two presidents who, at one                                                   known. His face is forever immortal-
                                             punishment. As the top lawman in the
time in their professional careers, were                                                ized on the $1000 dollar bill, though
                                             county, Cleveland could have washed
former law enforcement officers.                                                        the bills are no longer circulated.
                                             his hands of the affair by paying a dep-
  The first was the 22nd president,          uty $10 to perform the duty. By the
Stephen Grover Cleveland. The only           time the issue came around, Cleveland
president to serve two non-consecu-          had already demonstrated he was not
tive terms, Cleveland was defeated by        the type of sheriff to delegate the less
Benjamin Harrison in 1888 when he            desirable duties to someone else and
first ran for re-election. Cleveland chal-   he chose to handle the matter himself.
lenged Harrison again in 1892 and won        By the end of the year, Cleveland had
a second term.                               personally hung not only Morrissey
                                             but also Jack Gaffney, a well-known         In the May issue, we’ll discuss the oth-
 Before becoming president, Grover
                                             gambler who had been found guilty of       er president who took a law enforce-
Cleveland, a career democrat, began
                                             shooting a man over a card game.           ment road to the White House, Teddy
his professional career in January 1863
as a deputy DA for Erie County, New           Upon completion of his term as Sheriff,
York. Later that year, Congress passed       Cleveland returned to his law practice             Save the Date 
the Conscription Act of 1863 which re-       in Buffalo, New York. Many predicted                  The 5th Annual
quired able-bodied men to serve in the       that he was through with politics, as       Legends Behind the Badge
army if called upon. A draft notice ar-      he had been regarded as too much of a         Gala and Awards Ceremony
rived shortly thereafter and Cleveland       non-partisan, frequently clashing with              is coming up on
took advantage of a provision in the         the old line democrats.
law that allowed him to hire someone
                                                                                              Thursday, May 15
                                              They were wrong.                              at the US Grant Hotel.
to take his place. Cleveland promptly
paid a thirty two year old Polish immi-       In 1881, Cleveland was elected mayor            The event benefits the
grant named George Benninsky $150            of Buffalo, and a year later became the       San Diego Police Historical
to go off and fight in the Civil War.        governor of New York State. He was              Association and the San
                                             recognized for his stance against cor-           Diego Police Museum.
  In 1865, Cleveland ran for the office of                                                 Sponsorships and tables are
                                             ruption, and credited with the slogan,
district attorney. He narrowly lost the                                                            available.
                                             “public office is public trust.” In 1884
election to his friend and roommate,                                                       Please call 619-233-5008 or
                                             he became the democratic nominee,
republican Lyman K. Bass.                                                                 email:
                                             and was elected the 22nd president of
 Cleveland practiced law until 1870          the United States. Having been unsuc-
                                                                                                               April 2008 | 7
              It’s Scholarship Time!                                                      Feel free to direct any questions to the
 Application Deadline: Noon - Monday, April 14, 2008                                            SDPOA office 858-573-1199

We are pleased to announce the avail-                                    RULES & GUIDELINES
ability of scholarships to assist children   •	2007 recipients are ineligible in •	College students who do not have
of our members in pursuing their edu-          2008, but may submit applications           a minimum high school GPA of 3.0
cation. Scholarships are available be-         next year.                                  must include transcripts that show the
cause of the generous donations from         •	2006 recipients, and prior, are eligi-      applicant has maintained a minimum
individuals, businesses and organiza-          ble to submit applications this year.       GPA of 3.0 for at least two complete
tions in support of our law enforcement      •	Two-time scholarship recipients are         semesters of college/junior college
community.                                     no longer eligible.                         AND submit high school transcripts.
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA                         •	Applications are available at the POA      •	
 •	 Son or daughter of an SDPOA mem-           office or will be emailed upon request.    •	High school seniors, or graduates who
    ber – active, retired or deceased.       •	Applications must be at the POA of-          have not attended college, must sub-
 •	 High school graduate or senior             fice by Noon – Monday, April 14,             mit transcripts confirming cumula-
    scheduled to graduate by June 30,          2008.                                        tive GPA for not less than four years.
    2008.                                    •	Late or incomplete applications will       •	Seniors graduating in June are ex-
 •	 Currently enrolled in or formally ac-      not be considered – fax not accepted.        empt from providing final quarter/
    cepted to a trade school, junior col-    •	Original or photocopy of transcripts         semester grades, but may include first
    lege, college or graduate school and       MUST accompany application.                  three quarters/first semester grades
    scheduled to begin study by March        •	Applications will be reviewed by the         if desired.
    1, 2009.                                   Scholarship Committee.                     •	Undergraduate and graduate college
 •	 Minimum overall cumulative high          •	Notification letters will be mailed to       students must include transcripts
    school GPA of 3.0 or completion of         all applicants mid May.                      confirming grades for all college
 •	 Two or more college semesters with       •	Recipients will be invited to the Schol-     courses completed AND high school
    a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.           arship Awards Brunch in June.                transcripts.

                          Diamonds Ltd.
                                      Fine Jewelers
        30 years in San Diego                          Diamonds
       with three generations                          Gemstones
      in both Jewelry and Law                          Custom Design
         Enforcement makes                             Manufacture
           Diamonds Ltd.                               Repair
        a name you can trust.                                                                “I’ve helped you in the field...
                                                       Appraisals
                                                                                             now let me help you with your
                                                                                             jewelry needs.”
                                                                                                                  Ed Zwibel
     POA Members will NEVER pay sales tax in our store.                                      SDPD #5475 * Western Division
                             Loose Diamonds Excepted                                                Gemologist * Appraiser

  We are located across from Parkway Plaza mall at the intersection of Fletcher Parkway and Pioneer Way
    450 Fletcher Parkway, Suite 104                              El Cajon, CA 92020                     619.442.0671
8 | The Informant
                                 Cigar Mixer III

    When: Friday, May 16, 2008 (Payday!!!!)                        CONTACT:
    Time: 1730 hours                                               Ed LaValle (619) 922-2849
    Where: SDPD Home Avenue Pistol Range                           Brian Marvel (858) 722-2968
                                                                   Reggie Frank (619) 405-0781
    Cost: $15.00 per person. (Includes dinner,
                                                                   Steve Willard (619) 531-2302
    adult beverages and soft beverages)

                                Advanced ticket purchase recommended
                                    Raffles, Music and PRizes
                             Proceeds benefit SDPHA & SDPOA
                                Widows and Orphans Fund

Drew Auto Center                                                         Alpine TenderCare
    Our Goal ... Customers For Life                                           Preschool
   Fleet Pricing                                           Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 Snacks
   Huge Inventory                                                 prepared by Onsite Cook
   Large Service Department                                 Diapers, Wipes and Formula provided
   Complete Parts & Apparel Store 2008 Edge
   State-of-the-Art Collision Repair Center
   Finance & Lease Programs
   Extended Warranty & Security Protection

     2008 F150
          For an appointment,                         Disc Ad
 call one of your POA representatives:                 with        LIVE WEB CAMERAS
    FLEEt DEPARtmEnt                                           Infant, Toddler, Preschool and
                                                                   School-Age Programs
       619 464-7777                                               Law Enforcement Owned
 Mike Safford x7729         Jerry Miller x7727
                                                                    Open until 10:00 pm
     24 years                    19 years
                                                            2710 Alpine Blvd. Alpine, CA 91901
           toll Free 888-373-9367                                       619.659.5701
              (888 Drew Ford)                             

                                                                                             April 2008 | 9
                         Celebrating 25 Years
The 25-Year Watch Luncheon was held at Charlie’s Restaurant at the Town & Country Hotel in Mission Valley on February
7, 2008. The 25 Year Watch Luncheon honors and celebrates the men and women who reached the 25 year milestone with
the San Diego Police Department between July-December 2007.
The officers who reach the 25 year mark are held in high regard for their dedication to their job and the community. Their
wealth of experience and knowledge they have gained over the past 25 years is priceless and we look forward to their contri-
butions to San Diego in the future as well.
Along with SDPOA Board Members, 25 Year Watch recipients were congratulated by Chief Lansdowne and Assistant Chiefs
Cheryl Meyers, Joel Bryden, Howard Kendall, David Ramirez and Boyd Long.

Congratulations to the 25 Year Watch
recipients: Donald J. Borinski, Donald
R. Cone, Tyrone H. Crosby, Denise F. Dai-
ley, Charles R. Davis, Arthur D. Doherty III,
Robert D. Finch, Frank J. Hoerman, Joseph
D. Howie Jr., Tony D. McElroy, James R.
McGhee, Darrell W. McPherren, Jerald E.
Mills, Jay V. Moser, Bryan Pendleton, James
B. Pickett, Jesus W. Puente, Kevin C. Rausis,
Lawrence A. Roser, Timothy J. Saelens, Ed-
win Santiago, Michael J. Schaldach, Robert C.
Shands, William S. Stetson, Brett T. Toovey,
Patrick T. Vinson, Todd W. Wilkinson, Wil-
liam H. Woods IV

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 10 | The Informant
                    San Diego Police Officers Scott Spillane and Adam Sharki
                            Recognized as CRIA Officers of the Year
Reported by Detective Gerry Kramer
San Diego Police Officers Scott Spillane and Adam Sharki                         because of their heroic actions on April 18, 2007. Shortly
were recently recognized by the California Robbery Inves-                        after midnight, Officers Spillane and Sharki were driving on
tigators Associations (CRIA) with the Officer of the Year                        University Ave. when they observed a male run from the “F
Award. The California Robbery Investigators Association                          Street Bookstore” at Florida and University Ave.
is an organization comprised of over 3,000 members, both
                                                                                 They turned around to investigate and saw the suspect turn
sworn and civilian. The organization was formed over 35
                                                                                 the corner and disappear into darkness. After seeing a ve-
years ago to promote a closer relationship among robbery
                                                                                 hicle pull from the curb at the same time and with nothing
investigators throughout the state. CRIA is committed to
                                                                                 else was moving in their sight, they turned and followed the
encouraging more extensive and rapid dissemination and
                                                                                 vehicle based on pure instinct that something was not right.
exchange of information concerning robbery suspects and
CRIA holds an annual training seminar and awards banquet
in the first week of February. The presentation of the annual
“CRIA Officer of the Year Award” is the highlight of the ban-
quet, honoring individuals for their outstanding contribu-
tion to law enforcement. In order to be considered for the
award, candidates must work in a non-investigative capacity
and be nominated by an investigator for outstanding police
work in a robbery related crime or investigation.
Officer Spillane and Sharki’s were nominated by SDPD Rob-
bery Detective Tom Levenberg for CRIA Officers of the Year

         Dan ZeiDman, esq.
     Law Offices Of Dan ZeiDman                                                  They followed the vehicle into the cul-de-sac of 1900 Lincoln
   260 East Chase Avenue, Suite 201 l El Cajon, California 92020
             Phone: 619-440-3232 l Fax: 619-440-7864                             Ave. The driver pulled the vehicle to the curb in total dark-
                                                          ness. The officers activated their overhead lights and ap-
                                                                                 proached the vehicle. Stoically, the driver sat in the vehicle
                                                                                 and did not offer any response when Officer Spillane asked
                                                                                 him several times if he had just left the bookstore. As Officer
                                                                                 Spillane got closer to the vehicle, Officer Sharki was covering
                                                                                 on the passenger side of the vehicle. Officer Shakri saw a
                                                                                 glimmer of a gun coming up from between the driver’s legs.
  Providing	legal	services	to	peace	officers	and	their	families	through-         Just as Officer Sharki yelled “gun,” the driver pulled out the
  out	San	Diego	County	in	personal	injury,	wrongful	death,	insurance	            gun and fired several shots at Officer Spillane. Officer Spill-
  law	and	defamation	since	1986.
  Recipient	 of	 the	 prestigious	 “Outstanding	Trial	 Lawyer”	 award	 by	       ane backed away, returning fire almost immediately. Officer
  the	Consumer	Attorneys	of	San	Diego,	aka	San	Diego	Trial	Lawyers	              Sharki also returned fire and they stopped the threat.
  Proven	 trial	 lawyer	 for	 injured	 law	 enforcement	 officers	 and	 their	   The facts of the case were submitted to an awards committee
  families	(sample	cases	below):                                                 comprised of law enforcement officers from throughout the
    1.	$700,000	jury	verdict	for	San	Diego	deputy	sheriff                        state and private industry. They were selected from numer-
    2.	$595,000	jury	verdict	for	National	City	police	sergeant
                                                                                 ous nominations throughout the Southern California area
    3.	$780,000	settlement	for	San	Diego	police	officer
    4.	$350,000	 court	 verdict	 for	 defamed	 San	 Diego	 police	 officer,	     (all counties and cities south of Ventura County.)
       plus	a	ruling	on	the	constitutionality	of	Civil Code § 47.5 - Def-
       amation of a Peace Officer [Loshonkohl v. Kinder (2003) 109               At the ceremony, Officers Spillane and Sharki were present-
       Cal.App. 4th 510]                                                         ed with plaques after Richard Long, Ret. Lt. Newport Beach
    5.	$1,800,000	settlement	for	family	members	of	police	officer                PD and VP of 3SI Security, provided a vivid account of the
    6.	$900,000	settlement	for	San	Diego	police	officer
                                                                                 incident. Captain Sarah Creighton, Sgt. Tish Taylor, Sgt. Tod
    7.	Successful	litigation	in	breach	of	right	to	privacy	case	for	90	law	
       enforcement	households,	totaling	over	300	family	members.                 Bassett and Sgt. Charles Lara from Western Division attend-
                  No Recovery No Attorney Fees                                   ed the presentation in support of their officers.
                                                                                                                            April 2008 | 11
                           SDPD Backgrounds & Recruiting Unit
                               Reveals Tricks of the Trade
                                                       By Tiffany Watkins

  The Backgrounds and Recruiting Unit uses its professional         grounds and Recruiting Unit has created special opportuni-
forces to bring in many highly qualified candidates to pursue       ties in which background investigators help out at recruiting
a public safety career with the San Diego Police Department.        events. Markland mentioned that it’s great to see captains,
  “We have candidates with Bachelor and Master’s degrees            lieutenants and sergeants running side-by-side recruits.
and military backgrounds,” said Lieutenant Albert Guader-              “Numbers are increasing because of recruiters’ creativity,
rama of Background Investigations. “We have a former presi-         not because everybody suddenly wanted to become cops this
dential helicopter pilot along with a few attorneys.”               past year,” said Kindred. People still want to be police of-
   He added that the recruiting team has recently recruited a       ficers regardless of the fact it’s not the highest paid job, but
rocket scientist, professional hockey player and a set of iden-     because it’s fun.
tical twins.                                                           “We are salesmen and the police department is our prod-
  Officer Vernon Kindred said the chief’s office has given the      uct,” said Markland. “We have a passion for our law en-
Backgrounds and Recruiting Unit the appropriate personnel           forcement agency. We talk about real-life, on the job stories
and resources to increase their productivity. The recruiting        regarding the heroic deeds and that’s what gets people mo-
vans that double as mobile billboards are noted as one of their     tivated.”
most important resources.                                             Lieutenant Guaderrama, the unit’s leader admitted they
  “Our recruiters are in front of the tables at the professional    are putting more people through the academy without ac-
career fairs, not behind them,” said Sergeant Randy Jones.          cess to the financial resources that many other agencies
He noted that SDPD recruiters are proactive and like to ap-         have, such as a one-million dollar budget to further their re-
proach potential recruits at these fairs to give them more          cruitment efforts. He added the unit’s employees have had
information about what the San Diego Police Department              to get creative in their recruiting efforts and the events they
offers. Recruiters also make their presence known at com-           choose to attend.
munity events where they are the only law enforcement agen-           Captain Robert Kanaski of Training and Volunteer Ser-
cy in attendance, such as December Nights in Balboa Park.           vices said the unit’s detectives make phone calls to the appli-
   “The future here is so bright I have to wear sunglasses,”        cants’ references instead of waiting for the reference letters
said Officer Steve Markland. Markland plays his harmonica           to slowly make it back to the unit. The police investigative
at recruiting events to draw people to the recruitment booth        aide position was an addition to the unit to help with the ap-
where he educates people about careers in law enforcement.          plicant’s background package.
He likes to get people at the events inside the police car to ex-     According to Sergeant Kelly Johnson of Background In-
perience the excitement and watch their jaws drop once they         vestigations, the unit has been able to get applicants pro-
are inside.                                                         cessed within four months without lowering standards. She
  New avenues of recruiting have opened. In addition to their       explained they have taken a proactive stance in mentoring
regular 10 hour, four day work week, recruiters attend night        viable candidates through the hiring process to help them
seminars and weekend orientations. They put in many hours           obtain and keep the job.
of travel to enable them to reach out to potential recruits.          “The recruiting events have increased by one-hundred
Unit members sometimes work seven days a week to help               percent,” said Johnson. “Everyone in the unit is included in
build the San Diego Police Department’s future. The Back-           recruiting.”
12 | The Informant
  She said detectives are taking ownership of applicants be-       clerical team and exploit every available resource at our dis-
ginning at recruiting through their successful completion of       posal,” said Corissa Pich, Background Investigations Senior
the training process. Even the clerical team helps at recruit-     Clerk Typist. “This means at times, each of the different team
ing events to draw in more police officer prospects.               members of the unit and even city test, brainstorm and offer
   “Officers can have a part in re-building the San Diego Po-      feedback to find creative ways to achieve our objectives.”
lice Department,” said Johnson. She added this can be ac-             She also pointed out that the San Diego Police Depart-
complished when any department employee recommends a               ment’s 72nd Academy recruits won more awards than any
qualified candidate to be a potential police officer. An incen-    other agency present at the academy graduation on October
tive for the recommending party is that he or she is eligible      11, 2007. Recruits Lianne Stone won the academics award,
to receive two discretionary days off work if their candidate      Eric Hustad won the firearms award and Joel Van Proyen
successfully makes it through the academy. SDPD officers           won the Hartless award.
have shown up to physical agility tests to cheer on the people        “Our biggest strength is the people within the depart-
they recommended.                                                  ment,” said Kanaski. “They are innovative and proactive.”
  Police officer applicants are tested three times a month on      Kanski also indicated the Backgrounds and Recruiting team
a Friday, Saturday and an evening test on a Wednesday. The         is always looking for ways to introduce the department and
recruiting unit tests over 260 applicants each month and the       get our message out about why law enforcement is such a
numbers are increasing. They test locally in California and        great career. If any officers have comments or suggestions,
are venturing out to other states as well. In October 2007,        the San Diego Police Department Backgrounds and Recruit-
they tested in Minnesota and Arizona. In April 2008, they          ing Unit can be reached at 619-531-2148.
will test in an Ohio location that covers the Ohio, Indiana
and Michigan tri-state area.                                         About the author – Tiffany Watkins is a word processing opera-
                                                                   tor for the San Diego Police Department Human Resources Unit.
  The department has developed partnerships with local
colleges and universities, including Palomar, Grossmont,
Southwestern College and Cal State University San Marcos             Pictured in the photo on the opposite page is the
and San Diego State University, to gain access to graduating         San Diego Police Department Recruiting Team.
students.                                                           Top Row (left to right): Detective Dawn Wolfe, De-
   The recruiting unit has also worked with local military          tective Angelica Navarro-Moran, Detective Lori Adams,
bases such as Camp Pendleton, Twenty-Nine Palms, 32nd               Sergeant Randy Jones, Detective Wendy Reno, Detec-
Street Naval Station and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar           tive Mike Rabell, Detective Pamela Paxton, Detective
to gain access to potential SDPD recruits who are leaving the       Ken Verdone, Police Investigative Aide Jennifer Rich,
military.                                                           Police Officer Recruit Charles Walls, Detective Frank
                                                                    Rivera, Sergeant Kelly Johnson, Detective CJ Schlack.
  “We have a lot to offer,” said Kanaski. “The city of San
Diego is diverse.” Kanaski added that new employees who             Middle Row: Senior Clerk Typist Corissa Pich, Word
come on board have many opportunities for career advance-           Processing Operator Julie Shaw, Dispatch Recruiter Candi
ment to detective, the narcotics task force and special teams,      Hoff, Detective Kim Newbold, Police Officer Silvia Brown.
such as SWAT, to name a few.                                        Bottom Row: Police Officer Ruben Gutierrez, Lieutenant
  “The city is at it’s greatest it’s ever been for growth,” said    Albert Guaderrama, Police Officer Vernon Kindred, Police
Kanaski. “There’s a huge metamorphosis going on.”                   Officer Steve Markland, Sergeant Rich Freedman, Detec-
                                                                    tive Mary Sandoval and Police Officer Theresa Pappert.
  “On the clerical side to manage the massive increase in
police officer recruit applicants, we have reevaluated and          Not pictured: Captain Robert Kanaski, Detective Chris-
implemented different procedures to effectively utilize our         topher Asbell and Police Officer Mariam Sadri.

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14 | The Informant
                                          James “Sonny” Crockett
                                          Miami Vice
                                          •	 Crockett was a Metro-Dade Police Department detective sergeant
               TV Cops:                      working undercover in Miami with his partner Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs
                                          •	 Crocket had a penchant for wearing pastel colored t-shirts under Ital-
             Some Good,                      ian sport coats, sleeves rolled up whenever possible
                                          •	 Crockett is a former University of Florida Gators football star, he once
             Some Bad,                       ran a 92-yard screen pass in for a touchdown in the last 6 seconds of
             Some Ugly                       a game.
                                          •	 In 1974, he became a Metro-Dade uniformed patrol officer, and later became a detec-
                                             tive in the Vice Unit.
                                          •	 His undercover persona was Sonny Burnett, a middleman and drug runner, who drove
                                             a Ferrari Daytona Spyder and he lived on a sailboat with his pet alligator Elvis.
                                          Played by Don Johnson
                                           Lennie Briscoe
                                           Law & Order
Scott Turner
Turner & Hooch
                                           •	 Badge number is 8220
•	 Police detective                        •	 Briscoe was a senior detective in the Homicide Department of the
                                               New York City Police Department's 27th Precinct
   who originally
   aimed to trans-
                                           •	 Born on January 2, 1940
   fer to the Sac-
                                           •	 Briscoe was a corporal in the United States Army, serving in the Viet-
                                               nam War. After leaving the Army, Briscoe joined the NYPD in the
   ramento Police
                                               29th Precinct and walked a beat there with stops at the 31st, 33rd,
                                               110th, and 116th Precincts before rising to the rank of detective.
•	 Turner adopted Hooch, a large           Played by Jerry Orbach
   Dogue de Bordeaux, after the
   murder of the dog’s previous             Robert Charles Barone
   owner. Turner pleaded with his           Everybody Loves Raymond
   police chief to let him take the         •	 Stands 6’ 8.5” tall
   murder case.                             •	 Barone has been a New York City Police Department Officer for 27
•	 Turner, with the help of Hooch,             years. He recently attained the rank of Lieutenant. Barone was ac-
   eventually uncovered a money                knowledged by the NYPD for never being absent one day of his career.
   smuggling and laundering op-             •	 Barone once stoped an armed robbery at Nemo’s Pizza while his broth-
   eration led by his chief                    er, Ray, hid under a table
•	 Turner accepted a promotion              •	 Barone separates his “Good and Plenty” candies into groups - ‘Goods’ and ‘Plenties’
   to police chief and declined the            with a third category for misshapen ones called ‘Cuties’
   transfer to Sacramento                   Played by Brad Garrett
•	 Turner was once quoted saying            Andy Sipowicz
   “these are the simple rules. No          NYPD Blue
   barking, now growling, you will          •	 Detective in the 15th Precinct on the lower east side of Manhattan.
   not lift your leg to anything in         •	 Born in Brooklyn on April 7, 1948
   this house. This is not your room.       •	 Childhood job was a shop attendant in a candy store
   No slobbering, no chewing, you           •	 Sipowicz served in the United States Army, doing an 18-month tour in
   will wear a flea collar. This is not        Vietnam which he did not like to talk about.
   your room. No begging for food,          •	 Sipowicz worked in Robbery Squad, but he transferred to the 15th Precinct by the
   no sniffing of crotches, and you            mid-1980s. He received the gold shield of Detective Third Grade in 1978.
   will not drink from my toilet.           •	 Sipowicz was shot six times in an ambush by a mobster named Alphonse Giardella
   This is not your room.”                  •	 In 2003, Sipowicz became the squad commander at the 15th Precinct
Played by Tom Hanks                         Played by Dennis Franz

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16 | The Informant
            “April 1st: This is the day upon which we are reminded of what
             we are on the other three-hundred and sixty-four.”~ Mark Twain
                     Though April Fools’ Day is not an official       in which a Swiss woman was harvesting spaghetti from
                     holiday on its own, it is celebrated around      trees. Hundreds of viewers called the BBC. Some skep-
                     the world. Best known as the day to play         tics questioned the authenticity of the story, but oth-
                     practical jokes with an occasional hoax, the     ers asked for more information about spaghetti cultiva-
                     origins of the day are still debated. Some       tion and how they could grow their own spaghetti trees.
believe that it was once a festival celebrating the vernal equi-      The BBC reportedly told them to “place a sprig of spa-
nox, running from March 25 to April 2.                                ghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best.”
In 14th century Europe, the French are credited with being the      •	Taco Liberty Bell: In 1996, Taco Bell took out a full-page
fools and the foolers on April Fool’s Day. Before the adoption        advertisement in The New York Times announcing that
of the Gregorian calendar, New Years Day was traditionally            they had purchased the Liberty Bell to “reduce the country’s
celebrated on April 1. When France officially changed its new         debt” and renamed it the “Taco Liberty Bell.” Thousands
year’s observance to January in 1564, the previous April new          of people protested the sale until it was revealed at noon
year’s celebration was gone. The story goes that those who            on April 1 that it was a joke. When asked about the sale,
were not aware of the switch fell victim to silly gifts, unusual      White House press secretary Mike McCurry joked that the
behavior and general tomfoolery by those who were already             Lincoln Memorial had also been sold and would henceforth
in the know.                                                          be known as the Ford Lincoln Mercury Memorial.
In France, those who are fooled are called poisson d’avril, or      •	Left Handed Whoppers: In 1998, Burger King ran an ad in
April fish. Traditionally, the French celebrated April Fool’s         USA Today, saying that people could get a Whopper for left-
Day by placing dead fish on the backs of those fooled. Children       handed people whose condiments were designed to drip out
now spend April Fool’s Day trying to sneak paper versions of          of the right side. Some customers ordered the new burgers,
fish onto their friends backs and celebrate fish-shaped candy         and some specifically ordered the “old,” right-handed burger.
and cookies.                                                        •	Tower of Pisa: A Dutch television news station reported once
A look at some of the best April Fool’s Day jokes                     in the 1950s that the leaning Tower of Pisa had fallen over.
 •	Spaghetti trees: The BBC television show Panorama ran            •	The Canadian news site announced in 2002 that
   a famous hoax in 1957, airing a three minute segment               Finance Minister Paul Martin had resigned “in order to breed
                                                                      prize Charolais cattle and handsome Fawn Runner ducks.”

                                                                                                                 April 2008 | 17
             Celebrate Earth Day                                                         Save the Date!
                          April 22, 2008                                               Narcotics Task Force
 As concern for the environment in-         to protect the environment and drew       35th Anniversary
creases, Earth Day has evolved into a       attention that lead to the creation of
                                                the US Environmental Protec-
                                                                                     Golf Tournament & Dinner
major worldwide day of aware-
ness. U.S. Senator Gaylord                         tion Agency.                      Friday, October 10, 2008
Nelson is often credited with                          Earth Day continues to
being the founder of Earth                             be celebrated each year on      Golf Tournament
Day. At a time when “teach-                            April 22, but it has now            Doubletree Golf Resort
ins” and protests were                                 grown exponentially. Over      14455 Penasquitos Drive, San Diego
common across university                              500 million people and                    7:00 am check-in
campuses and urban cities,                           175 countries observe Earth     8:00 am tee time - four man scramble
Nelson took a grassroots ap-                       Day. Earth Day 2007 had an        $60.00 per golfer (includes continen-
proach to push the environment                  estimated one billion people par-        tal breakfast and bag lunch)
to the forefront of the national agenda.    ticipating in events around the world.
 On April 22, 1970, over 20 million         In our own backyard, Earth Day                       Dinner
                                            2008 will be celebrated with Earth-       San Diego Police Department Range
people from thousands of schools and
                                            Fair in Balboa Park on Sunday, April      4008 Federal Boulevard, San Diego
hundreds of communities across the
                                            20 from 10am - 5pm. The 19th an-                5:00 pm hors d’oeuvres
country attended the first Earth Day
                                            nual EarthFair draws 60,000 visitors                 6:00 pm dinner
rallies and demonstrations in favor of
                                            and is put on by 400 volunteers and                $20.00 per person
environmental reform. The attention
to this event was remarkable because        features exhibitors, food stands, en-
                                            tertainment and parades. Exhibitors       Please email to
of the spontaneous response from the
                                            include wildlife and rainforest pres-    receive announcements and updates
public. The first Earth Day played a
                                            ervation groups, alternative energy         regarding the upcoming event
significant role in convincing U.S. offi-
cials that the environment needed pro-      vehicles, ecotourism opportunities
tection. It ignited the signing of laws     and many more.

 18 | The Informant
April 2008 | 19
Survey SayS:
A Recent Survey Divulges Public Impression of San Diego Police Officers

By Bob Wickers and Noeline Arulg-          majority of voters (69%) are willing to violence, murder, and drugs and drug
nanendran                                  back proposals to establish a dedicated dealing, respectively, should be the top
                                           and sustainable revenue source that three focus area priorities of the San
Are San Diego Police officers doing a would be used to exclusively fund the Diego Police Department.
good job? Are they fairly compensated Police Department budget. Currently,
for the work they do? Are city officials sixty percent (60%) of respondents be- Most city residents are not worried
doing enough to keep officers from lieve police officers are being paid “too about becoming a victim of crime, nor
leaving the force? These are just a few little” and a significant                                     do they fear that a fam-
of the questions our firm asked in a re- majority of voters feel
                                                                       San Diego police officers ily member of theirs
cent survey we conducted a among San they deserve to be paid should be paid at a level might fall victim. An
Diego residents – both registered and more.                            equal to what other law overwhelming majority
considered likely to vote in this June’s                               enforcement agencies in of people who required
primary election.                          There’s a general per-       our region are paying the assistance of a San
                                           ception that the Mayor                                     Diego police officer
We also set out to measure the general and City Council are
                                                                             their officers.          were satisfied with the
political environment in the city, as not doing enough to fight crime in the response time of the police officer.
well as to test specific issues related to city (52% of respondents) and that this
upcoming elections for offices such as needs to change. A majority of voters Residents of San Diego believe illegal
Mayor and City Attorney. The primary feel it’s important for local government immigration is the most important is-
focus, however, was placed on testing to support their city police officers; and sue facing the city today, with the econ-
public perception of the job being done a full eighty-three percent (83%) be- omy and crime tying for second place.
by police officers in San Diego, and the lieve “San Diego Police Officers should Half of the residents believe the city has
fairness in the level of compensation be paid at a level equal to what other gotten off on the wrong track and still,
they receive for their work.               law enforcement agencies in our region overall, they are optimistic about their
                                           are paying their officers.”               economic perspectives and a major-
The overall results were positive and                                                ity believe they will be better off or the
reinforced some pre-conceived no- San Diego residents – and maybe more same a year from now.
tions; but the study also revealed a level importantly, voters – want their elect-
of dissatisfaction with the support – or ed officials to provide financial incen- In the upcoming elections, City Attor-
lack of support – San Diego Police of- tives that will help retain the most ex- ney Mike Aguirre will face a formidable
ficers are receiving from our elected of- perienced, veteran officers on the force. challenge from Judge Jan Goldsmith,
                             San Diego police officers In fact, voters support as the public is more displeased than
                                                           police officers strongly pleased with his job performance to
San Diego police officers are held in high esteem enough to be swayed date. There are significantly more vot-
are held in high esteem           throughout the           by the voting recom- ers who view Mike Aguirre unfavorably
throughout the com-                 community.             mendations of the San than voters who view him favorably. It
munity – eighty-two                                        Diego Police Officers should come as little surprise that, in
percent (82%) rate officers “favorably” Association in the upcoming mayoral a head-to-head match-up, Jan Gold-
– and have the ability to exert a con- and city council elections.                   smith currently leads Aguirre by 13
siderable influence over the upcoming                                                points and more than half of the city’s
elections. Voters not only have a posi- Support for police officers is unaffected residents feel it’s time to give someone
tive opinion of and strongly support by the fact that more than a third of new a chance in the City Attorney’s of-
the police officers, but a full sixty-one the city’s residents believe the crime fice.
percent (61%) believe they are doing an rate has increased during the past two
above average job.                         years, while another third believe it has On the other hand, Mayor Jerry Sand-
                                           stayed the same. Burglary is the most ers is better-positioned for his upcom-
Public support for city police officers common crime in the area, followed ing re-election campaign against Steve
is high enough that an overwhelming by auto theft. Residents believe gang Francis. Mayor Sanders enjoys greater
 20 | The Informant
                                                      Home Loans
                                                      Lower your payments
                                                        and use your loan
                                                to pay off or consolidate your bills
                                                   or make home improvements
public support and job performance
approval than Mike Aguirre, although
voters are evenly split as to whether the

                                                Call Robert Today
Mayor deserves to be re-elected. In a
head-to-head match-up, Sanders cur-

rently leads Francis by 20 points.

                                                or 619.992.4043 (Cell)
San Diego police officers are highly
regarded by members of the commu-
nity and are perceived as doing a good
job. Voters feel that the Mayor and
City Council are not doing their share
to fight crime in the city and that local                                                          Robert Owen
government must extend their support,
financially and otherwise, to city police   Whether you’re considering a new home pur-
officers because it is of utmost impor-     chase, re-financing or a loan to consolidate your
tance to city residents, and will have a
significant impact on their vote in the     bills, there are so many options that it’s easy to get
upcoming elections.                         confused. Let us design the ideal plan for your
San Diego police officers and the San       needs. Put the SUPERIOR advantage to work for
Diego Police Officers Association have
much to be proud of, and they are ex-       you - give me a call today!
tremely well-positioned to impact the
process and help shape the public pol-
icy debate.
                                                  •   Get Pre-Qualified in 5 Minutes
                                                  •   Loan Pre-Approval in 48 Hours
The data clearly demonstrates that San            •   FREE Credit Report with Pre-Approval
Diegans stand strong with the brave
men and women who put their lives on              •   VA
the line to keep America’s Finest City            •   FHA
safe; and with the implementation of a
well-funded and disciplined communi-
                                                  •   Conventional
cations plan this year, the political and         •   Jumbo Loans
financial goals of the San Diego POA              •   HUD/VA Repos
and the officers they represent will be
met.                                              •   FNMA & FHLMC Foreclosures
                                                  •   Purchases
Bob Wickers is co-founder of Dresner-
Wickers and Associates LLC – one of
                                                  •   Refinances
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include members of the U.S. Senate,
governors, and trade organizations.
                                                               Superior Mortgage, Corp.
                                                               330 W. Felicita Ave., Suite D l Escondido 92025
His firm is headquartered in San Fran-                         Licensed Broker Ca. Dept. Real Estate
cisco and he maintains offices in New                          Real Estate Broker C. Dept. of Real Estate, Lic #01135542
York and Texas.                                                For information regarding his license, call Dept. of Real Estate
                                                               Hotline 916-277-0931

                                                                                                          April 2008 | 21
 Retirement Update
                        By Bill Farrar, Vice President, Retired Fire & Police Association
                                              Superior Court Judge Office #3         team was the Hot Guac Cops, police of-
                      The      election
                                                       Blaine Bowman                 ficers from the Western Division. Photos
                      process contin-
                                                                                     from the Guacamole Bowl are on page 23.
                      ues to evolve.          Superior Court Judge Office #19
                      The Presidential                   Paul Cooper
                      races are start-
                      ing to shake            Superior Court Judge Office #45
                      out with fewer                     Evan Kirvin
                      candidates in                  Mayor of San Diego
                      the     running.                No endorsement
                      Local politics
 finds us focusing mainly on the City             San Diego City Attorney
 Attorney’s race. Mr. Aguirre has ap-                 No endorsement
 proached several Democratic orga-           San Diego City Council District #1
 nizations seeking an early endorse-                  No endorsement
 ment. Directors from your RF&PA
 along with other City employee              San Diego City Council District #3
 groups attend every one of these                     No endorsement
 meetings to get our message across          San Diego City Council District #5
 that Mike Aguirre is no friend of City
                                                       George George
 workers. The BAR investigation of
 allegations of misconduct continues.        San Diego City Council District #7
 Perhaps it will be completed by the                   Marti Emerald                 The annual memorial for firefighters
 June primary election.                                                              and police officers was Sunday March
                                          By now retired SDPD police Captain
                                                                                     9 at 2 pm at El Camino Memorial Park.
 Half of the City Council seats are       David Hall should be sitting on the
                                                                                     The RF&PA board attended along with
 termed out at the end of this year.      SDCERS Board as the retiree repre-
                                                                                     Fire Chief Tracy Jarman and Police
 Candidates are emerging in each of       sentative replacing Carmen Lutes who
                                                                                     Chief Bill Lansdowne. The names of our
 the odd numbered districts. By the       recently resigned. We welcome Dave at
                                                                                     retired police officers and firefighters
 time you read this all candidates        a significant time in SDCERS’ history
                                                                                     that passed away in 2007 were read.
 should be identified, as the filing      and look forward to his participation in
 date was March 7. The Retired Fire       resolving many issues.                     Members are encouraged to attend a po-
 & Police Association coordinates its                                                litical debate with the candidates for City
                                          The Guacamole Bowl was March 8 with
 political endorsements with the POA                                                 Attorney April 8 at the War Memorial
                                          funds to be donated to Sports for Excep-
 and the IAFF Local 145. Accordingly,                                                building at 3325 Zoo Dr. The next quar-
                                          tional Athletes. The RF&PA had an entry
 we made the following endorsements                                                  terly RF&PA lunch will be April 14 at the
                                          with Tom Rouse and Bob Adame serving
 at the March 6 Board meeting.                                                       Pistol Range. Be there or be square.
                                          up the green stuff. The overall winning                       (Continued on page 23)

                          The POA Store has mugs, t-shirts, polos,                                      Hill
                          sweatshirts, bathrobes, hats and glasses.                                     Tile
                                  Come see what is new!
                                                                                                Randy J. Hill
                        Visit the POA Store                                                       Tile SeTTer
                                                                                             LICEnSED & BonDED
                               for all                                                   Kitchens l Bathrooms
                                                                                         Fireplaces l Vanities
                          San Diego Police                                                   entries l etc...
                           goods & gifts!                                                    2544 Kelly Avenue
                                                                                             Ramona, CA 92065
  The POA Store is located at the SDPOA office                                                760-789-3991
      8388 Vickers Street, San Diego 92111
 (The store is to the right after entering the building)
                                                                                                 Lic # 8520536
22 | The Informant
Retirement Update by Bill Farrar                       A “Retirement Nuggets” Farewell 
              (Continued from page 22)
                                            After writing my column, “Nuggets for the Golden Years” for sixteen years and
                                            three months, a total of 144 columns, I have decided that the time has come for me
I stated the following in The Informant
                                            to stop writing the column. It has been an interesting and rewarding experience,
February 2008 RF&PA article regard-
                                            but all good things must end. The enthusiasm I once had is no longer there and
ing Judy Italiano:
                                            many of the sources I once used are no longer available. It is time for a new voice
“The removal of Judy’s years while on       to speak for retirees.
leave as MEA President left less than ten   I would like to thank all of those members, active and retired, who shared informa-
years in the calculation so SDCERS told     tion of interest with me and allowed me to receive credit for informing members of
her just before Christmas that she was      the “family” with news and tidbits. I hope that I was successful in getting the mes-
not vested and cancelled her retirement.    sages to the right people. I would especially like to thank and praise Gwen and Joe
She went to get some prescriptions filled   Gunn for all of the assistance and guidance they provided through the years.
and discovered that her medical insur-
ance was cancelled as well.”                I hope that someone will take up the mantle and provide similar information in
                                            the future. Surely, there is someone among our thousands of retired folks who
Mr. Wescoe, Administrator/CEO of            can do what I did.
SDCERS, notified The Informant and          Again, thanks to all of my friends and “correspondents.” May the good life con-
me that SDCERS did not cancel Judy’s
                                            tinue and may you always enjoy your “Golden Years.”
insurance. I asked for clarification from
MEA attorney Ann Smith and she pro-
vided the following exchange between
her and SDCERS counsel.
 “As we also discussed on 1/15/08, SD-                           Guacamole Bowl
CERS mailed a single notice to Judie
dated 12/26/07 advising her that her                                             The Hot Guac Cops (also known as
“benefit” had been terminated effective                                        Sgt. Sharon McNair and officers Karen
12/1/07 and that “the last day of (medi-
                                                                                Almos, Misty DeArmas, Janet Wong
cal) Plan coverage” was 12/31/07. No
one at SDCERS contacted Judie to                                               from Western Division, aided by Noe-
advise her otherwise and, thus, the                                             mi DeArmas and Tom Wong), came
rejection of her prescription refills on                                       out on top with the highest rated guac.
1/2/08 was consistent with this written
notice from SDCERS which had arrived
at her home in the mail on 12/31/07 --
the date indicated as the “last day of            The avocado and cleaver-wielding
Plan coverage.”                                      Tom Rouse and Bob Adame
“Judie has subsequently learned that                    dished out guacamole
the rejection of her prescription refill               while representing the
requests was apparently the result of a          Retired Fire and Police Association.
pharmacy billing change instituted by
Sharp which her pharmacy.... either did
not understand or did not timely imple-
ment. Accordingly, the pharmacy was                                            Southern Division’s Toni Caliri, Manny
entering the wrong billing codes and,                                         Smith, Patrick Shadoan, Cathy Arellano,
thus, her refill requests were rejected                                       Claudia Canto and Colleen Quentin-King
as if she were no longer eligible for the                                        sweetened up the usual guacamole
prescription coverage. The timing, of
course, coincided with Judie’s receipt                                             recipe by adding pomegrante.
of SDCERS’ letter advising that her
plan coverage was being terminated on
12/31/07, and thus she concluded that
this was the reason for rejection of her          SDPD Cadets mixed up their own
prescription refill requests.”                guacamole to aid the Guacamole Bowl’s
“You have emphasized that SDCERS             effort of raising funds for SPORTS for Ex-
did not in fact terminate Judie’s health    ceptional Athletes, a San Diego-based sports
insurance. But where in the letter SD-      program serving athletes with developmen-
CERS did send to Judie dated 12/26/07
                                                 tal disabilities ages 5 through adult
does it say that SDCERS does not really
intend to terminate her health insur-
ance effective December 31, 2007? If
SDCERS did not really mean that her           Member Updates: Are you a member who has a newsworthy tidbit
health insurance plan was being termi-          you would like to share? Perhaps a recent marriage or birth?
nated on that date, why did SDCERS              Please send us a quick email and we’ll try to share your news.
send a letter to this effect?”
                                                                                                            April 2008 | 23
                                            The San Diego Police Officers Association cordially invites you

Peace Officer         17th Annual                       to an evening of special recognition.

                                                             Friday, May 2, 2008

        of the Year
                                                        6:00 pm Hosted Reception
                                                       7:00 pm Dinner and Awards
                     Awards Banquet                           San Diego Marriott La Jolla
                                                               La Jolla Grand Ballroom

Please join us in honoring outstanding law enforcement officers throughout San Diego County.
                            Tickets are $100 each or $1,000 per table (10 seats)
                        Reservations are available through Friday, April 11, 2008
                             Black tie formal, dress uniform or business attire
                         Event Proceeds to Benefit the SDPOA Charitable Fund
           Please contact us if you know of a group or organization that would like to become a
                          Platinum, Gold or Silver Badge Sponsor for this event.
        For more information, please call the San Diego Police Officers Association at 858-573-1199

24 | The Informant
            RateMyCop.Com                                              In addition to the possible posting of private information, the
                                                                      anonymity that the site provides for the posting party gives them
       A Problem for Peace Officers                                   free range to make potentially unfounded accusations without
 A new website has recently garnered a great deal of attention        giving information to enable investigation into issues that need
in law enforcement eyes. describes itself as an         to be addressed and also without offering an opportunity for
“online watchdog organization with the mission “to compile in-        maligned officers to offer their side of a story. Nemec pointed
formation on cops’ performance and to provide a forum where           out that in his experience, and likely the experience of the vast
users can freely share individual accounts.” They urge users to       majority of other law enforcement agents, people who he has
post stories of appreciation and disapproval.                         arrested or approached do not admit their own culpability, but
 In order to retain the appearance of neutrality, the site be-        they are often quick to call into question an officer’s conduct.
gins by encouraging users to leave accounts of cops doing good         “If you have a complaint, you can go to the police department
deeds, but they also encourage serious and skewed criticism           to make your complaint; we have a duty and an obligation – and
as they also ask “were you involved in an unfortunate alterca-        that obligation both moral and legal – to investigate completely
tion?” The mission statement continues “Tell us about it. Tell        any complaint that comes to the police department’s attention.
others about it. Let it out. Don’t feel intimidated by the badge to   To preserve public trust, we need fully investigate citizen com-
remain quiet” and the tagline of the site is “You have the right      plaints,” said Nemec. “But to allow a citizen to anonymously
to remain informed.” The wording of the tagline and latter half       post comments about our performance on a website that ev-
of the mission statement does not connote a desire for open           erybody can read and the only person who is identified is the
communication; instead it gives the impression of aiming to           officer, not the author or the critic, certainly flies in the face of
provoke negativity.                                                   the American ideal that you should not make false accusations
 The website has law enforcement agencies across the country          against somebody or if you are going to make an accusation
concerned over the implications of the site and the San Diego         against somebody, you give them an opportunity to rebut the
Police Officers Association is no different. In a recent inter-       accusation – good, bad or indifferent.”
view, Bill Nemec, SDPOA President, voiced his disapproval for          The website was taken down by the domain citing suspicious
the site.                                                             activity, then citing a server overload. The site was later re-
  “This was started by a group of people to, as they say, allow       stored and access to the site has been intermittent. The web-
the community we serve to have a voice in how we deliver our          site’s existence is likely protected under the First Amendment,
services. I find it’s a dubious explanation of the site’s purpose.    but law enforcement opposition to the site will continue.
I think the site’s true purpose is to give people who find them-        “If we think that there is a legal way that we can challenge the
selves unhappy or on the wrong side of the law an opportunity         purpose and intent of starting a website like this, we are going
to vent on this website.”                                             to do it,” said Nemec.

                                        same	location	
                                        since	1975	                                                     Do Not
                                        2075	morena	Blvd.
                                                                                                       Allow A
   & BAy PARK FinAnCiAl                                                                              to RuiN youR
  Office: 619-722-1289                          Cell: 619-994-5447

       Full Service Brokerage
   HOme	SALeS:
   •	 Represent	seller	or	buyer
   •	 Residential	-	Commerical	-	Investment
   •	 Short	sale	as	an	alternative	to	foreclosure
   •	 Call	before	you	make	what	could	be	a	costly	mistake
   •	 New	home	purchases
   •	 Re-finance	existing	loans
   •	 Restructure	loans	to	avoid	surrender	of	your	property
   •	 Ask	about	a	“No	Cost	Loan”	on	home	purchase                                                 Jon Kern Realtor ®
                                                                                                         sdpd retired
  CA	Dept.	of	Real	estate	DRe	#10483034
                                                                                                                      April 2008 | 25
                                                 Stranger than Fiction
                                                      Honestly, we couldn’t make it up if we tried...
One angry Oregonian thought it would be a                   There are countless safety warnings          A 25-year-old man recently saun-
good idea to put his profession to use in dis-              when you are anywhere near a con-            tered into a convenience store in
playing his displeasure with a recent ticket.               struction site, but as you well know,        Indiana. He approached the clerk,
                      The 32-year-old tow                   someone committing a crime is likely         proudly displayed his semiautomat-
                      truck driver attempted                to not pay much attention to warnings        ic handgun and demanded that she
                      to tow a police cruiser               and rules and such. A recent carjack-        hand over cash and cigarettes. The
                      while the officer was                 ing attempt was brought to an abrupt         clerk reported that he handed her
responding to another call. Eventually, the                 halt and one of the suspects had to          his own white cloth bag to fill – no
officer returned to find his means of trans-                deal with the concrete evidence of           word on if it was one of the “Save
portation hoisted in the air. The officer                   his involvement – he got stuck in the        the Earth” bags we are all encour-
(understandably) ordered that his car be re-                                                             aged to use and re-use at grocery
                                                            concrete. The 25-year-old would-be
leased and the dejected tow truck driver co-                                                             and convenience stores. Regard-
                                                            carjacker attacked a Courtyard Mar-
operated with the officer, until he later locked                                                         less, the robber won’t have a chance
                                                            riott guest as the guest was loading up
himself in the cab of his tow truck. Accord-                                                             to re-use this bag. As the clerk was
ing to a police report, the driver called the               his car with luggage. The hotel guest,
                                                                                                         filling his bag with the requested
station at this point to lament his tale as he              apparently unfazed by being struck by        cigarettes, a shot ring out. Surveil-
was “apparently unsatisfied with the police                 the butt of the gun, grabbed the gun         lance cameras confirmed that as the
response he had generated when he tried to                  from the suspect and fired it in the air,    man shoved his gun into the waist-
tow a marked police vehicle.” The manager                   sending the suspects running. An of-         band of his pants, he inadvertently
of the tow company came to assistance, con-                 ficer followed the suspect into a build-     shot himself. He managed to make
vincing the driver to surrender. The driver                 ing and told him to freeze. The sus-         a hobbling getaway and made it as
was subsequently charged with obstructing                   pect was forced to surrender as he was       far as his grandmother’s house a
governmental administration, interfering                    already ankle-deep in a freshly poured       few blocks away. Police were sum-
with a peace officer, unlawful use of a vehicle             concrete floor and was tackled by a          moned when dispatchers received
and criminal mischief.                                     group of burly construction workers.        a call about a man with a gunshot
                                                                                                         wound. His straight-talking grand-
Post-It notes can stick it to your desk or wall to serve as bright yellow reminder. It’s a               mother was quoted saying “he said
brilliant invention, right? Sadly, some Post-It note users are not so brilliant… Some-                   he had been shot (and) someone
one spied with their little eye a 64-year-old California man driving a                                   was trying to rob him. In the mean-
car that had been seen at the scene of a bank robbery earlier that day.                                  time, I found out that he was trying
Upon approaching the suspect, officers found a bright yellow clue                                        to rob somebody else.” The man was
to the fact that they found their culprit. The sticky-fingered sticky                                    treated for his wound before being
note user had left his Post-It on the center console of his car. It read                                 arrested and charged with robbery
“Robbery – 100s and 50s only.”                                                                          and criminal recklessness. 

             Are you ...
  ready to get away from city life?
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 tion,	please	visit	my	website	at,	                                                                           Located at the SDPOA office
 or call Joan Torbett at
 208-699-5119 or 800-883-1356                                                                               8388 Vickers Street
                                                                                                    (To the right after entering the building)

 26 | The Informant
On the Road...
In honor of the recent start of a (hopefully) winning Padres season, this month’s “On the Road” features a baseball theme.
None of these pictures we taken at Petco Park, but then if they had been, we wouldn’t be able to include them in the “On
the Road” section. The would have to go in an “Around Town” or “Down the Street” section and that just doesn’t seem
quite as entertaining. Thanks for taking us “On the Road” with you!

In Summer 2007, Ernesto Salgado, Andy Rios and
Andy’s son, Andy Jr., went on the road for a tour
of ten historic baseball parks. In addition to visit-
ing Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs (pic-
tured), they also visited Miller Park (Milwaukee),
US Cellular Field (Chicago), Busch Stadium (St.
Louis), Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium (New
York), Great American Ball Park (Cincinnati), Ja-
cobs Field (Cleveland), Citizens Bank Park (Phila-
delphia) and Fenway Park (Boston). They rounded
out the bases with a tour of the Louisville Baseball
Bat factory and by attending the Tony Gwynn Hall
of Fame induction ceremony.

                                                                Art Doherty and Ed Murphy brought their copy
                                                                of The Informant along with them on a trip to the
                                                                Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. They
                                                                were two of the many fans who turned out on this
                                                                day for Padres legend Tony Gwynn’s induction
                                                                into the Hall of Fame. Art said that New York State
                                                                Troopers were brought in to provide public safety
                                                                for the 75,000 people attending the ceremony.

                                                                 (NY State Trooper Burnette is pictured with Art and Ed)

Baseball players Trenton Brooks (son of Carey
Brooks, Canine, Air Support and Mounted Enforce-
ment), Daniel McManus (son of Terry McManus,
Homicide) and Tyler Sherman (son of Mark Sher-
man, Western Division) took a little time out from
their games in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to
read The Informant. Their 11 and Under Majors
Division baseball team placed third in the nation in
the Triple Crown World Series. Dads had a good
time, too!

          If you’ve recently taken your copy of The Informant on the road with you, please share your pictures!
                             Send your submission to the editor via email at
                                                                                                       April 2008 | 27
               An at-a-glance listing of SDPOA,
              law enforcement and local events                                 April
                                                                           Dates to Remember
Sunday          Monday             Tuesday            Wednesday          Thursday                Friday             Saturday
                                                  1                2                   3                      4                5
                                                                        Blood Drive
                                                                            at the
                                                                        11 am - 4 pm
          6                 7     City Attorney 8                  9                10                       11                12
                                                                            SDPOA                LE & EP
                                     Debate                                                      Prayer
                                 War Memorial                          Monthly Board
                                                                           Meeting              Breakfast
                                    Building                                                      7-9 am
                                 3325 Zoo Drive                        in the POA Hall
         13                14                 15                  16                   17                    18                19
                Quarterly                                                                                           5k Duran
              RF&PA Lunch                                                                                            Border
               Pistol Range                                                                                           Run
         20                21                 22                  23                24          STAR/PAL 25                26
                                                                                             Superheroes for
                                                                                             Celebrity Waiter
                                                                                            Balboa Park Club
                                                                                            11:30 am-1:30 pm

                                                                                                                                    28 | The Informant
         27               28                  29                  30
                                                                                              Friday, May 2
                                                                                             Peace Officer of the
                                                                                            Year Awards Banquet
                                                 will be on February 23, 2008 at 11:30 at     MEMBERS SERVICES:
                                                 Tom Hamm’s. Tables are $750 each. Dis-
                                                                                              •	 As a reminder to the membership, the
                         SDPOA                   cussion occurred. Moved to Charity.
                                                                                                 POA still offers Wills and Estates.
                         Board                   MINUTES: M/S Hubka/Bostedt to ap-
                                                                                              •	 There was (1) member request this
                         Minutes                 prove the December 2007 minutes with no
                                                                                              •	 Discussion occurred regarding the
                                                 changes. Unanimous. Jordon absent. 8-0.
                                                                                                 give away of 25 Hawaiian Airline
           January 10, 2008                      TREASURER/FINANCIAL: M/S Nem-                   tickets. Sergeants and below, POA
               0845 hours                        ec/Rhodes to accept the Treasurer’s Re-         Members only, come in to POA, win-
                                                 port for December 2007. Unanimous.              ners to be present for media event,
                                                 Jordon absent for vote.                         available next Thursday through
ka, Marvel, Sullivan, Jordon (excused
1430), Bostedt (excused: 1624), Paxton,          BUDGET-FINANCE: No report.                      February 14, 2008
Rhodes, Lewis.                                   ADMINISTRATIVE:                              PORAC: No report.
President Nemec called the meeting to            •	 Smith gave the Board a quote for tree     SCALE/CCLEA/BIG 11: No report.
order at 0840 hours and led all present            trimming for the outside perimeter         POLITICAL ACTION:
in the Pledge of Allegiance. There were            of the POA building. There will be 2
12 officers killed in the line of duty Na-                                                    •	 Michelle Crug and Stephen Whitburn
                                                   more quotes considered.
tionwide for January. There were 2 San                                                          approached the Board and request-
                                                 •	 Smith will request quotes for painting      ed POA’s support in a campaign to
Diego Police officers killed in the month
                                                   in the POA Hall and POA classroom.           educate the public against endors-
of January. Edward Moore (1/15/1933)
and Jerry Hartless (1/31/1988).                  •	 Nemec announced 5 non-member                ing Aguirre and spoke of a possible
                                                   names who rejoined the POA dur-              picket. Crug introduced Whitburn for
MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: B. Dare,                                                                 candidate for District 3. Discussion
                                                   ing the last Amnesty Period; they are
T. McElroy, C. Elig, C. Isbell, S. Holslag, J.                                                  occurred.
                                                   Kaseylee Lawrence, Richard Schaff,
Carrol, S. Robinson, E. Herbert, D. Surrillo
                                                   Jordan Wells, Chris Slater, and Ran-       •	 Janay Kruger updated the Board on
OTHERS PRESENT: C.J. Cloniger, D.                  dy Aldredge.                                 upcoming election information. Dis-
Castle, S. Willard, M. Crug, S. Whitburn,                                                       cussion occurred.
J. Kruger, K. Smith (recorder)
                                                 •	 Discussion occurred regarding making      •	 Paul Cooper approached the Board
MEMBER PRESENTATIONS: Scott                                                                     requesting endorsement for the elect-
                                                   sure there is a separation in every com-
Holslag and John Carrol asked the                                                               ed position of Judge for Judge Hun-
                                                   mittee including PAC and Charity.
Board for a monetary donation towards                                                           tington’s seat. Discussion occurred.
the Enforcers Football Team and to be            •	 M/S Bostedt/Paxton to remove sec-
able to sell Enforcer items in the POA             tion 16.6 in the SDPOA Policy. Unan-       PR: No report.
store. Moved to Charity.                           imous. 8-0. Jordon absent.                 Member/Public Communications: No
Tony McElroy addressed the Board re-             FAMILY HEALTH: Discussion occurred           report.
garding the MLK Parade. McElroy re-              regarding the medical costs from the         CHARITY: (6 requests)
quested $400 to help towards the cost            City’s plans.
                                                                                              Jordon absent for all Charity voting except
of Parade. Moved to Charity.                     SAFETY: No report.                           for Add-On#2, yes vote by Proxy. Bostedt
Nemec explained why the POA did not              INFORMANT: No report.                        absent for all Charity voting. Sullivan ab-
attend the rally this past Tuesday. Nemec                                                     sent, yes vote by proxy on all items.
apologized to the Retirees who attended                                                       •	 Request for POA to make a donation
for not letting them know there would             •	 Discussion concerning some com-            to the Carole Sund/Carrington Memo-
not be Board attendance that night. C J             mands not allowing vacations dur-
                                                                                                rial Reward Foundation. Declined.
Cloniger explained that some of the re-             ing 2 special events, Bio-Tech and
tirees were unhappy that they were not              International Association of Chief’s      •	 Request for POA to make a donation
made aware of the change of attendance              Conference.                                 towards the Enforcers Football Team.
                                                                                                M/S Lewis/Rhodes for $2,000.
by the Board. Discussion occurred.                •	 Discussion occurred regarding Offi-        Unanimous. 7-0.
Steve Willard approached the Board                  cers not being allowed to put in for
with a check for the POA Widows and                 days off past shift change date.          •	 Request for POA to donate $400 to
                                                                                                help towards the cost of the MLK
Orphans Fund of $500. These were the              •	 Discussion occurred regarding a
funds raised at the 2007 Cigar Mixer at                                                         Parade. Hubka/Rhodes for $500.
                                                    member complaint.
the POA building.                                                                               Unanimous. 8-0.
                                                  •	 Discussion occurred regarding a
Alan Alvarez introduced himself as the                                                        •	 Request for POA to re-new the 65
                                                    transfer within a PD Unit.
President of the NLPOA Metro Division.                                                          Roses Sports Club 2008/Cystic Fi-
                                                 LEGAL/GRIEVANCE: There was no le-              brosis Padre Game membership. M/S
Alvarez requested the Board make a do-
                                                 gal bill this month. Rhodes gave a report      Lewis/Paxton for up to $1,900 for the
nation to help pay for lunch for the Detec-
                                                 on this month’s legal meeting. Discus-         season. Unanimous. 7-0.
tive’s Prep class. The Installation Lunch
                                                 sion occurred regarding skelly hearings.
                                                                                                                   April 2008 | 29
                                                      February 14, 2008                    ernor’s Office if POA would be inclined
January Board Minutes
                                                          0845 hours                       to support Moring as a candidate for ap-
(continued)                                                                                pointment. The Board decision is to send
                                            Directors present: Nemec, Hubka, Mar-
•	 Request for POA to sponsor the NL-       vel, Sullivan (arrived 1045 hours), Jor-
                                                                                           a letter in support of an appointment.
  POA Installation Luncheon 2008.           don, Bostedt, Paxton (excused 1245             Evin Kirvin gave an overview of his back-
  M/S Hubka/Rhodes for $750. Unani-         hours, court, returned 1540), Rhodes           ground. Kirvin requested an endorse-
  mous. 7-0.                                (excused 1545 hours), Lewis.                   ment from the POA for Judge. Discus-
•	 Request for POA to sponsor the NL-                                                      sion occurred. The Board will endorse in
                                            President Nemec called the meeting to          support of candidacy for Judge.
  POA Detectives Prep. Class lunch.         order at 0845 hours and led all present
  M/S Lewis/Paxton for $400 plus 4          in the Pledge of Allegiance. There were 4      Blaine Bowman gave an overview of his
  cases of water. Unanimous. 7-0.           officers killed in the line of duty Nation-    background. Bowman requested an en-
                                            wide for February. There was 1 San Diego       dorsement from the POA for Judge. Dis-
RETIREMENT:                                                                                cussion occurred. The Board will endorse
                                            Police officer killed in the month of Feb-
•	 C J Cloniger updated the Board re-       ruary. Kirk Johnson (02/20/83).                in support of candidacy for Judge.
  garding the Retirement column for                                                        MINUTES: M/S Hubka/Bostedt to approve
  the Informant. Discussion occurred.       MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: M. Pidgeon,
                                            V. Colvin, D. Williams, B. Long, S. Robinson   the January 2008 minutes with corrections.
•	 CJ Elig updated the Board regard-                                                       Unanimous. Sullivan absent. 8-0.
                                            ASSOCIATE MEMBERS IN ATTEN-
  ing the Corbett issue. Discussion                                                        TREASURER/FINANCIAL: M/S Rho-
                                            DANCE: C. Cloniger, B. Clem
  occurred.                                                                                des/Bostedt to accept the Treasurer’s
                                            OTHERS PRESENT: D. Castle, J. Kru-             Report for January 2008. Unanimous.
                                            ger, M. Michel, M. Stewart, A. White, S.       8-0. Sullivan excused.
Bostedt reported on several upcoming        O’Mara, E. Kirvin, B. Bowman, D. Mor-
events and scholarships. Discussion         ing, E. Cox, K. Smith (recorder)               BUDGET-FINANCE: No report.
occurred.                                                                                  ADMINISTRATIVE:
                                            MEMBER PRESENTATIONS: Mike Pidgeon
SUGGESTIONS & AWARDS: No report.            thanked the POA for the bar-b-que which POA    •	 Nemec shared a thank you card from
OLD BUSINESS:                               donated to Northwestern Division.                Jankowski.
•	 Marvel spoke about Jim Miller who        Pidgeon requested POA make a donation          •	 Smith gave an overview of the tree
   requested endorsement from POA           of $400 to this year’s St. Patrick’s Day pa-     bids. The Board’s decision is to re-
   for an appointed Judge seat. Dis-        rade. Moved to Charity.                          move all trees and shrubs in the front
   cussion occurred.                        Vic Colvin requested $471 for hotel fees         of the POA building and along the
                                            for (2) Motor Officers to attend this year’s     front of the parking lot. The second
•	 Nemec spoke of a meeting with the                                                         phase will be new landscaping in
   Teacher’s Union regarding endorse-       Sacramento Memorial trip on May 7, 8,
                                            and 9, 2008. Moved to Charity.                   those areas.
   ment for City Attorney. Discussion
   occurred.                                David Williams requested the Board             •	 Smith updated the Board regarding
                                            make a donation to the local Law En-             having a new temp for the POA’s re-
NEW BUSINESS:                                                                                ceptionist position.
                                            forcement Memorial services this year.
•	 Discussion occurred regarding dis-       Moved to Charity.                              •	 The POA’s newest employee, Com-
  ability retirements and the present       PRESENTATIONS:                                   munications Coordinator Emily Cox,
  lawsuits.                                                                                  will be in today for a meet and greet
                                            Mike Stewart made a presentation of a            with the Board.
•	 M/S Jordon/Sullivan to add the fol-      First Responder Emergency Data Card.
  lowing policy to the SDPOA Policy         Stewart gave an overview of what the           BY-LAWS/POLICY: No report.
  and Procedures manual.                    cards contain as far as information they       FAMILY HEALTH: No report.
Policy Addition to read: A 15-minute        can hold. Stewart asked the Board to pur-      SAFETY: No report.
time limit will be set for members and      chase cards for the Membership. Moved
                                            to Charity.                                    INFORMANT: No report.
guest that wish to address the board.
When a member or guest requests to          Mark Michel approached the Board and           LABOR/MANAGEMENT:
address the board prior to a sched-         asked POA to sponsor the California Fi-        •	 Rhodes asked Chief Long about the
uled board meeting, the member(s) or        nancial Crimes Investigators Association.        ability of Officers to place T.O.’s in
guest(s) will be advised of the 15 minute   Moved to Charity.                                the book beyond shift change dates.
time limit at that time. If member(s) or    Anthony White with Family Health Cen-            Rhodes requested officers be allowed
guest(s) require more than 15 minutes       ters of San Diego approached the Board           to put in for T.O.’s at any time regard-
they must request a time extension          and gave an overview of the Centers mis-         less of shift change dates.
from the Committee Chair (examples:         sion. White requested Family Health            •	 Assistant Chief Boyd Long informed
charity, special events, retirement)        Centers be an annual Charity the As-             the Board that he is the new Labor
who will request the time extension         sociation gives to. Discussion occurred.         Chief who will be participating in the
from the Board of Directors.                Moved to Charity.                                POA Board meetings.
ADJOURNMENT: M/S Jordon/Mar-                Duane Moring gave an overview of his           •	 The question occurred on whether or
vel to adjourn at 1048 hours.               background. Moring requested a Judicial          not the quarterly Labor Management
                                            Appointment letter to be sent to the Gov-        meeting will take place since Nego-
30 | The Informant
  tiations are currently underway. The                                     •	 Request for POA to make a donation                 Discussion occurred regarding the
  Chief will communicate the upcoming                                         to sponsor the California Financial                purchase of service credits and dis-
  dates for the meeting.                                                      Crimes Investigators Association up-               cussion regarding return of purchase
•	 Bostedt discussed minimum staffing is-                                     coming conference. Tabled.                         money if employee takes a disability
  sues for Eastern Division.                                               •	 Request for POA to give $471 for ho-               retirement.
LEGAL/GRIEVANCE: Discussion oc-                                               tel fees for (2) Motor Officers to at-           •	 Discussion occurred regarding Rule 13.
curred regarding the upcoming Legal Rep                                       tend this year’s Sacramento Memo-               SPECIAL EVENTS/SCHOLARSHIP:
Training on March 12, 2008 at the POA                                         rial trip. M/S Lewis/Rhodes for $471.           Pati Bauer approached the Board with
building.                                                                     Unanimous. 8-0.                                 updates for the POA upcoming events.
MEMBERS SERVICES: There                               was       (1)        •	 Request for POA to make a donation              Discussion occurred.
member request this month.                                                    to the local Law Enforcement Memo-              SUGGESTIONS & AWARDS: No report.
                                                                              rial services this year. M/S Paxton/
PORAC: No report.                                                             Sullivan to match the DSA’s donation            OLD BUSINESS: No report.
SCALE/CCLEA/BIG 11: Big 11 requested                                          up to $2,000. Unanimous. 8-0.                   NEW BUSINESS:
SDPOA send a letter regarding the AG to                                    •	 Request for POA to purchase First Re-            •	 Lewis requested any members re-
support Officers privacy rights.                                              sponder Emergency Data Cards. Declined.            questing a time certain for retirement
POLITICAL ACTION: Janay Kruger gave                                        •	 Request for POA to sponsor the Fam-                issues to be discussed will be between
an overview of the current political races.                                   ily Health Centers of San Diego event.             1000- 1030 hours. The Board agreed.
Discussion occurred.                                                          Declined.                                        •	 Emily Cox came to the POA for a Meet
PR: Jordon gave an update regarding                                        •	 Request for POA to sponsor the Com-                and Greet with the Board of Directors
some campaign candidate requests. Dis-                                        munity Campership Council, Inc.                    and has been introduced as the SDPOA
cussion occurred.                                                             19th Annual Fundraising event to                   Communications Coordinator which
Member/Public Communications: No report.                                      send kids to camp. Declined.                       includes Editor of the Informant.
CHARITY: (7 requests)                                                    RETIREMENT:                                           •	 Rhodes requested to represent the
                                                                                                                                 SDPOA at the National Police Offi-
Bostedt excused for all votes.                                             •	 C J Cloniger reported the date for the Me-         cers Memorial Service in Washing-
•	 Request for POA to make a donation to this                                 morial at El Camino being March 9, 2008.           ton D.C. Requested POA pay for one
  years St. Patrick’s Day parade. M/S Pax-                                 •	 Sullivan gave a report from this                   round trip airline ticket. Tabled.
  ton/Rhodes for $500. Unanimous. 8-0.                                        months Retirement Board meeting.                M/S Lewis/Bostedt to adjourn at 1600 hours.

                                                                                                         Are you
                                                                                                         TO RETIRE?
                                                                                                         Whether	you	plan	to	play	golf,	travel	the	world,	or	spend	
                                                                                                         more	time	with	your	family,	determining	your	retirement	
                                                                                                         needs	is	the	first	step	in	defining	how	the	assets	you’ve	
                                                                                                         worked	hard	to	build,	keep	working	for	you.
                                                                                                         Planning for your retirement	 can	 be	 a	 daunting	 task.	    	
          our outstanding History of Success                                                             If	 you’re	 nearing	 retirement,	 we	 can	 work	 with	 you	 to	
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       $6,000,000 recovery for a workplace injury involving
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       $3,200,000 recovery for a motor vehicle accident
       $2,800,000 recovery for a fall from a skylight in an
         unsafe work environment
       $2,750,000 recovery for a motor vehicle accident                                                     Securities offered through LPL Financial Member FINRA/SIPC
       $1,000,000 recovery for medical malpractice
    We have also been successful in litigation regarding a police                                                            Christine L. Dellacato
     officer’s	right	to	have	uninsured/underinsured	coverage	                                                                Registered Principal,
              extended	to	his	work	as	a	motor	officer.
    1-800-LAW-1199 or 1-800-cHP-1222                                                                                         Branch Manager
                                 The Law Offices of                                                                          8356 Allison Avenue, Suite C
                           O’Mara & Padilla                                                                                  La Mesa, CA 91941
       San Diego l Del Mar l Riverside & Orange Counties                                                                     619.697.8792
  Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years                 
  in prison, or a fine of up to $50,000, or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by
  both imprisonment and fine.
                                                                                                                                                     April 2008 | 31
                                                                                                 San Diego
                                                                                              Police Officers
                                                                                               is looking for
                                                                                            Corporate Sponsors
                                                                                             for The Informant.
                                                                                             Corporate sponsors
                                                                                             will have their logo
 The Union-Tribune recently reported that the Old Police Headquarters is getting            featured on the back
closer to a new life as bustling marketplace for locals and tourists. According to the      cover of The Informant
Unified Port of San Diego website, “project is comprised of a set of improvements that         as a part of the
will enhance the Downtown Historic Harborfront. The redevelopment will activate the         sponsorship package.
waterfront site with retail shops, restaurants and public space at the water’s edge.”
  The Old Police Headquarters originally opened in 1939. Several buildings surround a
                                                                                             Interested parties
large open-air courtyard and the building at one time contained the former jail, admin-        should contact
istration and police offices, an assembly area, gym, auto repair facility, courtrooms and         Emily Cox
other offices. The building became vacant in 1987 when the San Diego Police Head-            858-573-1199 x220
quarters relocated. The National Register of Historic Places recognized the Old Police
Headquarters as a national landmark in 1998.

 The Informant                                                                                    nOnPROFiT ORG.
 San Diego Police Officers Association                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
 8388 Vickers Street                                                                                   PAiD
 San Diego, CA 92111-2109                                                                           San Diego, CA
                                                                                                   PERMiT no. 1144

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